(514-02-07) For the Love of Combat Joust Part 2 (Rhodri)
Summary: Sir Dalan de Newton continues to challenge all comers to a Joust for the Love of Combat. Sir Rhodri de Shrewton is the next to answer the call.
Date: February 7th 514
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"Sir Rhodri and I have sparred here and there since boyhood, aye," Cyndeyrn confirms to his sister, hauling back on his reins to bring his walking steed fully to a halt near her and giving a dip in his saddle back across at his fellow knight. "We've had a bit of combat that is far from sport of late," he'll then remark, a little bluntly. "And more soon, most like. Good that everyone keeps sharp." It's then that he'll turn, as much as he can in the saddle, over toward Dalan as he rides off from his victory. "Ah cousin, so you're the one responsible for the traffic on the road," he'll say, about as large of a jest as he is known for. "It looks as if you have been riding well. I am always ready enough to get in some practice although I think others have arrived ahead of me, so I would defer to them if one would like to make a go of it."

"Then I shall look forward to it greatly, Lady Lysanor," Rhodri affirms certainly. But the approach of the other knights beckons his attention. "It was a joy to behold, Sir Dalan," grins Rhodri to large knight. "You both rode admirably, and that ~last~ strike? It was inspiring!" He turns, and motions to the squire who stands there with helm and lance, and motions for them. "If you would, I'd be honored." He takes up his lance and tucks his helm against his die, pausing a moment to greet Sir Edwyn. "Well, fought, sir. Squire! Fetch Sir Edwyn some wine. He must be thirsty after such a bout."

Rhodri begins to urge his mount forward, knitting his brow at Cynderyn's words. "I had not heard of these troubles sire. I'll have to beg the tale from you after this bout." But, he pauses his horse, to glance back towards the ladies as a thought occurs. "Lady Lysanor. If you would favor me, though this is a simple bout, I would ride and fight in your honor, today."

Dalan bows to Rhodri and says, "The honor would be mine indeed." Dalan says as he waves his horse over. and takes the reigns. He looks to Cynderyn, "Indeed Cousin, I had not heard this either. I hope you might be able to tell me what has happened after Sir Rhodri and I tilt." He considers Lysanor for a moment, as Rhodri asks her favor and then he looks to Seren and clears his throat, "Might I also ask for your favor that I might joust in your honor this day Lady Seren?" After all it's all in fun today.

Lysanor check your proud at 16, you rolled 6.

When Dalan approaches, Lysanor smiles warmly up at her cousin with words to match, "Congratulations on your victory, dear cousin. Though I may have missed what came before I arrived, you both performed well." Her gaze moves from Dalan to Edwyn when this is said. It is to the Burcombe, however, that she intones, "Very good then, but if you feel something is amiss, do not hesitate to let me know. There is a tournament coming up in honor of our Good King's wedding. I would hate it if everyone were not at their full strength, for that would be the time to shine, if there ever was one."

Rhodri's suggestion takes her by surprise, but she is pleased by it all the same. "Of course, good Sir, if that is what you wish." Ever so carefully, she tears off a bit from her sleeve and if the knight within the saddle decides to assist her in the matter and lean off to the side, she will do her best to tie the delicate fabric around his arm, wherever she can reach. "It is kind of you to ask and even moreso for giving me this honor." When her cousin requests the same of Seren, the tiny red-head shares a smile with the other girl.

Rhodri flashes an exuberant grin to Dalan and tugs his reins to steer his horse in a tight U, regarding the Lady Lysanor to lower his lance in a reverent salute before her, then to ride alongside, leaning down in the saddle to present his arm for her ease. "My thanks, my lady. I shall do my best." Once she's done so, he bows to her once more, before nudges his horse to a gallop towards his starting side of the impromptu list.

