(514-04-17) Tisbury Hospitality
Summary: Tisbury receives expected and unexpected visitors, but hospitality is extended, even to less welcome knights.
Date: 514-04-17
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It's already dark outside. However, the village is still not asleep. Those pagans, enjoying the night equally to the day! There is quite a big fireplace behind the manor. The flames color shadows of the late evening in various warm reddish, brownish, yellowish shades. The evening is pretty chill. So, it's not a surprise, that Cerys may be found close to the fire. She has a huge blanket spread on the ground, that more than a few people could join her. Some refreshments are laying on the middle of the blanket: bread, apples, berries and a hot tea is steaming from the jug. Some mugs may be found around the jug too.

The young and beautiful ginger is wearing a very simple linen green dress. It's not very tight around her slim body. So, it's comfortable. Cerys cares little that the dress has some spots of mud and a few holes. A long line of mud may be found on her cheek. She was definitely working something earlier and did not see her own image since then. Her brightly red curls are sticking this way and that without a possibility to calm it down. Some furs are covering her shoulders to keep her warm.
The young lady is just watching the fire.

Arta is on the way to Tisbury manor like she and Cerys talked about earlier. She is carrying a torch with her because it is already dark outside. Arta is dressed into a snuggly wool garment and a hooded cloak. Its not safe to walk about outside this late and she would rather not attract any unwanted attention if she can avoid it. She has her trusty sword tucked hidden under her cloak on her left side since Arta is a right-handed person. All this is just for her own good, she has no intention or passion to use it unless she has to or so is written in the stars. She makes her way to the Tisbury manor and looks about for a moment before arriving behind it at the great fire and blankets.

Clip clop. The sound of three horses might be heard by Arta (and those at the manor paying attention) as they make their way toward the same from the long way that was leading here from Sarum. Glaw is riding at the front, with his squire and a pack horse in tow. Armored for once, and armed with a spear, he had little to fear from most bandits that surely would look for easier prey, but the lone figure in front of him on the road makes him spur his horse into a slightly faster pace, so he may catch up to the figure before they get too close to the manor and the light of the burning fires. "Hold…", he demands, not quite friendly, but surely not overly hostile. "Is that Tisbury manor ahead?". Hey, it is dark and it is on the other side of Salisbury from his home. Gotta make sure he has the _right_ manor, right? Only then might he blink at perhaps recognizing the woman he met a few weeks ago.

<OOC> Glaw says, "actually, it's four horses, now that I think on it. *handwave*"

Unlike those fellows of the Roman Christian faith, unlike his sister, Algernon does not let fear of others take over him. He prefers to judge others not by their beliefs but by the goodness in each of them. It comes as no surprise, then, that he is out and about where good Christians wouldn't dare tread: Pagan land, after dusk, neither armed nor with escort yet unaccosted by bandits or the like, the benefit of travel without much noise or presence.
The Woodford seneschal is all of this as he hobbles along with the aid of a finely carved oak walking staff. In truth, he had been visiting with Dinton during talks to discuss relations between their houses, and even he had the urge to go about and enjoy the fine day before he had to return to his own estate. Time quickly got away, and only now did he consider turning and walking back. However, a keen eye had seen something lighting up the chilled night air from a small distance, and its promise of warmth fought off any hesitation.
Furred riding cloak drawn around his bulky form, he limps into the camplight, only to find the presence of one young woman. "Good evening, m'lady. Might I find comfort at your fire?" He put his best smile forward, despite the poor illumination as he leans his weight into the staff.

Cerys looks up at the arrival of the stranger and her smile grows wide, "Oh, please, join me, young traveller. She pats the blanket, allowing to the knight to come closer, "There will be enough refreshment and tea for everyone. I am waiting for a friend here, you see." The ginger looks the man over curiously. Likely, she tries to find any signs of heraldry. But the late evening plays it's game. So, she doesn't notice anything in the shadows, what brings a question, "Would be you so kind to introduce yourself?"
The sound of clip clop announces the arrival of someone and Cerys' just beams wider, "It must be she! She knows, that I wait her here. I am so excited. I had to leave the Court earlier. So, she may have more news, you know!" She explains to the stranger for some reason.

Arta nods solemnly at Glaw "This is exactly the manor you are looking sir." she then smirks perhaps little teasingly "But, i am afraid that your princess is in another manor altogether." Arta gestures with her other hand "Just continue straight this path and you should arrive." after this brief moment has passed and as she is approaching the great fire and blankets where her friend should be waiting she notices Cerys and somebody else, she is not sure who it might be. However she decides to try to sneak up to him. It is as fine greeting as any.

