(514-03-02) A talk with drinks
Summary: Glaw and Arta meet in the Boar's beard and discuss life while having a drink.
Date: March 514
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Glaw is back in Sarum, apparently. Probably on some errand for his family, and now has decided to turn in to the Inn for the time being. He is without armor currently, just dressed in fine woolen green-colored tunic and brown leather breeches, riding boots on his feet, and a sword hanging off the belt on his left side. As he enters, he stops briefly, green eyes peering of the patrons, before he too seeks to find the bar, to order two mugs of ale.

Arta is wearing a long-sleeved dress which is an almost knee-length knit wool dress decorated with a cabled pattern running down both sides, with long sleeves and a wide turtleneck style collar that spreads all the way to the shoulders. The hem and cuffs are ribbed, providing an extra bit of detail. She is also wearing a pair of boots fashioned out of leather with cords of leather to fasten them securely around the ankle. They rise about a hand above the ankle and are thicker about the heel. She smiles and nods at the person appearing besides her.

"I haven't seen you before, my name is Arta." Arta said.

Glaw blinks as he is talked to by someone else than the bartender, and he turns his green eyes to glance at Arta, his head tilting to one side, perhaps trying to figure out if he _did_ meet the woman before. "Ah. Well. I am not sure if we have met before, but…", he pauses, lifting his right hand to place it — fingers splayed — against his chest.

"Sir Glaw of Newentone. Well met, Arta." Glaw said.

Glaw pauses then, his eyes drop for a moment to trace the dress she wears, before he chuckles.
"You are too well dressed to be a barmaid." Glaw observes, quite simply, amusement in his gaze.

Arta checks her proud at 13, she rolled 17.

Arta chuckles at Glaw's remark on her clothing

"Frankly, my clothing is nothing extravagant." Arta runs her other hand down the woolly fabric of the dress in an attempt to smooth it.
"You are good at guessing, i am indeed a lady of the house of Cholderton manor. It is ways back into the north along the bourne river from here. I just had to get out a little, days are sometimes monotone there when my
siblings have work to do outside the lands of the manor." Arta said.

Arta's lips curl up "My hair is the wrong tincture to be the bartenders. I met her briefly here upon my last visit with Sir Aeron. We where about to have some soup and something warm to drink when Sir Aeron was urgently indisposed." "So much for meeting new people." Arta said.

Glaw blinks again, though her good humor at his somewhat backhanded compliment seems to make him smile. "Cholderton. I know where it is.", he finally says, laughing, though he narrows his eyes a little at Arta. "Newton Tony is just south of your Manor, m'Lady. We're practically neighbors and I know Loghaire of Cholderton reasonably well.", he tells her, and thus might be revealed why he might be slightly suspicious. "How is it that I never met you before, then, Lady Arta? Has your family been hiding you from me?"

Glaw wonders, perhaps with a touch of teasing. As she speaks of the bartender, tho, he chuckles. "You mean Tria, the barwench?", he wonders, then nods. "True. That vibrant — almost pictish — red is hard to miss.". He pauses then, however. "You did not brave the day's ride down to Sarum alone, did you? Those roads can be dangerous.", he wonders, now seeming almost a touch concerned.

Arta checks her honest at 13, she rolled 8.

Arta fixes her hair with her other hand while she pulls a loose strand behind her ear.
"Its a pleasure to make you an acquaintance Sir Glaw of Newton tony. I have been away from this area for a long time to study the medicine from the masters. People should be worried if they had seen a double-goer of me in Salisbury." Arta said

The expression on Arta's face turns more serious "Well, i had my sword with me, damn what the stars own i am still unharmed and alive, it was foolish of me not to wait for an escort." Arta said.

