(514-04-07) Family Gathering
Summary: Activity increases in Sarum come spring, a gathering centers around Steeple Langford siblings running into one another.
Date: 514-04-07
Related: Continuing courting of Aeryn and Perin at the top of related list
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Along the North of the city of Sarum is the Visitor's Quarter. There are more dwellings and abodes here, mostly family homes with a small scattering of some permanent tradesmen moved in here. This is also the location of the White Abbey of Sarum. There is some open ground here, north of the Cathedral to the southwest, but otherwise the space is more condensed. A number of building laced ways cover the distance between the Quarter here and the Market Quarter to the southeast. Several Inns and Taverns await here for dignitaries and other visitors to Sarum.

Perin is opening a scene:

Out and about near White Abbey post Easter (British, Roman was end of last month), social RP scene in Sarum.

Its a good day in early April, spring is certainly in the air. Mostly chill winds occasional to remind of passing winter with growth all about now. Near the White Abbey, there is more gathering, Easter has been recently celebrated. One could certainly enjoy the mass at the Cathedral, the festivities near the abbey a little more joyful. The sort of place a betrothed couple might go to pray for guidance/luck/anything related to being married.

Whether they had been there or not, Sir Perin and Sir Aeryn are near the abbey, walking in each others company. Sir Perin shows signs of a grin on his face, as he loos towards his counterpart for this walk. "You are dutiful to training, I admire that, but perhaps a little time off to walk. I want you focused on the challenge with Sir Jaradan to come, but not to the point it is too much." He hopes that makes sense, he doesn't want her overthinking what may come. A bell tolls in the city, marking an hour of the morning.

Aeryn rarely has anything else on her mind if the flash of guilt in her expression is anything to go by. "You're right. I am overthinking things, but it's not every day you get to meet such a famous knight in a challenge. I know I have no chance to win, everyone knows, but I don't want to make too poor a showing either. Isn't it first to three to extend the match? Were it best of three, it would be over in two, so I think that the idea of making it first to three at least gets one more round in there." And there she goes, concentrating solely on the fight. The guilty flush deepens. "I'm sorry, you're right."

You check your romance at 2, you rolled 11.

As he walks with her, he listens, he knows she's focused on the challenge, Perin likes her focus. There is a nod of agreement with her, its not every day one has that chance. Even to gain pointers from the match, to learn from an expert like him first hand, its an honor. Then she says sorry, he reaches and grabs her hand, "No, don't be sorry, I understand. I would think on it as well." Then he realizes the breech of protocol, taking her hand like that, and his fingers slip away. His features shift a little at realizing what he may have done, or hoping he didn't do anything wrong. He follows her apology with his own, "Sorry." Sucking of breath, he calms himself again. "And the sword may favor you that day, you have my token, my full support Sir Aeryn."

After a moment or two, Aeryn looks around at the festivities, a smile playing over her features. "The time is passing fast. It seems it was just the winter tournament and now we'll be going to the king's wedding before you know it." As he touches her hand, she looks startled, but he removes it soon enough and she gives him a crooked smile, not referencing it. "I do have your favor and that is what would turn the tides, should they be turned."

Its after Easter, mass celebrated at Cathedral, some spring activities continue. Such as visiting the abby, praying for spring success, newly betrothed getting blessings even. Near the White Abbey, Sir Perin and Sir Aeryn walk and talk, enjoy the moment it seems as city life goes on all around them. They walk amongst it more than not. "I'm looking forward to it, you have my favor, I have a challenge to find us that perfect location near Cameliard." Alll in all, good spirits abound it seems, Easter and Spring in the air most certainly. "Perhaps we should settle on a date, least our families tell us when it should happen?" A look to her, assuming she knows this date he mentions.

If there are festivities, activities or general enjoyment, it is likely that one might find Sir Kenrick there. He lounges against the cart of an enterprising merchant who has set up a wee stove to keep spiced wine at a nice warmth, offering a ladle's worth at a very reasonable price into the cups of those who might wish some. The young man lingers there, sipping from his steaming wine, watching the people go by, being all pious and decorous and all. He spots Sir Perin walking with another knight and lifts his cup in a greeting in their direction.

