(514-04-02) Market Collision
Summary: The sight of pretty horseflesh causes a collision between two ladies in the market. The injured is seen by the healer.
Date: April 2, 514
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The day is waning, chill light fading to an even chillier darkness. Stars are high, breath clouds in front of the few shopkeeps and customers still brave enough or foolhardy enough to be out in the waning light. Amalthea is one such, though the category she might be in is yet to be determined. The woman, unwontedly tall, strides around the central square, squinting, stomping her boots and chaffing her bare hands for warmth. She looks confused, perturbed, and just generally put out, scant paying attention to the rest of the crowd.

Well the only good thing to say about being out at night is if you wear mostly white you stand out. Laurwyn is such a one, dressed in a long white cloak of wool and fur, her fingers covered by gloves as she stands to the side of one of the open vendors. Why she a tiny thing is out in the darkness alone.. is anyone's guest.

Dressed completely opposite from the one out in all white, most of Martyn's clothing is dark. He's moving around the market as well, walking along without any apparent destination. There's a brief smile on his face as he mutters something under his breath, steps taking him along the area now.

At least one young knight is leading his horse through the farmer's market, a few bundles tied behind the saddle where hangs Celyn's shield displaying his family's coat of arms, though the knight himself has decided to wear more practical leather armor, good for traveling when not expecting trouble, his sword at his hip. A jaunty tune passes in a light whistle from between his lips, barely rising over the soft din of the evening. He's looking at the various buildings and stalls, perhaps not quite done with the errands that brought him to the Sarum market.

Wearing dark leathers, Maelgwyn walks beside his brother through the market. He too wears a sword at his hip and he is considering using the damn thing to put an end to Celyn's thrice damned whistling. "Must you do that, brother? Here, plug that hole up." He tosses over a skin of something Celyn will certainly appreciate. If he was going to be honest with himself, the whistling wasn't -all- that bad. If it attracted any trouble? Well some fun would be welcome.

Nothing gets Amalthea's attention faster than horseflesh. The Dinton perks as she spies, over the heads of most, Celyn's horse trotting through the market. Her dark amber eyes give the beast a thorough once over before turning to appraise its master. The lady sidles sidelong to get a closer look at both, though her eyes have reverted back to the former. So lost in her appraisal, she doesn't notice the lady all in white, surprising as that is, and it might make for an unfortunate collision if the lady also doesn't notice her.

As the lady in question is not in the least happy about something herself, she doesn't notice the much taller lady coming out her. She is simply turned the wrong - staring down one of the lanes as if waiting on someone or something. That means as Amalthea's desire to get closer to horse flesh intercepts where the tiny lady was stand, there is something of a collision that sends the smaller lady spinning and crying out in surprise.

Laurwyn checked its dex of 14, it rolled 8.
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Maelgwyn check your Dex at 9, you rolled 15.

Martyn doesn't really notice anything about the collision happening as his attention seems to be on something else. Shaking his head once more as he mutters something to himself, his attention not on the others present yet.

"Yes, brother, I must. There is music inside me and it needs to.." Celyn cuts off as a skin comes his way, grinning at Maelgwyn. "Or I could just stop." He pulls the cork from the skin with his teeth and takes a swig, wiping his mouth on the back of his sleeve. As a result he sees neither the woman coming straight towards his horse, or the woman who begins stumbling about due to the unintended run-in. Likely with the problem of adding his own self and horse to the growing pile.

Maelgwyn grins over at Celyn, and doesn't see Amalthea come and check out the horse. Laurwyn's white garb does catch his eye and he turns to watch her collide with the other woman and start falling. Muttering a curse under his breath, he steps forward and attempts to catch Laurwyn, but he's not fast enough. Gods be damned, this was his damn luck wasn't it? "Are you injured?" He asks, offering a hand to Laurwyn to help her up.

It's not that Amalthea is a clutz, it's just that she's more passionate about a thorough examination of the horse. WHAM. Poor Laurwyn. The only saving grace is that for all Amalthea's height she's not terribly bulky, so it's like running into an understuffed cushion rather than a muscled brick wall. Amalthea stumbles back, not quite falling over. "Oh. Oh, no. No. Not /again/." Crimson floods her face, hidden as her hands come up to cover it. "I. Am. So. Sorry."

