(514-04-02) Tavern Talk
Summary: Several gather in the tavern and talk, a touch of dancing and lute playing. No one recognizes anyone and a rivalry is referenced!
Date: 514-04-02
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Boar's Beard

Lined with dark wood, the atmosphere here generally matches the wood. Smoke filled on some days, this tavern can fill up quickly once night falls. Usually music is provided by some traveling musician or another. The name is echoed in the motif, with several wooly Boar's heads adorning the walls. Namely, a large one above the entrance from the street outside and a matching one over the bar itself. A pair of smaller such heads are over the mantle of the fireplace here. This is the best place to get a few drinks and, some evenings, a decent meal even.

Since it's spring, the more common folk are out working the fields, doing their different jobs and that leaves the Tavern pretty empty. Since there's still a bit of a chill in the air, the fireplace is roaring. Seated next to it, at a table, Tria has a bowl of some sort of fruit, berries? A lute is on the table next to her, a small instrument, and there are only a few other patrons around, mostly drinking ale and having quiet talks with others at their table.

Rian rolls in like a fog, quietly and without fanfare. He settles onto one of the benches and it creaks under his weight. "My compliments to the cook the has a bench break under a patron that has eaten, but before the meal it smacks of a poor seat." He laughs and sends his boy off, "Go, go, see to the errands while I see to a meal."

Into this comes Sir Perin, a look about, noticing the man giving compliments to the cook while the bench seems to struggle it would seem. A brow raised. Though the fireplace has a draw to it, naturally. Its spring, but close enough to winter still the chill is felt. He has recently arrived, he stomps boots by the door, clearing the mud off of it, gives a smell to the air, seeing what is being served even. Though his feat take him towards the table with the fireplace, "Do you mean to warm it by the fire, or do you intend to play?" Its said with familiarity, then a pause, maybe he can't be that familiar anymore. Complications in his life and all.

A berry is placed between her lips, eaten, enjoyed. She looks up as she hears the familiar voice of Perin and there's a lecherous grin, "I knew you wouldn't stay away. I fully intend to play, but after I take care of the patron over there. Have a seat, I will bring you your usual." Tria rises, walking over to assist., Rian "Forgive our poor seating, Sir. Perhaps I could show you over to a more solid and sure seat? There is one next to the hearth that you can sit there, it's rock." A saucy smile is given. "What sort of meal could I find for you? What sort of drink would you prefer, sir?"

Rian says, "Food, girl, find me food. I've not time to wait while things roast so bring me what is ready." He leans forward rocking off the bench then standing to his full and impressive height. He starts plodding across the room towards the hearth. "Now where is this preferred seat…and Sir Perin? Is that you?" The Knight Heir of Tisbury thumps his chest, "Greetings!"

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"It seems you are right, I find it hard to stay away," he says, with a grin, towards the girl. Even as he says it, there is a hint of regret there, he's made a promise to another now. But he nods, "Thank you Tria." She is off to the other, leaving him to ponder the fire, wondering if he should of came here, or stuck to finding Aeryn at the common grounds in the city. He can ponder with a look at the fire, until Sir Rian moves thickly through the room, not unlike a tugboat in fog, the atmosphere simply moving aside with no choice. Turning up to him. "Ah, Sir Rian, a pleasure. What bring you by Sarum this day?"

"Food it is." Tria shows him to the table where her own lute is, moving it out of the way. It conveniently seats him at the same table as the Knight Heir of Steeple Langford as well. With the two familiar, it makes her job easier, and she gives Perin a gentle smile, "You're welcome noble." The name she'd called him since she met him. It doesn't hold disrespect, but familiarity. "Please, you both get comfortable, I'll get the food and ale." Heading for the kitchen to do just that.

