(514-03-25) Friendly Alliances
Summary: A necklace and a gauntlet… both are thrown.
Date: 03*25*514 (1-3-2016)
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It's afternoon and the weather is cool. Cynrain is out by the old tree, a few hundred feet away from his home. He currently has a training dummy made of straw set up. He is practicing slashing and stabbing techniques though his demeanor would show he is frustrated about something. As his swipes grow more vigorous, he thrusts his blade into the chest of the straw man. He buries it to the hilt, letting out a primal yell before viciously pulling out the blade. With a spin, he beheads the straw man and breathes heavily as he finally ceases his motions. Sweat drips from his face and the vapor of his breath pulsates away from him in rapid bursts.

A small contingent of people wearing Burcombe red and gold and heraldry are riding at a rapid gait towards the Durnford manor. Leading, is a raven haired lady knight, pressing her horse to increase its pace. When she nears, she draws in on her reins and slows to a more sedate pace, looking around for what may be the main manor.

A commoner on the grounds rushes out to greet the entourage, "My Lady!" he would shout as he bows to her and then to the others, "Shall I get the Lord of the House?"
Cynrain, still a good few hundred feet away, by their old dead tree, smirks as he turns back to begin hacking off the arms of the straw dummy.

"I am looking for Sir Cynrain de Durnford," Catryn says in a clipped tone. Her expression holds an anger that looks to be barely contained. "If you would please just kindly point me in his direction." There's a glance back, her squire is beckoned forward, the rest get a two word command." "Wait here."

The commoner nods, "Of course, mi'lady.." he points to where Cynrain is currently dismembering a straw dummy. He turns again to see what the horses and riders are doing. Noticing Catryn, he closes his eyes a moment and sighs before lifting his sword and sheathing it slowly.

Catryn dismounts from her horse right there, leaving it with her entourage, her squire following behind, a shield on his arm and a carrying a sheathed sword. Her pace is anything but sedate as she closes the distance. "Sir Cynrain," she dips her head politely, once she finally gets to him but the building storm in her eyes belies the polite expression completely.
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Cynrain watches her approach. There's a look of disdain that shows for a moment before he rests his hand on the hilt of his sheathed blade and bows formally. "Sir Catryn." he stands upright afterwards, eyes shifting towards her squire and then back at her, "To what do I owe the honor of your presence on my family's land? Is everything alright at Burcombe?"

There is no missing the way he mentions his family's land and it only makes her lip curl further in disdain. "I heard the news second hand and I came to see why would you go about seeking my hand in a betrothal." The words are demanding, angry, and the storm in her eyes only darkens them further. Catryn steps in even closer until she is standing almost right in front of him.

Cynrain stares at her for a long moment before he takes a step towards her, "You heard second hand. I heard it firsthand. Sir Owain informed me the day we met. For what it is worth, I tried to protest, for I knew that I was no one of interest to you." he smirks at that, "But for the alliance of both our Houses, I will do what needs to be done in order to best serve my family. I'll keep my jokes to a minimum." he winks at her.

As soon as he closes the distance, Catryn looks almost disbelieving, a flash of annoyance that he had neared her and that he had heard the news the very day they met. "Was there some big hint that led you to believe you were no one of interest to me? I try and convey that with everyone I meet, apparently I have perfected it. Now to convince our fathers that this is both ill timed and ill conceived. I have no wish to be married to anyone!"

Cynrain stops to look at her for a long moment. He slowly shakes his head, "Apologies, Sir Catryn, but I have no intention of calling this off." He offers a small smile, "I understand you've no wish to be married, but please… Go through the motions with me. After it It's done, if you've no wish to see me, than I'll stay out of your way. But we both love our families and both should know this decision strengthens us both." He takes another step towards her, lowering his eyes as he does, "I was wrong to call this my family's land.. We're allies… Soon to be family."

A brow lofts skeptically and Catryn regards him with narrowed eyes, the anger in them burning bright. "No intentions of… You can't pretend you want to be married to me any more than I can pretend I want to be married at all. Don't you want some pretty little blushing bride who has a preference in staying home and keeping your manor running smoothly? Someone who does all those trappings of romance?" There's a hesitation and an uncertain frown. "I don't do all of those things. I know how to be a knight. I know how to fight and defend my liege lord, my house and my family." As he again steps nearer, she takes a step backwards, almost stepping on her squire who hadn't expected the movement from her. "Sir Cynrain.. you could state your preferences to your father, he would listen, surely?"