The tiny form in question, does bounce off Amalthea slightly, having no clue the other woman was there, the bounce causes her balance to be lost and while she is graceful enough not to fall on her face, the spin to try and catch the hands of Maelgwyn simply doesn't work and she lands ass firmly on the ground. Where there goes the white of her cloak. There is a little blinking here and there, her delicate features confused for a moment but she takes the hand offered to pull her up, "I'm.. yes.. I'm fine.." Laurwyn blinks a few more times, trying to see around the horse who ran into her and who is saying Sorry. But well, tall male helping her up, darkness and horseflesh, it makes it hard for her to really focus on anything just yet.

Celyn draws up short, the commotion finally getting his attention over the skin in his hand and the stalls lining the market. A quick tug on the reins stops the horse, well-trained enough to follow that simple command. He looks between the two women and then over to his brother, slowly putting together what just happened while he was otherwise distracted. Since his brother is tending towards the lady in white, he turns his attention to the taller one, shooting her a bright smile. "Are you alright?"

Martyn pauses briefly as he sees the people present now, offering them all a brif puzzled expression. "I hope nobody get hurt," he offers as he steps over to the others, looking a little concerned as he does.

Maelgwyn check your Lustful at 13, you rolled 15.

Offering the woman in white (Laurwyn) something of a smile and a nod as she says she is not hurt, Maelgwyn helps her up, his eyes taking in her features underneath the hood. Had it been under different circumstances, perhaps the Burcombe knight may offer up more words or found her beauty to stir up a number of unchivalrous feelings within him. "It is well that you are not hurt. I think that it would be well for some to be more aware of their surroundings." His gaze flicks over to Amalthea for a moment, an annoyed expression crossing his features for the briefest of moments.

Wandering through the market is the figure of a short curvy blonde woman. Rhaine walks beside her squire, a taller and more lanky build ginger haired lass. The squire and the knight both are out of armor today. Rhaine wears a blue gown made to bring out the blue of her eyes, a sword hangs from her belt along with the normal dagger. Her squire wears a plainer gown of dark green and carries a basket in which the pair carry thier purchases. Rhaine walks along with confidence and pride despite her lacking height. She moves with grace through the crowds eyeing people as she goes.

In the midst of all her sorries and the chastising of Maelgwyn, it's still hard for Amalthea to keep from noticing the well-trained motions of the horse. "I'm so soo—-rry, I meant to see-eeeeee this fine creature here." Her eyes are torn towards Celyn's greeting, and it might seem the last comment was in ode to him, if one doesn't know the stablemaster of Dinton. "It's a beautiful specimen."

Laurwyn glances up at the large Knight, blinking a few more moments as if getting her wits about her. Once she is settled and on her feet, she slowly withdraws her hand from his and reaches up to push her hood down around her shoulders, the white fur almost like a halo as she let's out a soft breath. "I am not sure who ran into who. My attention was for a disappeared escort and my missing horse.." The tiny woman expresses to Mael, finally getting a moment to look around at those near before looking back to him. "But thank you…" She's not leaving Amalthea alone in this but there is a big horse blocking her view at the moment.

Celyn checked his lustful of 13, he rolled 9.
Celyn checked his flirt of , he rolled 16.
Celyn checked his flirting of 10, he rolled 5.

And perhaps Celyn does take the statement to mean him, because he's smiling rather coyly in Amalthea's direction, hand resting on the horse's shoulder to keep him still. "Well, you could have called out to me, I could hardly miss a lady such as yourself." And how is one to take that particular comment, how he meant it isn't entirely clear since he lets out a small chuckle as well. He raises the skin in his hand in almost a toast and takes another swig before removing his hand from the horse to recork it. But well trained steed he is, he remains where he is even without his master's instruction to hold.

Listening to what's being said, Martyn looks over to Laurwyn and Maelgwyn, pausing at something that was said. "Missing horse?" he asks, before he adds, "Where did you lose the horse?" Sounding a bit curious now.

Amalthea checked her awareness of 10, she rolled 1.