Rian says, "Timber and logging. With the passing of winter it is time to count logs and fell trees. The scribes are having a field day." He settles his bulk. "Some odds and ends for the ladies, and news, of course. Quite a to-do with all the weddings. "

"Ah yes, nearly the same reason here, I've come to train with Sir Aeryn before the wedding tourny in Cameliard," returns Perin to Sir Rian who seems intent on that food from the kitchen perhaps. "Thank you Tria, food and ale is always appreciated, I can steal some berries before you get back?" Though she's pretty busy, he helps himself to a couple. Even that causes him some pause, last time he took some berries, it was here, with Sir Aeron and her. Before the big changes. His smile fades as he chews, but he turns it back. Still glad to be here in this moment.

Heading back towards the kitchen, Tria looks back and winks, "Honey, you can share everything I've got, you know that." She is gone only a short time before walking back out with a wooden plate filled with meat, some cheese and bread. Two tankards of ale completes the food and she places it in front of the respective people. "One more thing." She heads back and returns with a bowl of stew each. The larger bowl going to the larger man. "There you go." Collecting her lute, she holds it for now, watching Perin with a smile. "Maybe after you eat, we could dance?"

Ah, food, drinks, Perin is good. One hand to the ale, he takes a slow drink. Grinning in gratitude, but a sharp eye to Tria. "You know, I'd want nothing more than that," he says, a bug what if or but hanging in the air there, clearly heard in his voice. The ale is set down. "But … I am worried, you are temping Tria, more than I can say. But I have to accept there is another in my life. Could we dance … as friends?" Then a cringe, he doesn't like using that word, not around her, but it is what it is. Thankfully its been a few months, but they always met like this, it feels like just the other day he was in here admitting he had love for her but couldn't act on it anymore.

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Ah but it's her job to tempt him. Tria smiles in that seductive way she has and leans in, only to bump his arm that holds the ale and sloshing it a little. She flashes him a smile and lifts her lute, preparing to play. "Yes," she strums her fingers over the cords with a look of concentration before looking up. "It would have to be a friendly dance, since I can't play and dance as more than friends at the same time."

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The bump is there, he would overlook the slosh for her. In fact, it only brings him to recall Aeryn when she does that. Perin was smiling up at her, but the droplets find skin and it fades from him. For the moment, he pulls the stew towards him, searching for utensil. But she's smilling and has her lute, "All right, you play something and if it moves my feet, then I owe you a dance?" Something about Tria, he couldn't help it some times, he could let go his facade of lord of Steeple Langford manor, not be serious. No politics, no court, nothing on the line. A longing for the days of before the winter tourney by him as he listens, his foot starts to tap.

Tria is sitting at the table, sort of, her chair is scooted back. Rian was served a large bowl of stew, a platter of meats, bread and cheese. It's there by the table with Perin where the stone hearth also serves as a chair for the table. With her lute in her hands, she strums out a peppy tune, her own foot tapping to the beat beneath the heavy length of her skirts. A smile is offered to Perin as she does. "If it moves your feet, then feel free," she winks.

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Rian rolls back into the room, thudding down into the seat by the stew. "Never a dull moment." He comments of the distraction that called his attention away.

Tria checks her energetic at 13, she rolled 4.

Perin works on his own stew, going between that and the ale she brought. He is looking over, at Tria. First her lute, then to her eyes as she plays the song. He lenas back as if it were some challenge, him not to move his feet. Yet, there he is a slight hint of a grin and his foot moving to the rhythm she strums on her lute. "It seems I was free indeed," he says as she plays, then stands up. "And I owe a dance I believe?"

Rian and Perin are seated at a table near the fireplace, an abundance of food on the table before each of their chairs. As for Tria, she is seated with them, but the bowl of fruit on the table is nearer her own chair, which is scooted back from the table, playing a happy tune on her lute. A smile curves her lips, a look to Perin and she bobs her head up and down in a quick nod. "You do at that, Perin, you owe me a dance." Rising, she dances around a little, not missing a chord, enjoying herself, beckoning Perin to join with a move of her head.
The tavern isn't too terribly busy since it's spring and the common folk are out tending their duties and chores. A few scattered people here and there, a few other barmaids.