As both knights comment on the stories he will have to tell, Cyndeyrn gives a short nod. "Nothing but the usual brigandry thus far, but I will tell you a bit about it when you are done, of course, and of other things, inspiring and troubling alike." He glances at his sister in the midst of the latter part, as if she might know at least some of what he is talking about. Of course, this also allows him to watch as she goes through the ritual of finding some token for Rhodri, and while he hardly -smiles- to watch the whole thing, he does not seem upset by it either!

When it comes to healing, Seren knows the basics at best, her profession is something else entirely. There is a smile shared with Lysanor though as the match is completed and she offers applause alongside her. Concern reaches her eyes, however, as she looks towards the Burcombe, though his reassurances to much to lessen it. As Dalan requests her favor, a blush steals into her cheeks, pinkening them, her lashes flutter down as she offers a demure nod, "I am honored you ask, Sir Dalan, and I would gladly give it to you." Her eyes flicker towards Cyndeyrn somewhat briefly, as he begins his own match with Rhodri. A glance is stolen to her handmaid before she settles her gaze back on Dalan and she offers him a little scrap of a cloth, a dainty, lacy bit of fabric that is her handkerchief with her name sewn into it. A curtsy is given, "The best of luck to you, Sir Dalan, truly." Looking back to Lysanor and sharing the smile.

Dalan blinks, his cheeks coloring a bit, as if he kinda expected to get a polite 'thanks but no thanks.' like he usually does. He takes the scrape and ties it around his large arm and says, "Th.. Thank you Lady Seren. I pray I honor you well." He says and turns to mount his horse again. Pulling himself up into the saddle and taking a fresh lance form his squire he rides out into the road, and salutes to Sir Rhodri, before setting and and getting ready to charge when his opponent is also ready.

Coelwulf watches his his brother and Sir Delan a wave is given to his squire, the boy rushes to Coel's side, then nods as the Knight speaks to him nodding toward the gathering and the exchange of tokens.

Rhodri watches Sir Dalan receive his favor as well, waiting until the process is finished before he fixes him with a nod. Cy's tacit approval, or at least lack of outright disapproval wins a smile from him as he rides briskly out to find his spot on the field where he halts his horse, who seems eagerly familiar with this whole process. He hefts his helm to set it over his head, before couching his lance and saluting Dalan reverently. He holds that way until the other night seems ready, confirming with a nod. Only then giving his horse the nudge to begin the forward gallop. The hooves tear at the frosty turf, hurtling towards Dalan, lance aimed and shield raised.

Dalan checked his lance of 12, he rolled 15.
Rhodri checked his lance of 15, he rolled 19.

Dalan spurs his horse into a gallop and then a full on charge. The rumble of hooves crashting against the cool ground becomes a symphony as the two knights draw closer. Dalan doesn't like the look he is getting, and it seems perhaps, Rhodri does not either. They pass only a breath seperating each lance from the opposing knight as the ride past. Dalan draws a deep breath and lets his charger slow, until he can turn him and ready for the next pass. Spurring his horse as he heads back again.

Once the pair of knights ride off and ready themselves for the first tilt, Lysanor guides the group of ladies and handmaidens alike to close the distance between themselves and her brother. "Have you heard further word, dear brother?" She inquires, before clarifying rather vaguely, "About any of the current matters at hand?" Once she hears the sound of hooves galloping fiercely, she turns to regard the action in the distance. Alas, no hit was made, but they did put on a rather aggressive show for it. Thus, she lifts her chin up, smiling brightly as she gently claps for the competitors and for Rhodri especially, for he dons her favor, despite Dalan being her cousin. "Still seeking out some brave knights for the task." She asks of her brother, before turning to Seren curiously, "Has your Lord Brother spoken to you about traveling with us?"

Rhodri aims his lance carefully, hung low in the saddle, keeping his shield poised ready for impact. He catches the blunt tip of Dalan and rocks with the shot, his own aim thrown off and ineffective as the two hurtling charges fly past each other with a couple of loud clunks of impact and not much else. He reigns back, letting the horse slow, and wheels about, lifting his weapon in salute. He holds it until his opponent gives the nod of ready, which he returns and spurs ahead once more.