"I am fairly confident that it was not your fault." Maelgwyn offers to Laurwyn in a quiet tone. His gaze travels over to Celyn and he hears him speak to the other woman. A corner of his mouth curls up in something of a smirk. Still, there are other things to see to. To Laurwyn, he asks, "What of your escort? What happened to them and your horse? Where did you see them last?" He echoes part of Martyn's questions but he is also curious about the escort and not just the horse.

It's to Amalthea's credit that she picks up on what Celyn may or may not be putting down. Her cheeks flush. "Oh. Well. I should have. I wanted to have a closer look… at your horse." Which is clearly not a euphemism, given how Amalthea glances back to the steed with cat's-curious eyes, only to be distracted by Laurwyn trying to take the blame. "Which caused me to run into this beautiful lady. Please, Lady, I hope you will allow me to apologize and makes ammends. It was no fault of your own, as m'lord," her dark head tips in Maelgwyn's direction, "says."

Laurwyn glances towards Martyn now at his question and finally sees Amalthea around the horse and blushes gently at something said. "Well other than a dirty backside, all is well in the regards to my untimely meeting of the dirt.." She offers towards the other lady and those listening, clearly not taking the fall as anything other than an accident. Of course she also flickers her cloak a little to keep the wetness from setting in. But the question on her escort bring another frown to her lips. "We arrived an hour or so before the sunset, I was gathering a few things from the market and the next I know, there is a loud shout from out here, and I returned to find both escort and horses gone.." She is clearly worried but a tiny frown of upset touches her forehead and as Mael has been the closes one she looks up to him.

Celyn's green eyes dart between Amalthea and his steed, pursing his lips slightly. But perhaps not willing to let go he completely misread the situation. No, better to just let that go, he hangs the skin off the saddle horn, done with it for now. He takes the horse by the bridle and moves the beast out of the middle of the conversation, curious to get a better look at the wronged lady, and shoot his brother a sly grin.

Maelgwyn's attention focuses more and more on Laurwyn as she speaks. A loud noise? He had not heard anything, though then again he had been dealing with his brother's whistling. "I do not remember hearing anything, but the noise from the area may have hidden it from me, I am sorry." He glances over to Martyn, a brow raised in question. "Did you hear anything like a shout?"

The group gathered around talking draws the interest of the tiny blonde and Rhaine makes her way over. There is a soft spring to her step her squire following behind her as she approches the group. She blinks as she overhears what is being said looking up at each of them a moment before piping in as well. "You lost your escort…and horses? Do you need help searching for them then. Though I'm pretty sure any respectable escort would also be searching for thier charge as well." She looks thoughtful glancing around at the group.

"It's strange how people always run into each other in the marketplaces in the city here," Martyn remarks, before he looks back to Maelgwyn, offering the man a shrug. "A loud noise? When was it?"

Blush still high on her cheekbones, Amalthea dips her head to Laurwyn for her graciousness, but her own brow marrs with a furrow at the lady's next comment. "A loud shout? I confess, I heard no such thing, but I was looking for the horse trader I am supposed to meet…" Teeth capture her bottom lip in a gentle tug, releasing its fullness so that she might offer more words. "These two men seem fine escorts." How could they have such a fine horse, were they not, right?

Laurwyn bites her lower lip, it must be a lady thing when in distress, but as the questions come fast and furious in her direction she stands a little straighter, which gives her no height at all and tries to answer each question lovely. "Within the last hour, it was much more busy in this corner of the market at that time.." She admits as she answers Martyn question and then over to the newly arrived tiny Knight, "That is my worry, while they were both new into the household I see no reason for them to depart and not return.." She then blushes gently about something said and glances towards the two bothers before she ducks her chin. "I am sorry there has been no introduction, and while I am.. …" SHe just trails off with that. "An offer of help, would gratefully be accept.."

One eyebrow goes up ever so slightly as it seems Celyn and his brother are being offered up as escorts. He's quiet for a moment, then lifts his shoulders in a noncommital shrug, though his eyes go towards Maelgwyn. "Perhaps. Though it would be a shame to leave your mount behind." Those are afterall, valuable. "Though if there is an issue I'm sure my noble brother and myself could offer you an escort should the need arise." There's that little smile towards his brother again, and if anyone knows that means he's up to mischief, Maelgwyn knows.

