(514-02-19) Shopping Advice
Summary: Seren meets Martyn Baverstock in the market while shopping.. it's a short meeting.
Date: 02-19-514 (OOC: 12-31-2015)
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Eagle Market

The well-traveled road leading east out of Sarum, through the Fool's Gate, runs west through Eagle Market as it heads directly up to the Gate Tower of Sarum Castle. The Castle itself sits on a small hillock of land with a worn rampart that travels up from the market at an even grade. A few homes line this street, mingled among the permanent shops that have made a home here. Between these buildings and lining the street on any given day there is an array of pavilions in a myriad of dull colors. Vendors traveling the realms to sell wares, tradesmen from around the city come to hawk their latest offerings, merchants from other cities bringing exotics. All can be found in this area. This area is also the home to local pub, The Boar's Beard.

The spring is almost here and the days are getting a little warmer. Nothing really impressive however but despite that, Seren is in the market looking through the stalls. Working for the Earl was something that gave her coin and free time in the city proper. It was a dream come true. At the moment, she is looking over a stall with bakery items, each looking more delightful than the last.

Having been taking care of some kind of business for his family, Martyn has made his way into the city, and is walking through the marketplace now. Smiling a bit to himself as he walks, he looks to the various stalls, studying the wares there out of curiosity. There's a distant look on the Baverstock's face for a few brief moments as he seems to be considering something, and then he shakes his head to himself.

Among looking at baked items, Seren seems to find interest in people watching, seeing who she might recognize from her time in the court. Most times when there she is writing, so she has little time to watch people. It is then she notices the Baverstock and a smile curves her expressive features. "Sir," she dips her head in greeting, "A pleasure to see you again." If they had exchanged names, she does not remember doing so, but his face she does remember.

Pausing as he hears the greeting, Martyn offers a smile in return to the lady. "My Lady," he greets her, nodding to her. "It's a pleasure to see you again as well." A brief pause, before he adds, "I hope you can forgive me, but I cannot remember your name?"

Relief registers first in her expression. "Lady Seren de Woodford, Scribe to Sir Earl Robert de Salisbury." The introduction given fully and accompanied by a warm smile. "There is nothing to forgive, Sir. I only thought to have seen your face before, but I think we have never been properly introduced."

Martyn smiles. "I thought that might have been the case," he replies, offering another smile. "I am Sir Martyn de Baverstock, cousin to Sir Bryce, the head of Baverstock. It is an honor to be properly introduced, Lady Seren."

Seren dips into a curtsy, head ducked demurely. "Truly, it is an honor to formally meet you Sir Martyn Baverstock. I suppose I have yet to meet your cousin as well then." Straightening, she transfers her basket to her other arm, "If I sound forward, I apologize in advance, would you me the honor of escorting me to the booths? I have learned having my brother around, the merchants were less likely to take advantage." Her handmaid is nearby however.

There's a nod and a quiet smile as he hears that request. "It would not be right of me to leave you at the mercy of themerchants, My Lady. It would be an honor to escort you to see them," Martyn replies, with a smile. A polite nod to the handmaid as is given as well.

The handmaid dips into a curtsy as well before straightening and stepping back only slightly. Seren slips her hand into the bend of his arm and offers another smile, "Why thank you, Sir Martyn Baverstock. I shall remember your honorable offer." And so she leaves the bakers table and approaches one with fabrics and threads of all sorts. "So many lovely things," she says softly. "What is your color that you like best?"

"Some would say there are too many lovely things at the markets," Martyn offers with a quiet smile as he looks around at the table they have approached. Considering the question asked, he shrugs momentarily. "The color that I like best? I… have not thought too much about that, to be honest. Some shade of red, I would say. How about yours?"

"I think colors of the sun, golds and yellows, even hints of blue like the sun, the green of the trees," Seren says a touch wistfully. "I adore new dresses, but I have no time to sew them myself. I am always so very busy. I suppose I could hire it out, but that seems such a luxury." Another smile touches her lips, "Reds are rather pretty too, especially in the mornings as they streak across the sky, or in the evenings as they dip down over the land." A blush rises in her cheeks as she realizes she had carried on so.

That reply brings out a bit of laughter from Martyn. "That is truly a poetic way of describing the colors, Lady Seren," he offers, nodding a bit as he hears it. "You seem to have a way with words." Nodding to the part about hiring the work out. "It does seem a little luxurious, but on the other hand. How will you get a new dress if you do not have the time to make it, after all?"

Seren blushes, her head dipping a little. "Thank you, Sir Martyn, I am a scribe, words are my life." As they continue on, they come to a table holding soaps and candles, things that smell good. A glance is given back to the fabrics, "Perhaps I should ask my brother before doing something like that. But I would need a dress for the ball at the wedding tourney."

Martyn nods again as he hears that. "It would probably be best to speak with your brother before making the decision," he offers, nodding again at the mention of that ball. "Ah yes, that will be a quite interesting event."

Seren looks over the selection of the scented soaps again with a wistful look but soon enough, she brings her eyes back to the knight. "Will you be attending the festivities?"

Looking at the selection of soaps for a few moments, Martyn nods a bit slowly at the question. "That is the plan, yes. Unless my cousin need me to be tending to some other things, but I will probably attend the festivities, ys."

Seren moves along after ensuring herself she had no need for the soaps and the next stall is lovely jewelry. Bracelets and baubles. There is only a brief look over them, "I do so hope you get to go. And the tournament? What events do you compete in?"

"Well, I might try to participate in as many events as possible, if I go. It has been a while since I got to test myself like that the last time. So I need to find out what I need to focus on in my training."

"Do you joust, Sir Martyn?" Seren questions as they move along to another table selling gloves and tack and other items for horsemen. "Have you considered what gift you would give the king and his queen for their wedding?"

Martyn nods a little. "I have done some jousting in the past, yes. I tend to be more skilled at swordplay, though." At the question about a gift for the king and queen, he looks a little lost. "I… Still thinking about that one."

"I hope you do well in the joust, Sir Martyn." At the table, Seren finishes looking over the remainder of the items before selecting a butter soft pair of leather gloves and purchasing them. Once the exchange is made, she places them in her basket before looking back at the Knight. "Perhaps your family should all find something together from the entire Baverstock family." With a look of regret, she glances back towards the castle. "And now I am afraid I must go. It has truly a pleasure making your acquaintance, Sir Martyn, and I do so thank you for the escort."

Martyn smiles, "Thank you, Lady Seren. I really appreciate that." Nodding a bit as he hears the rest of what's said, he nods again, offering another smile. "It was a pleasure to meet you, and to offer that escort."

Seren releases his arm and dips into a proper curtsy. "Be well, Sir Martyn." Straightening, she smiles warmly. "Until we meet again," she dips her head and walks towards the castle with her handmaiden.

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