"Lady Arta. You are a long way from home.", Glaw observes, clearly surprised, as he leans down on his horse to easier converse with her. Her comment however has him blinking. "My…princess?", he wonders, only for her to walk off, even before he can offer her a ride the rest of the way, and for a moment he simply straightens in his saddle, letting the woman draw away and into the light of the fire. A glance is given to the shadowed path that she had pointed out as the way to Tisbury, then back to the fire, then he gives a shrug at Cadfan, as the squire draws up. "Might as well see what that is about, hm?", he lets the boy know, then smirks faintly, soon to follow after Arta, though surely she will have the chance to attempt her sneaking, skulking and spooking before he might be fully in the circle of light.

"Forgive my manners; I am Lord Algernon de Woodford, seneschal. May I have the name of the lady that I speak with?" Algernon would introduce himself with a small bow that he manages, before straightening and lamely approaching the ginger beauty and her blanket. The distinctive sound of hooves he hears, but a cursory glance reveals nothing beyond the veil of night and he passes it off as ambiance from a passing traveler.
Clutching tightly to his walking aid, he carefully kneels down, bringing himself to sit upon the fabric before laying the staff at his side, hand absently rubbing at his leg. Despite the trouble, he continues to smile for the young woman. He is utterly unaware that someone might try to frighten him from the darkness.

Since Cerys is sitting in front of the Lord Algernon de Woodford, it is impossible to sneak up behind the man without Cerys noticing that. Most importantly, Cerys wouldn't allow to scare the lord off from her home. So, when she catches the first glimpses of Arta, the young ginger raises her hand and waves, "Hey there, Arta! Finally! I thought you will never come! Come here, meet Lord Algernon de Woodford. I wasn't expecting his arrival, I promise. But how could we refuse the warmth of a fire to him now?" She points with a nod of her head for Arta to sit down beside the Christian Lord. She still does not notice Glaw and his company yet.
The redhead looks back at the man and introduce herself, "I am lady Cerys de Tisbury. Allow me to welcome you in the home of my family. It's too dark and too dangerous to travel. I am sure that servants will find a free room for you to rest and continue your journey tomorrow, if you would like that."

Arta gives up sneaking when Cerys notices her. Arta smiles at the both of them while she makes her way to the fire "Of course, we have quite a lot to discuss again." Arta chuckles inaudible. "It is too bad there never seems to be enough time in the world to go over all of the events." Arta shrugs "But, i guess that ensures that there is always something more to discuss." Arta sits down onto the blanket, she lowers her hood and removes her sword from her waist for it feels uncomfortable against her ribs while she is sitting on the blanket. "Do you two know each other?" Arta asks from Cerys and Algernon.

It is then that Glaw's shape might finally be detaching from the darkness. Of course with the horse's and his own night vision utterly obliterated by the nearby fire, he is merely walking the steed into the light, spear held upward in a more non-threatening manner. Soon enough Cadfan's steed, the packhorse and the warhorse would inch in as well.
"Hail…", Glaw finally calls out instead of the more traditional "Merry Meet", before he begins to unmount. Perhaps it is clear then that he is not fully armored, such would be quite uncomfortable for two days riding, after all. Once Cadfan has his horse's reigns he begins to step closer, using the spear of his as walking stick of sorts. He glances from redhead to Arta and then to Algernon, before he tilts his head. "I am clearly interrupting something.", he finally states with a frown. "I just am not sure what I am interrupting.".

Algernon turns his head when Cerys waves to her friend, sharing with Arta a smile from his rotund face. "No, we have only just met. I was on a walk from Dinton before I was to return home and time slipped away from me. I am most appreciative of your hospitality, Lady Cerys." He would explain in equal parts to the pair of women, looking between them for the moment. "I was unable to represent Woodford with my cousin Lady Seren at court, as I had prior engagements. Perhaps it is a stroke of luck that I find myself here."
The arrival of steeds and man with spear is more than enough to draw the lord seneschal's attention, issuing a wave that appears from beneath his cloak. "Greetings, ser. It is but a social gathering from what I understand."

Cerys was ready to answer to Arta, but then Glaw shows up. So, the young ginger offers him a smile, "Even if you were interrupting something, it doesn't matter anymore. Welcome to Tisbury and feel free to join us. You and your squire. We have refreshments for all." Then she turns to the two other companions, "Please, help yourself," she gestures over the meal and drink with her delicate hands, before hiding it under the furs again, "So, lady Arta, would you like to tell us more about the Court?"