Martyn nods as he hears that. "Ah, I see," he replies, offering a brief smile. "I'm sure all of us are more than willing to help you find them." A brief pause at the mention of introductions, he nods a little. "Sir Martyn de Baverstock," he offers his own name to the others.

Maelgwyn's eyes go to the newcomer for a moment and he nods, "She does speak some sense. If those on escort duty were handling their affairs properly, they would be searching for you." He considers that as he fixes his attention on Laurwyn. "Did you have a place that you were to meet them at? Perhaps they have gone back there. If not, then yes, my brother and I can can offer our assistance. I am Sir Maelgwyn de Burcombe and he is Sir Celyn."

With broom in hand, Maerwynn steps out of the nearby shop where the sign of an apothecary hangs above the door. She brushes the stoop with the broom, though the nearby voices do gain a curious glance from the young woman who's gaze sweeps over those gathered together.

"Lady Amalthea de Dinton," Amalthea offers up in her own turn, though her amber eyes have returned to roaming the market square. More horses. She sees them. "Please do let me know if I can be of further service, or if my actions earlier may need reparation." She dips that chestnut-dark head of hers. "Until then, I shall leave you in these very capable hands." Because more horses. She starts to slip away towards them, moth to the flame.

Rhaine glances towards Maelgwyn breifly. The little blonde offers a small smile to the man as he agrees with her. She remains silent a moment but when people start introducing themselves she offers a polite introduction of her own as well. "Sir Rhaine de Wylye. It is a pleasure to meet each of you."

Laurwyn curtsies gracefully to those who offer up there names, the movement though causes a slightly wince and she frowns before raising. "Ouch.." She whispers hopefully more to herself than the others. "Lady Laurwyn de Woodford.." She offers in turn and then motions towards the corner on which she was standing. "This was where they were to wait, I had only the last stop before returning homeward.." Of course if that is the case then all the goods are missing as well.

Celyn raises his hand as his brother speaks his name. "I certainly have no issue with escorting a lady in need back to her home." He bows his head as well to Sir Martyn and Sir Raine as the other knights introduce themselves. However he can't help but stare a little too long at the Lady Amalthea as she walks off, a slight humming starting again as he does. Though he stops with a brief cough and returns his attention to the conversation. "Woodford is not far, at the least."

Maelgwyn check your Awareness at 15, you rolled 3.
Maelgwyn check your Awareness at 15, you rolled 10.

Maelgwyn catches the small smile that Rhaine offers him and he returns it with one of his own. "A pleasure to meet all of you, I assure you. Now then, to the matter at hand." He begins to glance towards the direction that Laurwyn has indicated but as he does so he catches her wince. He takes a step forward. "Lady Laurwyn, are you certain that you are uninjured from your fall?"

Laurwyn checked its honest of 10, it rolled 16.
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Martyn nods, filing away each of the names in his mind and offering polite nods to all. A brief pause and a smile to Rhaine. "You were the one I metat the blacksmith's, weren't you, Sir Rhaine. I hope things went well at the end?" Turning to look back towards Laurwyn, he looks about to say something, but waits for her to answer Maelgwyn first.

Hearing Maelgwyn speak up of injury has the healer's attention immediatly. Setting her broom aside near the doorway to her shop, she steps forwards, speaking up, "Is someone injured? I am a healer…" Hands wiped upon the apron over her skirts, hazel eyes taking in all.

Noticing the way Celyn's eyes linger on the departing lady has Rhaine looking faintly annoyed. She whispers something quietly to her squire and the ginger haired lass nods in agreement. If it happens to be overheard it sounds suspiciously like a comment on men and thier inability to focus. Rhaine also spots Maelgwyn as he smiles back at her but she looks to Laurwyn instead of him, studying the lady curiously and with a hint of empathy and concern. Martyn speaks and the blonde knight looks to him and nods. "Yes that was me. Its nice to see you again Sir Martyn. And things went as well as could be expected. It seems that all men be they knights or blacksmiths think I've some damsel that needs protecting or coddling. I assure you thats not the case." She narrows her eyes as she says this trying in vain to look intimidating, instead she just looks cute.