Dalan checked his Lance of 12, he rolled 10.
Rhodri checked his lance of 15, he rolled 14.
Rhodri rolls 6d6 and gets (5 5 6 4 1 6) for a total of: (27)
Dalan checked his HOrsemanship of 12, he rolled 3.

A pleased smile crosses Coel's face as he watches the exchange, after all one should be proud of ones younger brother. He leans down to speak with his squire, no doubt explaining the finer points of mounted combat to the lad.

Coelwulf checked his proud of 13, he rolled 6.

"You are most welcome," Seren tells Dalan at his words, "You have already honored me by the asking." Cheeks still pink, she watches as he prepares for the ride, but her attention alternates from the match to Lysanor. "He has said he would like me to go, but he did not mention where or what the travel was for. I agreed to go and leave my assistant in charge at the castle with our liege lord. He had not told me you were going and now that I know, I am even more eager to go."

Cyndeyrn checked his chaste of 13, he rolled 2.

Lack of outright disapproval is probably the highest form of praise likely to emerge from Cyndeyrn, so Rhodri indeed has that going for him. Of course, as the whole little scene plays out between the would-be lancer and his sister, he may be distracted slightly from the way the scene is repeated just a short ways off between Dalan and Seren. Or he might just be woefully clueless, and make no note of even that slightest of glances his way. Alas! So, from there he will simply turn to watch the match, taking advantage of the view his seated position gives him. And that view serves him well, as the bought proves to be more than a quick ride to victory: the first pass is inconclusive, and the second, well - he's sure to hear that impact, and yet his cousin seems to stay ahorse! "This is a good match," he will note in an uncharacteristic display of 'exuberance', or the closest thing he is able to muster!

Hooves echo as the horses draw near. Dalan levels his lance and is even on mark, but Rhodri skillfully guides Dalan's lance to the side with his shield. Rhodri's lance hits Dalan's shield flush. The impact is such that it splinters against the shield and sends Dalan realing backwards. He almost casts off to one side, but manages to cling to his chargers side and pulls himself back up into his saddle. "Good hit Sir Rhodri." Dalan compliments as he turns his horse. He waits for Rhodri's squire to bring him a new lance and once he's set.. they charge again!

Rhodri's face is obscured by that helm, but one might guess he'd look rather pleased with that pass. This time the charge resulted in a palpable impact, jarring his opponent, and as the horses run their course, he turns, again, making sure sir Dalan is well after the blow. His helm obscures his face, alas, so none will see the thoroughly impressed look of surprise. "Well taken, Sir!" he calls, lifting his lance in vigorous salute, and adding a thump to his chest armor with his gauntlet. "Impressively done!" He steers his horse opposite Sir Dalan, waiting for his ready signal before nudging his mount's flanks to send it off at a fresh gallop.

Dalan checked his Lance of 12, he rolled 11.
Rhodri checked his lance of 15, he rolled 1.
Dalan rolls 6d6 and gets (2 5 5 2 1 2) for a total of: (17)
Rhodri checked his horsemanship of 15, he rolled 6.

One good hit deserves another, and this time Dalan lowers his lance, and leans forward, making contact just a moment before Rhodri can. His lance connects with his shield, and with thunderous force it splinters. Both knights have shattered lance trying to unhorse their opponent but neither have fallen yet.

The excitement on the field can be felt in the stands as well, with the roaring sounds of the hooves as the horses race forward to the thin silence which can almost be felt before the loud clash of lance against shield echoes through the forest. Lysanor watches in eager anticipation of what is to follow, she can easily see that sir Dalan's lance hits, but is pleased that it Sir Rhodri remains seated upon his horse. Here, she claps her hands in applause, commenting, "What a splendid performance from the both of them. I wouldn't wish to be on the receiving end on either knight's lance strike." Once the horses prepare for the next tilt, she takes this time to nod quickly at the other woman, "Yes, my presence was required, I suppose. I was there to witness the miracle during this past feast. It still brings me chills to think about it." The young woman's gaze then lifts to peer up at the face of her brother who towers over the two ladies, "My brother could clearly see what no one else did."

