(514-02-16) Family Plans
Summary: Acwel has a surprising offer to make to a Lady and Seren seems to be excited about her brothers plans.
Date: 02.16.514 (OOC: 12-30-2015)
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Sarum Castle

A high walled stone castle atop a hillock, Sarum Castle is complete with four massive stone towers. The gate lets into a courtyard which turns and leads to the Great Hall. The rest of the castle generally closed off to visitors, the center of focus is the Great Hall itself. Most furniture is removed from the main floor of the great hall, save the high lord's chairs, though the great chests lining this space can be glimpsed. The vassal knights of Earl Robert stay here over night. Glimpses of banners, armor, and weapons can be seen amongst their personal gear that isn't tucked into a chest. The Earl's own armor and banners lining the hall. The scent of old feasts mingled with whatever the knights were fed last night linger in the air, tinged with the scent of the old wood beams forming the supports of the aging castle.

Seren had moved into a room in the castle, she was most often found here or about the area, sometimes the court yard and always with her handmaiden in tow and always proper. Currently, she is just finishing up with something, taking some last minute instruction before the meeting had concluding. Rising, she speaks quietly to her handmaid, "We should go explore the market place since spring is coming and it is warmer than it has been in awhile. Fetch me my market basket and place this one in my rooms." Offering the basket she carries with the parchment and ink and other items she used in her trade.

Apparently, Acwel was on the way into the Hall for something; perhaps to help himself to whatever is leftover from the festivities by the Earl, such as ale, or some leftover food. That, of course, might lead him to cross paths with his sister. "Seren," he calls out, once he spots her. As always, he is clad in his knightly garb; the armor and the sword, and the squire that trails after him.

Dressed in her usual modest dress, Seren turns, the dress swishing around her feet as she does. Seeing her brother, the petite woman hurries towards him and uncaring of who might see, she gives him a brief if fierce hug. "Acwel, there you are. I am glad to see you. We were about to go to the market, would you like to join or have a meal here or the Inn?"

Acwel returns the hug, laughing as Seren rushes forward to greet him so. He does love his sister. "Likewise, little Seren." She speaks about going to the market, making him consider her words before he acquiesces with a nod. "Certainly, the inn might be as good a place as any. Tell me, how have you been? Also, I have some news to relay to you."

An extra squeeze is given before she separates and hooks her arm through his, never uncertain of her welcome with him. Turning a warm smile to him, Seren is pleased with his response, "It would be good to have a meal there with you." The Boar's Beard is not mentioned, she does not go there. "I have been doing well! I met with Lady Lysanor last evening. There was a match of swords." Her interest piqued, she looks up with an eager smile. "What news do you have?"

"A match of swords? Who versus whom?" Acwel wonders, placing his hand, the one not bound by arm to his sister, on top of Seren's affectionately before it slips away, and he smiles back at her. "Well, as you know, we are going to Exeter. But beforehand, I am going to an expedition led by Sir Cyndeyrn. Perhaps I ought to have a favor from you, that I might carry so that I fight on behalf of the Jewel of Woodford's honor?"

"It was a match between Burcombe and Baverstock. Sir Caerdwyn and Sir Landon. I believe the latter finally got the better of the Burcombe though it seemed a close and evenly matched challenge." Heat rises in Seren's cheeks and she dips her head slightly, "Jewel of Woodford?" Twice in as many days she had heard the term now. "I think you are biased and I want you to know you always and ever have my favor my brother, whether you carry a token or no. I would be honored to give you something tangible though, very honored." She leads the way from the castle and to the courtyard where she turns them towards the location of the inn. Concern shows clear in her features. "You will be careful, please?"

Kissing her forehead, Acwel assents with a nod. "Always careful, my dear Seren. I have a little sister and a little brother to look after, after all, and I refuse to suffer the curse of our father, and his father before him," namely, of dying too early in situations that to a child seem absolutely senseless. "Burcombes are scum," he says, of the manor of one of the challengers, "never deal with them in anything but suspicion. They belong to the worst kind of paganry there exists, and they are not even to be considered our foes." The knight is glad to be led towards their destination, as it allows him to pay more attention to the conversation.

Seren smiles brightly at the kiss and she leans her head in briefly to touch her cheek to his shoulder. "I adore you, Acwel, I would never want to be without you." The smile wobbles a little at the thought, but he successfully distracts her with the mention of the Burcombes. "Sir Caerwyn is rather… complimentary and free with flowery words," she says thoughtfully. "I was relieved to be leaving with Lady Lysanor, I trust her far more than most."

Wainright's Inn Sarum

A large common room here houses tables during the day, to serve visitors food and drinks. Though at night, this large room is converted into the sleeping area for visitors who can't afford to stay at other locations in the city. Much in the manner of the Great Hall. The walls here only have a few tapestries upon them, something down by the peasant folk that seems to eschew their way of life, mostly farming. The room has a good ten tables during the day all of them closest to the large hearth in the wall opposite the bar. Behind the bar is a door which leads to both kitchen and the home of the owner of this Inn.

