(514-03-02) A Visit by Pitton
Summary: Aluksander visits Woodford Manor to once more talk with Deryn.
Date: March 2, 514
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Winter has finally ended, and with the onset of spring, there are lots of new and exciting things in the air. Fresh flowers in the field, new leaves on the trees, and the ever-enticing allure of amor. Unfortunately, Aluksander is about as aware of romance as a brick. But, he /has/ been spending a marked amount of free time with a specific someone, which he hasn't even noticed. Of course, his mother and many others probably have, which would explain the knowing smiles that are had behind his back and the little chuckles hidden at his expense. But, Aluksander enjoys Deryn's company more than others, and so he'll have it any time he's able, daggum it! Which is why, now that the first snows have thawed, he can be seen riding up towards the Woodford manner, already a broad smile on his face as he traces the familiar path towards their door. He's /hoping/ to surprise Sir Deryn with his arrival, with a gift … of sorts … carried in his pack. Unfortunately, it's rather hard to 'sneak up' on manors in broad daylight when you're his size, so someone /may/ have warned her of his coming. In fact, word could even have been sent by his mother to the powers-that-be at Woodford, depending on how /DERYN/ has been feeling about his attentions.

It might be strange that as a Pagan, Deryn's been ignorant of the fact that Aluksander has been coming by so often, or the smiles and teasing that might come her way because of it. Like the Pitton knight, she knows she enjoys his company, and that for the first time, perhaps, she's enjoyed the slow downtime of winter with his company. While he can't sneak up on the manor, she doesn't seem to hear that he is approaching, not till he's in the courtyard and likely getting off his horse. He'll find a somewhat flustered Deryn prepared to greet him at the entrance of the manor, surprisingly…. in a dress. Maybe someone decided to play a joke on her and left her with only a dress to put on after a recent bath, for her hair is still slightly damp - she'd been reading near the fire while it dried when he came in.

When Deryn isn't at the door to meet him, Aluksander's grin grows a little broader. Maybe he succeeded! Maybe she really didn't know he was coming! Determined to beat any servants to her so that he can catch her in whatever loafing about she was up to, because /surely/ she wasn't hard at work training like he always was! When the servants greet him at the front door, he tries to shoosh them and explain his mission, only to have it refused at the very beginning as impossible and against all decorum. And so, instead of dashing into the house to surprise and catch Deryn off guard, Aluksander grumbles as he is led to the main hall and bid to wait at the door while his arrival is announced. Like it ought to be.

Too late is it to try and find proper - or at least what she deems proper for a knight to wear - clothing. The dress will have to do! It's not a horrible dress, mind you, for it was made for her. Deep crimson with hints of black, the colors of her house is the dress. Long waisted with a belt of beaten metal disks sit upon her hips, sleeves long, and a modest hint of cleavage to be shown. For once, she actually looks like a /lady/ and not a knight! Her hair is undone, hanging down her back, though she makes quick work in braiding the sides back and together so that it stays out of her face.

With his arrival announced, she steps into the main hall, to greet him with a blush upon her cheeks, and a smile, "Good day to you, sir Aluksander.." Fidget. Flustered. Not used to being presented in such an outfit!

Aluksander checked his chaste of 13, he rolled 4.

When Deryn steps forward wearing /not/ manly clothing, Aluksander blinks several times. Noticing, maybe for the first time, that Deryn is indeed a hottie, and a /girl/, Aluksander still manages to brush off his initial astonishment with only a brief swallow. "A good day to you as well, Sir Deryn," he says, bowing graciously … and giving him a second to look at something other than her so he can try to clear the fog that has suddenly creeped into his mind.

Aluksander is likewise not dressed in his typical combat-ready attire; only his father's sword at his waist is present. Instead, he's wearing an orange tunic over a green undershirt, with somewhat fine embroidery done about the shoulders and chest. And there isn't a doubt that his mother bid him wear it, as he's never the sort to dress to impress, though with his hair tied back with a green ribbon, he might actually manage it, today.

Deryn check your lustful at 13, you rolled 17.

Maybe his mother and one of her cousins, are working together, hmm? Surely there's a reason someone stole her usual clothing and left the dress on a day when he arrives looking so nice as well! Still blushing, Deryn begins to bow, but then ends up curtseying in favor of the dress worn.