Quickset: The area near the Abbey is alive, post easter celebrations at the Abbey, knights in the city preparing for court and their wedding trips, putting manors in prep for them not being present and getting supplies needed for the long journey.

Blessings and what not bring all manner of sorts into the city and close to the abbey and keep proper, so it is no surprise that some of Robert's men are out amongst the crowds. Whether or not some recognize the Black Fish of Broughton on one of these roaming knight's chests the locals do give him some berth, and respect as he slowly meanders his way towards the abbey. Late for mass, certainly. But then, Sir Quillian is not one of the most pious, even if he is a colorful character enough in Court.

You check your heraldry at 10, you rolled 13.

A small form in leathers slips out from one of the trademens permanent adodes and heads towards the more festival area. Tymra looks as if she is heading towards the forge for she is wearing a blacksmith apron over leathers that are extremely well made and carrying a bundle of something heavy an pointy if the careful wrapping is of any indication.

Tymra checked her heraldry of 3, she rolled 7.

Kenrick checked his heraldry of 3, he rolled 13.

A tiny young looking woman steps into the Visitor's Quarter with a fiery energy not just in her movements, but also echoed in her appearance. Her brightly red hair is just a disheveled mess of playfully tangled curls which frame her oval freckled face. She is wearing ankle-length pitch-dark dress. Bodice of the dress clings to every curve of the body except the sleeves. The sleeves descends to to the elbows from which is loose, fluffed cuffs. At the shoulders the sleeves are billowed, and the collar raises the the mid-neck. The dress shows zero cleavage at all and has a greenish-brown heart over the middle of the chest surrounded by a chocolate brown border extending into feathered wings and decorative curves and spirals.

Cerys de Tisbury stops just for a brief second to scan the gathered auditory and find a proper group to tackle. Bright smile is shining in her features.

Aeryn checked her heraldry of 3, she rolled 13.

Aeryn has a fairly good idea which date he means and she gives him a studying look, her features slightly impassive for a moment. "They have already arranged the marriage," she offers, but there's a hint of a smile in her eyes, "Perhaps we should allow them to set the date as well." Leaving it at that for only a moment, she finally smiles more fully. "I only know we have been waiting to announce it more publicly as not to detract from the wedding of our king, so after that we can announce it and with a date at that. If you wish?" Catching the motion of the lifted cup, Aeryn offers a friendly look accompanied by a nod, "Good day for the festivities," she observes to the man.

Grinning as they walk, Perin likes that idea,"Yes, I think that sound perfect. On our return, it shall be announced as well, and a true date given." He breahes that in for the moment, looking at some nearby vendors, more in the area with recent activity even. "I look forward to that date, near as much as the moments I get to know you better still Sir Aeryn." As he's coming back to look at her, his eyes cross their path and fall on Kenrick. A grin comes from him, more so at the salute with the drink. "Ah, a good sign of that announcement, my brother is here, you should meet him." He lifts a hand to wave, or to suggest he's coming towards Kenrick, in case the guy desides to wander off after some other indulgent interest.

Quillian checked his Awareness of 10, he rolled 4.

A great many impressive people crowd the farmer's market, a good number identifiable at a distance by device and crowds gathering ability. These clots of activity serve to screen a young woman moving through the area, someone of little interest on the surface of it. She comes without an escort, and wields no legendary sword or beauty to command men. On the contrary, a grey wool cloak and hood serve the predictable task of making her uninteresting to high-strung mounts and pickpockets. The main attractions are found elsewhere, though in the noise and fuss, she can barter for delightful cheeses from a merchant happy to haggle over costs. Her hands speak as much as she does, punctuating the back and forth offers, until the price is driven down to something tolerable and she exchanges a small crock of honey in exchange for the wrapped wedge. Into her basket it goes, tucked safely underneath a pile of cloth. Evidently the matter of mass is not concerning for her, but then the lunar device worn against her brow in simple metal suggests plainly for any who look close that Eirian is, indisputably, pagan. Unless of course she's out to start a new fashion trend of wearing the current phase of the moon for those days when nature doesn't cooperate with clear skies.

