(514-04-10) A Morning Hunt
Summary: Knights of Sarum go out on a hunt, a competition to bring in the best prey they can! Their hunt starts out normal, but takes a turn for the wierd!
Date: 514-04-10
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Sir Gwynwyllyn, one of the older knights Robert's court has decided the younger knights ought to show their skill, with a hunting challenge to bring in the best game they can in time for the feast at the castle following court. That means, there is only a day to find something of worth, so do your best!

Catryn is always, always up for a challenge and she's in for the hunt. With her squire in tow, the two on their horses already prepped and ready to go, light leather armor worn to save the good stuff for the tourney coming soon, her squire, Anais, in heavy clothing. With her spear, she looks back to make sure everything was gotten and she arches a brow. "Are you ready for this Annie?" It's an affectionate nickname, really. Not at all condescending. "It's an honor to even be able to go."

Much like her cousin, Rozenn is also up for a challenge. Gladly! She, too, is attired in leather armor. Squeak, her own squire, is astride their horse in heavy, somewhat padded clothing. Hey, you gotta earn the better stuff. Fussing about with some lacing at her wrist, the woman doesn't even look to her squire. "You checked all the gear, yes?" It's almost a sigh that answers her before the squire catches themselves: "Yes, sir." Second Burcombe accounted for and ready!

Another of the knights to join this team for this short challenge of finding the best prey is Sir Llwyd. He somes in his leather armor nearly done up all the way, slightly loose near the neck and joints. On his horse as well, his squire with spears in tow. The young squire holding two spears in hand, as if ready for something to happen this instant. "I tell you Dyn, the best part is the feast itself, this is just the bridge that gets us closer to the good parts." A chuckle, and shake of his head. Then nearing the leader and her squire, he sits up, both hands on the front of his saddle, "Good day Sir. It is an honor to share your company on this day, I will admit. And yours as well." If her cousin is close, he can't complain about the company at all one may suspect.

The hunters set out, into the springtime wilderness of the Sarum countryside, off to hunt in grounds more or less familiar over the years of doing knightly things here. The huntsman with his hounds, the knights on their rouncies, and such, and the game is, infact, afoot!

To be surrounded by the Burcombe ladies, Llwyd is the lucky one today! As they head out, Catryn looks to her cousin and offers a warm smile, "I'm glad you made it." Her own attention then drifts to the newer face, a considering look given, "Yours as well. I'm Sir Catryn de Burcombe and this is my cousin Sir Rozenn de Burcombe." Getting that part out of the way and.. Onto the hunt! The deeper they go into the wilderness, the countryside rolling along, she pays more attention to the huntsman and the dogs. Catching sight of the tracks she suddenly finds, she speaks quietly, "A fox." Time to go a tracking!

As they move out, Rozenn does indeed keep her mount relatively near her cousin. It's the person she's familiar with, afterall. The Knight dips her chin in a nod to Llwyd as initial introductions are made. When Catryn announces the prey that's been found, she purses her lips a measure. There's a slight lean in her saddle, adjusting her angle. "I would like to bring back something for the feast itself. Something that can be presented to all." Because, glory comes with one's name being known, afterall. "Perhaps a boar or stag. This isn't for the fun of it, afterall."

"I am Sir Llwyd de Cholderton." A pause from him, "Ah, wait, Sir Catryn of the recently betrothed." He looks at her a moment, then down, "Lucky man him." If only he could of said something smarter than that, but alas, her cousin is here too. "And you are …." The name helped him recognize Catryn more quickly for certain. As they are off, he considers that, the chase. "A fox would be impressive for its speed and pelt, but I can see your point good Sir, it is for the feast, they may judge or success and the quantity of meat we bring in." His eyes look at Catryn, lifting a little, he said meat and quantity. Hopefully he doesn't get slapped.

Looking to her cousin, Catryn hesitates, but as they both seem to be in agreement, she offers a hesitant, but watches where the fox trail went before nodding and moving along. When she notices the next tracks, she hesitates, her expression turning more wary. "A.. big.. something. Is that hoof trails? A wild horse? Let's go check it out, see what we get." She doesn't reference her betrothal to Llwyd, it's still too new and awkward.. but this hunt, she's all in.

"Well met, Sir Llwyd." At the other Knight's words to her cousin, Rozenn is unable to contain the slight 'snerk' that escapes her. Instead, she just does a quick check of some of the straps of her gear. It keeps her from looking up and risking further openly-displayed amusement. Squeak, however, is a squire, and just looks to Anais with a brief titter. Knights, eh? When Catryn finds a new trail, along with the dogs and huntmaster, the brunette is quite intrigued. She draws up her horse and looks for the tracks noted. "I agree. This sounds like much more interesting game than a fox." If anything, she's almost a bit excited at this point. "Perhaps we'll find a wild stallion to present to be new breeding stock." Or to become a challenge, so see who might break it in.

