(514-02-17) A Surprising Request
Summary: Sir Acwel de Woodford call Lady Lysanor de Dinton back to Sarum for he had something to ask of her.
Date: February 17 514
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It's a quiet evening at the Wainright's. Acwel has sent a missive to Lysanor so that she might meet him there, but he didn't specify the reason, save that it was to ask some questions. And the Woodford knight is sitting at a table by the window, a tankard of ale in front of him, as well as some food. Apparently, one's sister chiding him to eat more sometimes resonates well enough.

Lysanor had just finished packing a medical kit as well as some clothing and provisions for Cyndeyrn's mission. Not that she would be joining them on that one, but she wanted to ensure that her brother and his companions had all of the necessary equipment for such a long journey. She barely had time to pack for the journey which she, herself, was about to go on when she receives a message from the Woodford knight. So making the journey back to Sarum, with her own handmaiden and retainers all in tow, she finally makes it into the city and with her entourage having her horse stored away, without haste, she enters the Wainwright's Inn. Dressed for travel, she wears a long green dress, her collar and hem embroidered in gold stitches, while laces travel the length of her forearms cinching at her wrists. A red cloak hangs at her shoulders, the hood pushed back and away from her head. When she notices the knight in the distance, she steps up to join him, gracing the man with a curtsy, "Sir Acwel, I apologize for any delay. I returned to Sarum as soon as I could."

"Lady Lysanor," Acwel greets as he stands from his chair, offering her a smile, an upturned hand and a slight tip of his head. "Thank you for the making the trip here. There is something I need to talk to you about, as well." He is clad in the way most knights usually are, when on duty. And when are the knights of Salisbury ever off duty, especially in the Winter? He takes note of her dress, the smile enduring a moment or two before he compliments, "As always, you look rather beautiful, my Lady."

You check your proud at 16, you rolled 6.

Flattered by the compliment to her dress, one which she had sewn herself, though this one in particular wasn't anything special, Lysanor gives off a pleasant smile to the man, her posture straightening even more as she knows that eyes are now upon her handiwork. "Thank you, My Lord. This is one of my own creations. It's a simple thing, but I do try to add a little flare to my designs." She could discuss fashion with the man for hours and if he were a woman, she could very well trade stitch secrets, but he is not. So instead, she settles herself down into a seat at her table, looking curious at being called away so suddenly. "What was it that you needed to speak to me about? Something urgent?"

"It is not urgent, but it is something that will sate my curiosity," Acwel replies, before asking, "Would you like anything to eat? Drink? I will pay," he promises, flagging the servant to do so, and dismissing her once the order is made or if the offer is refused. A pause, once the servant is gone, and he asks, "Well, I am looking for a suitable wife for myself. You are one of the few ladies I believe would suit me, and it would be convenient for me to ally with the Dintons. However, I would not do so without knowing whether or not you are courting an offer by someone else."

Once she is settled down and Acwel ensures that she would want for not when offering up food and drink, Lysanor cannot help but look at the other tables to see what was being served and which dishes piqued her fancy, though noticing Acwel's own plate, she then orders the same and a cup of white wine. "That is very generous of you, My Lord. But now that you have my attention, my own curiosity is now piqued." She truly had thought that there was some urgent business of some sort that needed to be handled. So when the Woodford knight gets down to business, she is more than taken by surprise. Her wide eyes blink quickly when the man speaks and despite being taken aback by all of this, she does offer a faint smile when she speaks, her eyes lowered rather demurely to stare at the part of the table before her, "I am afraid that I have not been made aware of such plans." She even shakes her head slowly, "I am honored that you believe me a suitable wife, My Lord. Perhaps, I will inquire with my father to see if has received any word of.. anything."

Eating slowly as he listens to her reaction, Acwel smiles back, apparently pleased, as he reaches for the bread and swipes it on the bowl, then working on the slices of meat, one by one. He drinks his ale slowly, then, swallowing and just looking at the redhead and gauging her reaction, enjoying it, apparently. His smile widens, and he nods once. "I ought to send him an inquiry for your hand, as well, which is why I asked you before I did it so. If you were entertaining anyone's offer, or hoping someone would ask for your hand… well, I do not want to interfere with your happiness, my Lady."

With this shocking news, though one which any woman would be proud to hear, Lysanor eats her own meal in a much slower fashion. Breaking off pieces of bread and dipping it into the savory sauce, before popping it into her mouth. Her demeanor remains light, that ever pleasing smile on her lips, and every so often her gaze will lift to meet with Acwel's, noticing that the man is watching her and only then will her smile brighten and her gaze divert a touch nervously, perhaps. "That would be the proper channel to follow," She does agree about the man speaking to her father, but when he inquires further, there is a thoughtful look on her features when she says, "While I do not believe that there have been missives for my hand just yet, I… There was someone from my childhood who I had thought I would marry when I was a young girl." She looks slightly embarrassed to have brought this up, "I apologize My Lord, I know that it is not what you wished to hear."

There's a pause as Acwel contemplates that, finishing his meal quietly, setting aside the bowl for the servant to get as he looks across the table to Lysanor, considering her words. He drinks some more of his ale, setting the tankard down, as he contemplates what next to say. "Do you still hope he will take you as a spouse, then, my Lady?" He asks, simply. "I ask, because expectations do not always conform to reality. But I would be serious and send a missive to your father as soon as possible if you did not object or had objections."