As Tymra makes her way towards the more populated areas the wine vendor or whoever has decided to set up the wine, calls out to get the woman's attention. Tymra turns at hearing her name and gives a grin in his direction, heading that way while trying to keep the bundle from sliding or hitting anyone as she moves.

The movement of Perin and Aeryn, two knights in proximity are caugh, as is the wave-though thankfully, Quillian is quickl to note where eyes are focused and then turning the knight spies Kenrick which has a chuckle escape his lips, before he is pivoting out of the way of the couple lest they think him confused and as such he also manages to narrowly miss the Blacksmith diminutive in her passing as well. Tugging at his coate's collar a bit of pale line can be spotted before it too is tucked away and carefully concealed. Tymra for her passing is given a hoarse:

"Pardons lass." more of a warning to his sidestep than meaning to halt.

Kenrick seems quite content to hold his place near the wine vendor for the moment. Warm spiced wine trumps most other indulgences for the moment, but he smiles widely as his brother and the lady knight he walks with come his direction. His voice lifts to carry the distance between himself and his elder brother. "Perin! You have /got/ to try this, it's a perfect antidote to a half frozen butt in mass!" He turns his head towards the woman that the vendor calls out to, to see what's going on there as well, before glancing back to follow Perin and Aeryn's progress in his direction.

Tymra pauses just in time not to run into Quillian but this does stop her forward movement as the space around the vendor becomes crowded with Knights just a tad bit bigger than her. As Quillian speaks, she looks up at him with black on black eyes and gives a tiny smile, dipping her head to his words, "Sir Knight.." Her voice is unusual; deep and husky almost as if she has inhaled fire atleast once in her life. The stop brings her up to the side of the vendor and she ends up placing the small bundle under his table for safe keeping.

With the bustle of activity, Aeryn finds her attention drifting. With the cheese stall conveniently or deliberately next to the wine stall, the exchange for the honey is noticed and the lady gets a nod of greeting. However, the almost collision draws her attention to both the commoner and Quillian, but as he sidesteps everyone, she offers a smile, "Close call," she murmurs. "Quite busy today." Perin's response draws a look of relief, "So, as you say, we should decide a date. I think June, the spring rains will likely be gone and the weather not as hot as in July." As he directs her to his brother, she wears a bemused smile at the interaction between him and his brother.

It's been a few weeks since Signe has been with family. Having been off with the hooded folks, doing things that hooded folks do. But she has dressed the part of a proper member of the Steeple Langfords now, and come into Sarum with the purpose of reconnecting. Dressed in grey with draping sleeves, her hair loose and down, she is accompanied by a handmaid and even a guard. Why, she's almost being a good girl.

Having spied familiar livery, she weaves toward Perin.

"That will do quite well, thank you." Parting words between cheese monger and lady find Eirian rotating, looking in the stream of humanity for a break to insert herself within. Pale eyes take in the burgeoning currents of movement, slowed near the fringes, and especially around Tymra carrying something pointed. She chooses her moment then to step out, darting into an opening, and pressed forward by everyone coming and going. Fighting against the crowd is simply not worth the effort for her, and she focuses instead on the various vendors and stands clustered around her side of the route. Maybe a few dozen steps are covered before she breaks away, forging at a parallel to the vendors rather than be pulled back by the riptide. This deposits her somewhere close to the wine vendor, a safe enough pier to wedge herself against, out of the route of traffic. "Mulled wine is too much to hope for this early, no?" Face tipped up, she takes in the offered drinks, brow knit together.

