(514-04-16) An Odd Meeting
Summary: Cerys de Tisbury approaches sir Idris de Bodenham unexpectedly, and they speak of war and horses.
Date: 514-04-16
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The well-travelled road leading east out of Sarum, through the Fool's Gate, runs west through Eagle Market as it heads directly up to the Gate Tower of Sarum Castle. The Castle itself sits on a small hillock of land with a worn rampart that travels up from the market at an even grade. A few homes line this street, mingled amongst the permanent shops that have made a home here. Between these buildings and lining the street on any given day there is an array of pavilions in a myriad of dull colors. Vendors traveling the realms to sell wares, tradesmen from around the city come to hawk their latest offerings, merchants from other cities bringing exotics. All can be found in this area. This area is also the home to local pub, The Boar's Beard.

It's just another day at the Eagle Market. People are doing their errands for whatever reason, maybe a spear needs repairs, maybe a suit of armor. Idris' case is simply that he requires more supplies. So he has his squire Gwyn run around like a mad man, from market stall to market stall to buy him what he needs for a long day's journey. Meanwhile, the knight remains next to his horse, a hand kept on the reins to keep the prized animal from straying too far.

"By the Gods!" A soft voice comes from behind Idris, "What a wonderful and handsome animal you have here, young sir…" She just drawls the part about the name, because Cerys is not that good at remembering heraldry, faces or names yet. If the man will turn around, he will see a young and very beautiful freckled ginger. She tries to extend her arm and pet the animal she admires so much right this moment. The lady is wearing a beautiful black gown, which just stresses out the bright redness of her disheveled mess of playful curls.

"Thank you, my Lady," Idris replies, apparently not stirring that much when the lady simply decides to spring up behind him, though that might have made some lesser knights draw their swords when nerves are too frail. Thankfully, they are in safety in Sarum and as such that is not necessary. He turns to regard her, flashing her a quick smile as he lets her pet his animal as she wishes. "It came from my family's personal stables. I rather like him. Very much a daredevil and difficult to ride, but worth it."

"I can't ride a horse…" Cerys pouts. Her eyes are on the animal. She brushes with her hand across the animal's furs until she comes to horse's neck. That's where she will keep petting the animal, but her eyes will turn to meet the knight's, "Not that I am unhealthy. I am just perfectly fine! Though, I can't find a proper horse. All of them keeps pushing me away or just does not move forward." She sighs, but a huge smile quickly curls her lips up, "Have you heard an expression: tell me what personality your horse has, and I will tell you who are you? I heard some servants saying that in the stables. They believe that the personality of a horse matches the personality of its rider. I wonder… When the rider finds the right horse and they start a life together, who changes more? Is it a rider become more similar to his horse or the horse adjust to the rider?" The young woman chuckles and tiptoes a little bit

"I think that may have been the stablemasters pulling your leg, my lady," Idris replies, apparently not truly a believer of a horse's personality fitting that of their master, "I think it is a matter of personal preferences. I like my horses powerful and slightly unruly." the Bodenham knight offers, meeting her gaze, unfaltering at that. "And as a knight, I cannot be too attached to my horse, as prized as he is. They will die in battle, eventually, and as such they will be replaced." For a moment, when she tiptoes, leans forward and asks him a question, he is not sure if she is flirting with him. So he simply grins at her question and replies, in turn, "It depends on whether you would like to find out."

Cerys chuckles and lands down on her full feet again. This makes her to withdraw a bit from Idris, "I was just merely curious if the theory of the stablemasters was right or not. I apologize if I was inquiring too much. Some say, that I can't ride any horse in our stables, because I need untamed animal and wild. A horse must feel a kin soul. That is how we could have a perfect relation." She shakes her head a little bit, "Pity you do not want to grow close to your animal," she pats the horse again, "I believe that the rider and his horse must become as one. Then none of them will fall in the battle, you know. It would make you just stronger. You know how they say, when you fight just for simple vengeance, you will lose at the end. Though, when you fight for someone, it makes you stronger and wilder!" She laughs then, "But don't mind me. I am but a lady, who never saw a war with her own eyes. I just read."

"You were not inquiring too much at all. You cannot ride a horse simply because you have not learned how to do so without losing control of your ride," Idris explains, presuming that is why she cannot ride a horse. "Although, you might well be lying to me about your inability to ride a horse," ah, yes, ever the cynic. "You must live through war to understand the finer intricacies of it, my lady. I earned my spurs by fighting a more skilled, older knight than myself. And I took his sword as a trophy," he pats the bejeweled pommel of the sword sheathed on his left. "While vengeance may be impious and destructive, when at war you do not fight for that. You may even fight for the cause of your liege, but you also fight for survival, for recognition, for making yourself greater than you currently are."

Cerys just keeps smiling. Her smile may just suggest that the girl is super friendly. But who knows! Maybe a lie is hidden under that smile. Maybe not. She looks down at the sword to the man's side and she lets out an ooohs, admiring it. Then her eyes like the green spring grass find the man's gaze again. "For making yourself greater than you currently are…" She repeats, "That does sound quite selfish, sir. I am not calling you selfish, of course! Well, even if I would, you couldn't grow angry about that. We all are selfish one way or the other, after all!" She lowers her hand now, leaving the horse alone. He is a proud warrior, not a home kitten, after all. "I hope I will never live through war. I wish there would be no war at all. Though, what would happen to all the knights?! They wouldn't have a job, and would sit in the taverns getting drunk, wouldn't they?" She smiles a bit playfully.

"Self-improvement is never selfish. It is a favor you do for yourself and others in the field of battle," Idris explains his point of view, apparently indifferent about it. His squire soon arrives with the errands, and Gwyn earns a nod of the Bodenham knight's head in approval. "Excellent, now go fetch your own horse, we are going to ride soon." He lifts an eyebrow when she mentions she'll never live through war, but perhaps it is simply misunderstanding as she states her wishes afterwards, so he nods. "War is necessary. It is a righteous manner of resolving a conflict where words and treaties have failed. War, my Lady, I am afraid will always exist. And no, I think even outside times of war, knights might still be needed." He grins, "There are always bandits to fight, women to protect."

"Alright, alright! I yield! You are a knight after all. It would be unwise of me to keep opposing to your arguments." Her smile broadens, when the squire shows up. Gwyn will recive a wave from Cerys, "Hey, there! A serious, but wise knight you have here, squire. You must be lucky!" After the greeting to the squire, the young ginger lady looks back at the companion, "Aye aye, bandits and women!" She sways slowly, nipping on the skirt of her gown, "I believe I should leave you. I stumbled upon you so unexpectedly. I would hate to disturb you from the urgent matters of the day." But she stays in place. Her eyes are fixed on the man's. She just stares.

Why is she staring? And most of all, why is she staying, and meeting his gaze. Idris' eyebrow lifts as he tugs on the reins of his horse, after the lady pretty much excuses herself to leave and yet… doesn't. "Ah, yes, I forgot to introduce myself, even as we make our farewells, I suppose. I am Sir Idris de Bodenham, honored to meet you." The squire is too busy doing his own things to bother with this peculiar exchange, which may have been a godsend. "And what is your name, My Lady?"

"I thought you will stay just as a mysterious stranger!" The redhead laughs, "I am Cerys de Tisbury. A pleasure meeting you. I bet I will see you fight in the tourney, won't I? Good luck, sir! Especially, if you will have to meet my brothers!" A little bit of pride here… "Anyway, now I shall go. Be you guarded by your Gods!" And that is when she actually leaves.

"God, my lady. I am only guarded by God." Idris corrects her gently, offering her a nod before he mounts his horse, ambling him out of the Eagle Market.

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