Josette enters into the tavern with her arm interlinked with Rozenn as she sweetly says to Rozenn "It has indeed been too long since we have been able to see one another and catch up, let me treat you to some mead and update each other of the current events of our manors. How is your brother Sir Maelgwyn, it has been even longer since I have seen him I feel."

Being -ladylike- is not something Rozenn is especially used to. Not these days. Knights of the female persuasion are often 'one of the boys,' but when your free time is more often spent collecting herbs and other necessaries for rituals, poultices, and the like… well, socializing falls lower on the list. But the market is so near the tavern that she just could not help herself and running into Josette- well, everything else will have to wait. "It probably has. And he's, well. You know. If he's not actively out hoping to kill Saxons, he's practicing new techniques." Because even some are more single minded in that goal than most.

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Taking to that, Perin does rise up. He did give his word, he will keep it. A smile on his face. "Now and later, or does this count for the one I owe you." Though he keeps a proper distance, perhaps to avoid scandal should someone notice them dancing too close of course, he keeps his modesty about him. Though when he moves, he's pretty fluid to her music. Actually, he's probably never danced this good, as if something was in the spring air. Then more come in and he looks over, whether recognizing them or not, its a knight and a lady, and him with Tria here, it gives him a pause. That what if toying in his mind. "I still have my feet at least," he grins though to her, dancing a little more but working towards seat, sheepishly reaching for a berry.

Tria continues to play and dance around, quite enjoying the dance. As she follows the gaze of Perin to the Knight and Lady, she dips her head in greeting, "Welcome to the Boar's Beard, Sir, M'lady." As she looks back to Perin she notices him moving towards his seat. Her lips curve slightly downwards, "I should get back to work. Enjoy your meal, Sir Perin, Sir Rian." A dip of her head and she collects her lute and berries and heads for the kitchen.

Josette looks upon Tria and Perin dances with one another for a short time but only smiles softly curls her lips as her gaze looks back to Rozenn as she lets a giggle slip her lips and comments "He is so ever viligant upon his practice I do remember that, I might assume that he practices from dawn until dusk not if no one tries to distract him for meals and other important events."

The two dancing earn little more than a brief glance from Rozenn. Improper or not in the eyes of many, the brunette seems to mind little herself. There is, at least, no sign of judgement within her gaze. A sidelong glance to Josette earns a slight laugh. It's a brief, nearly barked thing. "He is more easily distracted than that, I assure you. The merest whiff of ale and he's willing to put his feet up for a spell." She tilts her head towards a table. One near enough to the fire to aid in keeping the chill of the receeding winter at bay. "Speaking of ale…"

Even as he moves, reaching for berries and taking a seat, Perin turns to Tria's words. "I'm …" Sorry maybe, something, he's something for sure. It doesn't make it out as she returns to work. He'd argue if it where some otehr time, and yet its not that time now. Its a new time for him. He does turn to the newest arrivals, "Good day Lady … Sir. Ready for travels to Cameliard?" Only a offeratory how do you do, by way of bringing up the upcoming tourney. Not too thrusting into the conversation that they seem to be in, but a mild social greating. His eyes turn again to see what work Tria is up to, but he stays at that table by the hearth, taking a berry from the food on the table.

Josette giggles softly at the comment of how Maelgwyn is easily distracted from practice by ale and comments "Indeed speaking of ale." Her gaze then looks to Perin as she offers a kind smile while saying "Tis a pleasure to see you once more Sir Perin, I hope the day serves you well thus far. We met the day you won the tourney."

"Still have a few things to procure, but ready enough." It's an easy sort of response and Rozenn extracts her arm from Josette as she nears the selected table. The woman is not in full armor for the day, but rather leathers. Suitable for a day faffing about the market. Settling into a chair, she stretches momentarily, leaving Josette to exchange further pleasantries with Perin. Hands go to hair, braided neatly into a crown at her head; tucking back a few errant strands here and there.

