(514-03-31) Eels Make Meals of Naked Toes
Summary: Perin and Aeryn go on a picnic and end up in the water.
Date: 03-31-514
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Began this scene before Christmas and only today got around to finishing. Lost the beginning poses, but Perin sent word ahead that he would be arriving at Winterbourne Stoke to spend time with his betrothed. Aeryn met him just outside of the manor with her squire. They gave their squires freedom to roam a little, in the area, while Aeryn went to show Perin her favorite part of the river.

When Perin walks over to help spread the blanket, Aeryn does take two corners and allows him to do the same until it's spread out. The basket is then placed in the center and she looks back to her horse whose reins are wrapped once around a low hanging branch. He was happily munching on grass. Her attention goes back to Perin then. "I do hope you are hungry. I thought perhaps it would be good to get away from others for now and maybe try to get to know you."

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He's glad to help out, Perin seems to have something to do. Otherwise he's still trying to break more ice and not doing a good job of it. In a tavern, it was another arena. But here, it was serious, a chance to fail even. Well, not really, but it was a job to do and he was taking it serious. When he settles he nods. "I think that is a good way to get to know each other. Drop a little formality, so I can find a way to compliment how pretty you are without." Then a pause, a look over at the river, a flustering sigh, too forward perhaps. He inhales then tries to smile. "Just, be more open I mean."

When Aeryn does something, she gives it her all. This whole courting thing was new to her and she'd always been dedicating herself to being the best knight she could be. That determination had reflected in her skill in the challenges. Now though, the proverbial rug had been swept out from underneath her feet and she was falling. Wait, no, wait! "Ah!" In an attempt to try her hand at romance, she tries to sit gracefully, but her spur of her boot caught on the blanket and she's tumbling over the side of the rock into the water… taking the blanket and basket with her!

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He shouldn't of looked away, or made that comment, its set her off! And she tries to sit and stumbles, or he assumes that's what she was doing. Though he is chivalrous the same, and his instinct is to protect her. "Aeryn," he calls, reaching for her, missing but giving momentum to tumble in with her, or behind her. Hopefully not on her. That might be a breach, she's a knight, he's presumptious to assume she needs help, but she's a lady to him, and he must. Hopefully there are no eels close by. Close to shore, he stands in the water, sputtering, "Aeryn … " To find her at least, splahing his way towards her.

Her boot had caught and Aeryn tumbles over. When he reaches for her, she reaches for him, and they both splash into the river. She's not far from him and she gets to her feet, laughing, awkward as her tunic sticks to her, but laughing all the same, a blush in her cheeks because she had made an idiot out of herself by falling in, but she can't not laugh. "Sir Perin.." lifting a hand, she traces a drop of water off his cheek before she realizes what she is doing and she meets his eyes, startled. "Forgive me," she begs in a whisper.

Worried at first, he is facing towards the other bank as he splashes a moment. It is that laugh that catches him, he turns, and finds a chuckle in his throat. Before a hand can come up, she has a hand at his cheek and pulls some of the dripping water from his face. "No," he says a moment, almost too loud, it is more than a whisper. His eyes close, "I mean, nothing … to forgive Aeryn." Slowly his eyes open, searching hers, for some right way to do this thing, this courting stuff. To appease his family and hers, but her as well, to balance it all and make something of it. "It felt real, not just … duty." His hand comes up, near wet hair of hers, to keep it over an ear, but he pauses, '"May I?"

Aeryn lowers her hand, the blush in her cheeks even as she lowers her lashes over her eyes for the briefest of moments. It was new, all of it was, and she felt the same need he seemed to have. To accept it, to make it work and make the best of it, with him, for him, for their family. As she looks into his eyes again and sees the hand coming up, she gives an almost imperceptible nod, "Yes," her response is only marginally louder than a whisper, but it is an affirmation.

His hand moves such that he cherishes the touch, wet hair to his finger, the brush of fingers around her air. Delicacy in getting it to lay behind. Not presumptious at all, more reverring her allowance for him to do that even. Perin breaths lightly, hopefully warmth given between them. Careful in his care of her in that moment. "Do we need this more, falling over ourselves?" Half a grin, he finds her eyes again, "You have a lovely laugh Aeryn, thank you for sharing that with me."

