(514-03-27b) Lord of Ravaged Lands
Summary: In the wake of Pictish raiders, the knight of the manor returns.
Date: March 27, 514
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As the riders ride closer to the group, their heraldry is pretty much the same: every tabard has the coat-of-arms of their family: a purple and silver field with emblazoned with a silver lion on each side the colors are split. One of the riders seems to be somewhat aged already, though time has done him great favors; surely, for a man that appears past his prime, to ride in full armor would be a challenging task. The others are younger but look very much like the older man. They all have concerned faces and appear tired, as though they have traveled for a long time.

As they slow down, recognizing the others as fellow knights of the realm for their garb if nothing else, he approaches, cautiously. "Hail, sirs," and a glance to the ladies Seren and Lysanor, protected as they are by a contigent of knights and squire of their own, "and ladies. I am Sir Caradog de Otrei, the lord of these lands," despite the coolness in his tone and mannerisms, it is likely that the intrepid group might realize that the knight is holding back the tension of seeing his fief in such shambles, "what has happened here?"

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Kamron is still ahorse and his axe, shield, and right arm are bloodied from battle, for all that he took no wounds. He wheels his horse toward the newcomers, "Sir Kamron de Dinton. These people were being attacked by raiders of some sort. Without any defense, we thought it best to aide them." That could definitely come off as critical of the Lord of the fief. "There was a woman here, but I believe she ran when we struck the raiders."

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Nestled within the safety of her family and friends who now form a barrier around herself and Seren, Lysanor looks upon the approaching group on horseback with caution. Surely, she must know that these were not Picts or any other invader, in fact, they ride with banners flying high. And yet, she is still disturbed and running on nervous adrenaline as the others grow near. For now, rather than speak up, she will allow her brother to do so, if he cared to. Her eyes do fall upon Kamron when he is the first to speak and once the strangers are told of the tragedy that occurred here, she turns a curious gaze back to the men once more.

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Cyndeyrn is still astride his mount and near the ladies when the newest set of riders approach. Moments prior, he had spoke of perhaps going and tying the chief or any other survivors to drive with them, but with the sound of yet another approach his instinct is once again toward protecting the fairer portions of their party. Thus he quickly draws his horse about to place himself between the approach and the two women. "I am Cyndeyrn ap Cynfarch, also of Dinton, Sir Kamron is my cousin and I can attest to his own telling, and that we intend no harm. We have been several days riding from Salisbury and hoped we might find a place to rest, or even some news from the manor here, but came to find it under attack, many of the men killed and the raiders intent on further abuse of those remaining. Many are slain, you can see them about, but perhaps not all. If any speak our more civilized tongue, they might be questioned and then put to man's judgement, and then the Lord's soonafter."

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Arian is still getting her bearings after the pict attack. Her own sword has been sheathed and the pict sword is tucked away for safe keeping. She is fussing with her horse's saddle and bridle when the knight and lord approaches. Her eyes flick between the others, she does not seem keen on launching into a very detailed description of what happened, perhaps because she is still processing it. She leaves the talking to the menfolk for once, putting on a cool and distant demeanor.

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Acwel, for his part, doesn't introduce himself. He says nothing at the newcomers, except to stare at them, sheathing his sword after he wipes the blood off of the blade with a black cloth. What he does do is remove his helmet, sweat running down his face from the exertion of the fight.

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Acwel rolls 1d20 and gets (6) for a total of: (6)

Kamron's response has the Lord of the manor narrowing his eyes, his hand reaching for his sword — until he is stopped by who appears to be his son. The impulsive sort, it appears. "Without any defense? I left my armsmen here to protect the folk as I was out to fight for my liege lord, /Sir/." Another assuage by his son and the man's demeanor changes a little, guided, perhaps, by an object, "Where is my wife, Lady Aderyn? I must speak to her at once!" And the knight hops off of his mount to search for his wife, it seems.