Arta nods serenely at Cerys "It was good that you left early. What happened after you left was not quite pleasant. A fight was about to break out between two knights." Arta then contemplates how to put her next words for a while "However, i think i learned something interesting in person to me as well, so it wasn't a complete waste of time." she winks at Cerys and the Arta focuses onto Glaw "This here is Sir fancypants. He suggested a bath when we first met in the boar's beard in Sarum. A very -special- kind of bath."

Glaw steps closer yet to the trio and the fire, before he finally stops, the butt of the spear to rest near his foot on the grass. For a moment he studies Cerys when she speaks, but then he takes a deeper breath. "Your hospitality is indeed doing your honor, m'Lady, but perhaps you shall withhold the offer until you know who I am.", Glaw states, his voice gentle enough. There is no threat in it, but perhaps the quiet anticipation of friendliness to fail soon. Switching the grip on his spear, he soon moves the hand and the weapon behind his back, so it rests diagonal across his back, with a bit of a flourish, so he can better bow at the waist, once he made his introduction. "Sir Glaw of Newentone, and this is my squire Cadfan.".
Straightening himself then, when Arta makes her remarks, he cannot help but to chuckle faintly. "Did I?", he wonders, giving Arta a look. "I believe you were the one who inquired about baths, Lady Arta. I merely pointed out that finding one worthy of a Lady in Sarum might be a challenge.", he points out. As for the seneshal, he gives the man another nod. "Social gathering. I am afraid my business in Tisbury is of less pleasant occasion.". The news of court are listened with some faint interest, but he does not comment on any of it, for now.

Well then. This inappropriate talk of bathing, which causes some color to his cheeks, whitewashes the mention of feuding knights entirely, replete with subtle tension on the air. Dissolving his nervousness with a polite chuckle, the lord seneschal takes the offer to help himself to what is spread out on the blanket with them. Taking up the jug of hot tea, he pours out five cups, mindful not to spill a drop. Steam wafts in the air, aiding to the sense of warmth that the nearby campfire brings. "No matter your business, I am sure that you and your charge can sup for a moment, Sir Glaw?" It is an obvious attempt at mediating as he collects each drink and offers them to Cerys, then to Arta, and then to the knight Newentone. "I would rise for you, but it is difficult given my injury. Please."

Cerys just nods at Arta's story about the Court and her whole attention is soon stolen by Glaw, "Oh, so that is your name, Sir fancypants?" She can't hold her laugh. So, the young woman covers her lips with pale fingers to look at least a little bit polite, "Special bath, you say?" Cerys giggles a little bit more before hearing the actual name of the man. The laugh fades, but the polite smile stays in her freckled features. She nods at senescal's words, "Is your business so urgent, Sir Glaw of Newentone? Nobody likes to take care of business on such a late hour. May I offer a room to you too and you could do all the business you want with my parents and brothers in the morning?" She then takes the offered mud, "Thank you, sir Algernon. May I ask how you earned that injury of yours? Is it healing properly?" Though, she can't keep her look on the man. Her gaze wanders to Glaw. There are some glimpses of curiosity in the ginger's eyes, but it may also be just echo of the flames of the fire.

Arta takes a sip of too hot tea while she glares at Glaw.

"It is not urgent in the manner that is has to be addressed this eve, no.", Glaw answers Cerys. "I merely did not wish have it said that I stole myself into your manor and your hospitality on false pretenses or the cover of being incognito.", offers Glaw. Polite he is, even if his words might hint at a guarded stance to the other house at the very least. Algorn's excuse earns him a shake of his head, even as he waves it off. "Please, do not stand on my account then.". With that he finally half turns to wave Cadfan closer, giving quiet instructions to the squire to let the horses graze and handing him the spear so he can secure it to the pack horse for the time being. Surely they will be stabled later, if indeed Glaw takes up the offer of a room for the night.
Once that is taken care of, he steps closer finally, to lower himself to one knee on the blanket, then the other, mindful of his sword, before sitting on his heels. It is the easiest to rest with weapons and part of the armor still attached to him, and Glaw is used to it. Then he accepts the two mugs, when they are offered, keeping the one for his squire near him once he joins after having dealt with the horses. "Thank you.". That Arta is glaring at him, is not missed, but he merely offers her a smile. "Careful, m'Lady. My mother always said the face might stay that way…". He dares to tease her? Yep.

With drinks handed out, Algernon sees to it that he collects his own cup. It is cradled within both hands, making use of heat transference in order to keep them warm outside of his cloak. After nodding to Sir Glaw's thanks, his attention now is set upon the lady Tisbury as he explains. "I thank you for your concern, but my lameness is many winters old, when I was first squired, and it will never improve. Its severity would have seen me at the Lord's side if not for the extensive chirurgery that saved me." Despite the unpleasant short tale, he smiles it away before blowing on his tea quietly for a sip.