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What Aeryn had expected and the touch he brings to her are completely different and she meets his eyes, sharing a half smile with him. Of everything she could say in that moment, every possibility that never crosses her mind, she opens her mouth, eyes on his, "Our boots are getting soaked." And that comes out.

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A sensual moment in his eyes, her words catch him. Perin blanks a moment, looks at her, tries to get a read. Then chuckles again, "Yes, they are, aren't they?" He offers a hand to help her out of the river, meaning to move there himself. "I suppose, we should move up before the eels make meals of our toes. I can start a fire …" That seems odd, middle of the day, he coughs, corrects, "I mean, so we can enjoy the picnic …" Not for camping or something.

Aeryn seems oblivious moment, so completely oblivious and when he mentions the eels, she squeaks, as if she weren't a knight, all courageous, and starts splashing towards the bank, allowing him to assist her. "A fire would be good to dry our boots." She seems fixated on those. She's soaking wet though, and cold. It makes climbing out, difficult.

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He tries to does help and as she struggles, his handa are firm. That squeak noted of course, giving her that glimpse of more feminine that armor easily hides, as does her prowess with her sword arm. The strength of both knights certainly capable. Perin helps her and comments, "And to get us warm, its too early for swimming." He seems in good spirits at least, the laugh of hers haunting his mind. "Perhaps this was a challenge, to see if I can swim well." Once she makes it up, he'sll climb his wet self onto the rock the same. "And as we're getting to know each other, no … I am not the best in the water." Said quitly, humbly even.

With his assistance, Aeryn is able to get out of the water, and she shivers again, glad she had left her cloak with her horse.. it was dry. Walking over, she collects it before returning to the blanket. beside it, she draws off her boots and leaves them beside it, blanketing herself with her cloak just after. Lifting her eyes to his, she gives a half smile. "I'm not the best at swimming either. I had so many other new things to learn, I never took the time." The basket is reached for and she offers him a covered bowl of stew, herself also, then the bread, cheese and fruits are brought out. A wineskin is on her horse and she looks back towards it. "One moment, I forgot the wine over there…"

His boots come off as she collects her cloak from the horse, Perin's mind on flint and steel and fire perhaps. "So many more interesting things, than walking with the eels?" On what to learn, seems he doesn't care for the thought of them either. What if one had gone over their feet. He might of wanted to stomp it then get out before another came along. When she looks up at him, he looks down, thoughtful. "Let me get it, if you can spare a few moments, I'll gather some wood too?" THough he bends down to take the stew, it may be warm still from when she took it from her home. He wants a bite or two first, and his eyes closing shows he enjoys it.

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When his boots follow, Aeryn looks at his feet. Barefoot, the both of them, that simply wasn't done and it makes her realize they were doing things a normal man and wife may do, but then something else would likely follow. The other things that a man and his wife would do. She hurriedly looks away, the telling blush in her cheeks just that… very telling. "Oh yes please," she hurriedly inputs at his suggestion, "Wood and wine, that would be perfect, thank you." She finishes setting out things. At his enjoyment of the food, she smiles brightly, a certain satisfaction in seeing your intended enjoy food you had made. She was quickly becoming a sap, and she fights against it. "My mother said I should learn how to cook and so I did."

The blush gets him more than anythigng else, Perin may not realize the full train of the thought, but looks to feet as well when she sort of puts the telling out their in her cheeks. Him looking at hers may not help the situation either. As they are under a tree or copse of trees that provide shade, the wood isn't too hard. He moves to start collecting before getting the wine. "Certainly, I may take this as a challenge you know. What is our protocol, we are both knights, should I give you a challenge too?" He may be teasing, but is straight faced and missing the mark a little perhaps by being too serious. Missing the smile at him enjoying her food, the sappiness may only be felt by her. "Ah, splended, I wish I could cook sometimes. Espcially when afield, it would be good to hunt game and prepare it instead of relying on another."

When he looks at her feet, Aeryn bends her toes down a little shyly as if trying to hide them. While he collects the wood, she gratefully covers her feet with her cloak, feeling suddenly exposed and absolutely silly. The food is set out in a neat as possible fashion within reach of them both. "I have no desire to fight a challenge right now," she lifts her head and smiles at him, "If I live through the one coming up, I intend on celebrating in the tavern after. I have not really spent a lot of time in one, but I will lift a mug to the honor of actually fighting such a famed knight."