"Forgive my father's impatience. We have been engaged in a long fight against a blackguard only to return home and see this. I am Sir Aled de Otrei," his son intones, "and these are my brothers, Sirs Alwyn, Colwyn, Deiniol and Eifion. At your service."

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Newt comes up with a cloth, and Kamron takes it, wiping the blood off the head of his axe and then slipping the axe home at his belt. He bristles at the older man's bristling, then lets out a breath. His words come out a bit grudging when he responds, "I'm sorry to hear that. There was a woman here when we arrived, as I said. We haven't had a chance to search yet." He pauses again, glancing to Acwel and Cyndeyrn, lifting his brows in question — which may well get lost in the grumbling and the flames and the darkness.

"His distress is understandable," Cyndeyrn will say. "This is not a happy homecoming, and I hope your lady mother found some place to hide unarmed among the chaos we came upon. The only woman we did see, yes, as my cousin says… I do not know if she was the lady of the house, though at a glance I did not think her so. But if she escaped harm perhaps others did also." After introductions are exchanged with the troop of other young knights, he looks back among the remnants of the recent violence. "If you need our assistance here, we would gladly offer it. My sister Lysanor, who travels with us, knows much of healing beyond a squire's basic lessons."

Having remained behind through the entirety of the battle against the Picts, Lysanor did recall seeing a woman from a very far distance, but is uncertain as to where that one may have run off to. Even now, she takes in their surroundings, as a cold wind forces her bright red tresses to whip about her face from beneath the hood of her cloak. Hearing her name mentioned, the Dinton maiden's head turns to regard both her brother and the one whom Cyndeyrn speaks with with some curiosity, before she nudges her steed a few steps forward as if to make her presence known.

The Pagan knight has fully dismounted, and has collected the reins of her mulberry gelding. She offers Lysanor a soft smile as she steps forward, but then she is looking at the Lord with a worried furrow to her brow. She glances back at the manor, as if trying to decide if the woman they had seen was part of the noble line. Her memory is fragmented by adrenaline and action, and she cannot even recall what she was wearing. Her brow furrows worriedly.

When the woman comes back again, she's accompanied by the Lord as they seemingly converse, her head lowered, perhaps in shame. And truthfully, she wears the clothes of a commoner, rather than a lady of any station. As such, the younger knight turns to the group and asks, "Was that the woman you saw? It is Esylld, the lady's maid. Perhaps she might know something," Aled admits, though he leaves his father to do the questioning of the maid.

Caradog calls out his other sons, ordering to help him and so they disperse, riding in each direction as they search for the lady in question. And perhaps those who managed to escape the raid, if any. "Where do you come from? And how did you get here? Tell me what happened," the young knight requests of them, somberly.

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Kamron shrugs at the query about the woman, "All I saw was a brunette, and that she was being hit. And then we were charging." At least he's willing to admit that he's imperfect. That's the first step, right? To the other question, he glances to his cousin and The Woodford, then shrugs, "We are Earl Robert's knights, on our way to Exeter." He'll allow someone else to go into the 'why,' and explains, "We rode up, hoping to seek shelter for the night, and saw that the manor was under attack. We charged immediately, and through the grace of God, were able to overcome them without casualties. It's unfortunate that we weren't able to arrive sooner."

Coming back around as the Lord returns with this anonymous woman in tow, Cyndeyrn can give at least a fairly confident nod. "I believe that is her," he answers of the now-identified maid. "Although as my cousin says, none of us had much chance to see her well, but she can answer and confirm it either way. Unfortunately, we can offer little more detail than I have given you already. Indeed, it is much as Sir Kamron says, and the attack I think was well under way by the time we arrived, all the men who might have defended the hall already slain and the invaders settling in to eat and drink of your own stores." He kindly does not repeat mention what they were doing, or planning to do with the maid, now that she is here.

Perhaps, for now, there is no need to explain the 'why' of their journey, so Lysanor speaks nothing of their reason, allowing for her family to inform Caradog's son of the violent scene which they happened upon. There was little for her to add, though she does lower her head in silent prayer and crosses herself for the dead who still lie in the raider's wake.