Cerys makes no other comments about the reasons of Glaw's arrival. All this may be solved later and she is not in the mood to inquire more. So, the Tisbury lady takes a sip of her own drinking, before eating a few slices of cheese. She listens for the others to converse. The way she studies Arta and Glaw may betray that she is basically imagining the pair flirting or something. It's playfully curious gaze, which studies the pair at times.
Though, this time the Christian lord gets most of the redhead's attention, "I am so sorry to hear about that. So, you never finished your knighthood, right? But no worries, as far as I see it, sometimes the mind is much more dangerous weapon than a sword. Sword allows us to win in a war, but with the help of mind we may never have a war, right?" She smiles warmly at the man.

Arta eyebrow furrows as she waves Glaw off with her other hand. "You where the one suggesting anything out of ordinary about the bath."

Listening to Algernon as well, Glaw nods his head. "Most squires suffer some sort of injury during their training or when accompanying their knights.", he says. "It is unfortunate that yours was a lasting one.", he offers genuinely enough, though he smiles lightly at the reference to the Lord. As Cerys speaks of the mind, he sighs a little. "The mind is a weapon, that I agree with, but it is not a shield against War, nor should it be. There will always be those who seek more and will look to their neighbors. War is inevitable in the long view.", he argues. Only then do Arta's words draw his eyes back to her, and he shakes his head. "Have I offended you, then, Lady Arta? Was my offer of my squire to escort you back home not kind enough?", he wonders, his eyes narrowing a little at her. "Yet here you are once more, unescorted, and I will offer it again. When we leave for Newton Tony again, you are welcome to let us see you to your home, m'Lady, where you may bathe in leisure, comfort and safely from me or my extraordinary ideas which I may or may not have.".

"You are correct, I was unable to finish my knighthood. However, as you have said, it is my mind that enables me to serve Woodford and its allies in a different way." Algernon would answer the lady Cerys and listen of Sir Glaw's counter-argument. "Both of you are right, to an extent. It is not the perfect defense against the inevitable, it is essential all the same for many reasons- But the philosophies of such a terrible thing as war is hardly fit to be the subject of a friendly gathering." The lord seneschal attempts to redirect the flow of conversation.

"Whom am I to argue with a knight?" Cerys laughs, answering to Glaw's arguments, "You know better. Plus, whom a knight would be without a war? I mean, they would gather in taverns to drink and find love. That's all." She shrugs and chews on a slice of cheese again, turning her eyes green like a precious emerald to the Christian lord, "You are so right. More cheerful things should be discussed more often."
But then she hears the argue between Arta and Glaw, "If the journey made you tired or if this man disturbs you from having a good time, you may go rest, lady Arta. We would talk tomorrow. Your room is already prepared. I have to excuse myself too." She turns to Glaw and Algernon, "You both may feel free to enjoy each others company. I will inform servants to prepare your beds. Once they will be ready, servants will come to escort you two," And Cerys stands up, "I hope to talk with each of you in the morning."

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With the two ladies excusing themselves, Glaw offers them both a nod of his head and wishes them farewell and a pleasant night, regardless.
For a moment or two, he just kneels there, looking into his cup of tea, before finally taking a sip, then turning his attention back at the man that still remains, even as Cadfan finally sneaks up to claim his own cup of tea, though the boy is barely sixteen winters and knows better than to interject. "They were not, and won't be spared the realities of war.", he says, finally. "Friendly gatherings or not.", he brings that topic to a close, at least for himself. "They were right however, that the mind is more useful than the sword in many things. You call yourself a learned man, then?".
Algernon too bids farewell to the pair of women as they depart, a wave and smile for each. The silence that lingers has the Christian lord watching Sir Glaw with patience and curiosity, sipping of his own tea at times. He listens to the man's words, considering them, but leaves the matter resolved as well.
"I do. I had little choice but to either turn the entirety of my focus on the scholarly or resign myself to a fate in the clergy, which is why I now hold the position of seneschal at Woodford manor." He explained to the pagan knight softly, between din of the fire beside them.

A faint smile is curving Glaw's lips then. "Resign to the fate of the clergy.", he echoes. "That is not taking a kind view on such life. You obviously chose the other path, so it should not come as a surprise that you prefer the role you picked, but…it is a curious choice of wording.", he admits, green eyes soon to lift to study the man in turn. "Woodford is far enough from that we have had little dealings with your family, though I know enough that your manor does not hold us followers of the old Gods in high esteem either.", he says, and there seems to be more amusement about that, then offense. "Or am I mistaken?"

