(514-04-25) After the Duel
Summary: Jaradan meets with the Knights involved in the duel in the Market recently.
Date: 514-04-25
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Spring was definitely in the air, knights out from winter home and that drive to do things about them. It lead to some need for the Marshall to be more busy. Already issues from the court itself prior to Carlion and the wedding voyage. Now again before the Earl could finish preparations to leave the city. Instead of going out himself this time, as he's waiting to see the Earl off, Sir Jaradan has sent off for those he had heard about from this more recent disturbance. They are asked to the Castle and lead to a room not unlike a study. Not full of books, but artifacts and such that one might collect through a few lifetimes in a location such as this. The three in question kept apart until Jaradan is ready, and then brought in together, incase this is some familial squabble.

They are brought in together then, the Marshall in chain and sword at his side, if they came armed and armored, its not removed, its their knightly rights. He is standing near a window glancing out, but turns to face them, coming to speak. No voice raising, just stern and stoic as always. "I have conflicted reports of what has happened." No more details, they may know what he's curious about. "I am going to ask what has happened, but I will say, our Liege holds his own court on who is loyal to him and it is not decided on arbitrary matters. Now, do we want to explain what happened and why it concluded the way that it did?" He leaves it open a moment, order is hear, no need for him to pick and choose who speaks first just yet.

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Rozenn checked her Orate of 3, she rolled 9.

Unhelpfully, Idris as he is called replies, perhaps in a circumspect fashion, which certainly won't earn him any favors — but at least not entirely unconvincing, "It was a discussion of a man's marriage rights in regards to his spouse that eventually turned to theological discourse and then, well, insults were exchanged, a gauntlet thrown and a dispute settled in such a way." He tries to be objective, but he is talking to the Earl's personal sheriff, after all. Admittedly hard to continue.

Catryn checked her orate of 3, she rolled 4.

The summons is of no surprise to Rozenn. She had somewhat expected it. To the point that she set her squire to ensuring her armor was in its best condition. This is more important, in her mind, than having it as such for the tournament. The tourney will dirty it almost immediately anyway. So it's in her chain, sword at her hip, that she is brought in. Bright gaze first meets Catryn; no, no familial issues there. A sense of pride, perhaps. The look to Idris is a more level one. No anger, no, but perhaps a level more of respect if anything. The Bodenham speaks first and there's a touch of thinning to her lips; gaze moving to Jaradan. The elder Burcombe's chin tilts downward a measure; respectful, but not scraping. "There were insults upon my family and faith. I couldn't let them go." Well, she started out alright, but ended… poorly.

Really, it's no surprise when Catryn is called before the older Knight. No surprise, no, but it's damned embarrassing. Walking in, she does not seem to be shocked about the arrival of the other two. Dipping into a bow, she waits before seating herself, but she watches Idris as he speaks. A look to Roz and she offers a crooked smile, nope no issues. "There were accusations of treason and questions of fealty of my house, my family, based on our religion." She begins, but then has to keep speaking. "And his sister said we should all be put to torch and that we were rebelling against the Earl!"

Jaradan is listening to all of thise, no sign of emotion really. Measuring words given to him. He doesn't move, but one hand falls behind his back slowly. Eyes on each as they speak respectfully. "The issue of a man and a wife is not the Earl's concern, this is between those who see to the marriage arrangement." Barring of course should the Earl need to step in to make the arrangement out of necessity, unwilingness between houses, or circumstance of vassals and needing a loyal one in place. "The concern of religion and the loyalty of his knights is of importance here. Each house may practice as they see fit. If we control this, we become little better than the Romans who occupied Briton for so long." And of note, Earl Robert is Roman Christian, most likely descendants of Rome. "None shall be put to any fire or damned. Your Earl, and his Liege, our King, shall judge a man or woman on their service to our ideals and the peace of the realms. It is the insults that have him concerned as well as a duel amongst the commoners in the city. Are we in agreement, this could of been handled better by all accounts?"

"It could have," Idris replies, angling his head to Jaradan's words. He bows his head solemnly when he mentions that it is out of the Earl's prerrogative when it comes to the issue between a man and a woman, still silent as the elder knight continues. He says nothing to contest the other man's words — there is no point to contesting it, anyhow. "And should have been, Sir."

At the least, Rozenn has the sense of mind to hold her tongue as Jaradan speaks. The woman is quiet, but attentive. There may be a brief glance over to Catryn, but largely her blue eyes remain upon Jaradan himself. She considers the query posed to them at the end and lets out a long breath. "Yes, Sir. It is as Sir Idris says. It could and should have been."

Despite the sense of justification that surges through Catryn at the words of Jaradan, and the slight tilting of her chin with a margin of pride when she feels slightly vindicated, she does manage a contrite nod in return. "Yes, Sir Jaradan. I admit my anger got the better of me and I let it control my actions. I do not apologize for defending the slight made in the matter of questioning my loyalty to my liege. I do apologize where, when and how it was defended."

