(514-02-07) For the Love of Combat Joust Part 1 (Edwyn)
Summary: Sir Dalan de Newton challenges all comers to a Joust for the Love of Combat. Sir Edwyn de Burcombe answers the challenge.
Date: February 7th 514
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Rhodri gestures for his squire, returning Sir Dalan's salute affably, albeit without any such look of recognition. The younger lad trots up on one of the rouncies and hops from his saddle, energetically fetching his knight's gear to prepare; helm, one of the practice lances from the extra horses, and shield bearing the arms of a younger son of Shrewton manor. Rhodri, of course, watches the passes with eager intrigue, calling out encouragingly "Fine pass," after the first, holding his breath for the second.

"Thank you, Sir Dalan, perhaps in a bit. I would rather watch the match for the moment." Seren remains settled where she is, but as Rhodri approaches, she turns to him with a smile. "I always enjoy the competitions of tourney even when there is not a tourney." Dipping her head, she smiles, "Indeed, good Sir. Lady Seren de Woodford. A pleasure to see you again and formally meet you."

Rhodri's grin is broad, and clearly enthusiastic for the sport. He casts a vigorous nod towards Seren with an exuberant chuckle. "A lady after my own heart," he muses. "I take nearly any excuse to tilt. And the pleasure is mine." He bows in the saddle as he speaks this last part, before sliding his forearm through the straps of the heater that his squire is holding aloft for him, over his head. "Good lad. Hold the helm and lance until we're ready." Pause. "And stand up straight. There are ladies about." When the next passes is struck he claps and salutes, calling, "Well struck!"

Edwyn checked his Lance of 15, he rolled 2.
Edwyn rolls 6d6 and gets (2 2 3 3 1 3) for a total of: (14)

The second pass sees the horses and thier knights charging forth once again. Hooves thunder and Edwyn brings his lance into position to score a hit, striking Dalan hard on the side of his armor. It doesn't knock the much larger knight out of his saddle but its still a good strong hit. The horses pass each other and Edwyn turns his charger about once more ready for a third pass. The Burcombe's eyes remain calm yet determined, his composure unwavering as he prepares to charge once more.

Taking a leisurely ride on horseback just outside of Sarum to enjoy the beauty and solitude, for the most part, of the woods, Lysanor is surprised to see this spectacle set up before her. Wearing a warm white under tunic with an emerald green bliant over it, she has a corded silver belt cinched tightly at her slender waist. A forest green cloak with a white fur trim rests upon her slender shoulders. For now the hood of the cloak is drawn back, exposing her bright auburn waves, pulled together into a neat braid over her left shoulder. Aside from the competitors in the distance, she does notice that several spectators have also come to witness the event, thus she guides her horse in their direction with her young lady's maid following behind. "Lady Seren!" She exclaims, drawing closer to the crowd, "I never expected to see so many people here while I was planning a quiet outing." To Rhodri's presence, she lowers her head demurely, offering a polite smile, "Good day to you, Sir, as well." Bringing her white steed to a stop, she looks over at the competitors to see if she recognizes anyone or at the very least, their heraldry.

Dalan takes the lance right on his shield, and is rocked in his saddle. He almost drops his own lance as he gets himself under control as he gets back to his original position. This is t urn into quite the tilt. Dalan draws a deep breath and turns his horse. His chargers hooves beat impatiently at the trodden earth as Dalan resets his lance. He waits for Sir Edwyn to be in position again and then spurs his horse, "Hah!" and again his charges at his opponent, lance leveled.

Dalan checked his Lance of 12, he rolled 13.
Edwyn checked his Lance of 15, he rolled 18.

Rhodri checked his heraldry of 8, he rolled 2.

Rhodri bows at Lysanor's approach. "Well met my lady? Of the family of Dinton, if I'm not mistaken? Sir Rhodri of Shrewton, humbly at your service," he smiles to her with a bow. After holding it for a moment, he turns, snaps his fingers, and gestures to his squire, who sets out briskly again. A few camp chairs are fetched, and goblets, and wine. The lad sets out the seats, as Rhodri gestures an invitation to both Lysanor and Seren. "Would the ladies care to sit and have a drink as they enjoy the sport?" But he isn't rude enough to neglect the knight's prowess, clapping again, and calling out approving encouragement to the riders.

Once they are both in position Edwyn charges Dalan once again. Once again its a near miss, their lances coming close but not striking. They pass each other their horses racing down the path. Edwyn turns his white charger about once more and waits for the other to ready himself. He regards Dalan calmly and once the man is ready he urges his horse forward charging once more with his lance at the ready.

Dalan checked his lance of 12, he rolled 2.
Edwyn checked his Lance of 15, he rolled 18.
Dalan rolls 6d6 and gets (1 1 4 1 1 6) for a total of: (14)
Edwyn checked his horsemanship of 15, he rolled 10.