"People who are free with flowery words conceal a deficiency of character. That … man … appears too merry for me to have a positive opinion of him, truth be told." Acwel agrees with what appears to be Seren's assessment of the individual smiling when she rests her cheek to his shoulder, enjoying the affection. "You should trust her. So far, I have not seen a lack of judgement from her, so she might be a good, righteous guide for you as well."

"I agree, Acwel, very much. He did not make me feel comfortable around him." Suppressing a shudder, Seren shakes her head as if to reinforce it. "The Burcombe's have such a reputation anyway, I suppose they would be fierce allies on a battlefield.." Once at the Inn, she awaits him to decide where he would like to have a seat, but she smiles her approval in regards to Lysanor. "I do like her so much. And Sir Kamron. His friend, I think she is more reserved, Sir Arian, though she does seem to be interesting and friendly enough."

"I think those two are rather close," Acwel states, regarding Kamron and Arian. "What do you think of Lady Lysanor's brother, Sir Cyndeyrn? I think he is a fine knight, and likely a reliable ally to have. He has a sense of honor and is just as protective of his little sister as I am of mine," he grins at Seren, as he leads them towards a table off to the corner, near the window. Good for people watching, one supposes. "I am contemplating a betrothal with Lady Lysanor."

"Sir Cyndeyrn is a man of very few words, but," Again, Seren blushes, "He is rather dashing and strong and so very tall." Biting her lip, she falls silent as they find their seats and the barmaid type person approaches. "You would wish a betrothal with Lady Lysanor?" There is no hesitation in the excitement that brings. "I would adore having her as a sister, Acwel, when will you seek it?"

"I will possibly speak to her first, to see if she would be amenable to it, then I might ask Cyndeyrn to send his father a missive." Acwel replies, explaining the situation to Seren. He smirks when she blushes and enunciates the many qualities of the taller Dinton knight. "I would like to have a wife sooner rather than later, as I do not want our line to go extinct. The Woodfords must go on for centuries and centuries."

"Have you spoken to her enough to know what she may say? Oh Acwel, I want our line to continue forever as well, and you and our brother will ensure that." Seren notices the smirk and ducks her head when he realizes her quandry. "I will eventually wed who you think best for an alliance for our home. For now, I am happy serving our liege lord as Scribe, and with caring for you when you allow me to." Looking to the servant, she orders a hot tea and whatever stew they have today.

"You will wed a good man, because I am the one in charge of arranging your marriage," Acwel states to Seren, before ordering an ale for himself. "I care about your happiness very much, and woe betide me should I choose poorly for you," He smiles to her, then, and considers the first question. "I haven't, actually, but I should. I do not think she would oppose it."

"I trust you," Seren says simply. "More than anyone else." To the servant, she orders her brother some food also, trying to take care of him and make sure he eats. "With bread and cheese," she throws in at the last. "Who would oppose marriage to you, Acwel? I could not imagine anyone better for someone to marry."

"Thank you," Acwel intones to Seren when she orders for him, laughing. "I do not know, Seren, but there is always the slightest chance she might have someone else in mind already, thus presenting some resistance to the notion. Hopefully not."

Seren laughs with him, reaching out a hand to touch his briefly. "Whoever you do marry, I hope she keeps you well fed. You sometimes forget to eat, I think." A smile of pure mischief graces her features. "Why not go seek her out after our meal? Have that talk with her and see what she is acceptable to?"

"I think I do forget to eat," Acwel replies, taking Seren's hand within his and giving it a light, affectionate squeeze. "Too much happening, not enough time in the day," he grins at his sister when she smiles in that rather mischievous way. "I will. Maybe it is best I make my interest known directly and see what she says."

"If I have to go home to make sure you eat, I will," Seren warns him playfully. "I love you, Acwel, you are the most important person to me." The squeeze is returned as the food and drinks are delivered. "I suppose that just knowing would be good," she speaks only once the servant has left. "Then if not, you could perhaps focus on another ally."

"I love you too, Seren." Acwel leans against her, smiling again at her words. "And alright, I'll make sure I eat," he laughs, before reaching for his tankard and eating some breads and cheeses. Hey, his sister ordered as much for himself, after all. "Aye," he acknowledges her latter words on that tricky matter. "It is what I intend to do. If it is not, then I will move on."

Seren goes about eating her meal, pleased with her brothers response both about eating right and the matter of the betrothal. As the meal progresses, a bit of her stew, a small bit of bread is eaten and her tea is sipped. After a short while, she looks up again. "I will be packed for the trip within the fortnight, most of my important things are at the castle and that is what I will be taking with me."

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