"Please, join me for a drink? I was doing some reading.." Not up to much on this lazy day after some training this morning that left her rather muddy. Thus, the bath. "How are things in Pitton with the thaw?" She wonders ,curious.

Aluksander blinks a little at the mention of reading, a surprised look on his face. "… really? Well, if I've come at a bad time … I didn't mean to disturb you …. Reading? Really?" he asks, as if the thought is completely foreign to him. He then realizes he's being a little rude and grimaces, reaching up and scratching at his head a little. "Sorry, I'm not criticizing. It's just … that's such a … I don't know. What were you reading?" he asks.

At his reaction, Deryn lifts a brow upwards, though the blush lingers upon her cheeks. When he then starts to apologize, she shakes her head, "It is fine, truly. I was reading some manuscripts that my father brought back from elsewhere. Interesting topics.." A pause, and she explains, "Father said I should know how to read, that a good knight should know how to read the tourney records beyond just recognizing heraldry."

Interested, now, Aluksander looks curious. "Really? Huh. Reading?" he asks, looking up and to the side as he ponders that. Then, a thought occurs to him and he smiles at Deryn. "Then would you read it to me?" he asks, before realizing it might be quite presumptuous of him to do so. He grimaces once again, quickly adding, "If you don't mind, that is. If you feel it a waste of your time, you certainly need not oblige me. I just … you said it was interesting." And Aluksander looks down at the floor and toes at a lump of dirt that happened to be on his boot, looking quite sheepish all of a sudden.

Deryn does look surprised upon his request, pondering what she was reading, "Well… if you wish to hear bits of love songs.." She /is/ female, after all. Of course the manuscripts of the Troubadours might appeal to her! Turning to a servant, she asks for the manuscripts in her room, and young boy heads off to fetch them, leaving them near the fireplace in the hall.

Aluksander checked his valorous of 15, he rolled 1.

"Wha-!?" Aluksander asks, blinking and looking shocked. Now it's /his/ turn to blush and he immediately looks away and starts rubbing at his neck. "N-no, no, that's quite all right. I …," he stammers, his foot in the trap now. He makes a pained face, though he does try to hide it from Deryn, before trying to suck it up and follow through with his request. "Well, if you would /like/ to read to me, then I shall listen. But, you needn't do it for my benefit, as I already know many songs, and … well … I mean … I don't know if … it would be … /appropriate/, you see," he says, trying his best to be tactful and polite.

Deryn check your singing at 2, you rolled 1.
<OOC> Deryn says, "You might recognize some of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GD3VsesSBsw"

Deryn chuckles then softly, "I was merely teasing you, Sir Aluksander, though some of it is love poetry. It is not so bad as you might think it might be. Most of the poems are meant to be sung, so please.. don't… count against me, hmm?" A wry smile is given as the servant returns with the copy of the manuscript to hand to her. She opens it to a page, and then after humming briefly, begins to sing the words softly. She doesn't sound too bad, though she is far from being a true mistral or troubadour, she at least doesn't make the nearby hounds howl!

O Fortuna,
velut Luna
statu variabilis,
semper crescis
aut decrescis;
vita detestabilis
nunc obdurat
et tunc curat
ludo mentis aciem;
dissolvit ut glaciem.

Sors immanis
et inanis,
rota tu volubilis,
status malus,
vana salus
semper dissolubilis;
et velata
mihi quoque niteris;
nunc per ludum
dorsum nudum
fero tui sceleris.

Sors salutis
et virtutis
mihi nunc contraria;
est affectus
et defectus
semper in angaria.
hac in hora
sine mora
cordae pulsum tangite!
quod per sortem
sternit fortem,
mecum omnes plangite!

<OOC> Deryn says, "And the meaning…"

O Fortune, like the moon of ever changing state, you are always waxing or waning; hateful life now is brutal, now pampers our feelings with its game; poverty, power, it melts them like ice.

Fate, savage and empty, you are a turning wheel, your position is uncertain, your favour is idle and always likely to disappear; covered in shadows and veiled you bear upon me too; now my back is naked through the sport of your wickedness.

The chance of prosperity and of virtue is not now mine; whether willing or not, a man is always liable for Fortune's service. At this hour without delay touch the strings! Because through luck she lays low the brave, all join with me in lamentation!

Aluksander checked his chaste of 13, he rolled 17.

