(514-02-08) Newfound Friendship
Summary: Sir Acwel invites the Lady Syndra to dine with him at Woodford. A new friendship and potentially useful alliance is formed.
Date: 514-02-08
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It is Woodford; a settlement west of Sarum, and also the home to the eponymous family. They are currently in the process of reinforcing their motte-and-bailey, with peasants bringing in lumber fallen during the autumn. Syndra has been invited, after their short meeting, to join Acwel for a dinner. Nothing too luxurious, but surely there will be plenty of wine to drink and food to eat.

The table was set, and the lord of Woodford sits at the center of the table, clad in noble regalia befitting his station. A change, surely from the sight of him in his knightly chains and the sword strapped to his belt.

Syndra arrives exactly on time, neither a minute late nor early. She is dressed in a gown of such a dark red it appears black save when the light hits it. It trails behind her ever so slightly, the cut of it is modest but it also highlights her curves rather nicely. Her ebony curls are left down cascading down her back as she steps into the room slowly but with grace. Spotting the Woodford lord already seated she approches and offers a respectful curtsey. "A pleasure to see you again Sir Acwel, and a pleasant surprise to be invited here." She straightens up to her full if somewhat lacking height and regards him calmly, her composure never wavers not even for a moment. She will wait to be invited to sit regarding Acwel with a calm gaze and mild curiousity.

"Please, do join me, Lady Syndra, it is a pleasure to have you here," Acwel states, as he stands up to personally receive Syndra at the room. Flashing her a smile, he reaches out to take her hand within his, and press his lips to the back of it, meeting her gaze, pleasant. "I am glad you could come, I must confess I do not know many of Baverstock. I hope the travel here was not too fraught with perils." Having said this, he returns to the table, having a servant pull the chair back for the lady before he sits back upon his own, pouring himself some wine. "How are you?"

A small yet warm smile is given as Acwel rises to greet her. Dark eyes meet his and a thin black brow raises slightly when that kiss is placed to her hand. She does her best to appear mostly unaffected but she still seems ever so slightly flattered as well. "I was glad to come. I do not have the pleasure of knowing many from Woodford, it will be good to change that I think." She settles gracefully into the offered chair, sitting up straight with a regal sort of bearing. "The journey was quite pleasant actually. I do not mind travelling as much as some ladies and while I lack the practice of a knight on horseback I do enjoy riding as well." She smiles faintly tilting her head to one side. "I am quite well, and I hope you can say the same?"

"I do not know many Baverstocks, so I am glad to make your acquaintance," Acwel agrees, pleasantly, with Syndra. The servants pour her some wine as well, and the Woodford knight breaks some bread, eating it just as he reaches for pieces of ham and cheeses, fowl and any other roasted meats that are served on the table. There is quite the variety, at that, though certainly not as much as what must be on Earl Robert's banquet table.

Taking a slow sip of wine Syndra regards him with faint curiousity and a small rather sly smile. "You wish to know more about me? Whate would you like to know exactly? I have no wish to prattle on about myself like some vain airhead and if I am going to talk about myself I would request that you do the same." She takes up some bread of her own nibbling on a peice of that and a bit of cheese and fowl. She is a careful and very neat eater and she regards him thoughtfully in between bites.

"I want to know about you, your goals. You are beautiful, but you are more than a pretty face and an alluring mode of dress. There is a purpose for all that, and I can assess that much," Acwel replies, steepling his fingers as he flashes Syndra a smile. "I want to know your goals for life, and why exactly you seem to me like a force to be reckoned with. And also to assess whether we can strike a friendship."

Syndra pauses eating a moment and regards Acwel calmly, her gaze thoughtful. She smiles faintly and reaches for her wine considering a moment before she responds. "You are very observant, however I am not a force to be reckoned with…not yet anyway. That is one of my goals, to secure a measure of power and security for myself." A slow sip of wine is taken and she lowers the glass her gaze locking with his. "I will freely admit that I desire to be better than I am, I want to improve myself and my station. Whether that is through marriage or my own achievements or a combination. I am merely a cousin of the main Baverstock line, though my father Sir Lorcan de Baverstock aids in managing our lands I myself have little power of my own. Yet I feel I may very well have the potential to do better than this. As to a friendship…perhaps. I think that might even benfit us both."

"Then you should marry an heir," Acwel replies, nodding to her statements, keeping his gaze locked with hers, unphased, it seems. "Me, I am in much of the same boat, but I seek to estabilish close ties with the other Christian manors in Salisbury. I believe we are to face a threat by the Pagans, particularly considering some of their respective reputations," he explains, leaning forward. "I want friends I can trust, allies that I know will not backstab me at any given opportunity. Perhaps I might, in exchange, even help you with a betrothal to a lord or an heir. Perhaps I might betroth you to myself, who knows," he grins at that, "I do need to secure an heir for Woodford as soon as possible."

Syndra listens calmly as he speaks. She seems to consider his words very carefully and finally she nods a smile appearing on her lips. "I have no reason nor desire to betray those I call my friends…its counterproductive to betray ones friends. And if there is truly a threat from the Pagans then the Christian manors must stand together to face it." She says this calmly but with conviction and she tilts her head as he mentions helping her find a suitable match, even to the point of betrothing her to himself. She smiles softly once more looking faintly pleased. "I would happily assist you in your goals of forming closer ties with the other manors. I too could benfit from such contacts, and if in exchange you wished to aid me in finding a suitable match be that yourself or another…it would be most appreciated."

"Then, let us refill our drinks," and Acwel orders the servants to do so, which they comply with, "and toast as we celebrate the dawn of a new friendship. I will find you a suitable match, someone you can easily bolster or make yourself indispensable for. If you have ideas for a suitor, you can tell me now." Then, he reaches out with his free hand, to take hers within its grasp. "A shame I know no minstrels I can trust, else I would have arranged so we could dance. Although, I am not that good on my feet." He grins at her.

A nod of agreement is given and Syndra smiles pleasantly. "You have my thanks then Sir Acwel, I have no one particular in mind at the moment but I will keep my eyes open and make suggestions if I find anyone suitable." As he reaches for her hand she smiles softly once more, her smaller hand rests lightly in his. A soft gentle yet delighted laugh leaves her lips at his words. "A pity indeed…I think I would have enjoyed a dance with you. Perhaps I will have the pleasure of doing so another time."

"Excellent," Acwel replies, taking her hand again and pressing a kiss upon her knuckles, meeting her gaze with a slight smile. "Perhaps we ought to finish this, and then you might join me at the great hall? It should be empty, but there is a hearth there, and we can better keep ourselves from the winter cold. Not to mention a pile of furs to assist with that endeavor as well."

Syndra tries to hide it but there is a slight pink coloring to her cheeks as she offers another small smile. She nods. "Of course, I would be delighted to join you." She lifts her wine glass in one hand to offer a toast her dark eyes shining slightly. "Here's to a profitable alliance and friendship between us both. I have great hope that this will be a most excellent partnership." She smiles slyly and takes a drink.

The Woodford knight notices that blush, causing his smile to widen a little as he rises his wine glass then sips from it after her good wishes. "I think I know of a good suitor for you," he states after a moment's consideration, flashing her a grin as he stands up. "However, come on, let us go to the great hall as this will be absolutely freezing as the moon rises to the midsky."

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