Seren brightens rather visibly as she recognizes the face behind the voice. "Lady Lysanor! How wonderful to see you! It is a friendly joust simply for love of the game." Allowing one of the retainers to assist her, she dismounts from her horse only to be followed by her handmaid who comes up beside her. The handmaid dips into a curtsy in respect to the other nobles around. The invitation from Rhodri is met with a warm smile, "Thank you, I would enjoy that very much." Walking over, she waits for Lysanor as well, watching as the two make another pass with the lance.

One good hit deserves enough. Dalan is too focused to greet her just now, but seeing his cousin arrive and waiting to do well in front of her he grits his teeth and spurs his steed forward. Hooves echo against the earth and in the cool air and the tip of his lance finds purchase in Edwyn's shield. The rangey young knight is certain expertly trained though and angles away the blast with his shield and keeps his balance in the saddle. Dalan keeps galloping past and turns his horse. Both rider and and mount and breathing a little heavy now, "You do my honor, Sir Edwin. You're a fine tilter!" He can tell by this point his opponent his more skilled than he is, but still he hopes he some grit and brute force will see him unseat the his dashing opponent yet.

Lysanor check your heraldry at 3, you rolled 16.

With her initial quiet stroll now sidetracked, Lysanor decides that observing the jousting and offering her support, especially seeing as she can see her cousin's Newton banner from where she is seated. She also knows the other banner well enough, being as Burcombe and Dinton have a long family rivalry in their history. Her attention is drawn back to Rhodri and she looks impressed and rather pleased that he recognizes her family heraldry, as Shrewton seems so very distant. "You are correct, Sir Rhodri, though I must admit, that I would have had a difficult time recognizing yours, if you had not told me." And to this she looks a touch sheepish, before stating, "Shrewton is quite a distance away, though I do hear that area is lovely." Just as with Seren, she is assisted off her mount to land gently on her feet, all the while keeping her eyes on the competition at hand. She then asks, "Do you know who is competing?" She inquires, uncertain still, "I know that one of them is from my Lady Mother's House, House Newton. And the other is Burcombe, but who are the actual competitors?" Once on the ground, she gracefully follows the other's lead with her own maid in tow, all a chatter for the exhibition.

Dalan checked his lance of 12, he rolled 18.
Edwyn checked his Lance of 15, he rolled 11.
Edwyn rolls 6d6 and gets (2 1 1 6 1 6) for a total of: (17)

Rhodri dips another pleasant nod. "The pleasure is mine. The least a gentleman can do is make such elegant company welcome," he smiles amicably to the ladies, letting his squire do the pouring. He gives the lad an approving nod, then, adjusting the hang of the shield on his left arm. He 'oohs' at the latest hit. "Well struck, Dir Dalan! And nicely taken, Sir Edwin!" He regards the ladies again, gesturing to the riders, "I know not the men's families or manors, my lady, but I heard their names spoken. The large one, there, is Sir Dalan, and the other is Sir Edwin, if I heard correctly." He nods affirmatively. "Aye, our land is far to the north. Though I suspect that any place the lady visits is lovelier for her presence," he smiles to Lysanor. He remains in his own saddle, watching the sport enthusiastically, and buoyantly waiting to ride against the winner.

Edwyn takes the hit and yet he manages to stay in his saddle through a mixture of skill and sheer determination. Turning his horse about he faces Dalan once more and bows his head in respect to the man as he calls back. "It is you who do me honor Sir Dalan. You are very skilled at the tilt yourself." The Burcombe offers a polite reply as he spurs his horse forward once again. He strikes the other knight hard this time his lance breaking against Dalan's shield as they pass each other. The hit was not enough to unseat the larger man but it came very close! The excitable looking young man who is serving as Edwyn's temporary squire brings another lance to the Burcombe knight and Edwyn waits for Dalan to ready himself once more before he will charge again.

Dalan checked his Lance of 12, he rolled 9.
Edwyn checked his Lance of 15, he rolled 17.
Dalan rolls 6d6 and gets (6 1 6 5 4 6) for a total of: (28)

Dalan turns his horse and sets his lance after nearly getting knocked out of the saddle again. He grits his teeth and spurs his horse forward one more time. He lance levels, his eyes narrow, and he charges. Edwin is clearly the more skilled rider. His technique with the lance is just a big more crisp. Still Dalan is not ready yet to cede defeat. He spurs his horse as hard as he can, and then really puts his shoulder behind his lance, Leanding into his charge. This time he finds the center of Edwin's shield, and he has the force to knock him from the saddle. As he rides past his opponent he bring his horse to half and quickly slides down off his horse and moves to check on Edwyn.

"Sir Dalan?" Lysanor asks once Rhodri speaks the name, her gaze now homing in on the Newton in the saddle. "Thank you for that information, I was wondering which of my family members it could be, but I should have known better. Especially due to Sir Dalan's size. My cousin is a large man." Thus she isn't so surprised when this Dalan of Newton gets in a very impressive hit on his opponent. One which does make her wince lightly, before wondering if the fallen Burcombe would be okay. "Sir Edwyn, did you say?" She then inquires. This one was a touch more difficult to discern for some of the Burcombe knights were lean and wiry in frame, so she couldn't make out which was which! "Well, it looks like my cousin has won this match, though I'm sure many would find him intimidating on horse or on foot."