Pale skin can be a bitch and even in the flickering light of night descending a soft flush comes to Laurwyn cheeks and flows down towards her chest at Mael's question. "I am sure it is nothing, just.. a little stone or such.." She tries very hard to pass the lie and has stopped moving for now as if fearful of her own outbrust, but a little smile is forced on her features, but that soon is gone as she glances around once more. "I am sorry to cause any upset in this, it was not my hopes for the day…"

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Celyn checked his awareness of 9, he rolled 9.

"Pardon, Sir Rhaine, but my ability to focus is not the problem." Celyn's lips curl up into a grin that's somewhere between coy and self-depricating. "Merely where I choose to apply my focus." And then he adds in a wink for the knight, and a quick bright laugh. At least he doesn't seem to feel insulted by the comment, after all, he gets those comments from his siblings on a regular basis. Though when he returns his attention to Lady Laurwyn his expression is a bit more serious. "There is no upset to forgive."

"Don't judge them, Sir Rhaine. There's always things that brings out certain protective instincts in us men," Martyn replies, offering her a grin. "I'm sure you can take care of yourself." Turning back to the rest, he offers a quiet smile to Laurwyn. "There is no need to apologize, my lady. Such things happen. The missing escort and horse, how do they look?"

Maelgwyn check your Flirting at 12, you rolled 16.

Maelgwyn puts Rhaine out of his mind for the moment, a sad thing too because if there wasn't the possibility of an injured lady in front of him, he might be far more willing to give Rhaine plenty more attention. But there was this cute little thing in front of him that might be hurt and he wasn't going to just stand around and leave her in Celyn's hands. He turns and gives Maerwynn a nod. "It is possible. Can you come and see?" He looks over at Laurwyn and offers a charming little smile. "Please, Lady Laurwyn, allow this good woman to make sure that there is no permanent harm done?"

Maerwynn looks from Maelgwyn and Laurwyn both, studying the lady a little longer once the knight has answered, "That I Would do most gladly.." Check on the foot to make sure there's no injury, "I can do it out here, though if the lady would be more comfortable, we can step into my shop for a moment?" The offer is made with a gesture back to the door of the apoethcary.

Rhaine's eyebrow twitches as she turns to regard Celyn. She lifts her chin slightly and glares at the man. "So you willingly focus on pointless flirtations and chasing skirts? Well to each thier own but I warn you. If you ever wink at me like that again or attempt to turn your pitful attempts at charm on me I will be challenging you to a duel." The little blonde knight means every word and she regards Celyn with narrowed blue eyes. She still cannot manage to look scary though. Martyn's comment has her turning to him breifly but she just raises a brow at him. "Are you saying men feel the need to protect me? All the more reason to duel those that overstep thier bounds then."

Poor poor Laurwyn, this is so not her day for she looks from one to the other and even gives Rhaine a quick glance to see if any help comes from that direction but notices the Lady Knight is dealing with… other things. The delicate lady drops her head gently and gives a long sigh before she glances up again and nods towards Marlgwyn though she is not as pleased as one might hope, a little frown tugging at her lips as she moves to step towards Maerwynn. She pauses though to answer Martyn, "My horse is a smaller black mare with a muzzle of white and the House crest stitched into the saddle, there were two bags tired to her saddle horn.. the escort is in Woodford colors, one older male and one younger, as dark of hair as their horses…" It's that movement and pause that seems to be a cap on her day for Laurwyn cries out again as her leg gives out and she tumbles towards the ground once more.

Maelgwyn check your Dex at 9, you rolled 1.
Rhaine checked her Dex of 14, she rolled 15.
Critical Fail!
Maerwynn checked her dex of 13, she rolled 20.

Maerwyn offers another smile, even as she reaches the group, intending to help Laurwyn to the shop. Yet, it's a calamity of errors here, for as the lady trips and starts to tumble, Maerwyn attempts to reach out to her, only to get tangled up in skirts and step wrong herself. Down goes the healer, hopefully not on time of the very lady she was to help! Whoooops!

Celyn checked his dex of 10, he rolled 14.
Martyn checked his dex of 12, he rolled 16.

