(514-02-06) Imbolc Arrivals
Summary: Laverstocks and others arrive outside Amesbury ahead of the celebration of Imbolc.
Date: February 6, 514
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The Pagans are coming to Amesbury — well, more specifically, just outside Amesbury, but it still making the resident of the abbye quite irritable as they often get the eight times of the year the standing stones to the west become overpopulated with possible converts who are oft too effervescent for actual conversion. Amongst the flock of Pagans is the Laverstock entourage and its company. At the back of the entourage is the Lady Sir Arian de Laverstock, who is trying to keep her Christian company comfortable while surrounded by this rather colorful lot. Her blue roan rouncy is more or less trotting despite the walk the rest of the horses keep, bouncing to and fro with a kind of bubbling excitement that easily annoys the chubby, shaggy pony behind it and carrying what appears to be quite a load of bundles.

The Henge is surrounded by a humped circle of grass with small copses of trees that add a sense of privacy to the whole of the sacred space. There are some families who have arrived long before the Laverstocks, and have already set up camp. Ribbons of yellow, white, and red have been scattered throughout the grounds on tall poles, and they flutter in the smallest breeze, looking like dancing flames. There is not snow to be seen, but the trees drip softly with melting ice and frost under the pale afternoon sun.

"Well, we're almost here, Sir Kamron," Arian says with a wry smile to her companion. "Last chance to turn back… I'm sure Amesbury will be a safe place to sleep for the night."

Kamron has dressed the part, at least so far as a good Christian knight can or will. He wears brown and green, the colors of nature, with greenery stitched into the hems. His rounsey is actually younger and in better shape than his charger, because the lesser horse is not his late knight's steed. "And likely I'll retire there, Lady Arian," Laughter bubbles up behind his words, "…once I've finished watching the rights. I promised you that, and I wouldn't dream of breaking that promise." His eyebrows lift sharply, "Unless that means that I won't be sleeping at all tonight? Should I have brought Newt and the tenting along?" Some flickers of actual concern touch his voice and features, and he twists in his saddle to look behind him toward Sarum

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Rarely this far away from home, for him anyway, Brynmor had strayed behind one time too often from his Steeple Langford traveling companions and has found himself alone out in this cold winter's day. Despite the uncomfortable and annoying chilly weather, the young knight prefer this solitude. It meant that none of the others were nagging at him to hurry up, or to WAKE UP for that matter. So once the distance between himself and the rest of his family grew and grew, the knight decided to call it a day, despite it being in the afternoon when he decided this, and found a comfortable place beneath one of the trees surrounding the sacred stones to bundle up against, using his sack as a pillow and a tarp and tattered blanket to keep the snow off of him.

When morning comes, the sound of busy work is heard, but much of this the sleeping knight is quick to ignore. It's cold, for one, and it's far too early for Brynmor to even want to rouse from his wintry slumber, though heading out into some warmth would be far more agreeable! Hearing some voices in the distance, while this gains some of his attention, is hardly enough to make him move a muscle and for the time being he remains perfectly still, aside from an open yawn. The banging and shuffling earlier did not stir him, perhaps nothing will.

Josette allows her horse to fall back though she is still having trouble controlling her horse from time to time as she wears a lovely red dress that has orange embroidery with black trim, with is voluminous off the should sleeves and she kindly says "I feel it will be safe here as well but my cousin does know what is best for me, ever pretty and smart you are Lady Arian."

The Laverstock knight cannot help the warm, smoldering laughter that bursts from her. She gives her rouncy a little tug, and the roan is happily nudging up against Kamron's with the same kind of physicality as his rider. "Sir Kamron, I did think of that." Her pale eyes flash with warm amusement, and her smile has a heated quality that is certainly meant to inspire a blush. Though, before the poor Knight is set upon with too much embarrassment, she goes on. "I packed an extra tent. You can set it up outside the circle if needed." She then glances ahead as they enter the grounds, and she spots the sleeping Steeple Langford. "Oh, yes… Sir Brynmor is here." She starts to laugh brightly, dimples in full blossom. The fresh air and countryside has certainly sparked the life into the Knight, and she seems almost giddy with anticipation. She smiles toward Josette at her words, and shrugs a bit. "Safety in number, coz. The Festival will be well-watched and guarded."