Along for the ride, no one said anything bad, he's on the right track. Llwyd is smiling as they ride. "I agree, the bigger trail is better. I do not hunt for the small fish. Besides, perhaps we've enough fox for the day already." As Catyrn seems all focused on hunting he pulls back enough to be more on line with Rozeen at least. "Ah, you're after breeding stock? I think this hunt has become assuradely more interesting …" Why does he do that with his eyebrows, give them that raise after saing things like that.

The chase is on a bit, it would seem. Tracks have been found, and the group is off, following the sign and such through wood and vale, so to speak!

Anais snickers in return, leaning over to whisper to Squeak something in return to the breeding stock thing. Catryn is still concentrating on the hunt, like everything else she probably takes it too seriously. "I'd wager my bets on you breaking it in Rozenn." That is until she puts the words together in her mind and turns to glare at the other Knight. "That's my cousin," she says with a narrow eyed look. Riding off, following the trail, she goes back to giving it her full attention, watching for the disturbances in the ground, snapped twigs, hoof prints..

It's during the second hour of hunting that something odd happens, the dogs seem to lose the trail, actually just settling down like they want to take a nap, perhaps. An examination of the trail itself will show the horse tracks literally just vanish in midstep, the ground a bit damp making the soil soft really offers no explanation where the footprints may have gone off to…

There's a sidelong look to Llwyd and Rozenn's own brows arch. Both curve high above those blue eyes. It's more an inquisitive expression than anything else. The corners of her lips twitch by a measure, but she keeps her mirth contained. "Simply the glory of providing new blood to the Earl's stables. It's highly sought fo-" Catryn's response earns a glance and the woman quiets, bemused. But the chase draws her away from continuing the conversation and the woman leans a measure into her own mare; lying closer to the beast's neck to avoid getting whipped in the face by low branches. But then the dogs settle and the trail goes cold. The woman angles lightly off the path, trying to find something. Looking into the flora itself, perhaps, for a sign.

A grin plays on Llwyd's face all the same. Curious between both. He may have more to say until Catryn's speaks up. "Alas, I know Sir Catryn. Its a shame, you are betrothed leastwise I would certainly like to flattery you with attention as well. It is my loss I fear, my family certianly not enough to be fitting for such an arragement." And in good humor too, say what one will, they are both lookers. He pauses as the trail seems to go cold. "Well, I think we back track and find this trail, the dogs lost the scent but I am sure we can find this beast." Or they could find another something to hunt. "But yes, new blood, warm and fresh. Gets the … heart … pumping, doesn't it?"

Catryn frowns when the dogs seem to lose the trail, but she's determined. There was /something/ and the curiosity she has is enough for her to want to know exactly what it was. Looking back at her cousin, she smiles, "Unless you're interested of course." A wink is tossed in her direction. To Llwyd, she smirks. "Does being betrothed make me less female than I was? Less deserving of flattery?" Hey, she just likes to argue. Going back to her task, she catches the tracks again. "There! Come!" The words are spoken softly and she heads off for them.

That helps his grin grow some, the response from Catryn. Llwyd shakes his head, "It does not at all, you are more than desvering Sir Catryn. I did not wish to offend your honor should you wish not to be pursued in any fashion by a man who does find you beautiful indeed." A nod of his head. And a look to Rozeen, a shake of his head, "Oh I am interested in far more then betrothed. I am curious of having some wine at the castle when this hunt is done and perhaps sharing more company before a fire."

Catryn is only a little distracted by Llwyd but she laughs in response. "Actually, I have enough to handle with one man, I don't think I could manage two. Cynrain.." she shakes her head, looking uncertain, distracted a little. "If I don't accidentally kill him first.. I would not dishonor him." She cuts a glance to her cousin and smiles at the mention of the castle, wine and fire. "I am glad you came along."

Bursting from the brush as the group continues along their trail is a flight of birds, exploding around the horses and causing them to start a bit, not so much they buck and rear, but it's offputting a bit.. and how did that horse they're tracking go through here without disturbing them anyway?!?!

"Wine and a good meal might be required after this." For Spring can still be cool, damp, and wearying after spending a day astride hunting at bits and bobs on the trail. Rozenn smiles, in turn, to her cousin. She dips her head in a nod, but a hint of a broader grin teases at the corners of her expression. "And turn down the chance to earn glory for our family name? I think not." When the birds burst forth, she's able to keep a fairly steady hand on her horse. No starting or veering off the trail here, but it does make the woman frown and look thoughtful. Considering, perhaps. "Odd that this horse did not send them aflight."

"Then I shall toast the accidental death of this Cynrain," grins Llwyd all the same, riding along for the fun of riding along. Its more a social outing pratically, this hunt. He's helping by not following off his horse and such, has spears ready and all. He has to pause smile as he pulls reins when the horses are flustered by the array of birds that leap forth. Should of brought falcons, alas. "It is odd, but I was lost at wine and a good meal. I am liking this company more as we ride. Or do you wish me to return my attention to your lovely cousin?" Asked of Sir Rozenn. "Perhaps this is some challenge, to see how harty my heart is to be turned down so often. It is harty and I can prove it, but maybe this is a waste of time?"

