(514-03-26) A walk by the stream
Summary: Arta and Cynrain discuss the possibility of an alliance by the stream running past the Cholderton manor.
Date: 514, March 26th
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The sound of horses galloping in the distance are carried by the wind and felt by bare feet on the earth. Cynrain and his squire approach. After passing the Bourne River, they slow their pace and their horses stride towards the Manor of Cholderton.

Arta is sitting outside enjoying the fresh spring breeze. Suddenly she hears something that drowns the chirping of the birds. Thundering hooves against ground. Arta squints her eyes to see two figures on horseback approaching the manor. She stands up, while she doesn't recognize the men on the horses they are too well dressed to be common bandits or looters which is why she stays where she is at and waits for them to get closer.

As the two approach, Cynrain looks to his squire and nods. The squire moves forward turning his horse sideways as he looks to Arta. The squire speaks, "Good day mi'lady. Sir Cynrain de Durnford is here to speak with your Head of House, or whoever is available to hear the words of our Lord, Sir Owain de Durnford."

Arta beams at the squire "That would be me since the eldest born is unfortunately indisposed." She looks up to Cynrain "Pleased to meet you sir. I am Arta de Cholderton. Lady and the second born of the manor." "Are you planning on staying longer or are you just visiting here?" Arta says as she ponders what this visit might concern.

The squire moves aside and Cynrain approaches, "My Lady..I apologize for my sudden appearance. My father sends request and has asked that I be the one to speak his message. May I dismount? Or shall I speak from here. I do not wish to be any more of an inconvenience than already presented to you."

Arta checked her proud at 13, she rolled 19.

Arta she shakes her head at Cynrain "No need to give oneself airs, at least for now. What does your father request from the Cholderton's?"

Cynrain dismounts and places on hand behind him. He recites the message his father gave to him.
"Honorable house of Cholderton, our families have fought in many of the same battles, bled upon the same earth, fought the Saxons in the Siege of Carlion, and protected our lands. With the spinning of the wheel of time, our Houses continue to endure, continue to honor the Old Ways, the Old Gods, and while many of our Households are accepting and tolerant of the rising Christian and Roman Christian Houses, we can not overlook the importance of possessing Allies, will you agree to ally with our House? Should aid ever be needed, we shall ride to it. and likewise. We have no known enemies among us, however, it is always a wise strategy to be prepared in case we do.
More war is surely to follow, let us fight with strength in numbers."
Afterwards, Cynrain bows slightly and says, "Thank you for allowing me to relay my father's words."

Arta nods at Cynrain serenely "And i will gladly accept. Tell your father the good news." She smiled at Cynrain. "I hope we meet again under less hurry. I'd like to know you and your people even better."

Cynrain nods to Arta and smiles warmly, "That will make my father and our family very happy." he looks over at her and extends his hand to her, "Would my Lady care to show me around her land?"

Arta checked her energetic at 13, she rolled 1.

Arta tilts her head at Cynrain curiously. "Its a beautiful countryside, sir. I would be befuddled at a person that denies it." she then entwines her fingers with Cynrain's while begins to lead him towards the stream in the spring called the Bourne river that provides the water for the manor's plantations as well as for the farm animals "Spring smells special, don't you think?" a moment of awkward silence passes before she talks again "Regarding the alliance and the Saxon threat, at what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? if it ever reaches us. If destruction be our lot."

Cynrain offers a gentle squeeze of her hand after she entwines her hand in his. As they walk and she speaks of spring, a small smile adorns his lips. It grows in its brilliance during the awkard silence. Finally, when she finishes her final question, he addresses her words. "Spring is the harvest.. the celebration of new life. The first fragrances of flowers blossoming and for some, the scent of new babies breath.. Everything has risen from the winter's entropy. Spring delivers with it, the most beautiful and vibrant of colors, along with the innocence of purity." as she mentions the Saxons, he shakes his head, his expression growing more grim, "I only know of what my father spoke of in the past. There were Saxon raids that effected us here at home. The peasant villages were undefended and sacked… many peasants lost everything. While the Knights fought off the barbarians, it did little to ease the suffering of the peasants." his eyes hold a strange zeal to them when he speaks, "I would see more Houses united in alliance in order to ensure that such doesn't happen again."

Arta grimaces ever so slightly "I lost my grandfather to a Saxon raid five years after the night of the knives and my father was taken away by a foul illness." she takes a deep breath "Tell me about yourself, Sir Cynrain." she looks Cynrain into eyes while they walk the edge of the Bourne river towards the plantations. "How did you become a knight?"

Cynrain meets her gaze and smiles once more, "Of course my Lady. I squired under Sir Dafydd de Durnford. He was a bachelor knight who served my father. I accompanied him through the missions he had to attend to in Salisbury. Afterwards, I was knighted a few years after my eldest brother and heir to House Durnford, Sir Selivant de Durnford."he reaches up to brush some hair from his brow, "Though I am no one special, mi'lady… I shall serve my family's needs and do what I can to ensure their growth and glory. Afterwards, I expect I'll fall in the field of battle and gift my family with one last ounce of glory to carry our name through the ages."

Arta nods serenely as she falls awkwardly silent at Cynrain waiting for him to come up with a subject because Arta can not think of anything relevant to discuss. Perhaps she is a little nervous?

Cynrain smiles again, "Apologies, mi'lady.. I'm not the greatest conversationalist.. Though I am curious to know more about you and your family. I am sorry to hear about your father.. but what of your mother and brothers?"

Arta chuckles almost inaudibly. "Loghaire has been rather indisposed lately. I haven't seen him since- since i don't even remember." "My mother however. She still lives."

There's a nod of his head and Cynrain looks to her once more, "That is good to know. So will you be attending the celebrations for Arthur's wedding?" he smiles at her, "I think it's going to be an event to remember.

Arta checked her flirting at 3, she rolled 9.

Arta blushes at Cynrain. "I didn't know there was a wedding to be held." "How did you find out?"

Word spreads quickly when you travel the land. And a King's son getting wed is not something you overlook. I believe there will be a tourney as well. I'm hoping I'll have the honor of participating in it. Win or lose, it will be a great honor to be able to represent my family in front of the King." he looks to Arta then and smiles again, she relaxed him… smiling seemed to come easy for him. "Now that you know, do you think you might attend?"

Arta nods at Cynrain "Yes, i do attend the wedding if the stars will it." She then gesture to in front of them. "These are a part of the plantations in Cholderton." irrigation rows have been dug between the muddy benches where the peasants would plant the seeds once the earth would be soft enough to be formed with hoes, shovels and rakes.

Cynrain checked his romance of 10, he rolled 15.

Cynrain nods his head, "Than I hope I will see you there." he looks to the muddy benches and says, "Interesting indeed." looking back to her, Cynrain adds, "Apologies, my lady.. I fear that I must depart now. Father will be anxious to hear of what has transpired." he brings her hand to his lip and gently kisses the top, "Thank you for allowing me to bring him good news."

Arta checked her romance at 2, she rolled 16.

Arta blinks after Cynrain and just stands there breathless. A deep red hue of red on her cheeks.

Cynrain bows his head to her and says, "Take care.. I hope our families can gather soon. And I look forward to the next time we would cross paths." he moves to his rouncy and mounts the steed. He tugs on the reigns and nods to her, "Farewell, mi'Lady."

"Farewell, Sir Cynrain." Arta said.

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