Surely they would have found seats by the time the manuscripts are brought. Because, if Aluksander wasn't sitting before she started singing, he would be fairly immediately afterwards. Seated and transfixed. He stares at her openly as she sings. And even if she /doesn't/ have the most pleasing voice, watching those lips move … watching her chest rise and fall as she breathes …. Aluksander's face goes a little slack as he just lets it all soak in. So taken aback is he by the display that, even after she stops, he will not have noticed, continuing to gaze at her in admiration and attraction.

Deryn check your proud at 13, you rolled 5.

Deryn finishes, and is pleased with herself. Quite pleased. Looking up from the manuscript, she finds him sitting there, staring at her transfixed, and ends up blushing anew, "So.. that is… what I was reading." She manages to get out, finally worrying her bottom lip a little, "Did… you like it?" Hey, he could have totally tuned her out because it was horrible and be lost in idle thoughts, right?

When Deryn asks him a question, Aluksander just sighs and gets a dopey, happy smile on his face as he stares at her for a few more seconds, nodding his affirmation of her request. However, the few parts of his brain still adequately supplied with blood and oxygen finally engage the REST of the organ and he snaps out of it, blinking a few times and turning bright red again. "Er, yes. It was quite pleasant. You said you read, I did not know that you also sang. You were beautiful," he says, smiling again. Until he realizes what he said, and his eyes shoot wide as he tries to cover. "I meant it was beautiful! The singing. I mean the words. I mean, the singing, and the words, and your reading, were … were all … quite lovely," he finishes, nodding, satisfied that he's figured out what it was he meant to convey.

Deryn check your honest at 13, you rolled 10.

At first, Deryn frowns at his words, not quite sure what he means. But then,t he rambling words that follow in an attempt to explain himself and his meaning, merely leave her blushing. "No, I'm not beautiful.. you're the one who's entirely too handsome for their own good.. or that of any woman who might notice it." It's then her turn to kick herself and her honesty, clapping a hand half over her mouth when she realizes what all she said. Aloud. Oh sweet Goddess!

Aluksander checked his recognize of 8, he rolled 5.
Aluksander checked his romance of 2, he rolled 5.

Blinking. Like a pro. Yes, that is Aluksander's reaction to Deryn's statement. Then, he looks down at himself, holding his arms out a little as he examines his person. He then narrows his eyes at Deryn for a moment, before he realizes: she's /teasing/! She's just being playful again! She knows he didn't mean to find her suddenly very attractive, it wasn't intentional, they're friends and fellow knights! This sets Aluksander right, again, as he relaxes considerably and just throws his head back, laughing at Deryn's most excellent joke. "Oh yes, /so/ handsome, am I, that all but the most courageous of women must take their berth of me, lest they fall helplessly in love," he says, clutching his hands at his chest and pretending to swoon.

Deryn check your honest at 13, you rolled 18.

Again, he manages to confuse Deryn, thinking she's teasing him with her honesty. Brows furrow, and she begins to shake her head even as he pretends to swoon. "I.. hmm.." But words fail her and she merely shuts up, to stare at the manuscript in her hands soon set aside carefully. Okay, maybe she won't try and convince him otherwise of her honesty, for now.

Buuuuut … she's not laughing. Which quickly has Aluksander confused, as well, because he has no damn idea what's going on in her head. None. Not even an inkling. Because he's a guy, and a sheltered one at that. But, he can see that she's not laughing along with him, nor enjoying what he thought was her own joke, so he quickly sobers himself and straightens up, coughing and clearing his throat. "… beg your pardon. … um … were you /not/ just having a go at me?" he asks, quietly.

Deryn is equally confused. Surprisingly so. When he finally stops laughing, and then asks her bluntly, she shakes her head, "No.. I was being honest?" The lilt of her voice turns up, a slight question in the end, perhaps wondering how he could not know that! "I would not be surprised to know you have many a lady offering you their favor in the tourney…"

Okay. Now. /That/ IS funny. Aluksander laughs, and somewhat scoffs at that idea, shaking his head. "Surely, Sir Deryn, you continue to jest. I am a Pitton. We are the lowest of the low, barely worthy of maintaining our manor after my father's igonmious death in the invasion of Frankland. My father was a bastard, as was I. I gain no favor from the ladies, good sir. /You/ are the only woman who has kept pleasant company with me," he explains … and there's a bit of anger there.

Deryn check your awareness at 10, you rolled 4.

