(514-03-10) Cynrain visits the marketplace
Summary: Cynrain's first appearance as a Knight.
Date: 3*10*514 (12-31-15)
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It's late afternoon. The sun is slowly making its descent to the horizon, though enough of its warmth continues to fill the market place. The sound of hooves striking the earth are drowned out by the ambient sounds of the crowd moving about from place to place. Cynrain dismounts his rouncy, his shield left attached to the steed. He stretches his arms above his head, looking as though he just arrived from afar. He takes a moment to take in the scene around him.

Ah Late afternoon, that lovely time in Sarum where people wander hither and tither going about the duties they have to complete. Dalan, if you are keeping track, happens to be wandering dither. Which is to say he is describing something to a blacksmith that has set up here in the eagle market, "Now the cage needs to be durable, so the bird can't get out if it gets spooked. But it also needs to be light so it'll travel well and not weigh down a ridin' horse overmuch." The big man is gesticulating with his hands as if trying to draw a picture in the air for the craftsman.
One of those wandering the markets this evening is Syndra. The elegantly dressed Baverstock lady with her long dark curls is drawn over to the blacksmiths shop as she hears Dalan talking about birds and cages. She tilts her head regarding the man with faint interest and a calm dark gaze. "Pardon me, but it sounds like you planning to have a bird cage built." She smiles faintly looking a touch curious. "What kind of bird if I may ask? Falcons?"

Cynrain's steps continue to carry him through the market. The occasional pat of his sheathed blade reminds him that it's there at his side. He rests his left hand upon the hilt as he looks from place to place. A nearby merchant holds up a piece of exotic jewelry, a necklace of some sort which glistens in the lighting. It isn't the most beautiful piece by far, though its simplistic design appears to draw Cynrain towards it. He offers a polite nod once he approaches the merchant, "How many denarii?" he asks curiously. When the merchant responds, he arches a brow, "Truly? What makes it worth as such?" he smiles behind closed lips, when prodded for a story, merchants tend to come up with whatever they can to make the sell.

Dalan looks up to where Cyrain speaks with the merchant and bows to the man, clearly of knightly class, "The Lord Bless and Keep you this fine day sir. That looks like it will be a fine gift for a very grateful lady." He says pleasantly. He turns then as Syndra approaches where he dithers with the Blacksmith and the homely knight smiles, "Lady Syndra! It is lovely to see you as always." He bows, "And astute as ever, yes I am having a cage made for a feisty Merlin I am rearing. I'm a bit worried she won't mind her would be new master, but that fiestiness will translate into her being good on the hunt, so I am hoping all works out well!"

Cynrain looks over at the other Knight addressing him. He offers a warm smile and nod, "Thank you, sir. It is a fine piece." he grins, "Just too bad I've no lass to gift it too." he chuckles.

Dalan smiles, and sadly he can't help but look a little dopey when he does, "I'd not worry about that good sir. Beautiful lasses are in no short supply in Salisbury county, and the spring is almost upon. I'm sure you'll find one happy for the gift." Dalan looks back to his blacksmith for a moment and nods at something he is describing to him, "Ok that sounds perfect, and I thank you for taking this on with short notice." he turns then fully to
Cynrain, "I am sorry, please pardon my manners. I'm Sir Dalan of Newton. Pleased to meet ya sir."

Cynrain reaches for his coin purse and counts out thirty two denarii. He takes the necklace and tucks it into the coin purse. It'll have to do for now. Turning towards Dalan as he's introduced, Cynrain puts his fist over his chest and says, "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Sir Dalan. I am Sir Cynrain de Durnford. I hope that your words ring true. I am new to these parts."

Dalan raises a brow, curiousity piqued. Durnford is not far from Newton after all, you are practically neighbors. "So you were not born in Durnhold then? Where are you from originally and how did you come to serve Earl Robert and the Manor at Durnford?" Dalan asks. He looks around as if trying to find something and he quickly sidesteps over to a nearby vendor that is selling bread. He buys two small individual loaves, one of which he promptly offers to Cynrain.

Cynrain says, "I was born in Durnhold, friend. My words aren't quite accurate as to my meaning. I am new to these parts as a Knight. I squired under Sir Dafydd de Durnhold, my father's Knight Bachelor. My father is Lord Owain Durnhold… though I was not first in line.. My older brother spent much time here whilst I stayed closer to home. Once squired, I traveled with Sir Dafydd. When we came here, I was too busy with my duties to have time to really appreciate anything that this place had to offer." he offers a warm smile, "So you are from Newton?" he nods once more, "It is an honor.. As a squire, I heard that Newton had a reputation for being kind to their squires.. not that the Knight I served was unkind.. he only was when he needed to be, of course."

The young knight makes an 'ooooooooooo' sound and says, "Your words are perfectly accurate sir." The huge cymri leans towards Cyrain and says in a hushed voice, as if he is saying something that is a secret that only few know, "Most people can't tell, but I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes." he says with an emphatic nod. He leans back then and lets his voice find it's normal volume. "I was just knighted myself this a mass knighting Earl Robert did at the winter tourney. It sounds as if you had very good teachers that put in you the desire to carve out a little piece of your own destiny in the wars to come."

Cynrain nods to the other young knight and says, "I just want to be able to bring honor to my family and serve my King." he looks to the Boar's Beard, "And maybe have a drink or two." he grins a bit at that.
Dalan smiles to Cynrain and says, "I would take you up on the offer of the drink at the Boar's Beard, but I plan to ride back to Newton yet this evening. But, perhaps when next we meet we take time to drinks there and share stories of our adventures?"

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