"It is true," the maid remarks, as she approaches with Caradog, "they came to our defense, and I fled. They ambushed us," her eyes well up with tears, and they fall as she loses control of her emotions, as the experience was nothing short of devastating. She refrains from saying anymore, glancing up to Cyndeyrn in thanks.

"She told me what happened," the older knight then looks towards Kamron, "and I apologize for my words. You have kept my manor from even greater ruination and though I wish I could repay you, as it stands," he smiles a little sadly, "I cannot do much. But a year from now," he continues, "should you wish hospitality in my lands, you shall have it. It is my knight's debt to all of you." A pause, and he replies, "I know you have done much for me and my own already, but I have a favor to ask."

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Kamron purses his lips, nodding to accept the other man's apology. He should probably apologize himself for his intemperate words, but his stomach hurts like the blazes from the spear-thrust earlier, and he rubs at his mailed abdomen with his right hand. "It was only doing what any knight would do." He'll let the leaders of the expedition decide if they're going to be further diverted.

"There is no need to repay a knight's chivalric duty, nor simple Christian kindness, though I am sure we would be honored to visit and stay with you in the future," Cyndeyrn gives in a polite reply. "As it is, I am sure you will have much to do, repairing and rebuilding." With the hint of another request, he will merely note, "If it will not delay us from the trip and task we already undertake, we will do what is within our power."

Acwel simply nods to Cyndeyrn's words, content to stay quiet. The battle winded the energy out of him, however usually diligent he is with his tasks. Figures; drenched in blood, sweating and exhausted from heavy fighting.

"I believe it does not go counter to your journey, quite the opposite, my wife's family's holdings are in the direction to Exeter. Esylld told me that my wife and my daughters managed to flee the raid, heading with a number of my servants there. I would like you to stop by and tell her to come back in a month's time," Sir Caradog requests, "My sons and I will stay to see what damage was done to the village proper, and start the process of rebuilding what was destroyed."

When the favor is asked of them, Lysanor looks somewhat relieved, for that is the way they were doing. However, she does hold some concern on her features in wonderment if the man's wife and daughters truly had made it to the safety, especially as they don't know if there are more Picts out there along the roadside. Of course, she feels there is no need to voice this at all. "I will pray for you, to give you and your family the strength to rebuild and overcome this terrible tragedy." She finally speaks up in a somber tone, giving the place one last look before they decide to depart.

The tears that spring to the eyes of the maid draw a faint frown from the Laverstock knight. She takes a step forward, drawing her mulberry gelding along. "You will have to forgive us, it has been a long ride and an even longer night." Between chasing down peasant boys to fighting picts, it is no wonder nerves are a bit threadbare. She shakes her head slightly, reaching up to rub her knuckles into the jaw of her charger. She nods with Cyndeyrn at his reassurances. When the Knight offers the mission, she glances to the others. "If it is on our way, I'm certain we can make a short visit…"

Kamron finally seems to be recovering himself, pulling off his mailed mitts and tucking them behind his belt. He then reaches up to scrub a hand back along his hair, scruffling it up before he winces and puts a hand back on his stomach. Looking back to Cyndeyrn and Acwel, he nods to himself, "We can absolutely do that, Sir." A gesture to Arian causes him to nod once more, "It has been longer than I would like. My apologies for my behavior. We will pass along your message."

All seem in agreement and Cyndeyrn will not be the one to break it, nodding along with the others. "I am sure your Lady Wife will be most relieved to know that you have returned and your home has been recovered, despite the harm done. We will be most happy to be bearers of a little good news in the midst of all of this."

"Thank you," Caradog then removes a chain necklace from his neck, offering it to Cyndeyrn. "Give my wife this, so she knows what you speak is the truth. She will know. This will also ensure her family's hospitality to you, as I cannot repay for your help with this matter." He looks to the ladies, offers a knightly salute to them — as does his son, of course — and climbs on his horse again. "Safe travels," and off he goes.

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