(514-04-18) Herilooms and Rivalies
Summary: After having been treated with utmost hospitality, Glaw makes his intentions known the next morning.
Date: 514-04-18
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It's an early morning in Tisbury and servants are hurrying to take care of their daily jobs. The breakfast table is already prepared in the main room of a manor. It's not a posh room, but each inch of a wood found here was carved by the talented artists of Tisbury. There are 12 chairs around the table, but 11 of them are empty. There are 12 plated prepared. Four of these plates were already used, while others are still clean. People can find fruits, vegetables, bread, cheese and a bit of meat prepared. The hot tea is steaming from the jar and everyone has a mug present to their plate.
Of course, the only person present is Cerys. She is wearing a very nice, but simple brown dress, which matches perfectly to her wild red curls. The young beauty has a pendant hanging from her neck. The pendant has nature ornaments on it. There are two large grayish feathers stuck into a messy bun of the ginger. Quite a nice decoration to make her look playful and a bit wild.
Cerys is chewing on a slice of cheese a bit idly. She is waiting for people to show up. It is important to mention, that the young woman is sitting at the end of the table, where the head of the house should.

When Glaw shows up — minus his squire, leaving the boy to find breakfast in the kitchen instead — he is out of armor of course. Not quite that paranoid is Glaw that he slept in armor. A green woolen tunic is found on him, leather breeches on his legs, and the riding boots, now cleaned as he finally makes his way into the main hall from whatever room Cerys has afforded him and his squire. "Good morning.", he wishes the lone occupant, stopping after a few strides into the room. The state of the table is noted, and he soon cannot help but to smile faintly in spite of himself at spotting the four tables that were already used. Nonetheless, he soon moves towards the head of the table, to offer Cerys a hand kiss, if she allows it, though it is a very chaste and formal thing — for once. "I was not expecting to find you alone.".

"Good morning, sir Glaw," Cerys smiles brightly after swallowing that bite of a cheese. She does stand up to offer a tiny curtsy and to get that chaste peck on her hand. Even a wider smile will curl her lips up then.
The young lady gestures toward the empty chairs, "Please, settle where you like and feel free to enjoy our small breakfast." She sits down then and leans her elbows against the edge of the table, "How did you sleep? I hope the howling of the wolves was not a trouble to your peaceful dreams?"
She waves to the servant girl then to fill Glaw's cup with a hot tea, "You will have to forgive my father, mother and brothers. You showed up unannounced and it looks like that my parents had some business early in the morning, while brothers… Well, they both left with the first ray of the sun. So, I know that you wanted to speak to someone of my family members. Today I will speak for my family." She beams.

As he is given the choice of seating, Glaw does peer down the looooooong way to the other side of the table, but instead just pulls out a chair next to Cerys, on her dexter side, no less. Tsk, claiming the honoured guest spot as if he should be given it? Ahem. Still, when the servant fills his cup, he offers them a nod of his head and even a quiet thanks, before he turns to peer back at Cerys, his lips curving upwards once more. "Ah. Of course. If such business could not wait, they are — naturally — excused.", he says, and yet there is a hint of sarcasm in his voice, as if he had not expected them to receive him and the absence is not truly surprising to him. It is faint however, apparently he does not hold too much grudge against Cerys at the perceived slight. "It matters not. It affords me such a pleasant sight as you even if we delve into not quite as pleasurable business.", he states. Then he indeed picks a bit of fruit, cheese and bread, to begin his breakfast. "As you surely know, my Grandaunt is your Grandmother.", he begins, pleasantly enough.

The extend of the man's look toward the other end of the table is noticed and makes Cerys roll her eyes just a little bit in a bit amused manner. Her green eyes follow the man to take a seat on her right then and she holds up a big flashy grin with a bite of her bottom lip. The ginger reaches for another slice of a cheese, but her gaze stays on the knight. She slowly tears the slice apart and then bites the smaller part. She chews slowly, and mannerly, listening to Glaw's words, studying emotions written on his handsome features. She shakes her head just a little bit, making the feathers in her bun to sway slowly, "You are a talented flatterer, sir Glaw. That's quite a lovely attribute of a man…" She allows him to proceed, but when he makes a pause, Cerys just rolls her eyes, "Of course, how could I not know that? Meredid was…" she gives a pause, frowning just a little bit and just for a few seconds, "…a good person. I can't say that I remember her well. I was but a little girl then. Everybody looked good, kind and amusing to me. Please, continue…" She encourages the man to get to the point.

You check your flirting at 10, you rolled 9.

