(514-04-04) The Importance of Dancing
Summary: Perin and Aeryn have a challenge, a token is given and dances are discussed.
Date: 514-04-04
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Tourney Grounds

The open field south east of Sarum Castle itself, within the city walls, is designated for knightly activities. When the Keep grounds are too full, there is a number of knights that come here to train and practice. At times when Earl Robert hosts a tourney, this is the location of the lists. A slight rise of land to the north of this open field is usually a good place the main stand while to the west, just before the Farmer's Quarter is good place for pavilions. The grouns is worn here, two long rows where the tilts are and there are circles of trodden grass where knights duel each other in mock combat during training, or during challenges at tourney times. When no knights are present the commoner children not laboring at chores and jobs come here to practice with sticks.

Aeryn is already hard at work out on the field, her squire is nearby but the dummy being used is not in very good shape. Beth watches, willing to learn, rapt in attention for her knight. As Aeryn wields her sword, she has a look of utter concentration on her features, so focused is she, intent on her practice. The sun is still tilted to mid-morning, yet she has been out since before sunup.

Finally managing to get to the fields with his own chain, shield and sword, Perin looks for only one amongst those training her. Sir Aeryn. Now he knows her face, doesn't even have to look for arms. Taking his sword, he moves to where she trains with Beth. He waits until she finds a moments pause. "Good day Sir Aeryn, good to see you here. I hope I am not too late to take up a challenge with you. Or at least join in some practice?" Though there is a smile on his face, friendly challenge at least, the mystery removed for the now.

Aeryn does find the time for a pause when she notices Perin approaching. Lowering her sword to her side, she rests her arms for the moment, looking tired already. Still, she manages to find a smile, friendly enough by all reasoning, but there's a curiosity in her eyes. "Sir Perin. You left so quickly from the tavern yesterday that I feared you had to have returned home. I assume nothing is wrong?" She nods about the practice, "You are not too late. I will be practicing up until the match. I just don't want to make too poor a showing."

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The smile remains, she has a way with that. Or Perin wants there to be a way. Its curious circumstance, but that they can choose to make the better of it is promising. In some part, he believes there could be more there, or he is hopeful. "Yes, my apologies, that was … unbecoming? I shouldn't have said anything. Sir Rozenn, her family … there is just a rub there. Not but a year ago, I found her brother trying to romance my sister. That was nearly a scandle in itself, the nerve …" He pause, "I'm sorry, I care about my family. But I showed myself no better, I applogize to you for my behavior Sir Aeryn." Explaining some of how he feels. "I am not too late, I shall let you show me again how good you are. You will not make a poor showing." He moves to face her, offering a challenge, at least to match blades to strikes, they can tally or not as she likes. "You will fight for both of us?" A little forward

The explanation does a lot to reassure her and Aeryn offers a nod in response. She would protect her family too from any slights. As he faces her though, she does respond. "You have nothing to apologize for, I know of the Burcombe house. Perhaps you should judge individually instead of on the whole. Perhaps there are others there who would be good to know." That said, she studies him for a moment. "Fight for the both of us?" Another moment of hesitation. "I think no one but my family will be supporting me as strongly as you. Would you do me the honor of granting your favor for when I fight against Sir Jaradan?"

"Perhaps," he nods, as her words settle over him. He squares his feet, bends his knees a little, looking at her. "They have a brother, Sir Edwyn, he was nearly apologetic for his entire family. I suppose given time." He shrugs though, Perin reserves that opinion for the moment. Then she pauses, and he stands more upright. She asks more, as would any knight seeking such. "I'm sure more will, but it is my place to favor you. But, its not duty, Sir Aeryn, I truly do favor you." He tries to distinguish a little there, beyond him being dutiful betrothed and such. He puts his sword down to come slightly closer, it goes into his sheath. Then he starts to pull off the chain/glove covering his shield hand. "Would you take my favor close to you, that it bring you fortune against Sir Jaradan?" His glove off, he is moving for an old ring, progably an ancestoral ring even. Which he is pulling off.

"I should like to meet the good Burcombe," Aeryn says with amusement. "Those Sir Rozenn Burcombe did seem to be genuinely nice. Before your insults of course." After is a different story. When he takes the moment as serious as her, the asking of the favor, the volunteering of the intentions behind it, she dips her head, "I am truly honored, Sir Perin and indeed I will wear it close to me." She lifts a hand and summons her squire over. Beth rushes over and she has the young squire hold her sword, then her gloves. Reaching beneath her armor at the neck, she draws out a leather strip that holds no adornments or pendants, she smiles, "My grandfather used to wear this with an arrowhead. The arrowhead he gave to my brother, but I got the necklace," she explains. Untying the leather, she slips it off and finally, reverently, reaches for the ring. "Thank you, I will take good care of it.." She slips the leather through it then lifts it back to her neck, turning, "Could you fasten this please?" She likely could have.. but it was a special moment. One of their more personal ones.