Wearing her chain armor, Aeryn walks in with Coelwulf, she looks as if she's been practicing out on the tournament field. In fact, they both might. She hesitates just inside, to let her eyes adjust to the dimmer interior, a glance to Coelwulf, "You bested me out there, I want a rematch." She can't help but to smile at the return challenge, "And at the tournament, will you reserve me a challenge? I'd like to try my hand again. I need all of the practice I can get." She takes a look around, noticing Perin and the others. "Would you like to join us?" There's a motion towards the table where he sits and Josette is greeting him with Rozenn.

A lift from his chair, Perin inclines his head to the lady, "Ah yes, Lady Josette, I do recall meeting you that day. It is well, this day. I hope I am ready for the next one." Sans that favor he had at the last tourney, a new order. Lowering back down to his seat though, he waves a hand, as if welcoming them to join, though Sir Rozenn is taking a seat of her own some place, its but an offer. Nearly the same time a similar hand is offered to Coelwulf, Perin looks up at her. That thoughtful look from moments ago returns, but relief perhaps, or concern. No glance to the kitchens, but more at her. "A good day of practice, or is this a break before returning to the fields?" Asked more of Sir Aeryn.

Coelwulf grins "I am sure it was just good fortune, a rematch we shall have" he grins, "but you are buying the first round" he chats with Aeryn as they enter, he is also wearing mail. "As you say at the tourney you will be my first challege." he looks to the table, "if it would be alright…I would indeed like to join you." spying Josette he offers a deep bow "Lady Josette the fair" he intones, "I am ever your servent"

Josette lets a blush cross her cheeks as her gaze falls upon Coelwulf, her smile growing only brighter as she curtsies to him while sweetly saying "Sir Coelwulf the valiant. I hope the day treats you well. How are things in Shrewton? I do wish I had known that you and Sir Aeryn were sparring. I do even much like to watch." Her gaze the looks back to Perin as she says "I am ever so excited to go and watch and look so very forward to see who wins this one."

One table is the same as another. Plus, Perin's table has some food she might be able to nick. No need to order a full meal for herself if she can get in a few nibbles here and there. Rozenn has not been practicing and looks fairly comfortable. But then, this is the market. There's plenty of other things that might be done. Like buying needed things for the trip to the tourney. As Josette and Coelwulf exchange greetings, there's a glance and a slight arch of brow. The Burcombe, however, says nothing. Rather she just reaches for some of the fruit that Perin has on his table, once she's claimed a seat there. Yep. It's there, she was invited. Everyone saw it.

Stepping into the tavern, Martyn comes to a stop just inside the room, without heading away from the entrance. Looking around at the various people present, he seems to be looking for a place to seat himself. There's some whistling, a quiet melody, almost melancholic.

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Following in behind Martyn is Maelgwyn, his eyes scanning the occupants of the room, looking for familiar faces. A small smile forms on his lips as he spots one face in particular. He decides to get a tankard in hand before going to talk to her, he disappears a moment into the crowd, reappearing several moments later. He steps up to Rozenn's table and slaps her hand. He seems to be glaring at her but there is the faintest twinkle of amusement in his eye. He takes hold of a seat that's next to her and slides it back a little. Putting his tankard down on the table, he plops down into the chair and then leans back, propping his feet up on an empty chair. "You bothering all of these fine folk, Roz?"

"Good fortune you say?" Aeryn lofts a brow, trying and failing at a skeptical look as a smile makes an appearance, "I think talent spoke for itself and has once more proven the victor." A nod of acknowledgement is given, "I look forward to the challenge, Sir Coelwulf." As he greets Josette, she turns her attention to Perin. "I believe I owe Sir Coelwulf an ale and I'm going back, so this is a break. Perhaps you could join for round two?" Her squire has her weapon and shield, so she is unencumbered as she walks over and has a seat at the table with Perin, nodding to the other knight there, "Good day, Sir." The greeting given to Rozenn before her brows arch and she just gapes a little at her, "Are you Earl Roberts cousin!? The Knight I saw in the castle last year, wearing the fashionable dress with the shiny gems down the front?" Too enchanted by the thought, she fails to notice Martyn or Maelgwyn.