The burst of birds brings Catryn's attention back to where it is instead of the betrothal she was worried about, but she sloppily sits atop her horse when she gets through fumbling through things. And wait, is that bird.. it landed on her armor, right on the shoulder. Reaching for her handkerchief, she hurriedly wipes it off without a word and hands off the handkerchief to her squire to dispose of. Getting back to the hunt, she frowns, were they on the right track? She continues on mostly by instinct and then she catches sight of the tracks again and gives a look back. "I agree," she tells her cousin, "We have tracks again, we're gaining ground." A frown mars her brow and she gives Llwyd a look of disapproval, but the hunt is more important than fighting.. and she goes on tracking.

"While I am not one to turn aside attention, I rather prefer to not feel like the consolation prize." She's a Pagan and oft prideful as they come, afterall. "Company is all well and good. I will not fault you that." Anything further is lost as Roz lapses into thought as they continue on the trail. She brings her mare up nearer to Catryn's own mount: "There are certain horses with a touch of magic. Fae, even unicorns. They can pass without being seen and the creatures of the forest are not bothered by their presence. I think we may have happened upon one such beast."

"Consolation, my good Sir," says Llwyd, sounding like he is shocked in that feigned way to suggest he is not shocked at all, but teasing perhaps. His smile remains warm. "You do no flattery to yourself to think such. My interest in Sir Catryn is perhaps equal of course, but having been given her name, my curuiousity was called when I heard her name and learned of her betrothal. That you have felt such is a slight on my honor and I apologize at once. I would focus more of my attention on you, but your good cousin it so make sure I am mindful of her family. I have held my tongue in check." Sure, he rambles a bit as they ride along, and listens of fae horses and unicorns, "Truly, even if we fail to hunt this beast, should we catch a glimpse it is far more glory than the others in this hunting challenge, I think we must ride on in this hope …"

Catryn is bound and determined, she is not giving up, nope! As her cousin joins up she tilts her head a little. "I never put much stock in the magic and fae. Anything I can't see, you know?" She doesn't sound doubtful though, "Whatever it is, we need to find it and take it back." Llwyd gets a strange look, "Are you a knight or are you a bard? Will you be singing tales of our greatness?" Her lips quirk, but once more, her concentration goes to finding it!

"Perhaps you ought to save your praises for when you find a woman that has no equal." Rozenn casts a look to Catryn, grinning briefly. Little time is spent, however, on the banter. They have a trail to follow and unlike her cousin, Roz is rather intrigued by the potential of the -fae-. "Dear cousin, simply because you don't see the effects of The Great Mother in the every day does not mean she is not there. And here now we have the chance to see one of her more rare creatures." Fingers tighten upon reins and she leans a measure, looking off into the woods around them. "If rumors are true, virgins can oft approach a unicorn."

"I assure you, I am no bard. I shall save you all the test of this, and your ears from rining. At best, my voice may raise the dead with with some faerie horse about, I think it best not to tempt fates," grins Llwyd to Catrin. His horse continuing along. There is a ponderance given to Rozenn's thoughts for the mometn. Not about hunting or the great mother, but a woman of no equal. "I think, a woman of no equal is one in mind who would have a sense of my own mind. Who could give as good as she gets. I cannot measure you either against another, I fear that would be insulting. You are both beautiful women, I cannot lie on this topic. But showing which has no equal, one of you may be showing me more that worth by her words alone." A grin, as if he winged that all but it sounds good to him. A turn to he squire and a nod, as if it sounded good to him indeed.

There's only a brief spot of quiet laughter in answer to the man's words. Either Rozenn has nothing to say to it or she's simply too focused on the hunt at this point. Quite likely the latter, yes, as she's now more than certain they're on the trail of some magical beast. "I must say, I'd not wish to kill a unicorn. Perhaps meet it and convince it to provide some memento to use as proof of the meeting." Fae obviously earn greater respect in her eyes than the more mundane beasts of the land.

The laughter is good, of course, him chatting and that might help the game get some lead on them. That or its toying with them the whole time. Who knows, not Llwyd. "Yes, we should .. would it speak with us. I've been known to have a way with words. Perhaps it will listen to me." Then a pause a look at the woman, "You two should talk. Perhaps Sir Rozenn, she is beautiful and not betrothed, it may sense this attachment in Sir Catryn and charge one of us. I would hate to see Dyn her gored on his first mystical hunt like this." Like he has a bunch of mystical hunts under his belt, this would be the first.

"…Meet it.." Catryn glances over at her cousin. "Convince it to share it's horn with us? I wonder, should we offer it coin in exchange?" Her lips quirk, "Will you be talking to the beast for us then Sir Llwyd?" Instead of furthering the conversation, she casts a quick second look to the other two before searching the trail again. There is none, she cannot find it… anywhere. Distraught, she frowns, "It's lost.."

The trek has taken the knights all across the countryside, and as it starts to get towards dusk, and turning back to the city is a thing that has to be considered, the group catches sight of something odd, off in the distance. A Large horse, standing atop a rise, sillhouetted against the sun, with a large phallic protrusion atop it's head. It rears up for a moment, then bounds off into a copse of woods, barely visible behind the swell of the hill it was atop!

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