Kamron bows his head to Josette as the woman slows the horse to join the pair at the back of the group, chuckling softly, "I'm certain that my body will be safe, Lady Josette." Laughter infuses his expression and voice once more as he teases, "I'm more concerned with my soul." Evidently not, if he's making a joke about it. His own horse flirts his tail at Arian's, not backing down from the nudging, and in fact, giving as good as he gets. The laughter is enough to send just a hint of a flush to his ears, "Set up my own tent?" Again, he's teasing, "I really should have brought Newt along, for all that he would be scandalized, I'm sure." The mention of a sleeping knight draws his attention, "I don't know that I've met a Sir Brynmor? Did he arrive early for the festivities, do you think?" Because obviously, everyone on the road to the Henge but him must be a Pagan.

There definitely is far too much chatting and laughing coming from the distance and all that Brynmor can do now is groan and turn over onto his side in an attempt to shut all the 'raucous' out. The very fact that he finds himself peckish at the moment does occur to him and despite enjoying his cold, if hard, sleeping spot and hating to be stirred so, he eventually sits up, feeling his not-so-old bones creak due to cold and pushing all the snow which had accumulated onto his tarp aside. His eyes narrowed, gaze staring off into the distance at the nearby group, he finally forces himself to stand, after a few failed starts, using the tree for support. "I hope that you brought food with you." He grumbles loud enough for them to hear him, "I could use a little bite." His horse is tied up to the tree and seems just as restless as their owner seems lazy.

Josette offers a warm smile to Kamron as she kindly states "I feel that both your body and soul shall be safe and you need not fear such things" teasing back in jest before a giggle escapes her lips at Arian and Kamron flirting with one another upon horse back, her eyes then drawn to Sir Brynmor and she kindly responds to him "But of course we brought food with us."

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The Laverstock's eyes maintain that wondrous warmth as she gazes at the Dinton knight. Her smile remains curved and mischievous. "I'm certain that I could help you, Sir… but imagine what they would say…" Then she winks to her cousin before she starts to slow her horse, coming nearer the Steeple Langford. "His sister probably dragged him along," Arian says in regard to Brynmor. She pulls her horse up, drawing the blue roan closer to the knight. "Sir Brynmor! If you are not careful, the fae will come and cover you in moss, and you'll sleep for the rest of the age." Her horse starts to sniff around him, lips moving in threat of chewing or gnawing. Arian laughs at his groaning words, and she shakes her head. "I've an apple, Sir Brynmor… but if you take my apple, you'll owe me a dance. Do you wish to be indebted to me, like that?"

Kamron laughs easily at the comments from both Laverstock ladies, "I will not endanger your virtue like that, Lady Arian, and thank you for the reassurance, Lady Josette." Pulling up his horse alongside that of the lady knight, he nods down to the waking knight, "Good morning, sir. It seems as if you've already slumbered long, although I don't see any sign of moss, fae or otherwise upon you."

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When an affirmative response is given his question on food, Brynmor looks slightly less grumpy; stretching out his legs and limbs before working to pack up his things, before he forgets and leaves it all behind when he decides to pull out. "I don't know why you lot are out in the middle of nowhere in this frigid col—" He then spots the festival decor now placed around the boring stones and here he murmurs, "I'm forgetting some sort of party, aren't I?" With his work done, he unties his steed and walks it forward to join the others, "I'm afraid I did not come all this way with my sister and instead was on patrol with the rest of my knightly kinsmen. I decided to… take a look at something or other (he means nap) and it would seem that the others went on without me." His brow then lifts at the comment on faerie magic and here he says flatly, "You make it sound as if it were a bad thing." For surely, being covered in moss in eternal slumber sounds ideal about now! However, when he is now tempted food and then threatened into physical activity that he could do without, the blonde haired knight rubs at his chin with a cold hand. "You drive a hard bargain." Obviously, he doesn't sound happy about being forced to dance or move or be twinkle-toed, but he takes the apple and bites into it.