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Coming back with wood, and wine even, Perin sets both down, digs out flint and steel to spark a fire if he can, careful of wet things. His eyes trail back seeking those toes she curled, they are now hidden, but its clear where his eyes were going. He pulls them back quickly himself, realizing now what he was doing. "Sorry," he even apologizes out of the blue for trying to steal that look, sheepish qualities returning to him. "If you live through that one, I will toast to you as well. You stand the best chance at least, amongst us, of making it a round or two with him. And no, no fighting challenges. The story book stuff, retrieve a flower, some rare fruit. I would, for …" He looks at her, her eyes, but is mindful now of their bare feet. Even with hers covered.

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Aeryn is much more comfortable talking about fighting, about all that knight training she does. It's different to be not her usual self around someone else, to be someone she usually is only in the safety of her manor home. Watching as his gaze looks for her feet again, she reaches for her stew, afraid she will make herself look daft should she comment on anything else at the moment. After several bites, she looks back to him again. "Then we will toast a drink together, should I survive. If I don't," she says with a half smile, "I like this time getting to know you." She eats a piece of cheese and smiles after, unware there is some on her teeth. Luckily, she follows the cheese with a bite of bread and it helps. "I have to go into Sarum, would you like to travel with me and Beth?"

"I'm sure you'll do quite well, Aeryn," grins Perin, forgetting title and such again. Or feeling comfortable. He sees that she opens up at least on the topic of fighting and the like. "Maybe a scar or bruise as a trophy to say you survived agains him. But I am confident." Then she says it, she likes this time. He nods agreement, "I do as well. I feel bad in a way we never much met before this, but then. I don't know, like the challenge when we didn't know each other, its becoming." For them at least, starting to get to know each other. He looks at her teeth, about to say something, but thank goodness for bread. He busies with his own food, and some wine to cover his glance. "I would enjoy that, yes. Bren wouldn't mind a day out to Sarum either. Do you want to hold that tavern for when you live or do you care to try a drink before we ride home?" ON that planned jounery.

"Thank you for the vote of confidence, Sir Perin." Aeryn notices him using her name without the title, but she has yet to do so, sort of reserving it for a later time, should it come, where she would be more comfortable with it. "I do appreciate it." As she eats, she falls silent, a bit more cheese, a bite of bread dipped into juices of her stew broth. "I admit stew is all I know how to make mostly. I still have trouble with the bread." Wanting to be honest about it at least. His invitation is met with a smile, "Yes, I would like to raise a glass with you before, in celebration perhaps."

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He is as comfortable with her still calling him Sir, noted, he will not pressure for any change. Its about their comfort level and he wants to be sure she is comfortable the same. "No complaints on the bread. You're far better at this than I am. At best, I could pick an apple from a tree. Assuming nothing else went wrong." Some apples can be downright pesky, trying to pull it off the stem and such. He seems to know that first hand by the look in his eyes. "There we go, now we all have cause to go to Sarum, you on your mission to the markets, me to celebrate the …. us?" He wasn'ty sure what they might celebrate, and it comes out off key, feeling he's being too forward.

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Aeryn finishes off all she is intending to eat of the meal before reaching for a drink of the wine. Of course, being a lady, her wine is diluted, so at half strength. She takes a drink before replacing the cork in the end and offering it to him. "I know you are talented at snow meals, it was good too." A smile plays over her lips and she gives a curious look soon after, at the suggestion. "Yes," she says softly. "We can celebrate us."

That compliment brings a smile to his face, "Well, I have been known to prepare for kings and dignataries you know." Perin is amused on that topic of snow meals, of course, him looking at her when that smile catches her. That and her soft voice too even. He leans over at that, as if towards her, but only to be closer it seems. A hand comes up, recalling the sensation of wet hair and ear. "Good," he agrees, the grin still there, his hand touches lightly at her cheek even, wanting drift back for that ear again. "I think that is something worth celebrating." And his eyes to dip down from hers there, right there, towards hers lips. That modesty seeming to have slipped a little.

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"I could think of no better meal to serve the Kings and Dignitaries." Aeryn agrees with a mild amusement. When he leans over, she tips her head back just slightly, surprised at the forwardness. Very surprised. Her eyes widen as she sees his eyes dip down to her lips, and they part as she takes in a breath. "Sir Perin," she protests, keeping her wits about her. "This is quite… improper."

