(514-04-08) Getting Acquainted Over Linen
Summary: Lady Cerys manages to beat a pair of knights at buying a spool of green linen and manages to bump into both of them! Rowan and Tomas don't quite get along.
Date: 4/8/514
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It is another day at market, noon peaked and the sun has reached the apex of its crescendo. For once it is able to shine without overcast to sully it all with the treat of another April downpour. Merchants are at the stalls, hawking their wares to passersby commoner and noble alike with lures of amazing prices offered only in celebration of King Arthur and his bride's upcoming wedding and tourney.

Crowds choke what little road there is, not only browsing the goods, but mingling and gossiping about the recent events, rumours abound of personal combat and bets on who would take all the glory at the wedding tournament. This is where Sir Tomas de Idmiston finds himself, ethereally navigating through bands of peasants from stall to stall, pale blue orbs drinking in the curious trinkets that invariable draw him in some manner or another. Although he sports his dark cloak, it is pushed back and over his shoulders, revealing riding garb in Idmiston colors but no beast is near, left at some stable rather than further congest the street.

Hands, hidden behind his back, are clasped in svelte leather gloves and matching knee-high rider's boots. One is drawn forth as he stops at a particular stall, making quiet word with the merchant and gesticulating towards a bolt of fine green linen. A blessed breeze comees whistling in, bringing with it earthy scents and promises of freshly baked meat pie.

A young tiny ginger is walking from one stall to the other. Well, maybe it would be best to say she is running from one stall to the other. Her eyes are shinning with excitement and curiosity. Someone is ready to spend every last pence!

Small and really slim redhead is wearing a pitch-colored dress of ankle length. The bodice of her dress clings to every curve of the body except the sleeves. The sleeves descends to to the elbows from which is loose, fluffed cuffs. At the shoulders the sleeves are billowed, and the collar raises the the mid-neck. The dress shows zero cleavage at all and has a greenish-brown heart over the middle of the chest surrounded by a chocolate brown border extending into feathered wings and decorative curves and spirals.

Most of her attention is giving to the stalls, where various accessories may be found. The young woman keeps mentioning upcomming wedding and how she must find a perfect pendant, matching black feathers. Finally, she makes her way through the crowd to look over the goods of that same stall, which gets curiosity of Tomas. Though, Cerys doesn't fully notice the man and happens to step on the tip of his shoe. Men! They have such a huge feet! She gasps and raises her look up at the stranger, "I am so sorry!" She laughs and rubs the back of her head, drowning her fingers into the disheveled mess of tangled brightly red curls.

As the wedding and it's accompanying tournament neared, Sir Rowan was making more frequent visits to Sarum, and by extension making more treks through the Eagle Market. He would often buy small trinkets to gift his mother when he returned home, because otherwise he had little desire to spend coin. Today he was on such a hunt, though what he would come out with was anyone's guess.

The lord of Wylye manor was dressed warmly still in spite of the warmer spring weather, with a heavy fur-lined cloak draped over his shoulders and a thick woolen jacket covering his upper body.

His amber eyes scan the booth wares as he strolls by, but his gaze lacks any true interest until he comes upon the same bolt of linen which the Idmiston is inquiring about. Instead of stepping forward and verbalizing his own interest in the product, he waits to see if the ginger can successfully distract the rival buyer first.

Enamored was he with the discussion over the bolt of linen that Tomas had missed the appearance of one redheaded lady of Tisbury. However, the feeling of her foot upon his boot drew him out of it all too easily, pale orbs dropping to the ground to inspect the scuff mark. Uh-oh!

Sir Tomas de Idmiston looked to be a rather dour man, sunken cheeks and somber expression to complement the idea that this would set him off in a most unpleasant fashion. The quick condolences, however, merit only a rueful stare at the ginger for the briefest of moments before he turns entirely to face Cerys.

"That is quite all right. I was not being considerate of other patrons, m'lady…?" He was terrible at remembering heraldry of other manors barring the ones he associated with on a regular basis, and Tisbury was no exception. It was likely that even if he did, he was equally as bad as putting names to faces for utter strangers.