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Perin could ponder more on Burcombes, thinking its inevitable that at least some arrogance will come to the surface. "Should I come upon him again, I would be glad to introduce you to him." Then he is more touched in the moment of the token for her. All malice gone from his mind on the prior topic, more solemn in the moment. "That something of my grandfathers would join with something of your own grandfathers it touching Sir Aeryn." He admits, open honesty. "Of course," he says, stepping behind her in that moment, taking the ends of the leather to clasp together. His big hands find curiousity in working with the straps. Its a delicate treasure. Some brushing at her neck happens, because of the size of the straps and his hands doing their best. Some breathing even from behind her, can't be helped. He has no clue that is happening, or that its an intimate moment even, the touches there and given. "There you go," he says, a slight shake in his voice even, at how close to her he was, a squire all over again. He takes in a breath to calm himself, "Shall we?" Get to swords. Though he doesn't move, not sure of himself, a rare moment indeed.

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Like him, Aeryn drops the matter of the Burcombe's completely, lifting her hair that she has braided back for her training. She draws the braid over her shoulder and rests the heavy length there while he moves in closer to tie the leather. Her eyes drift closed when his skin brushes hers and she cannot suppress the shiver that courses through her. Her eyes open and she finds her own breath a little shallow. Forcing herself to concentrate, she turns immediately after it is tied, not allowing herself or him to linger with the touches. "Thank you," she says softly, "We shall, yes." Lifting a hand, she finds the secure leather strap and follows it to the ring. A smile climbs into her expression, rests in her eyes. "I am honored beyond words, Sir Perin, truly." Gently, she tucks it into her armor before turning to her squire and collecting her gloves and putting them back on before reaching for her shield, getting it fastened on her arm. Finally, her sword is next. "I am ready."

That smile, worth a thousand words right there. Perin turns a corner of his own lips up when he sees it, more telling in his own eyes. That smile is a good culmination for everything between them so far. A nod given over her words, that touch him too, flatter him. Its that smile that captures him then. Not new, he's seen it before, but in this moment it does captivate him. Coming from their proximity and its not a complete cold cut off, find the squires. Its a smile given and propriety followed. "I am honored as well, my lady." Wait, what happened to sir, or her name even, now there is a proper curiousity to it all and him smling. He starts to get gloves and sword himself, raising it. "As am I, and again I'll give you the first motion, strike when you will." Not try to strike, he knows her skill, he holds his shield up, bends his knees and prepares for what may come from her.

Was there the slightest hint of possessiveness when he had called her 'my' lady? Had Aeryn imagined it? Likely the latter, but the smile does not dim. It is the softest her expression has been in regards to him since even before their betrothal had been announced so abruptly the past winter. Had it been so long already? With his indication it was time to begin, she nods to her squire who steps back again where she was. It is Aeryn's cue to begin. Lifting her sword, she finds her center, her balance, before she looks for his won weaknesses or unguarded places. It is there she aims when her blade finally arcs downwards. Her practice sword that is.

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This time, for once, he is read, once she comes, he has his shield in place. Maybe Perin is getting a read on her, learning how she moves, having fought her before. He has watched her other fights at times. But he seems more prepared, countering her swings and bringing the flat of the blade to bear on her, pushing back against her attack. He does not hold back, that he honors her in every way. No sword, no helmet, he is curtious, now he is chivalrous and honors her on the field by giving her a fight. He might press the attack after hitting even, but he does pull back when he feels the blade make its contact with her.

Aeryn had already been working since sunup, but never would she us that as an excuse for him being so able to counter her attack and send her reeling back, down to the ground on her back. Was he going to allow her to her feet? Rising, she brushes a gloved hand over herself before taking up her sword again, tightening her hand around it. And again, she doesn't wait, she pushes towards him, swinging her blade, looking for that opening.

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Aeryn rolls 4d6 and gets (2 6 1 5) for a total of: (14)
Perin checked his dex of 13, he rolled 3.