"Yes, I am not surprised, that is your cure for a good many things, but if it keeps your spirits in good standing, what am I to say of it," chuckles Perin to his brother, looking to see if its this cart selling libations even, maybe he would have a taste of it. "Here, Sir, you may finally meet Sir Aeryn de Winterbourne Stoke, good of sword and of looks." Maybe that was too much, the compliment, that chases at his smile for the moment. "And this is my brother," he recovers, turning to Aeryn, "Sir Kenrick, the shining light to the darkness of Steeple Langford, if not for him, we might actually seem gloomy some days. I couldn't imagine a day without him as my brother." That is said, he lets them see, know each other, but the agrees, "June is good, mid to late June? We'll have enough time to pratice that .. dancing after the wedding come May."

"Watch the smoke you eat." Quillian is quick to jest back as he looks to Tymra. His eyes crinkle with the smile given, before he is moving again, this time out of the flow of traffic a bit, lest some boisterous lordling plows into him. "What you carrying?" his almost rustic accent carries out, as it seems curiosity does win out with concerns to bundles.

"There are plenty of ways to warm…" Kenrick starts and then mercifully thinks better of detailing out exactly all the ways to warm one's bottom after chilly church pews and instead offers Perin his cup for a tasting, should he wish to try before he buys. "Nicely spiced, not too much, just enough. Not too hot, this fine gentleman is going to sell out today!" He's decided, and so it shall be, possibly if he has to drink it all himself. His attention goes to Sir Aeryn at the introduction. "Sir Aeryn, a pleasure, a delight and an honour." He starts to say something else, until the next of Perin's comments catches his attention first and if there was to be a secret, it is no longer with Kenrick's voice ringing out. "You're getting married!? Good on you both!"

"I thought the shining light was my duty?" inserted by a dark but dulcet tone, as Signe arrives at the side of her brothers. They receive sweeping looks first, and then her attention shifts to Aeryn. A look more scrutinizing, more almost invasively intense will greet the latter if she happens to notice she's being regarded but the smallest of the Steeple Langfords. Despite stariung at Aeryn, she speaks again to her brothers. "If I am absolved of that duty, let me know."

Aeryn checked her awareness of 15, she rolled 5.

Tymra glances up at Quillian and she wrinkles her nose in an adorable way that both accents and hides the scar running along her forehead. "You never know what happens around a forge.." She returns to the Knight, flushing gently but then looking down to the bundle. She frowns then and glances around at the huge crowd, "New swords for the Wedding Tourney Sir Knight.." She answers him as she is edging around the grouping of Steeple Langfords and Aeryn. She handles the bundle with care and clearly with knowledge of how to not hit a noble on the way.

Hidden around the wine vendor, Eirian spies another opening in the crowd and something of interest. Or well it might be she's allergic to the church and its hymns, for as she sings under her breath, the tune carries her away.

"Mid to late June would be fine. Plenty of time for preparations. And practicing dance." Aeryn agrees with Perin, but shifts her focus back to his brother as the introductions are made. "Sir Kendrick de Steeple Langford, a pleasure making your acquaintance. A shining light no less." A playful smile makes an appearance at the obvious affection between the two. The last of the words bring a hint of a blush to her cheeks. "Thank you," leaving it to Perin to explain. As Signe joins, she feels that gaze on her. a polite smile given, not knowing who the lady is. "Good day, my lady."

Quillian chuckles back towards Tymra as a wink is passed along for good measure. "So you say. So I'll trust." he says with a nod as she heads on her way. Eyes linger for a moment , before he is moving in the direction of the gathering crowd at the drink-seems less bustley there.

"I think if we're gonna offset Perin, we need to share that shiny duty, sister dear." Kenrick leans in a little to 'whisper' to Signe in a volume that carries quite nicely to the eldest and his betrothed. His grin is brilliant, full of dimples as he notes to his sister. "There's gonna be weddings and dancing alll spring long. Drinking and pretty girls. This is going to be a good year. Mark it. Good year."

