(514-03-25) Better Than We First Thought
Summary: A newly betrothed couple meets for the first time. First there is deceit, then information is shared, and then finally an understanding is reached.
Date: 514-03-25
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The lands of Baverstock are slowly turning green with the arrival of spring. The day is a clear one, warmer than it has been lately but still with a hint of a chill to the breeze. Syndra is out and about her irritation at her father and cousin cuasing her to avoid them as much as she can. Currently the ebony haired lady is sitting under a tree on the outskirts of the manor property. Dressed in an elegant but simple black gown she wears a heavy black glove on her left hand. A proud looking male peregrine falcon perches on that hand and lets the lady stroke his breast feathers while she reclines aginst the base of the large tree. Her horse is tethered nearby and in the distance she can see someone riding up this way. She watches as whoever it is approches continuing to pet the bird.

In the distance both horse and rider are easy to spot what with the coming of spring. The stark deep colours of house Wylye noted on his surcoat as he comes closer and closer. And as Malcolm draws nigh one can tell he no mere messanger, but a knight come calling.

As said knight comes upon the tree and Lady perched beneath, he draws his destrier to a slow trot and then a walk, allowing his steed a moment of liesure Malcolm, raises a hand up to greet.

"My lady." his voice is rough and dry from the road, despite hood traveling conditions. "Could you point me to Baverstock? I am to deliever dispatches and notices of Court. As well as I have other business there."

You check your Heraldry at 7, you rolled 15.

The crest and colors the knight wears are studied carefully as he draws closer. However Syndra cannot seem to place them at the moment. Her free hand that was petting the falcon is lifted slowly yet gracefully in a return greeting. The man atop his horse is studied more carefully now and the lady notes the dryness of his voice. She considers only a breif moment before offering a response. "Baverstock is that way Sir. Its not far at all. Would you care for me to guide you the rest of the way? I should probably return home soon anyway." Her tone is polite and her words well and calmly spoken. She seems quite composed returning to petting the large bird perched proudly on her arm. The falcon eyes Malcolm intently and its wings shift slightly but Syndra just keeps petting him. The lady doesn't seem to recognize the man having never seen or met him before now.

Malcolm nods before he is keeping a tight grip on the reigns and slowly dismounting. A brief stretch is given before he is tugging on his horse the move slowly in the direction the lady motioned. "Many thanks." he says before couging into the crook of his free arm. "You live there? Then perhaps you know whom I am looking for beyond Sir Bryce." Malcolm guesses. "Lady Syndra." he adds on. "I have mever met her, but it seems we are to be each others." he adds with a laugh. "Alliances."

You check your Deceitful at 16, you rolled 12.

Keeping her arm and the bird perched on it aloft Syndra rises to her feet in one smooth fluid motion. Once on her feet she raises her gloved arm and the bird takes flight circling in the air above them with a soft screech. Syndra smiles and looks back down to Malcolm. Her head tilts to the side as he speaks and if she is surprised by who he is and who he is looking for she shows nothing of it. Her expression and all her irritation remain hidden under a mask of polite curtesy. "Indeed I do live there. You are to marry then? I wonder…did you have any say in this…alliance? From what I've heard the Lady Syndra did not. It will be interesting to see what the benfit is from such a match." Her tone is diplomatic and faintly curious giving nothing away of who she is at the moment but also subtly testing him and trying to see what he knows.

Malcolm checked his Awareness of 10, he rolled 11.

The knight snorts before he is turning his head to regard the flight of the falcon before he is looking back to Syndra. "hm?" Apparently the bird distracted him well enough. "Oh, no. Not that I dont mind it, as it helps my house- Bit I have no say what so ever." Malcolm admits before he offers his arm in an escorting fashion. "I hear she is fetching enough, which will suit." a grin there before he shakes his head. "I am sorry, I am teasing your kin without knowing her. I do care about more and this-" a shurg. "I did not expect."

The way the knight watches her bird is noticed and Syndra smiles up at the circling falcon fondly. "Baris is a fine falcon isn't he? I'm rather proud of him anyway." She looks back down to Malcolm with a small smile and as she listens her brow raises ever so slightly. The arm is accepted and the lady falls into step beside Malcolm. His words are thought over a moment and then she speaks. "You may not know her but you might consider that its possible she is just as surprised by this as you. Both of you might have had your current plans interupted…but there is still a chance to make the best of things yes?" She meets his gaze as she asks this studying him intently but only for a moment, nothing improper.

Malcolm checked his Chaste of 13, he rolled 16.

The looking gets a long look from the night as well, and perhaps more so than proper given how his eyes wander at her neckline, before they are quick to come up. "My apologies." he says quickly and dare one say with a bit of embarrassment? Still he does try to forge on ahead. "I dont doubt they were. I have been in service to his Lordship and my coz these years, and I was striving to do more than be a manor's knight. I wanted land and glory of my own." a pause and he looks back "Not that I cannot do that now. I am sorry- I am all surprised by this and highly doubt she wishes to see me crawling about here. If what you say is true." And their Malcolm scowls briefly.

"A good bird." he finally echoes.

The way he looks at her has Syndra raising a brow and those dark eyes narrow ever so slightly. She is about to make a comment but then he apologizes and looks embaressed. "No harm was done Sir. You need not apologize to me." She listens as he explains himself and nods in understanding but when he mentions his betrothed not wanting to see him a faint smirk appears on her lips. "I think you may be surprised at how much you might have in common with your new soon to be wife. She too wishes for lands of her own and fame. And no she did not want to see you…not at first. However opinions can change." That smirk turns playful now. "But I'm afriad I haven't introduced myself…how very rude of me." She locks her eyes with his as she offers a polite introduction, those dark orbs sparkle with playful mischief and a hint of curiousity. "Lady Syndra of Baverstock. Its an unexpected pleasure to finally meet you Sir Malcolm."

He shakes his head with a laugh before he is looking back to her. "You do not understand. In my old life, I followed the Old Ways and was a different person. It- I..I shouldnt be bold. Not as I was." Malcolm states before he is looking back to her and the smirk is met with a raised brow. "I might be- How?" but then it is answered with her confession and the Wylye knight is laughing. "Well. I am certain I just made some fine first impression." he shakes his head ruefully before looking back. "Well met then, intended." he says. "A pleasure indeed. And so I was right."

"People take time to change thier ways…it doesn't happen overnight. Don't be so hard on yourself." Its said softly and in a reassuring manner. Then Syndra laughs softly as well, the knights expression is entirely too amusing for her not to. "You likely made a better impression than either of us expected you to." She replies with a sly smile. She tilts her head and regards him a moment her expression perfectly composed once more. "You were right? About what may I ask?"

"I am told I present nicely." Malcolm says with a grin as he continues the walk along with her. As to the question he now smirks his reply before words follow suit. "You are fetching, Lady."

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