Well, that seems to have gone smoothly enough, agreement. Not that Jaradan planned on disagreement so much, but being at the court incident, in part, one could never be too sure. "Tempers flare, it cannot be helped. Take disgreements to a safe location. We have fields set up in the city wall, if need by, use these if the blood boils to hot. But I am going to say." He takes in a breath, exhales it, "I do not want to hear of a disagreement of this nature resulting in the loss of any knight that the Earl has vested in." The indication of a resource of the Earl's shouldn't be taken so lightly. "There will be another tourney before year end, most likely late summer or early fall. I think it would be fitting to have Burcombe and Bodenham conspire together. Amongst the Earl's officers to marshall the tourney, I expect representatives. Work together to oversee the success of this tourney …." He looks at them all, as if assuring he'll know who to look for when this comes.

That means that, by default, the Earl does not want any of them to compete but rather to preside over the matches, nor to march against the Saxons. Idris is respectful of the Earl, of course and so he accepts the passed sentence — a leniency, really — with a nod of his head. "Next time we shall make use of such fields, Sir Jaradan, and aye, you can expect me to marshall the tourney."

When the duel was done, Rozenn considered the matter settled. She doesn't have time to hold grudges against her fellow Cymric. The woman listens, eyes fluttering briefly. She does look shamed at mention of the Earl's vestment in them. A slight dip of chin, there, but her shoulders hold firm. She lets out a slow breath at the decision from the elder Knight. It's a weighty one, in numerous ways, but she does not protest. "Of course, Sir Jaradan. I believe I can confidently state-" a glance to Catryn, then back, "that Burcombe will not disappoint."

Not competing in the summer tourney? Catryn offers a hesitant nod to the older knight. "Yes Sir." A Looking at her cousin, she inclines her head again. "No, Sir, a Burcome will not disappoint." Short and to the point.

"Good, I would like to believe this is a chance to show who you are," returns Jaradan. Of course, Saxons could be another issue, but the tourney itself could look hard to reach. It is not the Wedding Tourney at least. Then more directly at Idris, "And I do not ever want to hear of threats against any of those who live in Salisbury again, no threats that will cause panic in the commoners, thinking someone is going to be put to the torch for following their beliefs, nor that any indifference of thought is accusation for rebellion. The Earl is Christian and would gladly fight alongside any Pagan of Salisbury. I suggest you speak to your kin, before it is they who are in here. You are given this in fairness, as a trusted knight of the realm. You hold more sway than one who is not."

"Very well, Sir Jaradan. I will do as you bid and speak to my sister," Idris replies, though this causes a measure of discomfort on the man, after all - he is answerable for his actions, aye, but also apparently for his sister's. He doesn't try to defend the context of the discussion either, simply nodding to the elder knight's words, glancing to Rozenn for a moment, then to Catryn before he looks back to the knight.

Catryn just listens, for the moment she looks at Jaradan and her cousin, not at Idris. Only when Jaradan seems finished does she nods, "Thank you for your leniency, Sir Jaradan. You will not have issue with me in regards to this again, I assure you." Finally, she looks at Idris, "We settled our differences at the duel. I have no issue with him."

"I am glad you had settled your differences." Jaradan looks between the three. "If this were any place else but Eagle's Market, or the market's of Sarum, I well imagine it would of been left at what was settled then." Enough to say location is everything and about all he will say on that topic. They are knights, fights will happen, families will not always get along. Its the nature of the beast after all. "You are trusted knights of Salibury, this is just a reminder of who we are." Then a nod of his head, and cordial at least, "Thank you for making this time to meet with me. Should you need anything." Do not hesitate to ask of course, they are still supported just the same.

"I was wondering if I could spar with you sometime, Sir Jaradan," Idris replies, tacking on to the elder knight's offer on whether they would need anything. "I would rather be prepared for the worst that could happen to me at war, and I believe that would be fighting someone at a similar skill as you." He admits, angling his head to the man. "And the lesson is learned, our punishments meted and I believe both them and I," he glances to Catryn and Rozenn, "will do our tasks as requested of us. Especially my other one."

"Thank you, Sir Jaradan. Both for your patience and for your leniency." Rising, Catryn assumes she is dismissed, but she remains there just in case. Looking at Idris, she gives a ghost of a smile. "I look forward to working with you on the Summer Tournament, Sir."

A nod to both, Jaradan has to consider that. On the one hand, would lighten the recent tourney and the challenge to start accepting every such request. Then again, could be something said of it. "Once you three show some progress with the summer tourney, and come to learn about marshalling .. it would be a service to spar with the three of you." A better light at the end of that tunnel perhaps and agreeable to it at least.

"Very well," Idris replies, nodding to Jaradan's words and saluting the man, perhaps for a dismissal. He comes here as the Earl's emissary and sheriff, after all, thus denoting a higher rank the two of them. "Likewise, Sir Catryn," he tells her, with an equally faint and brief smile.

"I look forward to it then," Catryn agrees, looking forward to the challenge they would have with the greater Knight. "Thank you." Like Idris, she offers a salute, waiting for the dismissal.

Retuning a salute as appropriate, Jaradan simply offers, "That is all." They can be on their way, he has other matter to attend of course. Simply this incident warranted a moment of his time and things are all in order, as they should be. Whether the turn to go or not, he takes another moment to look out tthe window they favored.

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