The cart vendor may sell out and most of it may go to Kenrick, Perin grins enough to suggest that without judgement on his part just the same. "Yes, Uncle and her father decided to arrange it and get the approval of Earl Robert during the winter tourney he held. They announced it after the small joust." He turns to the vendor, "One for me then, so that I may see for myself how true my brothers words are." But a pause, as Signe joins, "No you are as well, sister mine. What would we be without the three of us." Undertones, as they are the three get of their father in the family, not those of their uncle. "How could I relieve you of your duties." His family has his spiritis lifted more, Aeryn may notice this, he turns to her. Not having seen the look from his sister to her. "I think in late May, we should hold a feast between our families, settle on final details, dance, and make merry. Perhaps celebrate victories from the tourneyment to come?" Her first, but eyes to his familial as well for their opinions.

Signe is polite, albeit in a singular manner that might unsettle some. Maybe something about the underlying intensity to her manner. She smiles— again a singular sort of smile— and inclines her head to Aeryn. It almost seems to suggest that she wants to make it known she has not made up her mind about the person receiving her scrutiny, and she wants that person to be -aware- she has not made up her mind.

"Uncle's arranging marriages now? I like that not at all," Signe says, also in a sort of undertone that carries. She gives Kenrick a look, the sort of look that suggests they had better both be on their guard. "And yet my brother seems in good spirits now, perhaps uncle stumbled on something good?"

With the family bantering back and forth, Aeryn moves over to the vendor as well and orders herself some. A cup of wine wouldn't hurt and it was spiced and warm. While she waits for it, she looks back to the others, perhaps shifting uncomfortably from the gaze of Signe, but she manages to keep from making it too obvious. The question is met with a nod of agreement, "Good idea, we should all get together for a feast and dancing before. Hopefully my family will come."

"I am always in favour of feasting and dancing and gatherings. They're good for people." Kendrick asserts with a lift of his cup. He takes a step away from the wine vendor, to leave the man room enough to serve customers and looks to Signe. "And how does this fine and glorious and now warm wine filled day find you? Well, I trust?" He laughs and gestures with his cup at Perin, even if he still chats with her. "I'm not the head of the manor, uncle can take his time .. forever really.. in finding /me/ a wife."

When his drink come from the vendor, Perin moves to grab it, returning to his sister. "Was at least, I think it was his last act of custodian before letting me take the mantle full on. You need not worry in that regard …. why is there an interest I should know about?" Curious with a grin to his sister. Then a look to his brother, about taking forever, "Surely you wouldn't mind being duty bound, for long enough at least?" A tease of his brother, but slightly, as the smile indicates if it comes to it, Perin is duty bound. Taking his wine he gives a taste, "Ah, yes, good at least in a wamrth to fight off spring chills." He agrees, then pauses in sipping, he should wait for Sir Aeryn to join, he's getting ahead of himself. "I'm sure they will, Sir Ewin gave the most support to us. I would enjoy his company." As would his cousin most likely.

"At least it is some evidence that he wants to ensure the manor stays with Father's line," Signe replies, her manner suggesting she, at least may question the uncle's integrity, very matter of factly. She doesn't appear to have any compunction about making the statement in front of Aeryn— maybe that means Aeryn's in!

"Ought good Christian boys be eager to marry so they can do all those things Jesus forbids them to do?" Signe offers Kenrick a smile layered with a dare. She turns back to Perin.

"Ah, it's to you I had best make nice now, hm?"

"Ahhh." Kenrick starts at the double pronged attack from siblings to him about marriage and he grins with that faintly goofy grin. "No comment. To either of you. I am glad that the manor's staying in the line and all that good stuff." he takes a drink of wine. "And I am looking forward to getting ot know Sir Aeryn better! What do you do for fun, Sir Aeryn?"

You check your modest at 13, you rolled 17.

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A chuckle come from Perin at his sister's comment to Kenrick. Agreeing on the uncle, he cannot complain either way, their line has remained, never removed. "The ordinance of forbidding is from God, the lessening of that is Jesus." He returns, not going into the detail of whose commandments where whoms so much, just a tease to his sister who chose not to follow what their uncle prescribed for the children of his brother. A nod, "Yes, see, it finally happened, now you have to be nice to me. And you thought I joked before," to Signe. He is joking the same for the moment.