Algernon "Do not misunderstand me, ser. I am a devout Christian, and I have a deep love of my faith. However, I cannot be faulted for not desiring to be sent away from my family and unlikely to ever see them again, even if I were to be doing God's work." The lord seneschal explains his position succinctly. Throughout it all, his voice is light and pleasant, so there is no hint of bitterness to taint a word of it.

As Sir Glaw comments on the religious stances of Woodford, he nods and wrings his hands around the warmth of his cup. "That is the general consensus. Myself, I do not hold a man's beliefs against him. If he is honest and just in his actions, then he is a good man, and he should be respected for that."

"I would not presume to know your heart and your strength of faith.", Glaw is quick to concede that. "I was merely observing the dislike of the path of the clergy.", he reiterates. "Most of them seem odd men, I have to admit, either not nearly as firm in their believes at they the claim, or overly filled with zeal that one has to wonder.".
With that said, he soon lifts his tea again, to sip, then speaks again when the goodness of men are addressed. "Then we have found common ground easily.", he says, and the smile that follows that is a genuine one. "It pains me to see that many Christians are starting to act as if their forefathers have not held the same beliefs as we do. I am glad that I know that at least one Woodford is more reasonable, then.".

A light steps may be heard after some time. Someone is approaching two nobles, who are spending time oh so romantically in front of a fire, on a blanket with some meal and drinks. Adorable.
That someone soon shows up from behind the corner of the house. It's Cerys. This time the young ginger may look like a tiny angel. Her cheeks are perfectly clean. She washed. She is wearing a light long white nightgown, decorated with some laces. Her feet are bare and just her hair are tangled a bit of mischievously.
When she is in the nobles sight range, Cerys coils into some kind of a furry coat, "Your rooms are prepared. I came to inform you myself, because while I took care of all the matters, the sleep just disappeared. I hope I won't be interrupting anything? But if you both would like to go get some rest, it's alright," She stops at the edge of the blanket, looking from one man to the other.

The Christian lord and the Pagan knight seem to be getting on well enough, a surprising account considering. Smiles are shared between the men as Algernon freshens his cup from the jug of tea while they are with conversation. "It is a rare sentiment, to be certain. Perhaps we will live to see a day where it is commonly shared." He has evaded responding to the curiosities of the ordained, and before he can continue, it seems that the Lady Cerys has appeared among them absent Arta.
"Once again, I thank you. However, the night feels young to me, m'lady, and so if you care to rejoin us, we cannot stop our host from doing so." Algernon greets her with this, gesticulating towards the blanket.

The arrival of Cerys ruins the romantic mood, and Glaw no longer bats his eyelashes at Arago…err. Algernon either. "Perhaps. I would enjoy that.", the knight offers, before his attention turns to Cerys and her bare feet, first, before eyebrows loft a little. "You could have send someone, m'Lady, rather than braving the cold and night.", he complaints a little, but as the Christian invites her to sit, he nudges Cadfan a little, who scrambles to make room on that side and to sit on the other side of Glaw. "Cannot, nor would we wish to."

Cerys chuckles, "There is nothing worst than the host, who keeps interfering into the matters of his guests. But since you would love to spend some more time in my company…" She shrugs and settles down on the spot, which was occupied by the squire just a few seconds ago. The ginger damsel curls legs under herself, hiding bare feet under the furs this way. She becomes like a huge pile of furs. So, she is warm, plus the fire is beside. "I do appreciate your concern, sir Glaw, but I will be alright. When I was younger I… Well… Just, I will be alright." Cerys blushes just a little bit, "So, what were you discussing, if I may ask?" She changes the subject and her eyes lands on the Christian.

The awkward pause, and the blush, are not missed by the seneschal. "That seems like a tale you should regale us with at another time." Algernon would comment softly, before he answers in full. "I spoke some of myself, and on a matter of faith. I explained to Ser Knight here that I do not condemn an entire people purely on the fact that they choose not to believe in God, but by an individual's actions." He would chase his words by drinking deeply of his tea before setting the cup down on the blanket carefully.
He would take the jug up again and pour another cup for the lady Cerys, holding it out to her. "If you may indulge my curiosity, how do you feel about Christians, m'lady?"

As Cerys sits and transforms into fur-mountain, Glaw nods at her, lips curving into a smile. Before he may poke at that blush and pause, Algie does speak up, and he has to laugh, low. "Why would you do that, my dear Algernon?", he asks, shaking his head a little, looking first at him, then the Lady. "When opportunity knocks on your door like this, you have to open the door, not call out you will be out later.", he complaints, clearly not above teasing their host somewhat mercilessly.
As for the topics discussed, he nods his head in agreement, only to blink a little at Algie. "It is not that we do not believe in your God. It is more that you do not believe in ours.", he does point out, smirking.