A blonde buxom barmaid swishes over with a jaunty step, heading around, taking orders from those present, tossing out flirty smiles.

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"Well, this is more company than I had expected." As the food start to go into hands, Perin looks around. He reaches for some to take to himself before its all gone of course. Some left, but he takes his own share first it would seem. Then he reaches for his ale too, just to be safe with these hands about. "I would enjoy round too. Where Sir Coelwful here bested you," he catches the name in passing, "I give you again the opportunity to prevail. Though I am rested now, perhaps today is my day." To beat his betrothed.

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Maelgwyn takes his tankard in hand and lifts it to his lips, he begins to drink… and then he hears the woman ask if Roz was the Earl's cousin. He almost chokes on his ale. Almost. A part of him wants to feel bad at the poor woman for making such a mistake, but the larger part of him wants to laugh in her face and calls her daft. Despite the internal struggle, neither side seems to win out and so he looks over at his sister, giving her a little smile and letting her handle it.

Coel offers a grin to Sir Aeryn "The gods smiled upon me this day, but they are fickle, mayhap the next time we tilt, tis you whom they will smile upon." he draws out a chair for Josette, "Shrewton seems a dismal place now that you have left us M'lady, tis my hope I can entise you to visit us again."

Making his way over to one of the unoccupied tables, Martyn pulls out a seat and drops into it rather quickly. "Ah, good…" he mutters, mostly to himself, shaking his head. Leaning back in his seat, he looks around at the others, studying them rather carefully. There's a quiet nod and a smile offered in Josette's direction as well.

"As always, brother dear." Rozenn tilts her head in Maelgwyn's direction, retracting her hand with a flash of smirk. The barmaid arrives just in time and the knight is able to place her order for ale and a meat pie. "You recall Lady Josette, yes? She had quite the time imagining you in the training fields." If you cannot tease your twin, who can you tease? And then Aeryn is nigh-upon flouncing up to her. The Burcombe's brows arch and there's a slow curve to her lips. Something flashes in those bright eyes, but Roz ultimately waves a hand. Maybe it's the reaction from her brother at her side. "I fear you've mistaken me for someone else, but I'm flattered all the same. Rozenn Burcombe and this is Sir Maelgwyn, my roustabout of a brother."

Critical Success!
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Josette kindly says to Coel "I shall be sure to come visit again after the tourney Sir Coelwulf. Hopefully will be able to convince my brother Sir Trystan to come along with me." Her gaze then falls upon Maelgwyn and offers a kind smiles as she says "Tis a pleasure to see you after so long Sir Maelgwyn. I hope the day fairs well for you."

An ale is ordered for both herself and Coelwulf from the barmaid and while she's gone to get it, Aeryn hesitates before offering a smile. "My smile from the Gods was during the winter tournament." Where she might have gone on to tell the result, she holds her tongue instead, and looks up in time for the delivery of the two ales, accepting her own. To Perin, she nods, "I would like a challenge with you. I only have time for an ale myself, in here. I left my squire out at the tourney grounds practicing." Looking to Rozenn, a blush rises in her cheeks as she realizes how mistaken she had been. "My apologies, Sir Rozenn," looking suitably embarrassed. "It is a pleasure to meet you, the both of you."