Glaw has to laugh faintly as she flatters him about his flattery, and green eyes do lift to peer at her. "Really? I have received mixed receptions on it.", he dares to quip, smirking. "Apparently most brothers think it quite the caddish trait when it is directed at their sisters.". Oh, he seems to be teasing her a little. "Though surely you know it is not mere flattery, Lady Cerys. There are few ladies who can compete in beauty to you. So it is less flattery but truth I speak.", he claims. The topic turns to their common family, then, however, and his jaw clenches a little at the mentioning of her being a good person. "She was.", he agrees, but leaves it at that, even if there is a bit of a flash in those green eyes, as if he almost added not-so-kind words about someone else. "As you surely know as well, when she was widowed, she never made it back home to us.". He takes a moment then, to put something in his mouth, probably to hide the flare of subdued, faint anger at that, before he chews, swallows and can continue.
"She used to wear a bracelet of gold, with dark rubies inset. It was promised to my father's wife, and I believe it may still be in the possession of your House. I would ask for it to be returned.". So now it becomes clear why he made the two-day trip. Surly such a bracelet would be expensive, though not as much to warrant such a trip for the worth alone. It is a matter of family honor and pride, more than the material worth.

Cerys checked her Honest of 13, she rolled 12.

Cerys waves her hand casually, "What do these brothers know!" She chuckles, "They defend their sisters, but once they turn around, they just flatter sisters of other knights! It's an endless circle of flattery. One way or the other, flattery is a dangerous weapon which may start wars and end wars at the same time." The ginger sighs and her cheerful smile is changed with the polite, but grim one, "I may be one of the most beautiful ladies in Salisbury," she knows that and honestly admits it! "But you need to pay a heavy price for the pretty face. People see outer beauty and they just do not care to look inside the book. Men are just too charmed, women are just envy…" She sighs once more and swallows a gulp of disappointment together with the last bite of a cheese.
"Tisbury was her home," Cerys just states, while the man tries to stuff his mouth with a bite of a meal. She listens for the other part of the story. Her green eyes stay on the man's. Though, her smile disappears. Cerys grows sad. Not angry. Just sad. "It was promised to your father's wife?" She blinks a few times and shakes her head, "How could someone promise a thing, which does not belong to them? I loved my grandmother," Cerys lips curl up into a grin, "Her blood was running in my father's veins, that is why her blood is running in mine. You father's wife has nothing to do with my grandmother. She loved that bracelet, sir Glaw. That is the only memory of my grandmother left to me." She locks her eyes of an adorable kitten on Glaw's. It may be the illusion of the lights, that her eyes look watered, "I know how kind you are," she reaches to place her hand on the man's if allowed, "I have to disappoint you, but you will need to go home empty-handed. The bracelet belongs to me now as a memory of my grandmother. I know you will understand me."

The discussion of beauty and the price she pays has Glaw smiling faintly. "Everything is a matter of war with you, m'Lady.", he gently observes, but then shrugs. "We discussed that the night before. Weapons come in many shapes.".
As the conversation flows back to his grandaunt however, and she claims Tisbury was her home, his smile disappears. He does not interject her little spiel, or the plea of him surely understanding, but as she lays her hand on his, he draws his back out from under hers, the expression one of chilly reception now. "She was married to your grandfather. Not more, not less. I am sure the only thing that kept her here after he died was her love for her children.", he states, not unkindly, but firmly. "It was promised to my father to give to his wife — my mother — as she has promised she would give it to me for my future wife, when it comes to pass.", he declares, finally pushing the plate away from him, half-eaten, though in a measured gesture. "I am saddened that you would not honor the promise of your Grandmother. Your hospitality does your honor, but this does not.". And with that he pushes back to rise. "Empty handed I will depart indeed, but I hereby challenge you, Lady Cerys, for the bracelet. Pick your champion for a time after Arthur's wedding and Tourney, lest we disrupt the high-king's peace and festivities.", he declares, apparently quite ready to depart right away.

"Sir Glaw, you misunderstand me…" Cerys shakes her head and stands up, "Please, go back to your seat and finish your meal. You are welcomed here and I do not want to accept any challenges over this. The grandmother allowed to me to play with that bracelet, when I was little. I said how beautiful it is, and she said, that I will be able to have it one day, if I will be a good girl. Now the grandmother is gone and she can't make a decision. She can't tell us, where she would like her bracelet to end up. All I want is memories. Why are you acting like that? Challenging a lady over the bracelet?" The ginger shakes her head again and lowers it disappointedly, "I thought better of you, but it looks like a strange anger toward our family takes over your common sense. Withdraw your challenge. If your family will apologize mine for casting these strange and undefended suspicions over our name, I can promise, that our family will apologize for my grandfather's behaviour and I will give the bracelet to you, I will give the only reminded of my grandmother to you. That's all I ask. We shall heal the old wounds."