He does allow her, unlike some knights, he doesn't press. Perin stands a moment, seeing if she is okay, if she looked at his face in the chain hood she might see his eyes show the concern. But the honor remains, waiting to see when she is ready, she lets him know. Pressing a quick attack he his shield is up at first, then its at his side, wide open. He wasn't truly ready, and yet, she is truly better at her sword, he cannot deny this. She gets in a hit and he stumbles back a little but keeps his feet. With a nod, he gives her a moment. If she meets his nod again, he'll come to join blade with her again, as if its a tie in his mind and needs resolve.

Pressing the advantage, Aeryn swings, making contact, and as soon as she feels the hit, she backs off, stepping backwards, letting him keep his balance. Looking into his eyes, her own echo the concern, but as he nods, she returns the gesture. She is ready, a nod given, as she moves in for another attack, deciding to keep herself the attacker, him the defender.

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Perin checked his sword of 12, he rolled 8.
Perin rolls 4d6 and gets (5 3 3 5) for a total of: (16)
You check your dex at 15, you rolled 17.

It works, he moves to defense, but this time Perin keeps his shield up. Sustaining the blow she reins on him (the right rein?), he holds off her attack, long enough to find his opening and moves in to land a blow. He pulls back when he feels his blade hit her solidly, a pause as he watches her, "Sorry." Then she will see, his cheeks to get a blush of their own. Sorry, but not sorry … confused between his betrothed and her being a knight of course. He shakes his head, trying to clear the thought, instead moving to offer her a hand if she will accept it.

Aeryn was not on top of her game, that much was clear. As Perin manages to defend her own blow and finds purchase with his own, she is hit rather solidly and stumbles back once again, falling, unable to keep her feet beneath her. Winded, she sucks in a breath, her sword having dropped, she sits up to reach for it. When his hand is offered, she slips her gloved one into his. "Thank you, Sir Perin." Getting to her feet, she winces just a bit. "Well fought, Sir."

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Glad to pull her up, Perin retorts, "It was a lucky day to me." A grin comes, held in check by her wincing of course. "It is surely the pride I had when you accepted my ring, I was inspired this day Sir Aeryn." Honest, but then he isn't so certain of his footing, or wording. "More practice, or maybe we could take time to visit the tavern and share a meal and a drink ourselves? I seem to have soured the last opportunity we had by my manors that day."

Once on her feet, Aeryn motions her squire over and rids herself of her equipment. "Prepare if for later practice, we will be working again after the midday meal. Have a meal with the other squires, I will have lunch with Sir Perin." Once Beth heads off with the equipment, she faces Perin again, her cheeks pink from exertion. "I would gladly accept a meal either in the tavern or the Inn. I leave the decision to you. Thank you for the practice and you indeed did very well Sir.'

"We have tried the tavern, let us try the Inn," he suggests, his own squire getting the picture when Beth moves in and helps her knight. He turns over gear to him as well. "And perhaps, half the enjoyment of this is simply the walk with you. I figured you would be displeased if I held back, and I would like to live up to your expectations." An admittance, he'll wait for Bren to get everything, then offer to move westward for the Inn. "And I am certain you've been her all day, in fairness, I had that advantage." Yet, she is modest, he likes this about her. "Do you dance, Sir Aeryn?"

Rid of her equipment, Aeryn nods, agreeing to the inn. "If you would not match me equal to your ability, it would be no practice to me at all." Despite her tone being serious, she turns her head, wearing a smile. "You have proven an ability to put me on my back." As soon as the words are out she realizes how they sound and her eyes widen as a blush rapidly rises to her cheeks. "I do love to dance. I am not certain I am so talented at it, but I do enjoy it. Do you?"

That wams him up, her honesty, and her smile in fairness. Perin is watching ahead, though he can't help but turn to look at her as she does the same. Those eyes, that smile, what was this magic that she held. He lifts an arm up, but hesitates, should he offer it or not, it might get tucked away if she doesn't take it. That half a span of time enough to inidcate that intent. Whether she takes it or not it takes the blush to lead his mind along her thoughts, "It would seem so, certainly I'm …" He had been responding until he caught that blush and figures then best not to go where his words were leading. That smile grows on his face though, another time perhaps, something to chew on. "I try, I am no good, but that is it, the enjoyement of it. If there is some minstrel about, I would like to enjoy a dance with you. As we practice for the tourney fields, let us practice for the wedding as well." He means Arthur's but it could be mistrued as theirs even.

Wainright's Inn

A large common room here houses tables during the day, to serve visitors food and drinks. Though at night, this large room is converted into the sleeping area for visitors who can't afford to stay at other locations in the city. Much in the manner of the Great Hall. The walls here only have a few tapestries upon them, something down by the peasant folk that seems to eschew their way of life, mostly farming. The room has a good ten tables during the day all of them closest to the large hearth in the wall opposite the bar. Behind the bar is a door which leads to both kitchen and the home of the owner of this Inn.