Cynrain takes another step towards her, his hand reaches towards his left side where his sword and coin purse are fastened. I have no manor to run.. the Goddess has deemed my destiny to be a Knight on the battlefield… I will likely die there, and it is my hope that it will be a glorious death." He lifts his head up slightly, watching her, "What better companion than someone who will live their life on the battlefield as well."

"And the little matter of heirs?" Catryn wears a smug smile at that. "You realize during that time it takes me off of the battlefield?" It's the only Ace she has to play at the moment without further thought. "Surely you want someone who would stay home with the family, raising your children instead?" The two are standing in Durnford, somewhat near a practice dummy that looks to have had a thorough workout. Catryn's squire is behind her and her entourage is about a hundred yards away with orders to wait there. Everyone is in red and gold cloaks.

Neroven approaches the duo from the manor, clad in his reinforced chainmail armor. He gives a jaunty, cheerful wave as he approaches. "Hello cousin and fair lady knight!" He pauses as he gets somewhat near to them, looking between the two. "I'm not interrupting anything am I?" Though given what little he heard of the conversation, perhaps he was indeed interrupting something important. Oh well.

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Reaching into his pouch, he withdraws a necklace. He drops it on ground and looks down at it. He bends down to pick it up and then tosses it at Catryn, "I guess you should have this. Something about giving gifts to the Lady.." the toss was too vigorous though, too quick, and he likely strikes her in the face with the necklace. There is a description of the necklace but it is likely that Catryn isn't going to care what it looks like.

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Catryn scowls at the words of the approaching knight. "There is nothing fair about me." As if to prove it, she glares at him a moment longer, "Not interrupting anything important. I am only trying to get him to see reason yet he seems immune to it." When Cynrain addresses her again she turns her attention to him in time to get struck with the necklace. It catches her brow and falls impotently to the ground. Fire flashes in her eyes and in one move, she reaches for her sword from her squire, unsheathing it while the younger girl stumbles back in surprise. A leather glove is freed from being tucked into the belt at her waist and tossed at the feet of her betrothed. Not a word is said, but her posture and gaze hold a rage so great words are not necessary.

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Neroven bravely darts behind a nearby tree, using it for cover. He peeks his head out from behind the tree to keep an eye on the possible fight. He smacks his head against the tree at his own cowardice.

Cynrain leans down and picks up the glove. The remorse for what he's done is present in his eyes. Even still, he draws his sword. "Very well." is spoken to Catryn. "Apologies for that .. it wasn't intentional.. but let's see if you can take your revenge." He takes on a fighting stance. He understands, the sword was his only outlet for his own anger whenever it dwelled in him.

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When the other guy runs off to a tree, Catryn gives him an incredulous look, her lips twisting into a wickedly amused smile. "Your knight there," she motions towards the tree, assuming he was a house knight. "I think I scared him." Then the match is accepted and she takes a stance, seeming immune to the apology. A slight was done, it would be corrected. Her shield is left with her young squire and the girl remains back from her knight, watching and learning. Instead of a defensive stance, she takes on the role more as the aggressor, lifting her blade and making a slashing motion towards him, using the blunted side of the blade.

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Though grumbling at his moment of cowardice, Neroven falters before he jumps into the fray to defend his cousin's honor and or life. Thus, he does not react in time.

Cynrain checked his sword of 15, he rolled 8.

Cynrain shouts out to his cousin, "Stay back! This is my fight!" As Catryn swings her sword down at him, he swipes upwards at the blade. A loud clang fills the air as he deflects her strike. The swords clash together, neither opponent suffering damage nor does either sword shatter.

There's a flash of surprise in her eyes when his blade meets hers, sort of rattling her as her momentum is immediately halted by the well placed sword. It only takes a moment to recoup and she draws back her blade to arc it downwards, again, using the blunted side. The words to the other knight are ignored as she focuses solely on the clash between her and Cynrain.