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His fingers touch a little more when she notices his gaze and her lips part, he wasn't expecting that reaction. Perin is taken with it, a slighty deeper breath drawn, as if he might lean in and needs that breath before he does so. She says his name, slight protest certainly, then she reminds him of their place, the world around them. "I am sorry," he admits when she points it out, his cheeks showing a hint of color even at being caught in this position with her. "I couldn't help myself." His fingers drop a little, closer to her shoulder, not touching her. A close of his eyes, again wrong words too. "That is too forward, you are righ, Sir Aeryn. I have lost my senses."

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Aeryn is waiting with held breath, uncertain if he would press on with the kiss or if he would not. Even when he seems hesitant, it increases the uncertainty for her.. When he apologizes, she gives him the barest hints of a smile but the relief is almost palpable. As his eyes close, she closes her own, taking a deep breath before opening them again. "Sir Perin, would you be ready to return back to our squires? We have perhaps left them unattended too long." A diplomatic way of getting their chaperones back.

His hand comes back to his person completely, out of her space. "You are right, no telling what trouble they could be up to." Or, what these two could get up to if left alone as well. Perin isn't certain, but he doesn't want to offend Aeryn in any manner either. "I do look forward to going on this trip with you." To Sarum, or to Cameliard even. "I would like to call again, next time I'll be sure to focus on getting to know you." Not just how she feels or looks, as if to make up for his improper forwardness.

"We could travel to the wedding together, I think that is the way things are done. If you would like? I will be remaining in Sarum until the time for the tournament. The fields are ideal there for the training I need to do with Beth and then for myself, hopefully I can get in a few practice spars before time for the challenge with the famed Knight." Aeryn gathers things, leaving the wine for him if he needs a drink. It takes little time and she rises before remembering her feet are bare. A blush once more rises to her cheeks and she abruptly sits down.

"I would enjoy traveling with you, Sir Aeryn. The company is enjoyed." And it doesn't help, but he looks at her feet. Perin realizes and brings his eyes to hers, confident in the moment at least and a grin at the corner of his mouth. He does take one more drink, but helps where he can to pack up. "If you wish to spar, I could use some pointers. I would be glad to help you." In any way he can.

"I look forward to it, Sir Perin, the travel and the conversation." Aeryn cedes that, because she truly does enjoy it. No, it surely doesn't help when he looks to her feet and all those thoughts come rushing back. She hurriedly reaches for her boots to drag them on, wet or not! Once her feet are covered, she tugs her cloak around herself before rising again, ignoring the pink in her cheeks. "We could spar, I would like that. Last time it was for a name," she muses, "This time, it will be for another picnic perhaps."

Perin tries to keep his eyes on hers, but the pink is such a draw. As he moves slowly back to his boots just the same. "As do I, Sir Aeryn. I think it shall give us some time to get to know one another, or see how little I know of the countryside itself." Like identifying trees or birds or something one normally does during long travel. She catches him, "Ah, for a picnic, I see I have something worth fighting for now." Her, maybe that was too forward again, "Or was that what you wanted to claim for your win?" The smile drops, maybe that was too forward.

As she gathers things with him, the basket gets packed and the blanket folded and placed on the basket. All are put back with the horse before she turns to collect the wineskin from him. "The countryside is always interesting to explore. Perhaps we could do that as well at some point, with our siblings." For the moment, she stands beside her horse after unwrapping the reins. "I only thought it an interesting result, either way. Unless you prefer a meal at the inn. That would be acceptable also."

"Ah, now you are speaking to my heart Sir Aeryn," Perin returns. Too many pauses, but only a matter of seconds, "I mean, on exploring the countryside. Perhaps some day we can go farther up the Wylye than my siblings and I did when we were younger, I do remain curious. We can travel over land to Tilshead perhaps." If no one gets lost. Then he feels confident as she unwraps her reins, moving to his horse the same. "I think it is interesting, I would fight for a picnic with you. If you wish the same, perhaps the victor chooses the next location?"

With grace, despite the dampness of her clothing… (and the fire was put out by the way also) Aeryn slips a boot in a stirrup and lifts herself up into the saddle before putting on her gloves. "I accept those terms and it is the first to three, as always, right?" She gets her horse to a nice even gait and smiles over at him, "I agree though, traveling over the land and down the Wylye river, both."


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