Catching that smile from him, Aeryn's gaze lingers there ever so briefly, though she does catch the movement of his arm and slips her hand in the bend of his, accepting the offer quite gladly. A knight, she was a lady as well, and it seems she enjoys the simple gestures. That he manages not to embarrass her further with her faux pas she is ever grateful for and as he mentions the dancing, she nods, "I think we should get plenty of practice in before the wedding." It is likely clear she thinks he was intending their own. "We have a few months for that still."

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Perin wouldn't know what she felt about the gesture of him not going on about her slip, yet its in his mind. That he was raised well may speak to him keeping that presence about him. Going into the Inn, he looks for a table for them first. A few local citizens not having to be about chores, but mostly empty for the now. If they have a fire or hearth warmed, he'll gladly offer thta table. "Ah," he grins, pleased about practicing to dance, then it dawns on hiim, a few months still. "I would agree," he covers the mix up, not wanting to be embarassed himself at not specifying. "Lots to prepare, but I think our dancing most important. That we move our bodies together a good sign of how well we'll join together in marriage."

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Once inside the Inn, Aeryn takes a look around, but it is brief and she follows him over to the table near the fire. Releasing his arm, she takes a seat and smiles at the grin that he gives her at the mention of the dancing. "I think dancing will be important also, there will be others watching us at the beginning." With his wording, she blushes, but she makes no mention of how it might sound. Instead, she glancing towards the approaching servant, "Ah, time to order food." She takes that excuse.

Perin keep his arm offered until she takes a seat, then moves to sit nearby. Enough to face her, but raising a hand for service before completing the motion. A nod, delighted. She knew exactly what he meant, showing everyone how well they work together, that they could run a manor together. "Yes, and let them watch. Sir Aeryn, each time we talk of this wedding, you and I, it gives me more pride that our families have chosen us." He says to her, but yes, time to order food. Its an offering of rabbit and small game at least, and potatoes, not quite a stew for once. Some early spring herbs coming out of the ground, they went with something good at least. A server does come for the order, explaining as much, he'll wait for her to order, but "I"ll have some, and some ale please." His eyes come back to her, this moment hitting a level of comfortable with him.

You check your honest at 10, you rolled 8.

A smile of thanks is given when he offers his arm until she is seated. "I am coming to look forward to it as well, Sir Perin, I have never imagined myself being eager for something other than being knighted, but when I imagine spending time in your company, I find myself doing just that, being eager to see you again." Perhaps a bit too honest, but it is how she feels about it. With the offering of food, she nods, "I will have some and ale as well, thank you." Only once the server has left does she bring her gaze back to him and catch that moment of comfort.

Perin checked his modest of 13, he rolled 2.

And that is telling there, did she know she made his pride swell simply by saying that. He could return more, but he takes the moment, accepts it. And with his nerves around her, trying to further it could end in some unforeseen blunder. It does contribute to just that moment of enjoyment for Perin though. She sees it, he could just enjoy a silence, and smile at her. Instead he lets the orders be taken. "I think that's what it is, Sir Aeryn. An eagerness. Its good to have something to look forward to, I look forward to time with you. Was there some challenge we had, don't I get to pick where we have our next picnic?"

How could she not now when she was looking at him and catches the expression. The smile, the silence, all of it combined. Aeryn is glad to have told the truth about things, even that bit of encouragement seemed to make things a bit easier between them. When the ale and the food arrive, she holds off her answer, but as soon as the person leaves, she looks back to Perin. "You do get to choose where the next picnic is. And when."

The air lifted indeed, maybe it was the token, being open. Honesty worked wonders for them, better then attempts at charm with the other. That honesty worn like a badge at times. "Ah, perfect. I choose during the tourney in Cameliard. Would you challenge me the task to find the perfect spot there that we may find?" Cause he doesn't know the area yet. "On the eve of of the contests, after the wedding, we enjoy this picnic. That I may wish you the best of luck, in case we turn out against each other within any of the lists."

A romantic gesture, the eve of the tourneys. "Just a reminder there are more important things than winning on the lists?" Aeryn smiles, thinking of the picnic in Cameliard. "I do look most forward to it then. Even if you have to assist me from being wounded by Sir Jaradan, I want to go." The last was supposed to be amusement, but she is indeed concerned about the challenge. Her ale is lifted and she smiles, "To picnics and weddings."

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