With the rise of his anger and his words, Deryn's spine straightens, leaving her to sit perched upon the edge of the chair she'd taken. And yet, once she realizes that his anger is not at her, she finally leans forwards, to brush his arm with her fingers in a light caress, "Then they are stupid and not worth your time. You are more than a bastard, at least I think so. And what more, you are the first man who's ever kept such pleasant company with me… " She shrugs, glancing about the fine manor they sit within, then look back to him, "I am but a cousin, distant.. I am lucky to have armor and a horse of my own and the training to take me to tourney and battle. Otherwise, IW ould be completely beholden to my cousins here.."

Aluksander checked his chaste of 13, he rolled 5.
Aluksander checked his romance of 2, he rolled 6.

Aluksander's fists had clenched, as had his jaw, and so when Deryn's fingers lightly brush against his sleeve, his first reaction is to jerk his head to look at the territorial invasion. But, when she is soft, when she placates him with her words, he listens and sighs, relaxing and nodding a little to her words. "Well, I have always let others opinions of me hold me back, which is why I was so late in becoming a knight. But, I thank you for your words," Aluksander says, reaching his own hand over to touch Deryn's. And ZOMIGOSHITSSOSOFT! It's almost like a sting of static electricity for him, when he his skin touches hers, the rough pads of his fingers brushing over the back of her hand, only to find that the underside is likewise calloused and rough as his. Which, of course, makes sense, being as she's also a knight and everything. But, it's also the first lady-hand he's held since his mother walked him to his Sire and then walked away from him.

Deryn check your lustful at 13, you rolled 17.

Deryn slides her hand against the top of his, the caress light in an attempt to calm him a little. "You shouldn't let others hold you back. If anything, they should be the poker making you work harder to prove them wrong." In some ways, that's been her motivation to do what she has done with her life. It's not entirely /that/ normal for females to be knights. As his hand comes over hers, she goes still, considering the touch, the roughness of his palm over the top of her hand. It might take her a moment to react, but it's at least favorable! First comes the blush, the slight curl of her lips upwards as she finally lifts her gaze to meet his.

Aluksander checked his awareness of 10, he rolled 4.
Aluksander checked his chaste of 13, he rolled 10.

Aluksander sighs and shrugs a little, watching their hands instead of her face, because he's a boy and that's what's touching. However, he does notice that she's looking at him after a moment, so he looks up and catches her gaze. And the start of a smile. And the blush. Aaaand … he's a boy, and we've already proven that he doesn't get it, so he just offers her a smile back. Except it's one of his /nice/ smiles, the rare, genuine kind, that would earn him a lot more favors if he favored more people with them.

You check your lustful at 13, you rolled 14.

Awwww. He gives her THAT smile, and Deryn? Well, she's hit by it in a way that leaves her sort of staring right back. Oh, yes, he's handsome, she's noticed, but now she's all tongue-tied or something. Damn his blondness and good looks! Unconsciously, her hand shifts atop his, curling into it, holding it, thumb to brush lightly back and forth in a soft light caress.

Well, and there's Aluksander, blonde and bright as a box of rocks when it comes to women. And that hand gesture sure feels nice, so he just keeps smiling as they sit and look at each other for several moments. He looks into Deryn's eyes, searching them for several moments, before his eyes fall to her lips, as he just sort of studies her face and her smile. And her slightly crimson cheeks. And the way her nose sits just so above those full, pouty lips. Lucky for him, he can't imagine kissing them, or else he might be in more serious trouble.

As they sit there, staring at one another, Deryn is growing warmer, especially when noticing the way he is looking at her. Sure, he's not full of lust, but merely having someone pay /that/ much attention to her in such a way, is enough to make her stammer. If she was trying to talk. Lucky for the pair of them, a servant arrives, "My lady, did you wish drinks and food still?" Realizing that she /had/ asked for such to be delivered to her in her room just before his arrival, she looks to him, drawing back slowly, and thus, taking her hand away from his, "Would you like to join me for a bit to eat and drink?"

"Oh!" Aluksander responds, suddenly being reminded of his 'present.' "I had totally forgotten! My mother thought I ought to make a present to you and your cousin for so frequently receiving me, so I've brought a wineskin of my family's best for you, compliments of the Pitton's. We don't have great vineyards, but we do keep a small grove behind the manor. I'll return presently," he says, rising and bowing to excuse himself as he dashes off towards his horse.

