(514-03-28) In the common room
Summary: Arta and Cerys discuss various subjects over something warm to drink.
Date: 514, 28th of March
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Arta takes a seat on one of the chairs around and oak table. "So nice that you could come for a visit." Arta smiles at Cerys "Have a seat."

Cerys takes a seat one the other side of the table than where Arta may be found. The young petite ginger smiles broadly, "Aye aye, thank you for the invitation. Travelling is one of the joys of life! Your home is just marvellous, I must say." She pushes a palm size doll across the table toward Arta. The doll is carved from the wood, but dressed up in tiny clothes of a young lady. "A gift." She smiles, "To guard harmonious aura inwithing the walla of your family."

Arta takes the finely carved doll into her hands and gently admires the wooden dolls handcraft and small details. "Thank you, this is very kind of you." Arta says while she focuses her eyes back on Cerys. "I hope your family has enjoyed the gods' favor as well, i presume someone in your family is a skilled carpenter?" She gets the two clay pitchers meant for drinking. She then lifts the can of warm drink and pours the steaming drink into the two pitchers before she serves it to Cerys and herself. She then sits back down onto her seat.

Cerys' smile grows wider, when Arta's appreciation is obvious. It's always nice to see people enjoy the gift you gave. The young ginger chuckles, "Forest is almost our home. We do live on the edge of it. Forest is our chapel, forest is our food, forest is our leisure, forest is our money." She nods, "Of course that we have these, who know well how to turn a branch of a tree into the art!" She does sound proud, talking about her home and possible talents, "But enough about Tisbury. Please, tell me more about this city. I must admit that I found beauty in history just recently. So, my knowledge is limited in the field."

Arta nods at Cerys in an attentive manner. "The history of the Cholderton manor. There is so much to tell." "We have always been the manor that gets hit among the first when the Saxons decide to raid Salisbury. If they get that far even. Carlion and St. Albans are only few of the battles the men of our house have fought in." she chuckles "And so on consequently we have a long history of stitching and patching men up and protecting and helping at the rebuild efforts after a raid." she pauses to catch her breath before she continues "Sometimes i wonder if Silchester has anything to do with Saxons in other ways than warfare." she then proceeds into taken a sip from her pitcher. "I presume you know how to read and write since you are interested in history lessons?" Arta smiles at Cerys "I studied Latin under an experienced old Chirurgeon. One of the best teachers money can buy since a monastic school was out of question unfortunately."

Cerys leans her elbows against the table and sets her chin on her clasped fingers. She leans her head to the side and listens for a story most curiously and excited. She does not interrupt until Arta makes a longer pose. "Oh, that is the only thing I know about Cholderton. The part about being hit first. Really sorry to hear about that, but hey! It just makes you stronger, right?" She beams and then takes the mug of warm served drink. Cerys moistens her lips before speaking again, "I know how to write and read quite well. My uncle is very intelligent man. So, he gave all his knowledge to me and I tried to consume as much of it as possible. So, I didn't have to spend even the tiniest coin to learn!" Cerys laughs, "I payed in quality time, amusing the old man."

Arta feels delighted that her guest is enjoying herself, frankly Arta is enjoying this conversation herself too, its a nice change to talking with the opposite gender. "When i was younger i spend a lot of time outside Salisbury. I was studying the art of medicine. Its hard to describe that time with words, literally i followed my teacher from village to village at times tending to the sick and wounded. At another time we spend periods of time poring over books of ancient wisdom during my apprenticeship. Then i finally one day returned here at Cholderton. It felt good to be back home." Arta stops here with a subtle smile when she remembers the sweet feeling of coming home.

"I have knowledge of the first aid myself, but I was never fond of it. Simple wounds, fainting, or mildly broken ends do not scare me, though, heavy open wounds… It makes me grow pale," she sighs a little bit disappointed, but a gulp of a drink brings a wide smile back in her freckled features, "But don't you feel lost now? I mean, you used to travel, heal people, your life was super busy. Now, you are back home. Things settled down. Don't you find yourself bored?"

Arta thinks this through before she comes to a conclusion "I was never quite good in the saddle. Which is quite embarassing methinks. I could only very narrowly avoid slipping off the saddle when my steed was spooked by something. Gods' i haven't even kept count how many times that horse threw me off the saddle because it didn't feel like cooperating with me." Arta catches her breath "I believe i miss some aspects of my past life but my place is here in Cholderton, these people have as great need of my skills than those farther away. Mind you, if you ever need help beyond that of a first aid, you know where to find me."

Cerys laughs, imagining how pampered horse tosses Arta to the ground. It must be a funny view. Though, the young woman does not make any more comments about that. Instead she takes another sip of her tea, "Thank you for your hospitality and kindness. It's always a pleasure to meet such open and friendly people. May i ask if you will participate in the wedding?"

Arta nods "Yes, yes indeed. It is nice of you to ask. I was just thinking earlier today that i could use some help with what to wear for the wedding party." she gazes dreamily of the distance. "I have a special someone i wish to impress and i need a little help to do it. We could talk about it later when the time is." She then blinks and focuses back on Cerys "I presume you are coming to the wedding, have you any plans?"

Curiosity strikes Cerys' like a swift arrow. She straightens up in her seat and stabs amused gaze into the tip of Arta's nose, "Special someone? Aww… Won't I be able to hear who he is? Mentioning something, but giving no details is equal as if someone would give me to nip on a ginger cookie, but wouldn't allow to finish it up." Cerys giggles and adds after finishing up her tea.

"I should be there. Do not have a dress yet as I do not have anyone to impress. Though, I am sure the feast will be marvelous and there will be plenty of good looking and even better tasting dishes! So, why not, right?" Cerys stands up.

"I could help you chose the dress. Though, I can't make any promises. I am not fully sure how long I will stay here. Thank you for your hospitality and a drink." Cerys curtsies, "You are always welcomed in Tisbury. If you will excuse me now…"

Arta nods "It was nice to talk with you Cerys."

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