(514-04-07) Challenges of Pride
Summary: Rhaine and Idris meet on the roadside. A challenge is issued, pride is overcome, and then they both decide to go for drinks.
Date: 514-04-07
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The outskirts of Sarum are showing signs of the coming spring. The sun had only just begun to rise over the land a few hours ago. Off the road a little ways a tiny blonde knight and her squire are getting ready to move on, clearing up the camp. Rhaine is already in her armor minus her shield and helmet and is saddling the horses while the lanky ginger haired lass that serves as her squire takes up the tents and packs everything away. There are two rouncies, one bay and one white as well as a dappled grey and white charger. Rhaine is fiddling with the chargers saddle when she glances down towards the road as if she hears someone approach. Blue eyes watch carefully for a moment to see who it might be.

"And this, Gwyn, is why we do not meddle in other people's affairs," Idris remarks to his squire as they ride down the road, apparently covered in mud, with a tattered cloak and a dirty tabard. Maybe they had a brawl in some muddy pits or some such, it certainly seems as though exactly that happened. And of course, both are clad in armor, though the squire's is a mere dark leather, and the knight's is a black suit of chainmail. The shield figures the heraldry of House Bodenham prominently, and of course the two swords sheathed on his left side are also plainly visible. The knight is carrying his lances, spears and other weapons, it appears. He spots the diminutive, blonde lady knight and his lips twitch up at the corners. It is either amusement or perhaps he likes what he sees, but it's hard to know.

Spotting another knight and his squire riding towards them Rhaine studies both a moment. Her own mail armor is a lighter grey steel almost silvery. Her squire wears dark brown leathers and is just now collecting all the weaponry they brought and carrying it over to where Rhaine has finished preparing the horses. Rhaine however is watching the other knight. When his lips twitch upwards her blue eyes narrow a little. She raises a brow and meets his gaze with a look that would be frightening where she capable of intimidation, as things stand she probably just looks cute. "Good day to you Sir. Do you find something funny?" Those narrowed blue eyes size him up watching his every move, just daring him to make a snarky remark.

The look that meets her gaze isn't cool, but it is rather amused. He laughs at her question, shaking his head, "Not funny. Perhaps amusingly contrasting, but not funny at all, Sir knight," and he rides by, offering her a salute before he slows down the horse's march to a walk, turning to face her again once this is done. "I never thought I would see someone so fair dress in armor on the western side of this road, let alone any roads," he explains, approaching her. "I am Sir Idris de Bodenham, at your service, my Lady," he introduces himself, though he offers a more genuine smile now. "Undoubtedly a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

The amusement in his gaze only seems to make Rhaine more irritated. The compliments though have her raising a brow and then her eyes narrow further. She looks highly annoyed at this point. The ginger haired squire glances over at the man and her knight and smirks looking amused herself but she doesn't dare comment. Rhaine just glares. "Sir Rhaine de Wylye. I would say its a pleasure to meet you Sir Idris but when the first thing out of a mans mouth is flattery I get suspicous as to his motivations. And I will be perfectly honest with you…I do not respond well to such men, they normally wind up challenged to duels." Rhaine stares up at the man not backing down while her squire tries in vain to hide her amusement.

"Then perhaps do not take it as flattery but rather factual observation," Idris replies, apparently unphased by threats to duel. His squire, blond and likely of his family given the somewhat familiar resemblance between the two, is mum about this. "To what men do you respond well, my Lady? Weak, shy ones? Indecisive little gits?" He wonders, letting the horse amble before he turns to face her again, all in a good mood, it seems. "But if I should be challenged to duel, perhaps I ought to accept. As it is right now, no such challenges were issued."

"How can opinions be facts Sir Idris? After all you may think me fair but thats only what you think and for all I know you could just be trying to charm me for your own gain." Rhaine regards him trying her best to stay calm, she is failing at that. His question has her tilting her head. "What makes you think I respond well to men at all? They all seem to think me weak and in need of protection or they try and win me over with empty flattery…I can take care of myself just fine. Though if I had to pick…I would say the flattery is a lesser evil compared to weak indecisive men." She regards him with a raising brow her eyes widening a little.. "Wait you act like you want to duel me…" Then suddenly a smirk stretches accross her lips. "Though…I would hate to disappoint you if thats the case Sir Idris. You want a challenge? I'll give you one."

"The fact that you got flustered with the compliment to begin with," Idris points out, when she asks him why he thinks she responds well to men. He stops until he is damn close to her now, meeting her gaze, and not backing down from it. "Obviously, you can take care of yourself, as you have earned your spurs. I have no doubts this would not be the case otherwise," he replies, gesturing for his squire to approach with the weapons, "Yes, I agree. Nobody truly likes weak, indecisive men. Not even themselves," he tells her, smiling again, though briefly. "Very well," he then salutes her when he is challenged, "as the challenged, I choose the weapons. But I am nothing if not chivalrous. Do you favor the sword or the lance, my lady?"

That reply causes Rhaine's cheeks to turn a light pink and she glares up at him. She notes how close he gets to her but still she refuses to back off, proudly standing her ground instead. She raises an eyebrow not expecting him to actually agree with her. There is a faint puzzled look in her eyes now and it lessens the glaring a little. "No one likes weak indecisive people period. I know I could not bear to be seen as weak myself." She considers him as though she isn't quite sure what to make of him now. He is so…agreeable! "I favor both equally. Pick whichever you one prefer Sir Idris." Is her answer to the question of weaponry.