"Yes, pointless flirtations and skirt chasing takes some of the boredom out of life. As does ale, good song and the occasional game of knucklebones. Really helps one to unwind after a stressful day and not take life too seriously." At least Celyn manages not to wink at Rhaine, but that smile is nowhere close to fading, instead getting just a little bit wider. Sadly, he's not too quick on the uptake as both Laurwyn and the healer take a tumble. He moves forward in a failed attempt to catch the healer before she winds up on the street and potentially injured herself. Instead he bends over and offers her his hand. "Careful, it seems these streets are terribly uneven."

All thoughts on whether or not the woman reacted to his little smile go out of Maelgwyn's head as he watches her leg buckle. He tries to react more quickly than the last time and manages to catches her in his arms and keep her from falling. He is unable to prevent Maerwynn from falling down. He hopes Martyn is curteous enough to help the woman up as he is busy helping Laurwyn remain upright. "I have you, my lady. Do not worry, lean on me as much as you need to." He glances over at Maerwynn and frowns, hoping that she wasn't hurt. "Are you injured?"

"I'm saying that…" Martyn begins, before he offers another brief grin to Rhaine. "Wait, if I say more, you will probably just challenge me to a duel, right?" A brief pause, before he adds, "Not that I would not offer the chance for us to test our skills against each other, but probably better without duelling." He attempts to catch the falling healer as well, grimacing as he doesn't succeed. "Sorry…"

Laurwyn is caught up in Mael's arm and gasps softly as she tries to balance herself, and she does lean on his hard.. tho really she weights nothing so it can't be that bad for the large Knight. But as for putting anymore weight on her leg, it doesn't seem like a good idea, so she just blushes and her face turns to hide against the chest of Mael. "I am not having a good day.." She whispers before she tries to turn when she hears the healer falling, only causing a little more damage as she twist wrong and gasps again. OK that hurt, her eyes close and tiny little gasps come from between her lips as if trying hard not to call out again.

It's quite the eventful evening here in the market. Mael holds Laurwyn in his arms having just caught her before she might tumble on a bad ankle, while Maerwyn, the healer, has hit the ground, missed by others when she tripped as well. Hissing slightly, she turns and glances upwards, shaking her head as she murmurs, "Slippery spot there.." She glances at her hands, the heels of them scraped and somewhat bloody now, then up to Celyn as he offers a hand down to her to help her back to her feet, "Sorry, good sir, I don't wish to get you all bloody…" If he insists, she will take his hand, only after wrapping it in a bit of her apron to keep from getting him dirty. "Thank you.." If she's managed to hurt herself further, she hides it a little better. Nothing broken, or twisted. AT least, not apparaent. "Let's get you to the shop and look to your ankle?" That to Laurwyn, though when she turns to walk, she's limping a little herself.

Maelgwyn check your Str at 15, you rolled 2.

There's a shake of Celyn's head at the comment from the healer. "Nonsense. A little blood never bothered me." And he does indeed insist on helping her to her feet. Skirt chaser he may be, but a skirt chaser with manners. He looks over to his brother with a raised brow, and mouths a silent 'Carry her.' As if his brother needed the hint. He then turns and offers his arm to the seemlingly limping healer, no comment on the unevenness of the street or on the lip, just an offer of a little support.

Seeing that the woman on the ground is able to get up on her own, Maelgwyn focuses his attention on Laurwyn. She seems to be in more pain than she first let on, and he's not entirely sure if she should put too much weight on her injured leg or ankle (he's not entirely sure which is hurting her). "Forgive me." He murmurs to her under his breath. Bending his knees, he then picks her up in his arms, making sure that he is not putting any pressure on the injured leg. "Celyn, make sure to hold the door open." Not that his brother needs any reminder of that.

Laurwyn isn't paying as much attention as she should, for one moment she is leaning against the Knight she has just met and then next she is up in his arms and her eyes go wide. THe lady doesn't fight tho, really not moving at all as she turns her face into his chest, a mix of embarrassment and pain making her go silent and try to hide.

Selivant is making his way through the market of Sarum, when he comes across the gathering of individuals limping about uneasily or carrying others. He pauses to watch for a moment, before inquiring, "Is everyone alright? Does anyone need a hand?"