Her attention then returns to Rhodri and as he remains mounted upon his horse, she is forced to tilt her head back so that her gaze can reach him in full. "Your words are sweet, Sir Rhodri. Perhaps, one day I will find the time to pay lovely Shrewton a visit and see it's majesty with my own eyes." She then realizes something, asking curiously, "Will you be participating in the joust? You certainly look all the more ready for one."

Despite all his efforts Edwyn cannot stay in his saddle this time. The impact has him shoved backwards off his horse. He lands on his back with a loud crash into the dirt. For a moment he lies very still and the young lad who serves has his squire rushes to aid him. But before the boy can reach him the knight is already trying to get to his feet. His helmet comes off and his face is revealed. His long wavy hair is quite damp with sweat but he regards Dalan with calm respect and offers a bow of his head. "Well done Sir Dalan. It was a most enjoyable challenge to face you." His tone is polite and modest and there is no anger or irritation at losing, just calm acceptance. He handles the loss with grace and moves out of the way as the lad with him fetches and care for his horse. The Burcombe is moving stiffly as though he is in some pain but he does his best to keep a perfectly composed expression despite whatever hurt he may feel.

It seems that Cyndeyrn was out on the western road from Sarum, perhaps coming from Dinton or it's environs or merely on some ride closer to the city. But in either case his natural course along the King's road takes him by, or very nearly through what might look to be some sort of interesting commotion. Of course, with some people gathered on and around the round he slows up on his horse, as does his squire behind him, and it only takes the cracking of the lances ahead to give him an idea of what is going on. Perhaps not thinking it wise to ride right into the middle of the fray, even a staged one, nor to trample any of the onlookers, he veers off a bit to one side to ride up safely along the edge of the road. "Oh, sister," he calls, spotting Lysanor readily by her distinctive mane if not many other features familiar at a distance. Rhodri too is quite familiar and easily visible on his horse near her. "What scene have I come upon here?" he calls out, presumably meaning the match and not anything else, although he is always known to be a little suspicious of anyone around his sister, as a good brother ought to be!

"Indeed, Sir Edwyn, I believe." Rhodri smiles mildly, inclining his head slightly. "I should be honored and eager to extend all the hospitality of my family to you, Lady Lysanor. And you're most kind. Shrewton is a humble manor, but for your sake I would try to find some majesty to present in your honor," he smiles playfully. He fixes her with a nod. "I'm hoping to ride against the winner, my lady, though both rider's seem most capable." And as the two finish he claps vigorously for the pair. "Well fought, sirs! I salute you both." He turns to greet sir Cynderyn with a reverent bow from his saddle. "Ah, well met sir. You happen upon some sport. Just some tilting for the love of combat."

Dalan bows to Edwyn and says, "Thank you for doing me the Honor of the competition. I feel my technique was inferior to your own, I hope that I may one day strike with the kind of precious that you did Sir Edwyn." And that said he offers his forearm to clasp as a sign of friendship. Even as he his squire gathers the reigns of his charger and leads him over to the side of the road. He turns to the other's that have gathered, "Lady Seren, Sir Rhodri, thank you for watching" He turns then and bows to Lysanor and Cyndeyrn, "Cousin's, it is lovely to see you both on this fine day." he says he dusts himself off and asks, "Does anyone still fancy another tilt? I've got another one left in me."

"Cyndeyrn!" Lysanor calls out elatedly at her brother's looming presence; his own masculine and large frame in contrast to her own small and delicate one. Looking between the two still mounted knights, she isn't overly surprised that they do know one another, for knighthood seems to be a brotherhood of sorts. "I see that there are no introductions to be made then. And Sir Rhodri," She returns her gaze upon the knight, "I'm sure that you will not disappoint." With the last tilt completed, she offers a gentle applaud to both the victor and his opponent. "Do not worry yourself, Sir Edwyn," She calls out, "My cousin is quite the formidable foe." Lysanor remains close to Seren and the both of their handmaidens, safely on the sidelines for this exhibition. As a trained healer, however, her eyes now remain focused on Edwyn as he makes his way off the field. "Will you be alright, Sir Edwyn? Is there anything that we can get for you?" Despite being a Burcombe, she has known the man to be a civilized fellow, unlike his brethren.

Edwyn offers Dalan a rather warm smile clasping that forearm and offering his own in return. His expression one of respect and admiration for the other knight. "I am sure you will Sir Dalan. I must improve my own technique as well though. Perhaps I will have the pleasure of facing you again sometime as well." He withdraws from the other knight with a smile moving rather stiffly off to the side. Lysanor's concern is met with a gentle and grateful smile and a slight shake of his head. "I thank you for your concern Lady Lysanor, it is most touching. However I believe I will be fine. I'm probably going to be a bit bruised but I should be alright." He smiles warmly to her and then bows his head clearly touched by her reassurance and concern.

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