It's a mighty clunk that echoes across the field, Dalan's lance striking Rhodri's shield, and the rattling of it against his arm and his arm against his body. It jolts him hard, almost toppling him and leaving him wobbling in the saddle for several yards of his mounts charge. But at the end of the list he hasn't toppled, though he is straightening his helm on his head. "Ha!" he calls out in good humor. "Well struck!" He wheels his horse for the next pass after giving his head a quick shake to clear it of the bells ringing in his ears.

Rhodri checked his lance of 15, he rolled 16.
Critical Success!
Dalan checked his lance of 12, he rolled 12.
Dalan rolls 6d6 and gets (6 2 3 3 1 4) for a total of: (19)
Due to Dalan's critical success, his damage roll is now doubled. The total of 38 is more than double Rhodri's size. So Rhodri is unhorsed.

"I look forward to traveling with you." Seren tells Lysanor, though her attention is rapt on the match at the moment, the back and forth with the lances. So many close calls, so much anticipation on the both of them. Who will succeed? Her glove covered fingers lace together as she watches, only looking back to Lysanor after several moments. "It is a good match, my lady. They seem to be equal in skill and talent."

Dalan turns his horse and salutes, Rhodri with respect and says, "THe same to to you. I can't even feel my shield arm right now Sir Rhodri." still rocked from the last pass. Dalan lowers his lance and charges again. This time, Dalan see's his opening, and like a bolt his lance strikes, Rhodri's shield, the lance explodes in a hail of splinters, but the impact almost sounds like thunderstrike.

Rhodri is laughing good naturedly as they begin, this time, eagerly couches his lance for the pass, his poise straight in the saddle, his eyes aimed keenly down the shaft. They set off, and he looks sharp and intent as his horse's hooves dig up divots of frost ground flying in his wake as they charge across the field, all the way up to that critical moment. But there's no resisting this blow, the lance catching squarely on the shield, solidly on the crest of a galloping stride. And one moment Rhodri is flying in one direction, the next moment he's flying the opposite with a thunderous crash. Sadly, his horse carries on without him, and the large knight hits the ground with a solid thud. He'll be there for a second or two. One doesn't get right up from that sort of thing.

As Cyndeyrn has already expressed the lofty heights of his excitement in prior words, he falls largely silent to watch as the pair again take their positions and ride past, ending with yet another great sound of lance on shield and this time, with one of the two riders thrown from the saddle. "Well done, cousin," he will call out once the man has come to a stop and put up his visor, although the tone of it is such that he very likely would have congratulated Rhodri likewise were the circumstances reversed. Lysanor does draw his attention from the road then, especially as the match itself is concluded, as she speaks of 'the miracle.' "I do not know if it was any special blessing that I saw him or merely… some chance of the light, that I got a glimpse of what the others had not seen in their time drinking with him. It was very faint. Without special cause to be suspicious, he looked very much like any man, and yet there is no doubt he was a spirit, a soul tasked with one last duty before his eternal reward, albeit a duty he needed turn to others, to us there in the chapel, to complete."

Dalan pulls back on his reigns and brings his horse to a stop. He tumbles out of his saddle and runs to Sir Rhodri so he can help him up if needed. "Sir Rhodri?" he asks kneeling next to the man to offer him a hand, "Are you alright Sir?"

Lysanor check your proud at 16, you rolled 13.

If Lysanor thought that her cousin's last strike was hard, she feels as if she, herself, must brace for the one which comes next. There is a mixture of emotions that can be felt, for she surely was pleased that her own family had won this bout, but she was quietly cheering for Rhodri, though her favor, her charm, had failed him. She does, however, applaud alongside the others and hearing her brother call out to the jousters, she does offer her own words, "Congratulations are in order again, cousin?" Those soft lips tug up into a smile, "You are truly the victor of this day. Very well done. And, Sir Rhodri," Her bright blue eyes seek the man out from where she stands, "It's very impressive that you are able to walk after being struck by such force. I can only think that many a man may not be able to do the same." Hearing her brother behind her, she frowns a touch at his humbleness, but does agree with the rest of what he says. "We were certainly blessed on that day and I hope that we are able to make right the wrongs done to a good Godly man."