Deryn rises from her seat as he does, listening to the gift he has for her before he dashes off to fetch it. Turning to the servant, she murmurs, "Perhaps a few glasses and some simple food to go with the wine? " The servant smiles and nods, then heads to the kitchen, no doubt to return with a tray with bread, cheese, and some simple sliced meat along with the glasses for the wine to be poured into. And yes, this does give Deryn a moment to compose herself, secretly fanning her warm cheeks to get them to return to a normal shade!

Returning with the wineskin, Aluksander grins broadly as he presents the gift to Sir Deryn … or, more likely to a servant who can poor two glasses and then put the wine where it ought to be placed. "I hope you enjoy it, it's a little sweeter than what I've had elsewhere. Thought, it does make one a little more prone to drink, so do be careful," he warns. Seeing the snacks that have been brought, Aluksander claps and rubs his hands together, moving back towards his seat. "My mother was quite right that I ought to make a present to you; the Woodfords have been /most/ generous to me, for how often I have come. It is well appreciated, I assure you."

Cheeks are cool once again by the time he returns with the skin of wine, a nod given by Deryn to the servant when he's given the skin, a signal to pour them each a generous glass of it. "Thank you." She murmurs politely to the servant before turning to the other knight with a warm smile, "As you and your family have been to me when I have visited you as well. I am happy to share a glass or two now with you."

"Oh, only one for me. Despite what you might think, given my height, I am the first to lose at games of stamina at the drinking table," Aluksander admits honestly, chuckling. He then holds his hands out expectantly on either side of the food. "Would you like to say grace, or shall I?" he asks. Of course, he /knows/ she's a Pagan. But he's not the type to let such a minor detail prevent him from practicing the True Religion.

Deryn chuckles softly, "I'm not that well off either. But.." They are not out in public, nor do they have battle on the morrow. So it would be safe to endulge in more than one, if they should happen to do so, right? For now, she settles back in a chair, though at his question, she tilts her head, considering him for a moment, "If you wish, then please.." They are in a Christian household, so it's not like she hasn't heard prayer over meals before!

Aluksander just clears his throat and squeezes his hands a couple of times, smiling at Deryn. Because that smile tends to win arguments with his mother on a regular basis.

Deryn pauses briefly when he holds his hands out to her, but does clasp them in the end, bowing her head politely. She might be pagan, but she's sat around the table here in Woodford to know what to do!

Aluksander's grin flashes wider for a moment when she gives in to his request. He then holds her hands tightly as he bows his head and says the prayer for the both of them, thanking God out loud for the food they're about to eat, and the pleasant company, and other things one would say in a prayer at the time. He then gives her hands one final, affectionate squeeze after the Amen, before releasing them and clapping his hands together again as he looks over the spread once more.

Not one to make big waves is Deryn, even when having to sit there for prayer to another God. She murmurs a soft prayer to her own Goddess and God just before his 'Amen', giving a light squeeze of his hands back in turn. "What have you been up to since the last time we spoke with one another?" She wonders, prepared to serve him if he'd allow. She may be a knight, but she's been raised with the basic of womanly manners as well!

"Oh, I've been back to Sarum on a couple occasions, finishing more tasks for the Earl. We also had a bridge go out on our lands, so I helped with the repair of that," he responds. Then, Aluksander looks a little surprised when Deryn attempts to 'serve' him, when it's all finger foods, and smirks and smacks at her hand playfully. "I can reach the food myself, good sir. Or do you intend to feed it to me, as well?" he teases, smirking at her impishly.

You check your lustful at 13, you rolled 4.

Listening as he speaks of both his travels and time spent at home, Deryn begins to serve him a plate, though is soon playfully slapped from doing so. Blinking a few times, the color begins to come to her cheeks, but when he teases her, she tilts her head, them offers a bit of a smile as she gathers a bit of meat wrapped about a piece cheese, and with it held between her fingers just so, offers it towards him, as if to feed him. Might she dare him subtly to take it from her in such a way?

Aluksander checked his romance of 2, he rolled 18.
Aluksander checked his flirting of 3, he rolled 1.

An eyebrow quirks as the food is held out for him to eat. There's a brief pause, and then Aluksander smirks and leans forward quickly to eat the proffered morsel, his lips brushing ever so briefly along Deryn's fingers as he takes the bite into his mouth. He then smirks imperiously as he chews, quite pleased with himself.

Deryn check your flirting at 4, you rolled 10.
Deryn check your lustful at 13, you rolled 10.