"Thank you good sir." Maerwynn murmurs to Celyn at the offer of his arm to help her back towards her shop nearby. "I'll be fine, once I wrap my knee a little.. but the lady.. we'll check and make sure she's not seriously hurt, hmm?" One might think she's rambling, but in all honesty, she's talking aloud what she needs to do. A glance over her shoulder towards Maerl as he carries Laurwyn is made, taking in the look of pain upon the lady's face, "And perhaps a tincture for pain that she could take once she's home and in bed, off what pains her."

"Not at all. If you need any assistance, my brother and I might be able to help. Our mother practices the healing arts, taught us a little." Not the Celyn picked up on it all that well. He takes Maerwynn on his arm and the lead for his horse in the other, escorting the healer back towards her shop, only pausing a moment to quickly loop the reins around something to keep the animal where it is. And then he's tugging open the door, holding it for the others to file in before ducking inside himself.

"Apologies." Maelgwyn murmurs under his breath once again, following Celyn and the healer towards the shop, making sure to be very careful not to jostle or bump Laurwyn into anything. Last thing he needed was to be responsible for causing the woman any further injury. As they get to the door, he gives Celyn a nod and then carefully carries Laurwyn inside.

— in the apothecary —

There is a little shake of her head against Mael's chest and the little lady sighs as she whispers, "Not your fault Sir Maelgwyn.." She offers but there is pain in her voice as she turns and blinks gently at the different light/air in the shop. "My grand nephew is going to be so upset when he returns.." Laurwyn shakes her head at that, more muttering to herself than anything else.

As they all step within the shop, Maerwynn is already issuing some orders, "To the back there are some stools and chairs, please place her on one." Turning to Celyn, she thanks him, but nods at the offer of help, "Perhaps.." To Laurwyn, she asks, "Can you tell me what happened to your leg? And where does it hurt the worse?" She limps over to the side, fetching a basket of what looks like long bandages, along with a few other things, and carries them back to wherever she's taken a seat, to settle upon a low stool herself. Glancing to the two men, she does murmur, "If you could turn your backs.." Never nice for men to see a lady's skin, right?

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Maelgwyn check your Awareness at 15, you rolled 15.

Celyn shuts the door behind him once inside the shop, looking around at the various things for sale, eyes darting this way and that as he whispers under his breath, almost as if quizzing himself on the various plants. A bad habit left over from his childhood trying to learn the art under his mother. He walks over to one of the cabinets, giving an experimental sniff as he does. Though he does give Maerwynn a momentary look at the instruction, but nods and turns his back on the two women.

"Very well." Maelgwyn grunts out at Maerwynn, his attention shifting from Laurwyn's well-being to getting her positioned comfortably on a chair. During that time he hears her remark about her grand nephew and it strikes him as extremly odd. Odd enough that he gives her a quizzical glance for a brief moment while he is setting her down on the chair. Another moment passes and he places a stool in front of the chair, allowing Laurwyn to rest her foot on it if she desires. "I… I have some knowledge of healing, what can I do?"

Laurwyn checked its awareness of 10, it rolled 6.

Even in her pain Laurwyn notices the odd look by Mael as she is placed down, she blinks and opens her mouth, only to flush gently as she clears her throat. "I was an unexpected surprise for the family.." As if that would make anymore sense as the lady turns her attention to the Healer and frowns gently, "From my knee to the ankle, I.. was ran into earlier and most have hurt it.." She admits, her cheeks flushing as she glance from the Healer and up to Mael. Celyn isn't being ignored, but he's being nosy behind her back as it were.

Maerwynn checked her awareness of 15, she rolled 5.
Maerwynn checked her profession of 15, she rolled 12.

To Mael, since Celyn has already turned about, Maerwynn gestures to the back, "Go through there, and you'll find pot of water hanging near the fire. It'll be warm. Bring it here so I can wash.." She's already spied a cut on the lady's ankle that needs tending. "Also, when you return, bring me the mortar and pestal there on the counter.." She'll test Celyn's knowledge of herbs, calling out a few and where he can find them, so he can help as well. Everyone's got tasks! With her hands under the lady's skirts, she checks briefly, brows furrowed, "From the swelling, it feels as if you've twisted your knee. Didn't help that you likely continued to walk on it instead of finding somewhere's to rest.." Tsks to the lady!