You check your sword at 15, you rolled 7.

Neroven checked his Valorous of 15, he rolled 10.

Neroven leaves his, ugh, hiding spot and takes a position near the lady knight's squire. He gives the squire a friendly nod, though one hand rests on his favored sword, just in case. If Cynrain wanted to handle this alone, Neroven would acquiesce to his request.

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As the blade arcs downwards at him, Cynrain brings his sword upwards, clashing against her blade again, deflecting it. Using the momentum of the upwards clash, he immediately drives his sword downwards, striking the armored part of her shoulder. He can feel the impact, knowing that he inflicted pain if not further injury.

As the blade arcs downwards at him, Cynrain brings his sword upwards, clashing against her blade again, deflecting it. Using the momentum of the upwards clash, he immediately drives his sword downwards, striking the armored part of her shoulder with the flat side of his blade. He can feel the impact, knowing that he inflicted pain if not further injury.

As the blade arcs downwards at him, Cynrain brings his sword upwards, clashing against her blade again, deflecting it. Using the momentum of the upwards clash, he immediately drives his sword downwards, striking the armored part of her shoulder with the flat side of his blade. He can feel the impact of holding back his strike, knowing that had he not, he could have wounded her. Instead, she'll feel the sting of the force but no actual damage was inflicted.

You check your temperate at 10, you rolled 14.

Swinging her blade, again Catryn is caught when it clashes with his and he quickly parries and counters. Feeling the strength of his blade striking her, she takes a single step back, taking on a more defensive stance and trying to find her center. The fire is still in her eyes, the anger still burning. Her forehead aching a bit from the hit from the necklace, her shoulder aching much worse from the sword hit. Once more, she takes more aggressive action and swings her blade sideways towards him, trying to strike with the flat of the blade.

You check your sword at 15, you rolled 7.

Don't mind Neroven, he is simply watching. Contrary to his initial reservations, his cousin is doing just fine so far.

Cynrain checked his sword of 15, he rolled 13.
Cynrain rolls 5d6 and gets (3 5 1 5 4) for a total of: (18)
You check your dex at 17, you rolled 19.

The fire in her eyes is met with a certain calmness from Cynrain. He understands her anger and up to now, he's been somewhat of a joke to her. Everything up to now he's done wrong with her. As her blade swings to hit him from the side, he shifts his blade to parry her strike. Just like the straw dummy, when he spun and decapitated the dummy, Cynrain shifts his steps and lets out a shout as he spins towards Catryn and slams the flat of his blade against her back. This causes her to stumble forward and land on her front side.

You check your modest at 7, you rolled 1.

Green eyes widen just before the strike happens and Catryn was so obviously outmatched it was embarrassing. As she falls, she reaches out to try and catch herself, her blade falling harmlessly to the side, just barely out of arms reach and she falls with a soft "Oomph," sound. Her hands find the grass beneath and clench, getting fistfuls as she tries to tamp down her anger. A few deep breaths later and she sits up, dropping the grass and wiping her hands on her pants. "Well fought," she says tightly, that Pride she usually wears like a shield nowhere to be seen for the moment, softening her considerably, much to her own dismay. It's then she sees the necklace beside her and she reaches for it, actually looking at it while she's down there. "Thank you, Sir Cynrain."

Neroven changes position, returning to a nearby tree, but now leaning against it casually rather than - ugh - hiding behind it. He watches the scene with an odd bemusement.

The necklace is of simple brown cord. Throughout the necklace are exotic stones of green shiny hue. Each one is engraved with a rune from the Pagan religion. When Cynrain notices her look at it, he says to her, "They are for protection and good luck." he sheathes his sword and kneels down, offering her his hand.

With the necklace in her hand and her sword just out of reach, Catryn looks at him when he kneels down beside her. At the offered hand, she realizes it's a pivotal moment and hesitates over it almost, but not quite, long enough to be considered rude. Finally, she slips her hand into his, accepting the aid. "Lucky me it only hit my head then and not my eye." There's a twist of her lips as she sees the amusement in it, and if he does assist her, she will get gingerly to her feet.