Cerys does not hear the comments related to her blush, or maybe she just doesn't want to hear. Whatever the case is, she makes no comment on that and instead just shakes her head slightly, "Not the best topic to discuss. Religious differences rise wars, after all! But if you are interested into my opinion…" She takes the offered mug, nodding to thank the man. She wraps her fingers around it to warm her hands and takes a few moments to think, "I do not see logic in your statement: 'I do not condemn an entire people purely on the fact that they choose not to believe in God'. We do believe in God, and in another God, and in one more God, and in a few goddesses. Do you have Goddesses, m'lord?" She peeks at Algie, before moistening her lips in the drink, "I am not very familiar with the Christianity and their believes, but I do not find a place for a woman there. We all are equals here, while you just have a male God? It's not natural. Somehow, it looks just made out by the old people." She shrugs a little bit, "But that is not the answer of what I think of Christians. It's what I think of Christianity. I am sorry if my opinion offends you. I have my Gods and I do feel their presence. But if we would be talking about people… Show me the Christian and I will tell what I think of him or her. I can't judge a person just by his religion, even if it already tells a lot."
The girl does not make any comments at what Glaw said, but she looks at him and offers a warm smile.

It is Algernon's turn to be embarrassed, as he realizes that the company he keeps would clearly misconstrue what he says. "It was a poor choice of words. For Christians, God is the name of the Spirit that we worship and when I claim that you do not believe in God, it is our rendition that I refer to, not that you do not believe in gods." The lord seneschal would explain, taking a moment to break his focus and look into his cup. He seems to be weighing his next words carefully.
"To discuss theology, you will come across innumerable opinions on faith, and each man or woman you speak with will almost always believe in something a little differently, even when they all profess to be of one faith. For me, women belong just as easily as the men, whether or not you consider the Christian God to be male, or female, or nothing. They are the joint heirs of life. God's role within all peoples as our creator shines out all the clearer for me, but if we ignore the inherent truths of that role and muddy the line with gender, then it is an exercise in futility."
Algernon shuts his eyes for a long moment, and simply laughs this all away, smiling broadly. "Nevermind all of that, however. Your answer is a good one, and I can appreciate that." His eyes are open again, looking between the pair of Pagans. "My sister would listen to me with wide eyes if I were to tell her that I sat in the dark with Pagans and shared with them tea and kindness. She is… more susceptible to the propaganda. I think she would benefit from meeting you both."

Ignored by the lady? Hmpf. Glaw's smile wanes a little when Cerys simply lets those comments pearl off her like water from a duck, and he settles back to sit a bit straighter, though as she begins to speak about gods and goddesses and the place for women, he tilts his head slightly, though lets Algernon explain his views first. For a moment or five he remains quiet then, seemingly choosing his words carefully as well, or perhaps mulling what was said over in his head. "The two renditions are not that different. Our Goddess and God have aspects, just as yours has. A trinity, a triumvirate. I understand Lady Cerys concern for none of the sides Christos shows is female, even though his sacrifice, his yielding is an aspect of our Goddess.". Well, he might get his Christian lore messed up sometimes, but he does know the basics. "When I say we believe in your God, too, I mean I do not rule out that the God my mother prays too is not part of the world the Goddess and the God have created. A Christian would deny the reverse, however.", he states, then smiles, lifting a hand to stall the protest that might come. "Or at least, many of them.".
The last however makes those green eyes light up with mischief, a certain — ahem — impishness. "Oh, we will be sure to bring out the white linen shirts for her then, we make our sacrifices wear.", he dares to quip, eyes to flit briefly to Cerys conspiratorially.

Cerys shakes her head at the impish joke made by Glaw. There are some glimpses of amusement in her eyes, and she obviously liked it. However, she feels responsible for the comfort of her other guest. So, she looks up at the lord a little bit apologetically, "I am sorry if we make you feel uncomfortable. I do hope that you won't feel unwelcome here too. You are always welcomed in Tisbury, no matter to what you believe. Though, as my uncle taught me, we have to respect the ways of the host, when we are guests. Could your sister respect us, if she would visit us? If not, it's better for her to avoid these roads," Cerys chuckles, "Also, I hear many Christians asking why we do not believe in their God. But I have a question too. Why you all betrayed the Old Gods, exchanged them for the other? What HE promises, what Old Gods were not able to provide you with? Again, you don't have to answer and we could change the subject to something more joyful!"
Her smile broadens. She takes a sip of a tea, before turning the conversation into a more girlish one, "Will you both be there in the wedding? Have you decided what to wear? Do you both have someone to impress during the ball and tourney? Want to hear a secret? Ladies are just crazy, I heard. Basically, each of them have someone they want to impress!" Cerys chuckles and shifts just a little bit in her seat, studying two other men.