Fortunately, off in the distance, none of the watchers can hear any of the undignified groans that sir Rhodri babbles as he finally coaxes himself to rise up from flat on his back after a moment or two. Sir Dalan is there, by then, so he manages a stiff nod, croaking a winded, "I'm fine!" He does allow Dalan to assist him, and gives the other knight a solid clap on his shoulder. "Saints tears, Sir Dalan, it's been some time since I've been hit like that!" Because one might presume he's a bit of a being hit connoisseur. "Damn well struck, Sir," he finally grins, giving Dalan's arm a shake. He approaches the others with Dalan, then, on foot, leading his horse by the reigns and pulling off his helm.

"Alas my Lady," he says head bowed to Lysanor, "I failed to be worthy of your favor this day. But indeed, I found few to deal blows like that one. The better knight won, though, as is fit."

Dalan clasps forearms with Rhodri and says, "You are a fantastic knight, sir. It was only a little luck that saw me able to unseat you from your horse sir, Feel like our next match will end much differently." he says as he pats Rhodri's shoudler and makes his way back over to Lysanor and Cyndeyrn.

Dalan makes his way over to Seren and bows lowly, "Thank you for letting me fight for your honor with your favor. I think it helped this humble knight overachieve." He looks to his cousins then and bows to them, "And thank you both very much for coming stopping to watch. It was wonderful to see you both. I need to retire to my tent for a moment." Which is a polite way of saying he's fairly knackered and he needs to get out of this sweaty armor.

When Rhodri makes his approach, drawing his horse behind him, Lysanor's face lightens up and she shakes her head, "If anyone has failed, it is my charm to you. But you are correct, Sir Rhodri, my cousin certainly has done well for himself today." Her eyes flicker over in Dalan's direction now, before she says in a faux scheming tone, "Now that you know how he moves and some of his techniques, you will do best to find ways to avoid falling into the same traps again." Obviously, she isn't well-versed in the art of the joust herself, and the playful smile which follows may hint at that.

Rhodri chortles good naturedly to sir Dalan, giving his back a light thump. "You're modest, Sir Dalan. I know the feel of luck and I know the feel of a well placed blow. I can tell you for sure, that did not feel lucky," he grins. "But we must tilt again, soon." He stretches a bit stiffly, though. Soon, but not today, apparently. But Lysanor's answer wins her a warm smile. "Hardly, my lady. If I might differ I'd say it was only your charm that allowed me to rise, again." His chuckle elevates with a hint of involuntary endearment at her pretend subterfuge. "Then we shall have to discuss such schemes, when as you promised, you sample my family's hospitality."

Another blush turns her cheeks pink, but Seren offers Dalan a warm smile, "It was an impressive contest, Sir Dalan. truly it was." A curtsy is offered, polite and respectful. Lysanor gets an amused smile in her direction. "I do so look forward to the tournament in honor of our King. To see them all competing again will be interesting to watch."

"Then it would be nice if my charm had helped you stay upon your horse." Lysanor starts off, her ever wary eyes looking the fallen knight over, gauging his movements and stance. "But, I have a feeling, if that were the case, with the impact given, you may possibly have been left in worse shape than you are now." Having some experience and knowledge on the human body as a healer, she cannot help but add that little tidbit in a rather matter-of-fact tone. She has seen so many injured and wounded in her young life. When Rhodri brings Shrewton up once more, her smile broadens, "Now that sounds like a plan, I can't say that I know how much you would learn from me, but I'm certain to have a spectacular view of Shrewton in the process!" She then turns to her brother, remembering that there was some discussion or inquiry made regarding recent activities or news. "For now, I would not want to postpone any discussion that you would have with my brother for some of this news is rather dire, I would think."