Everything is mostly fine with Perin, aside from a lack of hospitality there. Its still in good order up until the one does correct Aeryn. The correcting sure, that puts him off, betrothed and all, his duty nearly. But one may notices is more the name that sets him off a bit. Any sign of a smile gone, not quite a scowl. "Burcombe, I should of known that's what was rank about the company." He stands, pushing his chair back, not carring to set it in even. He could say more, but holds his tongue, Aeryn seems to draw him back, the challenge, time for an ale. "Ah, splendid, this gives me time to find Bren and my armor, he's not been skulking about Beth has he?" More better, he finds a new focus, Bren. "I apologize I cannot stay, I've had my fill." A nod given to the others, only a passing look at Rozenn for the moment.

Martyn shakes his head as he looks around once more, looking like someone debating some deeper questions. He considers for a few moments longer, before he gets to his feet again rather briefly, moving to order himself both something to drink and some food, taking a few moments before returning to his seat now.

Coelwulf raises his tankard in salute to Aeryn "to next time" he offers. Being a Shrewton he has no intension of draggin his family into any rivalries or fueds at this time. He stands very near to Josette. "I do need to speak with your brother Lady Josette" he sighs "time seems at odds with intent saddly."

Critical Fail!
Rozenn checked her Forgiving of 10, she rolled 20.
Rozenn checked her Recognize of 10, she rolled 16.

"No need to apologize," this, to Aeryn. Rozenn is smiling, at least. "A pleasure to meet you as well, Sir…?" The smile, however, falters. Not even the tankard of ale delivered saves it from the words that issue forth from Perin. There's a slight narrowing of those blue eyes as the woman looks in the Steeple Langford knight's direction. "You pay insult and have the gall to speak of having your fill? You've bare heard my name and seek to pass judgement. Certainly, run off to find your squire. Perhaps have him take your place in the lists, at that, for we would not wish to offend such delicate sensibilities. I'll be sure to have them hold a place for you in the Ladies Court." It was all going so well! People were being nice, there was ale, but someone just had to go and insult the family name.

Martyn checked his awareness of 10, he rolled 4.

Pulled from his own thoughts as he seems to overhear something, Martyn shakes his head a little. "Ah, things seem to be getting interesting here," he offers to nobody in particular. "Maybe I managed to find a place with both a meal and entertainment?" It's loud enough for people to overhear it, it would seem.

Aeryn just watches Perin walk away… "Hm.." Lifting her ale, she takes a long drink, finishing it off. The reaction from Perin seems to have her off kilter, and she shakes her head. "Aeryn de Winterbourne Stoke," she inputs her name. "And that was Sir Perin de Steeple Langford, my betrothed." Her lips twist into a wry smile. "I suppose I should go and talk to him."

Those eyes remain narrowed until Perin has left. Once he does, Rozenn seems rather set on enjoying her ale at least, leaning back into her chair. Attention slides to Aeryn and the brunette considers for a long moment. THere is finally a nod. "No offense meant to you, Sir Aeryn, to be certain. I simply do not take kindly to insults paid against my family name." The departing Knight's name certainly clears up a few things, but she seems to have allowed the ire to bleed away with his leaving. There may be temptation to leave, herself, but she did order a meat pie and ah- there it is. Food cures many things, truly. There's a murmur of thanks to the barmaid.

Shaking his head momentarily as he listens to the conversation, Martyn offers a grin over in Rozenn's direction as he hears her words. "That can't be very easy," he offers to her, just as he lifts his tankard. "There must be a lot of anger, then?" Another shrug, as he starts to eat some of that stew he just got too.

Aeryn looks as if she is debating remaining, but duty and all that. Rising, she offers Rozenn a smile, "I do understand, Sir Rozenn. It was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to seeing you again." She dips her head towards her brother as well before turning to head for the door.

The knight looks over to Martyn and there's another rise of brow. Her eyelids flutter, but she opts to let this one pass. She has food to eat. Can't be letting it get cold, no no. Rozenn just gives a mild shake of her head. "There is a such thing as decorum and refraining from commenting aloud." To Aeryn, she tilts her head in a nod, lifting her own tankard briefly as the other knight prepares to depart. "Be well."

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