Flirting is not in Deryn's repertoire this afternoon, it would seem. Lust, is. When his lips close upon her fingers to take the bite offered, her eyes darken at the feel of his lips brushing against her fingertips. Shivering just a little in response, she draws her fingers back, to lick them where his lips kissed them before stepping closer to him from around the table. While he chews the bite given, she approaches, to lean forwards, "Tell me this, Sir Aluksander… would you think I lie about your looks if I kissed you?"

Stop. Stare. Remember there's food in his mouth and swallow. Almost cough, because the bite wasn't quite ready to go. /Then/ speak. "Um, what?" Aluksander asks, blinking up at Deryn as she stands in front of him, totally caught by surprise by her question.

Deryn waits, letting him catch on to her words, and once he clears his mouth to ask his question, she repeats herself for him to hear her, talking a little slower, voice growing a tad more huskier, "You thought I joked with you about your looks, that I find you handsome. So, would you think I lie if I kissed you, as I am tempted to do?" Forget the flirting, she's just going to be blunt here. Forgive her.

Aluksander checked his valorous of 15, he rolled 1.

Aluksander suddenly looks quite startled, sitting back in his chair and blushing. "You … you want to kiss me? I did not mean to accuse you of lying, earlier, I thought only that you were making a jest. If … if you only want to prove that you were not joking …," he trails off quietly, watching Deryn's eyes.

Deryn shakes her head once then, only to answer with a hint of a blush and a soft smile, "I'm not looking to merely prove my words no jest, but have wanted to do it since we met." Honest is she, perhaps too much so. That said, she does glance around the main hall, likely realizing where they are before she murmurs, "Forgive me my boldness."

"… really?" Aluksander asks, eyebrows raised in surprise. "… for that long?" It surprises him. But, he can see that she is being genuine, and she is really putting herself out there on a limb; Aluksander knows how much embarassment and trouble she could face if her behavior were unappreciated. But, he appreciates it. More than anything, as these incredibly short moments pass by while all of this zooms through his head, not only does his mind confirm that he appreciates it, but also that he welcomes it. Moreso, that he may even want it. And so, unsure of what is supposed to happen next since he hasn't even had the luxury of a mother and father to watch kiss, Aluksander just offers her a soft smile and a shrug. "No forgiveness is needed. I … if you want to … if you've been waiting … if that's what … if you're sure … I haven't ever … I don't really …," and it's obvious that Aluksander is just stammering now because he has no idea what else to do.

Deryn puts herself out there, half holding her breath once she's spoken her piece, likely waiting for him to jump up and turn her down or something. When he stammers out an acceptance, she moves closer to him, leaning in slowly, and soon brings her lips to his in a kiss. Compared to some, it might well be rather chaste, but it is lips to lips, and does come with a tease of her tongue tip against the seam of his lips, a promise of something more.

Aluksander checked his chaste of 13, he rolled 17.

Aluksander watches her come closer, and since he doesn't have any clue he's supposed to close his eyes, he watches her as she kisses him. He mmms, his eyes closing naturally after a moment. And then there's that little, soft sensation of something foreign brushing against his lips that he can't place and one of his eyes opens again. However, Aluksander doesn't know anything about how this kissing thing is supposed to work, so he just continues pressing his lips back against Deryn's as she can probably hear and maybe even sense a little the /very/ pleased sigh that follows.

Deryn would press the kiss further, for she's enjoying it quite a bit, but.. there's a soft sound from nearby, a servant who notices and gasps in surprise. It's enough to remind her where she is, and slowly does she pull back, to meet his gaze once their lips have parted. With a quick lick of her own, she whispers softly, "I would like so much more than that, but.. I should stop before my cousin has me thrown out of his house."

More … than … huh? Aluksander's eyes take several seconds before they flutter open and he returns from wherever he was. "Hmm? Thrown out? He wouldn't do /that/," Aluksander protests absently. He then just grins stupidly, like the cat who ate the canary, up at Deryn. "That was pretty great. You're not a bad kisser," he announces to no one in particular.

And with those words, Deryn blushes quite a bit as she makes her way back to her seat to sit once again. Wine, that's what's needed, and she takes up the glass before her and takes a good sip of the sweet liquid within. "That's.. really good." She is quick to say before looking to him, "I don't know.. he might, considering I was kissing you here in his hall… " And he is Christian who likely looks down upon such things, especially PDA between two unmarried!

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