Cerys is as quick as a whirlwind. So, she definitely notices that same fine green linen, while apologizing to the stranger, listening to his words, observing other people around. If that fabric manages to drag the attention of Idmiston knight, it must be suitable to one of her brothers too. That could be a perfect gift! Plus, green is Tisbury's color. So, she pats the fabric and offers adorable smile to the merchant, "Please, pack this one to me."
Can a merchant say no to a lovely redhead? No. That is impossible. So, he should go work on packing the fine green linen, while Cerys looks up at Tomas again, "Cerys de Tisbury. Pleasure to meet you, Sir…?" She is not that good at recognizing the heraldry too.

When Rowan is about to seize the opportunity to buy the linen when Tomas isn't looking, Cerys steps in and charms the vendor into selling it to her instead. A opens his mouth to protest before the transaction is actually made, but no vocalization comes out. He does not glare at Cerys, but a shadow of displeasure briefly flickers across his countenance and he turns on his heel to find another shiny to buy his mother, should there be any present.

The words come as a surprise when Tomas glances sidelong to the bolt of linen in question; Not the introduction, but the very fact that this woman had come upon him and filched the very fabric he had intended to get for his own agenda! This is evident by the knitting of his brows, missing out on the fact that there was another poacher nearby that had intended the same trickery. However, the knight is not without his manners, and the slight is buried for the moment as he goes back to clutching either hand behind himself.

Pale blues peer at the lady, as if to say 'well played' but those are not the words that come when he is able to summon a voice that isn't annoyed. "Hrm. You seem to have a keen eye, Lady Cerys. I was intent upon the same." He would nonchalantly comment. "Sir Tomas de Idmiston. It is a pleasure to make your radiant acquaintance."

When Rowan turns on his heel to find another shiny to buy his mother, Cerys takes a few steps backwards from Tomas in order to offer a curtsy. So, her back bumps into Rowan's back, and the young woman bursts in laugh. She turns to another man, looks up at him and softly offers, "I am so sorry! Today is a strange day! Or this place is just too tiny to me! Well, it's tinier than forests!"
She then turns back to the merchant, pays him needed coins and takes the packed newly bought good into her arms. Then she shifts to face both men, "It's a pleasure to bump into you too," she says to sir Tomas, and to the other man, "I just have a wekaness to the green color. I notice everything, what has a little bit of green in it. So, here to celebrate the wedding?" She hugs the packed fabric tighty and a bit proudly, because she managed to snatch it from the grasp of another.

Then he gets bumped into! There's a surprised grunt from the man, but he does not stumble. He turns to face the wily ginger woman, studying her now with a sharp eye, trying to deduce if it was truly an accident. Ultimately deciding it was, Rowan nods to Cerys, brushing his hair behind his ear. "You… ought to be more careful here, m'lady. There's not much elbow, as you've noticed." He wrinkles his nose softly, but nods once again to the question. "I am," he answers simply. "I suspect you are, too?"

The other knight is also studied, now, as he was also part of the conversation. He looks like he could use some more meat on his bones, he absently thinks to himself…

This girl seems unnaturally adept at inviting trouble at every step. That was the prevalent thought on Tomas' mind, at least until he feels the other man's eyes on him like a predator sizes up a meal. It earns Sir Rowan a subtle sneer, but he is not remiss to chime in on the topic at hand.

"Of course. It is the perfect time to browse for gifts. I'll have to keep looking, though, unfortunately." A slight smile, even if it might have seemed just a bit forced.

"Indeed, I am. It's me and my brothers. Well, I am not sure if they arirved yet, but we will definitely be here to congradulate the lucky pair! People are so excited about all this wedding thing. Most of the ladies I meet are not so much interested to pray for the happy life of the lucky pair. Instead, they are just trying to find the best dresses in their closets to attract attention of the lords and knights. Isn't that funny? People go to the wedding, hoping to find their love there?" She covers her lips to muffle the sound of a giggle, "It's cute, to be honest. I will have so much fun there! What about men? I bet you all are wishing to find glory in tourney. You must be careful that ladies, who will be chasing you, wouldn't distract you too much, get it?" Cerys smiles broadly. Her eyes are running from one man to the other curiusly. She studies Rowan a little bit longer, though. At the end she adds, "I am sorry, Sir Tomas, that I snatched the green linen from your grasp. But green does not match your eyes at all. I saved you from looking a little bit… Well, you know. I offer to you to seek for something black. Black makes your eyes look so vibrant!"