What a line of answers and questioning! The particular bit from Glaw about sacrifices elicits raised brows, but Cerys puts that to rest rather quickly They all seem to bring Algernon into a lulled silence as he contemplates, and that much is evident on his face. It takes him a moment to come back to things, in order to answer at least the part involving his sister. "She is a gentle soul. I believe she would only have earnest and well-intended questions rather than any deliberate disrespect." The Christian lord manages quietly.
Even if he had intended to answer the rest, the lady Tisbury swiftly changes the topic to King Arthur's wedding, and so he focuses on this instead. "I do intend to appear at the wedding, yes, but I am unable to compete in the tourney nor dance. I have no lady to impress, and I am no gallant knight with fealty to inherit. I am sure I have no eyes upon me."

Glaw will never tire pulling that joke on Christians. Perhaps he should get a very ceremonial dagger made that he can brandish to give the poor knights and lords heart-stop? Ahem. Still, when he speaks of his sister, Glaw has nothing to add. He does not know her well, after all.
The topic of the wedding and the excitement of the Lady make Glaw laugh once more, though he manages — barely — to not roll his eyes. "Ah. Dresses and gossip. Indeed, the Goddess is watching over us tonight.". Irreverent he might seem, but he seems to be in good humor. "Gods willing I will be present at the wedding, yes, though my father is certain to be.". He has all the responsibilities still. Lucky Glaw. "But I am part of Earl Roberts team in the Grand Melee, having earned that in the Winter Tourney, so I will certainly be at the Tourney.", he lets them both know. Clothes and people to impress? Well, he seems to omit an answer to that.

Cerys just waves her hand at the Algernon's concerns, "Nah. You definitely have some eyes upon you. Trust me. You have advantages over those healthy knights. You are injured, after all! That means you have a good story to tell. You can always make it sound more adventurous just for lady's and your own amusement. I would definitely make it a grand duel or battle, where you get hurt fighting against bears in the middle of nowhere, just because you tried to save a tiny lost kitten, who was so dearly loved by your youngest sister!" Cerys claps in excitement as if that would be her own story, "Plus, we, women, have kind heart and always notice the injured ones first. Finally, you just need to impress a lady with your intelligence and kindness! You will do just great in the ball," she nods assuring the man and then focusing on Glaw. "You answered just in half of questions. How impolite of you, sir Glaw. We share our thoughts with you, but you decide to hold something from us? Or," now her lips are curled into mischievously playful grin, "Unless there is someone special you want to impress, but you are just too shy to admit it?"

It is difficult for Algernon not to listen to Cerys and smile so widely. Her 'advice' on ballooning the true reason behind his injury is amusing, to say the least, eliciting a hearty laugh in it all. However, he seems reticent in adding fuel to the proverbial fire, drinking deeply of his tea and allowing the lady Cerys to focus herself on the knight Glaw. His eyes are glued to the pair of them, twinkling in part due to merriment and from the light of the slowly weakening fire.

As Cerys spins her tale, Glaw grins as well, and laughs along with both of them, though at the end he does rise a warning note, "Ah, M'Lady Cerys, one should tell the tales of one's life and accomplishments, surely, but straying too far from the truth? It should surely not be encouraged or even rewarded.", he dares to — lightly as it is — chastise his hostess. Of course, he gains the revenge and payment for it just moments later, when her focus falls on him and his omission, and he has to laugh again. "I have been accused of many things, but shyness is not among them, usually.", he grins at Cerys, then tilts his head, his tongue to poke his cheek from the inside once or twice as he tries to find words suitable to answering. "It is true, I have given out two garlands at Imbolc, who were reasonably well received.", he begins, lips curving upwards at that. "I hope I shall impress both, and others, be they womenfolk or fellow knights, however. If m'Lady is hunting for names, however, I shall disappoint rather than impress you. Such is for the ladies to make known when they chose to do so.".

The young woman lowers her look to the ground and her cheeks blush brighter, "I am sorry for suggesting to lie. I just thought it does sound funny…" She hugs her legs around the knees. Furs slide from her shoulder on one side just a little bit, "I do not wanted to hear any names. Do not be worried, sir Glaw. I was just merely curious if you have reasons to be excited about the upcoming events." And then she grows quiet, just watching her companions.