Glaw ah's softly at that explanation. "I see. A chirurgeon you are?", Glaw inquires, before he is distracted by the arrival of two mugs of ale, who Glaw pays a few denarii for, setting one further down the bar, apparently expecting company, before he turns back to Arta. "That would explain it. Well, I am very glad to make your acquaintance as well, Lady Arta of Cholderton.", glaw says, lifting his mug in salute, but does not drink, rather setting it back down on the bar top. That she made the trip alone? That makes him shake his head though.

"M'Lady. I approve of you knowing how to use a sword, but a lady should not have to bear arms.", he does point out. It is not so much a chastisement, but with a certain sadness he says that. "But it is not only the bandits I worry about. There is still chance of flooding. Or of bears and wolves still hungry from the winter months. They might not even attack but merely spook your horse and then what? You may end up lying in a ditch no ten paces from the road where nobody will find you.". See, that is why you do not travel alone. Ahem. "I will send my squire with you as escort, when you decide to return to Cholderton. Cadfan is young, but he is a good lad. And I owe as much at the very least to your brother.".

Arta nods at Glaw serenely "I thank you kindly Sir Glaw." "Now it is your turn to tell me something about yourself." There is a hint of teasing in her voice " Have you taken a single bath in the last two weeks?" "Dirt is what makes some people very ill."

Glaw checked his flirting of 10, he rolled 4.

"Dirt does not make people ill.", Glaw responds quite simply, smirking at Arta, green eyes to light up with mirth. "Unless you mean the odor that makes them green and sickly ill.". He tilts his head then. "I assure you I often bathe, though, as futile as it may seem.", he points out, at his attire, that surely is already dusty again. "A day's ride on the road and you might as well start over from scratch.", he rolls his eyes then. Though teasing Glaw is somewhat dangerous, as Arta might find out now, for he soon turns to her, leaning down a little so he can lower his voice, "And yourself? I suspect a Lady as yourself would have more trouble securing a bower or bathtub in a city like Sarum in any proper establisment. Especially if she is traveling alone.".

Arta grimaces subtly at the thought of rotten eggs she gets when Sir Glaw describes the smell. "That would be a problem if i were to spend over two weeks in Sarum. This is not the case." "Have you had any soup? Its lovely this time of year.

Glaw chuckles faintly at the grimace, but leaves that sorid topic behind, especially when she does not even blush at his suggestion. Instead the topic turns to soup and he blinks. "This time of year? Is…there a noticeable change in flavor of the soup?", he wonders. Sure, the ingredients might change, lightly, but soup is soup, right? "I do not think I often ate here, I admit.", he taps the mug with one finger. Yep, different kind of soup he is here for.

Cadfan, finally makes his way from outside, looking even dustier than Glaw, and he approaches the knight with a bit of a sigh. "M'Lady…", he offers as matter of greeting, then nods to Glaw. "The horses are stabled, Sir…", the young boy — surely just turned sixteen — reports. Glaw nods, then, offering him one of the ale mugs as reward. "Good. Lady Arta, this is my Squire, Cadfen.".

Arta wasn't perhaps on the same level of talking as Glaw, she might have missed his veiled suggestion and blushes only after it all dawns to her. She only met this man today, she certainly didn't expect a suggestion like this one. She then turns her attention to Gadfan "Sir Glaw told me about you, how long have you been his squire?" she attempts to muster a smile but it ends up awkward with her cheeks glowing rosy red.

Well, it was not so much a suggestion, but an ploy to make thought take a brush in that direction. He certainly would not suggest taking a bath _with_ her, especially not after just meeting her, but yes, he did expect some reaction, if only a teasing rebuke or chastisement for even pondering where the lady might take baths. Ahem. It does not seem to faze Glaw much however, especially when the blush arrives late, and he lifts his tankard to take a sip, finally, now that Cadfan arrived.
The boy, however, almost takes a double-take as he is addressed by the Lady, too much used to be ignored when the adults talk, he blinks, looking at Glaw as if for guidance, who remains silent, only to turn eyes back at Arta. "I..uh…just a few months, really.", he states, perhaps a touch meekly.

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