The guidance of where he can find the various herbs likely saves Celyn numerous embarassments as he gathers together the various requested items in an empty bowl. Calling back the different herbs as he adds them to the pile. Perhaps not such a useless cad after all. He carries the bowl over to Maerwynn and holds it out in her direction, keeping his eyes carefully averted from the Lady Laurwyn, lest he catch a swtich or slap upside his head. Or worse his brother decides to take action.

Critical Fail!
Celyn checked his chaste of 7, he rolled 20.
Celyn checked his lustful of 13, he rolled 8.
Maelgwyn check your Chaste at 7, you rolled 15.
Maelgwyn check your Lustful at 13, you rolled 5.
Maelgwyn check your Awareness at 15, you rolled 10.

Maelgwyn follows the instructions, going into the back and fetching the pot of water and some cloths that are nearby. When he steps back into the room, he makes sure not to get in Celyn's way as his brother is off seeing to all the herbs that the healer will need. Placing the pot of warm water and the cloths near Maerwynn, he can't help but be tempted by the sight of seeing a little more than he ought to see. He takes advantage of it for a moment, then glances up to catch his brother doing the same thing. He grins.

Laurwyn checked its awareness of 10, it rolled 18.
Celyn checked his awareness of 9, he rolled 18.
Maerwynn checked her awareness of 15, she rolled 2.

Of course, maybe a small peek wouldn't hurt. Celyn tries to dart his gaze in Laurwyn's direction while not being too obvious about his peeping. Afterall, it's not everyday you get to see the pale skin of a fair lady. He usually ends up with a lower sort. He doesn't even manage to catch his brother's conspiratorial grin, he's a bit too occupied, and likely later will jest blame the not so small bit of ale he had earlier.

Laurwyn has no clue that the boys are looking, she is biting her lower lip as she glances at the Healer, "We all do what needs to be done.." She points out as if trying to excuse her actions, but her shoulder slump, "If I had my horse it would not be a problem to stay off the knee, but with her missing.." She worries her bottom lip now, the lush fullness turning red at the action.

Maerwynn turns to Celyn when he arrives with the various herbs, thanking him for fetching them, and nodding when it seems he even got the right ones! Then comes Mael with the water pot and all. However, as she glances up to thank him, she notices that he's eyeing the lady's ankle, and grinning at his brother who's doing the same thing. "Ahem, Sirs!" She is quick to cover up Laurwyn's leg, not that she'd shown off /too/ much to their gazes. "Backs turned now." So says the healer, and she does nothing until they do turn around. "Now, no peeking again… or I'll ask you to leave the shop entirely!" Hmmph! "Well, milady.. you will need to stay off this knee or it will get worse.." She goes about grinding up some of the herbs, adding a little water, and making a poltice for the cut, to draw out any infection that might have set in from the dirtiness of the street. It's wrapped in a bit of cloth before she glances to the men, then edges up Laurwyn's skirts enough so she might get a better look at the knee, then wrap it as well. Before too long, she's done, Laurwyn's skirts back down covering her safely, "If you have a healer at your house, let her know she should change the wrap on the cut tomorrow. Just check it to make sure there's no redness. If there isn't you should be good to leave it open. As for your knee, you should try and stay off of it for at least three days even if the swelling goes down before then. If it doesn't go down, then remain off of it for at least one day after it does…"

Celyn opens his mouth to protest the accusation, then thinks better of it and closes his jaw. When he does speak it's to offer a rather chastised sounding, "Apologies, my lady". He offers a quick if slightly stiff bow and turns to head back into the front of the shop where he can't see what's going on. Trying to look is one thing, being caught in the act is quite another. But once his back is turned he can't help but shoot his brother another of his grins. Burcombes.

Maelgwyn check your Honest at 13, you rolled 8.

Maelgwyn gives the healer a glance and shrugs. "Yes, I was looking at her ankle. Is that really all that bad?" Sighing, he shakes his head and turns his back on Laurwyn and the healer, giving his brother a look that says 'Prudes'. "Let us know if we can be of any other service while you see to her, healer. Then I shall escort her home."

scene fades with Laurwyn taken care of and returned 'home'

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