"You've earned your rest, I think," Cyndeyrn will offer after his cousin as he departs, and then turn a bit toward Rhodri as he comes to join them. "You struck some good hits yourself. But our cousin was obviously in strong spirits today, setting up this challenge in the first place. Clearly it was his day, and he knew it." Some of the flattering commentary offered his sister passes without comment, although he does eventually insert himself to note, "I am sure you rose again because you are a strong and hale knight and avoided serious injury in mock combat, whereas my sister is trained in dealing with such when they do arise. I think we can say it is fortunate you did not actually need her aid." He won't say 'charms' himself! "But it would be good to visit, if perhaps once the weather is a little clearer." As Lysanor reminds him of the news he is supposed to deliver, he shakes his head. "I would not call it dire, as it is I'm sure nothing new or unknown. Only about the bandits we encountered when we went off with our cousin, or that there are similar such reports elsewhere. It is not unexpected in the winter, when food is in short supply."

"Then I'll be eagerly looking forward to laying our holdings out for your pleasure, Lady Lysanor," Rhodri bows. But, then it's Cy who gets a chuckle. "Well," Rhodri muses to him, rolling his shoulders and arching his back a bit, "I can't promise in the morning I shan't want for some medicinals, but for the moment everything seems intact. And as you say, your cousin is a great credit to your house. You an I haven't tilted for some time. We should soon. Your clan always has a way with dealing bruises." His humor, at least, seems sound, but he does sober."I would enjoy that visit. But moreso, you know my sword is always at your service, should you need to seek out these brigands. I'm still attending my brother for a short journey to Ebble keep in the earl's service, but aside from that I find the winter months dull without such events," he grins.

Lysanor continues to smile pleasantly at the pair of knights, though a thought does come to mind, "Traveling that far north may be best done when the ground has thawed out a little more, I think and when the flowers are in full bloom." Then a thought crosses her mind and this she decides to bring up, "I believe that a pagan celebration was being held at Stone Henge, is that not close to where you reside, Sir Rhodri? I do worry that the roads leading there will be busy with," she pauses a moment, as if trying to find the right words to say, "festivities. Yes. It's only what I've heard, I may be wrong." Those words spoken, she then quiets down to allow both men to now speak, though she does echo a name which Rhodri gives, "Ebble Keep?" Perhaps, she is trying to put the name to a location.

Rhodri motions to his squire for a cup and wine as he clears his throat, subtly abashed at the comments about the pagan festivities. He might flush with a touch of extra color. "I do believe that is correct, Lady Lysanor," he agrees of the pagan festivities, filling his vessel. "You might be right. And also, the journey would no doubt be of comfort more befitting a lady at that time." He takes a deep quaff. "Though, if you did wish to visit during the pagan holidays, the population left at the hold would, shall we say, be on the whole gentler, if my lady takes my meaning." Yes, his family has several pagans.

"I am sure we can find some time to trade passes if you are of the mind." Cyndeyrn, as usual, does his best job at seeming agreeable while avoiding sounding particularly excited, as he almost never does. "But between the weather and the concern of banditry, I am of mind with my sister, that we ought schedule some gatherings in the spring. The weather will be more agreeable in general then, not just for travel, but for having something other than whatever is left in our storehouses to eat, and for any activity we might plan during the visit, hunting or hawking or the like." None of which are much fun in winter! Lysanor bringing up the pagan holiday seems like news to him (as it should be!), or at least, that he'd not really been aware of the details enough to realize how the two might coincide. "Is that so? Well, I doubt they'd be any trouble," he'll say more seriously. "If anything, it might keep them out of our hair, as Sir Rhodri says. What news of Ebble? That which I'd heard of is in Tilshead."