"God and I will clear it away." Kendrick sounds confident of that, probably more confident than a priest might be entirely comfortable with as he grins and takes another drink of his wine. "Awww. Brother. When have I not been nice to you? I mean other than that one time down by the river. Or.. about your horse that.. well.. /recently/.. nice!"

Talking with his brother, Aeryn seems to wander and browse. Perin sticks to Kenrick for the time being. "I am sure you will, curiously enough," he grins to his sibling. Then his brother admits some things. Thus draws more laughter from Perin, but it stops short, that horse, recently. "What … wait, that was you?" Accusatory, a stern eye. Then another laugh, "I should of guessed, I thought Bren had forgotten to fasten beneath the belly of that horse. I had him mucking the stalls for days. I think he was just digging up dirt and removing it by the end of that, they were spotless." More a grin from him. "I'd repay that favor, if I had the time for it. So, what say you, after the wedding, we intend to explore between our home and Tilshead, off into the wild a bit. You game to join us brother?"

"Oh ho.. no no that one was /all/ Bren." Kenrick assures Perin, although the grin speaks to some 'assistance' from a 'helpful' knight to the poor squire. "It was a good one though. Good kid." He decides with another swig of wine and no furhter mention on which horse thing was him, or yet to come, perhaps. "Ride and and see what's there? I'm in! Although if the 'we' is you and your pretty new betrothed, I might be a third cart wheel, hmmm?"

A pause again, but the grin is there, "Yes, I can see it now." It was all Bren. Perin is a good sport about it, sometimes stern, moody with the weight of their house (and its low glory, the other houses bragging it seems when they tell tales of their family). Still, a good sport. "He is a good kid, don't let him know I agree, it'll go to his head. Couldn't ask for a better squire. When he's not oogling the ladies. I think you're a bad influence on him you know." Taking another drink, Perin shakes his head. "No third wheel at all, we would enjoy if you and some of her family would join with us. Too much regally happening of late, a break from all this would be much needed all around I believe."

"Mmmm? Nonsense! I'm reminding him that there's a bigger world out there, that there's something out there that makes the mucking /worth/ it, and that Ladies dig Knights. I'm doing you a /favour/." Kenrick grins, assuring Perin of his grand plan for his brother's squire. Grand plan. "I'd be glad to come along, keep things from getting to heavy in the politicing, if I can. You're thinking after the King's wedding?"

"A favor, one of these nights you'll have him out until the sun comes up," grins Perin, "He might not be thinking of the ladies come that day. But it will build his character I am sure." Laughing, but yes, Bren will be in a world of trouble. All the fun between brothers. "Yes, after the King's wedding, and enough politicing for the year. Just, soon there will be pressure, more alliance for the family. This adventure, something to forget the serious, be free for the moment. I think it will do us good. Sister can care for the manor in our wake. Maybe keep an eye back to make sure that Burcombe cad doesn't come after her while we are away …"

"Signe will do plenty of politicing for us while we're off gallavanting." Kenrick points out. "You just need to make sure you don't mind the potential flavour of it. /I/ will want a break from it, the wedding will be chock full of it, I'm certain." He hunhs softly, tipping his head as he thinks. "Which Burcombe is the one who is after her? I've missed that so far.."

"We shall see, I think she has her own agenda, as long as it may work with that of ours," Perin means Steeple Langford, "Then all the better for us. If she finds an alliance that is suitable to her with a match the same, less work for ourselves in seeing the alliance is adhered to even." A grin though, he finishes the mulled wine he was trying. "It was Sir Caerwyn de Burcombe, he had been coming near to visit with her while we were away squiring. I do not know for how long, but it has come to an end." At least as far as he thinks.

"I'll endeavour to meet him." Kendrick considers as Perin comes up with a name. "See what I think of him. I can already guess what you think of him. What does Signe think of him? Still, it never hurts to meet more people." He drains his own cup and nods, glancing over to the sold out wine vendor and nodding. "Mission accomplished."

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