Ah, it seems that Sir Glaw's words have struck an unfortunate chord with the lady. It forces the Christian lord out of his silence, and he sets aside his cup before reaching across to touch at the exposed shoulder reassuringly. "It was quite an amusing suggestion. I know you did not mean anything ill by it." It was his attempt at patching the sudden tension in the air, giving her one of his smiles to boot. "Perhaps I should have you with me at the wedding and you can regale the other guests with your grandiose version. I am sure it would liven any conversation."

Somehow Glaw ends up being the Christin's straight man, of sort. Having Cerys so suddenly subdued was not his intention either, though he does not retract his statement, merely adds to it. "If it is an obvious lie, we call it entertainment, Lady Cerys. A play, a story. But one must at least be honest about the lie.", he states, quirking lips upwards a little. Oddly enough, no touching from Glaw. And he's supposed to the pagan here! Ahem. As the Christian basically asks Cerys out for the wedding, Glaw lifts an eyebrow, but for once holds his tongue, instead busies himself with drinking from his already empty cup of tea. Mmmhm. Yummy imaginary tea.

"You think so?" The smile comes back into the freckled features of a young Tisbury lady, "You are very kind, m'lord. I am sure, that we will meet at the wedding and while everyone will be dancing, I will gladly be there with you to talk more about adventures or religion, depending on the general mood." She squirms just a little bit, after that sudden touch and she puts the furs back on her shoulder.
"The fire is fading," she just randomly says out of nowhere, when she looks back at the fireplace, "I wonder, how much time we have spend here? It does look like a whole day! But I must say, that I enjoyed company of both of you. However, I believe that you both should get some rest before continuing your journey. If we won't be careful, we will see sun rise soon!" Then she looks around searching for Glaw's squire, "The boy must be really tired too…" She adds.

It seems that the lord seneschal reinvigorated the lady Tisbury's spirits, his intention secured. The hand returns rather quickly to his side, and it grasps at his walking staff as it lies beside him. "I do," Algernon would confirm, brushing aside the remark upon his kindness. "I look forward to seeing you there, then." He nods with aplomb.
Her observation of the dying fire draws the Christian's eyes towards it as if to confirm that it really was. "So it seems. I believe now would be a time to retire to bed, on a good note." With that, he is moving inch by inch in order to shift to his knees, and then upright his staff to begin the extended effort of getting up.

Glaw finally can put away his now totally empty cup to the side, when plans for the wedding are made, and then the hostess so pleasantly tells them to go to bed already. Ahem. So Glaw does not bother with overtures and pleasant agreements that yes, indeed it is already late, and his squire needs rest, but he merely pushes himself to his feet from his kneeling position, offering Cerys a nod. The slow progress of the Christian, is given a longer look, perhaps to determine if the man would accept help or if it would be seen as a pity, but eventually he does step to his side to offer him his right arm, hand open and half-turned upwards, as he would a fallen other knight after a joust, or a challenge, so the forearms can grasps one another. "There is no need to struggle alone.", he offers.
Regardless if accepted or rejected, Glaw would then offer a low whistle to summon Cadfan back into the light, the boy already having fathered the horses to be led to the manor and he smiles, ruffling the boy's hair. "Good work, lad.".

When Cerys sees that the lord is ready to get up, she quickly jumps to her feet, "Do you need help? If I would have known about your arrival and your state, I would have prepared a more proper seatings." However, Glaw is the first to approach the young Christian Lord, and that is why Cerys just coils into her furs, "It was a pleasure to meet you both and see you for the breakfast. I am sure that my whole family will be pleased to meet you both." There is a tiny hesitation, when she bows her head to Glaw, but when she bows her head to Albie, the hesitation is gone.

"Thank you, both of you. I am sure that you would have catered to my advanced needs, being the excellent hostess you are." The lord seneschal would compliment quietly, and it seems that pride is not something that interferes when it comes to something as sensible as having assistance to rise. He locks onto the knight Newentone's proffered arm, and he is upwards in a matter of moments. "I would not be adverse to supping with you and your family in the morn before I am to away back towards Dinton." Confident in his balance, he would release the knight, and bow his head in return.

Glaw would help him up, then use his left hand to lightly 'smack' his shoulder in a friendly manner, just like he might have done to any other friendly warrior. The man might not be a knight, but he was a squire and while he did not regale them with the tale of how the injury was acquired, Glaw gives him the benefit of the doubt. Once released, Glaw does turn to Cerys and gives her a somewhat subdued, crooked smile. "Thank you for the invitation and I will remember the night as one of the most filled with hospitality, Lady Cerys, for quite some time.". No matter what may happen in the morning, goes unsaid.

"Shall we go then? I will show you to your rooms…" And the young lady starts moving toward the manor. She will be slow enough that Albie would feel the most comfortable catching up with Glaw and Cerys easily.

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