His intense gaze inevitably drifts away from Tomas. The intent may not have been to make Tomas uncomfortable, but he doesn't appear to be terribly apologetic about his blatant staring. It softens when he regards Cerys once more. "There's little harm in fanciful dreaming," he replies in regard to the ladies wishing to find their one true love. "But ladies are only a distraction after the fighting, unless they opt to be particularly loud for some reason." The corner of his mouth tugs just a tiny bit at Cery's suggestion. "I agree with the lady. Black does seem to suit you more…"

Tomas would unclasp a hand from behind him, reaching up to pointedly adjust the neck of his cloak. He is still smiling politely, and it does not match him one bit. "You sound like another I know, m'lady." There is no expounding on the tournament for him, keeping his agenda involving it a mystery, with no commenting for the seekers of their love.

"You've deduced the reason why I opt for the cloak. Green is hardly my colour, but then, one cannot help the blood that runs through our veins." Eyelids fall to snuff out muted orbs, replete with a gentle sigh. "It is of little consequence, m'lady. I am sure there are other baubles to catch my interest. I'll simply have to be more diligent and keep my eye out for ginger nymphs to purchase them before they do."

"Well…" Cerys drawls before shrugging, "Maybe you are right, sir…" Did Rowan introduced himself? Cerys doesn't think so, "I have never been a knight before. So, I have no idea how things work out during the fight. Though, for example, if I would be reading a book and as handsome young man as you two are…" a wink. Here comes a wink. "…would be sitting on the other end of the table, my eyes inevitably would keep peeking at him even if he wouldn't be loud! It's distraction."
Tomas' remark just makes the freckled ginger laugh so freely and lively as if she would be in the middle of a forest and etiquette wouldn't be needed at all, "You are funny, sir Tomas. It's good. Good sense of humor is one of the signs of intelligence!"

"Sir Rowan de Wylye. It's a pleasure to meet you, Lady Cerys," he answers Cerys with a polite nod, revealing he had overhead their introductions to one another. "You flatter us, though reading a book is arguably less dangerous than a duel." Cerys seems to win a small smile from him, even if it's brief. He squares his shoulders again, looking as though he was preparing to move on, but remains with the duo for the time being. "I trust I will see you competing in the tournament, Sir Tomas?"

Sir Tomas would incline his head graciously to acknowledge the compliments paid to him by the lady Tisbury, before it is lifted and eyes opened to settle upon his fellow knight. "Your trust is well-placed. I am on the roster for jousting, falconry, and personal duels. If I were told correctly, I should expect to see you in two of those events, Sir Rowan." A dangerous look is given. Is it… the air of impending competition, perhaps?

"It's a pleasure to meet you too, Sir Rowan de Wylye. I wish you good luck on the tourney," she says politely, because she thought the man is ready to leave, "Especially, if my brothers will be there!" She tiptoes a little bit as if to look more scary and express her pride. But since Rowan stays, she just smiles warmly at him before looking to Sir Tomas, waiting for his answer about the competition.
Seeing that dangerous look, Cerys stuffs the packed linen under her armpit and then she rubs her hands together excitedly, "So adorable. Two competitors lighten at each other," she then tries to pat the shoulder of Tomas, while says looking at Rowan, "You both will do good, boys."

There is a glint in his eye when Tomas affirms his participation. "Indeed, I intend to compete in the joust and the duels. I don't have much talent with birds, I'm afraid. I look forward to facing you." He casts a glance aside to Cerys. "And your brothers. I sense good fights and entertainment are to be had." Being called 'adorable' does cause one of his brows to arch, but he offers no further comment on it.

"I believe it is my time to move on," he announces and offers another polite nod to the lady and the knight. "I wish you both well and will see you again soon."

Then, he's off to find that elusive trinket!

It is settled, then. The affirmation is all that Tomas needs to convince himself of looking forward to the tourney, if only to witness Sir Rowan's invaluable expression as defeat is visited upon the Wylye at his hands. As his fellow knight is excused from the conversation, all that is left to do is bid farewell to the lady Tisbury.

Her touch to his shoulder is met with a passive shift to face her entirely as before, attention no longer divided. "I suppose then that I should return to my own browsing as well. I certainly hope you make good use of that linen, Lady Cerys." A smile is elicited to complement a short bow.

Cerys offers a tiny curtsy to the man, "Good luck on finding what you are looking for!" And then she turns to move her way.

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