"We have nothing to apologize for.", is Glaw's answer that comes swift enough. He does not sit back down, though he does not stride away, just yet. "You are right that we cannot have Meredid decide anymore, as she has given the lifeblood to this… house.", he adds, then shakes his head. "So I will not withdraw the challenge. Let us settle the issue as we have done for ages and let the Gods and Goddesses lend the knight the strength who has the more worthy claim.". Simple as that. He studies her for a moment, and then there is a grim smile to his lips. "If you had not promised to return the bracelet in turn for an apology, I might have even believed your wish to heal old wounds.", he lets her know then. "Everything is a weapon for you indeed, Lady Cerys, even the memories of our departed. If healing was your intention, you would have surrendered the bracelet in good faith, rather than use it as payment.".

"Wait one moment, sir Glaw. Please. Just one moment." Cerys turns around and she moves to the shelves. She picks up a small and very beautiful box from one of the shelves. Then she comes back to the man. She will approach him to stand up as close as possible. Her delicate hand extends the box to sir Glaw, "I must say that I feel disappointed, that you do not have courage to take a peaceful path. Anyone can throw challenges there and there, but it takes courage to admit the wrongs and bow your head. I do not want that you would make a fool of yourself as I won't allow anyone to be hurt over a bracelet, even if it is dear to me. Take it and think of what you did and said…" She does sound disappointed. Cerys will try to tiptoe and place a peck on the man's forehead like a mother does to her child, while extending that box with a bracelet to the man. He may think that she is leaning to whisper something, so it may be unexpected to him, or he may withdraw. One way or the other, the ginger soon lands to her full feet and says, "I apologize for my grandfather's behaviour. He was a talented warrior, but it was hard for him to interact with people. I am sorry and I hope that my apology will easy the pain you carry in your heart."

You check your forgiving at 10, you rolled 4.

Oh, he was not leaving, just yet, so her pleas to him waiting? It makes him almost roll his eyes. But Glaw is nothing if not curious, so when she turns so swiftly, he does not move far, merely step out from between chair and table, lest things get tangled in furniture. When she returns with the box, however, he blinks. Perhaps he did not expect her to have it in the Great Hall, of all places, but then it might tell that she did anticipate what this talk might be about. The disappointment in her voice does not do much to soften Glaw's gaze at her, though. "Do not lecture me about courage, Lady Cerys. Nor about challenges.", is his reply. Yep, he is not accepting her expertise on those matters. When she steps close, he holds his ground, green eyes to study her, and that box she holds, and when she leans in he does draw back a little, though then lets her place that kiss on his brow. (assuming she does not need a stepladder to reach it. Ahem). The words, however, do surprise him, and after a moment finally thaw the stony expression, eyes to loose their sharp, piercing focus a little at least. Reaching for the box, he does open it, to make sure it is the bracelet they were talking about (wouldn't it be ironic if they were two different ones?!) only to glance up to her. "Thrice I underestimated you, Lady Cerys. And for that I shall apologize.", he finally states, softer. Hey, he even forgives her the condescension of the gesture and earlier words. "Our blood is mingled, even if far up the line. Perhaps we shall bridge the river that has separated our houses in time.", he will grant her that much, though then dares to offer a somewhat impish smile. "Though I admit I would enjoy testing my spear against one of your knights, nonetheless.".

Cerys nods, accepting the apology. She withdraws from the man, "My knights are not boys. They do not play games, sir Glaw," her expression is emotionless right this moment. She blinks once, "Thank you for your visit. You may finish your breakfast, if you wish and you may stay here as long as you need. If you will excuse me," she offers a curtsy and turns to leave.

They were doing so good, and then they go and ruin it again. Well, such is the case sometimes. As she draws up, and implies he is a boy compared to her knights, his chin lifts again that subtly, lips to press together into a tighter line. Her farewell words are then listened to, before he nods. "Of course, I think I took up quite enough of your time with my boyish matters.", he states, once more slightly chilly. "I have what I came for, so I shall not impose further on your household. I thank you for the hospitality, again, that was far beyond expected.". He will give her praise where praise is due. With that, he sets down the box then, on the table, to remove the bracelet, soon to wrap it in cloth and to be placed in a pouch at his belt. The box will remain, he only came for what he deems was his. Once Cerys has left, he will indeed stride from the room, to head towards the kitchen to get Cadfan, armor up, saddle the horses and indeed depart again.

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