"The sword," since it is up to Idris, he will go for that which he favors most, though equally competent at both. "We do not want you to have a broken rib as the result of an unsanctioned joust, after all," he remarks, before riding away to a distance, turning as he unsheathes his sword and turns back to her, the weapon ringing out with the smooth motion. He points the weapon to her, perhaps as a sign for her to draw her weapons before readjusts his helmet — fastening it so it doesn't fall and that makes his face all the more vulnerable. "On your guard, Sir Rhaine."

Rhaine's squire hands the knight her helmet and Rhiane puts it on before drawing her own blade. She glares at Idris once more through the half visored helmet her irritation returning now at that comment. "We will see who winds up broken and bruised and I bet it won't be me." She readies herself preparing to fight her sword pointed at him in exchange. There is a look of determination on her features as though she is out to prove something. She takes a step to the side circling him and then once she sees an opening she goes for it, trying to strike.

Idris checked his sword of 15, he rolled 10.
You check your sword at 15, you rolled 1.

Idris rolls 5d6 and gets (4 5 5 3 1) for a total of: (18)

At the first check, Idris passes by Rhaine, deflecting her attack with an upward parry before seizing the opportunity to push her down by using his shield to bash at her side, perhaps a creative use of the defensive contraption. He rides back to her once the horse trots some distance, before sheathing his sword and dismounting, ostensibly so that his opponent does not need to fight at a disadvantage against him. "My turn, my Lady," he remarks, flashing her a mischievous smile as he charges up, ready to strike with the flat of his blade against her torso in an overpowering attempt.

Idris checked his sword of 15, he rolled 13.
You check your sword at 15, you rolled 17.
Idris rolls 5d6 and gets (4 5 1 6 3) for a total of: (19)
Critical Success!
You check your dex at 14, you rolled 14.

Rhaine glares stumbling to the side as he rides past. The shield catches her in the side as he trots by and once Idris dismounts she is stalking toward him the flat of his blade catches her in the torso as planned and she staggers back a ways. She narrows her eyes at the man. "You won't beat me so easily Sir Idris." She readies herself once again and yet when she swings again its off the mark, missing if only by a little. Idris strikes her again and it should have sent her to the ground this time. However her balance still holds and she remains standing looking up at him with an expression of pure determination.

Despite not being as quick or steady on his feet as Rhaine, Idris has the power to break through her defenses. Once the hit connects he pulls away the sword, holding it on a guard, though the point is more or less fixated on the diminute knight's midriff while the Bodenham knight looks expectantly. "That was two, to your one. One mounted, one dismounted. Do you concede or shall we have to extend the challenge to five, Sir Rhaine de Wylye?"

Critical Fail!
You check your proud at 16, you rolled 20.
You check your modest at 4, you rolled 8.

Rhaine adjusts her stance a bit, going completely offensive was not working here. She needed to try something different if she was going to win this. She looks up at him her blue eyes showing a feirce determination as he asks her if she will concede. She knows she should probably back down and let him have this victory and she regards him a long moment as if considering it. Finally sense kicks in. "I…concede." She says as though it pains her and she turns her head to the side sheathing her sword. Her squire's eyes have gone wide in disbelief but Rhaine doesn't notice she just takes off her helmet and walks past Idris. "Well fought." Its strained but at least she is somewhat polite about her loss even if its not by much.

"Now that our pleasantries are out of the way, Sir Rhaine," Idris offers his hand, palm up, to the blonde, "Shall we have some ale, together? After all, loser or winner, it matters not when it is for the fun of it." His own blue eyes meet hers, still some amusement under the surface, but certainly more respect at the fact the tinier knight conceded, rather than carry on the contest. Then she looks away, of course, but his hand remains there, until she walks past him, which makes him lower his hand and turn to her.

Rhaine turns just a few steps past him. She looks up at him curiously. "It did not matter to you then? Even if you had lost it would not have bothered you?" She looks a bit confused and also interested by this. She offers her hand to him now in a similar gesture to his own. "Maybe I have something to learn from you then Sir Idris…I…I think an ale together would be a fine idea." She offers a small smile to the man, her pride not as wounded as she first thought it to be.

Taking her hand in his, then, he offers a kiss to the back of her hand, rather courteously, as his eyes continue to meet hers. He lets her hand go after the somewhat lingering touch of his mouth against her soft skin before he nods affirmatively. "This is not truly for one's honor, is it? We would draw blood if it had any real consequence, as such, I would treat it just as I would a win or less: it is a match. And matches you take in good sport." This said, he smiles back to her, before heading over to his mount and climbing it.

Rhaine cannot help it, a rosy pink color begins to bloom in her cheeks. Still she meets his eyes not looking away until he goes to get on his horse. She mounts her own horse and trots the white riding horse after him. Her squire follows on the bay rouncy leading the charger along as the red haired squire follows her knight looking utterly baffled. Rhaine herself looks a little confused by her reaction but she is calmer now at least. She guides her horse into position next to Idris's and starts riding towards the nearest tavern.

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