Once that is out on the table, Lysanor more steadily partakes of her meal, feeling as if a heavy burden had just been lifted from her shoulders. Taking up her fork, she stabs lightly into a thin slice of meat, before leaning forward and taking a small bite out of it. Finishing up with a sip from her cup, her eyes now more confidentally lift to meet Acwel's gaze, rather than being the oddly demure, awkward young woman which she had suddenly become, which is often times, very unlike her. "To be honest, My Lord, I do not know. I am hoping that he will. But I know that you speak truth as well, sometimes things do not turn out the way one wishes." And yet, she recalls a bit of conversation she was in just the other day. "I would hate to keep you waiting on my response, especially as I, myself, am waiting. If you do not mind, however, My Lord, perhaps you could give me some time to sort things out." Here, she looks uncertain as to what the man's response will be, "I was truly taken aback by your offer."

Meeting her gaze evenly, Acwel finishes his tankard, holding it out so that a servant can stop by and refill his drink while he looks across the table to Lysanor. Once his tankard is refilled, he sips from it as she speaks, listening intently, and never quite leaving his attention from her. "I understand," he replies, simply, offering a nod to her remarks. "I can give you sometime, my Lady, however, I ask that it is not overlong," he says in regards to her asking some time to think, apparently considering her words thoughtfully. "I understand. I tend to be direct and this can be off-putting, but it is better that way."

Rarely has Lysanor met a man so bold, so direct as this Sir Acwel de Woodford. Or rarely a good, noble sort rather than the Burcombe variety. So she is uncertain as how to react to this directness and the way in which his eyes keep on her, never flinching or looking away. Still, the young woman is not the sort of flush with color at every compliment given her and yet here she feels a touch of heat at her cheeks beneath the man's gaze. "I thank you for your generosity in giving me more time to consider your offer. I will inquire with my family as well, unless you would rather I not?" She then nods slowly to what he next says, "I do understand and I do not wish to disappoint nor keep you waiting overly long, My Lord. But I am grateful for this. I am honored that you have chosen me and also that you are kind enough to give me this time to think."

It comes with the sort of confidence one is required when leading a family, when applying themselves to the utmost, and being rather sure of their lot in life. Acwel sips from his tankard again, enjoying the taste of ale slowly, watching Lysanor as she blushes, and it prompts him to smile again. "You may," he acquiesces, with a nod, at her question, "best they know of my intentions ahead of time." A pause. "I have plenty of reasons to have chosen you, my Lady. Your beauty notwithstanding, you are also of good heart and my sister trusts you implicitly. It would make me very happy to have you as my wife and mother of my children."

Obviously, it doesn't hurt the woman's ego when the man lays down compliment after compliment upon her and despite recent tensions, she does find herself in slightly more relaxed state, knowing Acwel's words to be true — about her beauty, most of all, but she believes she has a good heart as well! "You have always been so kind with your words that I am sure that any woman you marry will be a lucky woman. I know of your bravery and strength and of your honesty…" Here she quiets down looking thoughtful, "If you were not so honest, I suppose, we may not be here today discussing this."

"We would not, my Lady. I value honesty in all my dealings, as the right way to address most things in life." Acwel bows his head at the compliments, however, smiling at Lysanor. He does have an ego as well, it is just that it is often balanced by other things, or perhaps, not his most noticeable trait. "But I am glad that we are discussing this, and that you think any woman I marry would be lucky. I appreciate those kind words very much," he lets her know, reaching out to squeeze her hand. "Any man, hopefully me," he is cheeky here, at least, "who has you for a wife will be very fortunate indeed."

This, too, Lysanor is unused to, the way that Acwel just casually reaches out to touch her hand. He was not offering to kiss the back of it in greeting as is proper to do so, but instead he keeps it there upon hers. Her gaze drops down to the touch, posture stiffening when contact is made, but that doesn't last long. While she may be somewhat surprised, she does fairly well in schooling her emotions when need be. "Have you and your sister finished packing then?" There is a very obvious topic change, but mainly due to her being unable to think of anything to say regarding any such marriage. "I believe that I have everything that I need, I just have to make sure that some of the provisions that I was thinking of taking will fit into my horse's pack."

It only lasts a moment, before he withdraws the hand, and Acwel is back to all business when Lysanor asks him that question. "I have, but I must go on your brother's expedition first, so I had the servants supply me a second batch of food and drinks to take," he explains, though he adds, "Seren appears to have most of her things packed already." A pause. "Thank you for meeting with me, by the way. I appreciate it, my Lady. And I shan't keep you any longer if it deters you from making your own preparations. At any rate, should you need anything, let me know and I will make sure Woodford provides for you."

"Yes," Is Lysanor's first response when Cyndeyrn's expedition is brought up. "I've informed our allies in Baverstock and I believe they are on the ready. Godspeed in completing your task and seeing that you all return home safely. There will be little time to breathe as we may need to set out to Exeter in the few days following. Thus, I wish you all a safe return, less you need a replacement for some members on your own team, if some are injured." Her features slightly pensive, her mind going through everything which she must do, her attention returns to the here and now, "Of course, My Lord. And I do not wish to hold you up as well. I thank you for the fine meal and the… pleasant company. I promise to get word back to you before too long." Rising to stand, she graces the man with a curtsy before departing, "And I thank you again, for allowing me this time to ponder my decision."

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