Neroven remains silent, not wanting to ruin the moment. He relaxes, no longer keeping his left hand on his sword. He crosses his arms and continues to watch silently.

Cynrain does assist her in standing up. He keeps hold of her hand for a few moments longer than he probably should. There was something about her, despite all the disdain she may hold for him, he couldn't get it out of his head. He brings her hand to his lips and kisses it gently, "Thank you for the visit, my Lady… Sir Catryn… Though if you please, you could join us for something to drink? The Avon stream's water is delightful and crisp this time of year. Our servants have recently acquired a batch.. likely still cool."

There's a flicker of her eyes over his features as he kisses her hand. It's not something she's used to if her wariness over it is any indication. It's a very new and very fragile moment for her as she debates whether to hide behind her anger or let it go. Releasing a breath, she tips her head forward almost imperceptibly, her agreement. "Water would be welcome, thank you." Turning her head, she looks over towards the other person present. "Sir Catryn Burcombe." Perhaps an explanation in a way as to why she is so out of sorts, if he had heard about the betrothal.

Neroven nods. That explains a bit. "Sir Neroven Durnford. My apologies for intruding on such an… eventful scene." He smiles, clearly looking somewhat amused despite witnessing the duel just then. He remains relaxed.

Cynrain puts both hands behind his back as he walks towards the Manor. One of the commoners moves over to them. Cynrain speaks up, "You there.. please fetch us some of the Avon water that was recently acquired."
"Of course, Sire. Shall I bring three cups or four?" the question likely meaning if the squire would be included in the drink.
Cynrain says, "Four… and have the others bring out drink for Sir Catryn's escort. All men thirst."
"Yes, Sire.." the commoner departs.
Cynrain offers a grin to Neroven, "I was hoping I could have introduced her under different circumstances.. though as you can see.. my Lady to be is a unicorn among the Goddess' flock." he glances at her for a moment.

Cynrain checked his Romance of 10, he rolled 19.
You check your romance at 2, you rolled 13.

Once her hand is released, Catryn walks over and carefully bends down to collect her sword. It's then that her squire approaches and takes it so she can sheath it. The squire bobs her head to the other two, a sort of bow anyway, being polite and proper. As for Catryn, she nods to the other knight, "These are your lands, you weren't intruding." The amusement he wears slightly contagious and a relief from the tensions earlier. "Well met, Sir Neroven." Turning, she begins the trek with the two, her squire accompanying as an escort more than anything else. The words, while not really romantic, weren't as terrible as throwing a necklace, so she smirks instead of throwing another glove. "You fight better than you court, Sir Cynrain."

Neroven chuckles. "Good to know I have not offended you." He grins at Cynrain. "Having an off day, dear cousin, or are reports of your eloquence exaggerated?" The teasing in his tone is quite audible and apparent.

Cynrain smirks, "For reasons I do not understand, she disarms me.." he looks at Catryn apologetically, "I meant no offense.." the commoners arrive with the cups and pitcher. After each is filled, they are handed to the group. Cynrain lifts his up and says, "To family.." he drinks the water down, crisp and delicious to him. It shows on his face as relief sets in and he hands the cup back to the commoner, "Thank you, friend." he says quietly.

"I am fairly certain you did the disarming." A hand absently reaches up to rub on her shoulder. "I hope you have intentions in participating in the festivities surrounding the kings wedding." Catryn grimaces, "Your skill demands it." Her eyes flicker over to Neroven, "No offense, though I think at some point I would like to see a spar between the two of you." Accepting the water, she takes a long drink from her own before lowering it. "Would you mind if my retinue were to fill their waterskins in the river while they wait?" Her brows arch at his interaction with the commoner. Friend? She holds her tongue for now.

Neroven grins. He accepts a drink from one of the commoners, "My thanks," he says to the commoner. "To family," He intones after Cynrain. He downs the glass of cool water. He responds to Catryn's previous statement, "I would be interested in sparring with my cousin once more as well. I feel as though I am growing rusty without a good partner to duel with."

Cynrain nods, "Soon, Cousin.." he looks to Catryn then and says, "Well if my sword is better than my courting, perhaps I can honor you properly in the Tourney. I will sign up for it."

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