Rhodri lifts his shoulders in a bit of a shrug. "The Earl was not forthcoming on many of the details, I'm afraid. We're to ride to Dorset. Apparently a lord's wife has taken ill, and this has made some tensions over border disputes hotter. So we are dispatched to intercede on the Earl's behalf. Alas, I likely won't know much more until I am there, I'm afraid." He chuckles. "Well, then that leaves all the more room in the meantime for hunting these brigands of yours, no?"

Knowing very little about Shrewton, herself, Lysanor can only nod slowly to everything which Rhodri says, including how the place would be quieter during the pagan festivities. She can only imagine that the Shrewton common folk may very well be pagan! "Whenever you believe is best, Sir Rhodri." Though when her brother brings up various reasons why spring proper would be more ideal, she nods to this as well. "I do love the colors of spring, the flowers in bloom, the melodies of bird song. I do not mind, either way, but as I've hardly ever ventured so far up north, this will be a journey in itself." Listening to the Shrewton knight explain further on his own mission, the young woman quickly blinks, "An ailing noblewoman? Is there belief of foul play that? Something nefarious?" Her head then lifts to regard Cyndryn, for she does not fully know the entirety of what mission the Earl had given him.

Coelwulf returns, this time afoot, having sent his squire on ahead to the houses encampment at Amesbury. He has shed his armor, dressed more now for the ride. "After the festival we will see to Eddle and what ails the Lady of the house." He scritches one of his boar hounds behind the ear. The brindle hound pants softly, thump it's tail ready for a run.

"Ah, well something of that sort could be of more concern than simple banditry," Cyndeyrn will say when he has heard the details from Rhodri, such that they are. "Such disputes can put sterner men than mere brigands into contention with one another. Does the wife secure some important marriage alliance then? Ah, forgive me, I realize you have said you do not know all the facts yet, I am just thinking out loud. Normally, one expects such troubles when an heir has died, or the lord themself." He gives a small shake of his head, putting off whatever confusion. "The matter I've been charged with, I admit I only leap to the conclusion of banditry, since my cousin and I have encountered some lurking about already. Sir Heward of Tilshead was due here in Sarum for the various festivities, but has not arrived. It could merely be bad weather, but I think toward some trouble along the roads."

Rhodri again, resorts to a toss of his brawny shoulders, nodding agreement with Coelwulf. "I wish that I could say the nature of it. If the earl knows, he didn't see fit to reveal it. But I reckon that is the cause for the mission; to find out. One might suppose that if he had sure knowledge of misdeeds, the expedition would be of a different nature. The pair of you would of course be welcome." He looks between them. "We clearly have tnews and tales to trade. And the light is waning here. Soon it will be unfit for a lady to be out on such a winter's night. Why don't we all gather to sup together, before we ride from Sarum, and we can talk in greater comfort. Not to mention I can have my squire pick the bits of your cousin's lance out of my hide and make myself more presentable for gentle company."

"I need be off" Coelwulf clasps arms with his brother, "You did well" he claps him on the shoulder, likely where he might be bruised "I am off to the festival" he offers a polite bow to the others, "fare thee well, I hope in the spring you will consider a visit to Shrewton for a hunt we do enjoy the chase" he smiles. Then walks for his Black mare.

Coewulf's return catches Lysanor off-guard and so do the words which he speaks. This, however, does shed some light on what Rhodri had said earlier about Shrewton being quiet during the festivities. Gracing the new arrival with a curtsey, nevertheless, the small Dinton lady calls out in a friendly tone, "Good eve, to you My Lord." Though, she isn't certain how the two are related, though she does know that they share a banner. When the stranger departs just as quickly as he arrives, the young woman's gaze follows for a moment, before she returns to the conversation and then to Rhodri's suggestion that they gather at some inn to finish their discussion. Of course, Lysanor looks to her brother to see what he says, being the proper young woman that she is, but knowing that Rhodri is right and that they should be on their way before the light completely fades, she ushers for one of the retainers to assist her back upon her snow white mount. "That sounds like a good idea, good Sir. I'm sure that you must have worked up quite the appetite and, a little rest may be in order." Here, she flashes him a smile.

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