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Josette giggles as Brynmor takes the apple agreeing to the dance with her dear cousin Arian and warmly muses to Brynmor "You would not want to promise my cousin a dance and not promise me in turn now would you Sir Brynmor, it would hurt my feelings ever so." She stops her horse and requests kindly "Would someone please assist me with Annabelle? She gets so fussy with me at times."

"There's a good lad," Arian says warmly to Brynmor as he takes the apple. "I'll come calling for that dance when the time is right." Then she regards the festival grounds that have gathered around the Henge before she looks back at the Steeple Langford with a wry smirk and arched brow. "You managed to sleep through a score or more of Pagans setting up for a fire festival? My Gods, Sir Brynmor, you are quite the champion for the sleeping world." She then gestures to her cousin and the Dinton knight. "Sir Brynmor, you remember my cousin, the Lady Josette de Laverstock? This is also Sir Kamron de Dinton. Sir Kamron, Josette, this is Sir Brynmor de Steeple Langford… the laziest Knight in all of Salisbury." Her dimples warm with the introduction, taking some amusement in poking fun at the sleepy knight. She is at least kind enough not to be the one who assists Josette. There's men around, after all.

"Be careful, Sir Brynmor, or she'll ask you to observe the festival instead. Or claim the dance in the midst of the festival." Kamron chuckles lightly, bowing at Josette's request and starting to shift in his saddle as he looks down to the lazy knight. He nods briefly to the other knight, then settles back into his saddle, allowing the already-standing man to handle the lady's horse. "A pleasure to meet you, Sir Brynmor." His gelding rounsey nudges against the shoulder of Arian's roan, then turns his head to sniff at Josette's horse as well, and Kamron looks down, patting the arched neck, "Easy Dancer. Easy. I know there's a great deal of strangeness about," Gray-blue eyes dance at the Pagan girls from beneath his brows, "But we have to keep our calm."

With Josette's giggling and the words that follow about his asking /her/ to dance now, Brynmor's entire body tenses and all he can do is sigh in defeat at these willful of women, "How can a gallant knight refuse, less he be blind, a request of women possessing of such beauty. And such." He waves an idle hand a moment before, perhaps feeling obligated into helping the lovely lass down. Now, if she were a hideous creature, he may not have moved a muscle, but seeing that this one is a delicate and dainty thing, how much trouble can Josette be! So with one hand to help steady the woman's horse and the remainder of his apple now deposited into a pouch, his other lifts in an attempt to ease her down to the ground. He is a tall knight, slightly above average in height, so this task isn't all that strenuous. Without even looking at Arian, he murmurs, "I take offense in that. Ever careful and cautious, certainly. And I do not like expending more energy than is necessary." He says this in sage tone, feeling confident in himself. "Ah, yes. How could I forget the lovely face of Lady Josette. A dance you say?" He lets out a heavy sigh, "Of course, of course. If I am not tasked to return to Sarum before the festivities that is." A pause, realizing that a night of drinking and dancing is far better than what his family may be in store for him, he decides, "In fact, I believe that I shall make time." To Kamron, he looks, "A Dinton eh. How have you handled both Laverstock women during the trip over, I wonder."

Josette smiles happily as Brynmor assists her down which she doesn't cause that much trouble, though she does chastely kiss upon his cheek to see if it will cause a blush upon his cheek as she kindly says "Thank you Sir Brynmor and I look forward to the time made for my dance. "

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Arian smiles toward Kamron as his rounsey nudges into hers. The blue roan turns her head into Kamron's, bumping her black nose into his cheek before she bobs her head up and down with a lively toss of her white mane. Then Arian draws her horse aside, murmuring something to her as she leans down. Then she starts to sweep out of her own saddle with a flourish of light, sensible skirts. She adjusts her cloak slightly once her feet are on the ground. She gathers up her horse's reins, drawing the mare close to her. "Well, lets not dawdle. There's a camp to be set up, and perhaps a lunch to be had." She smiles to Brynmor. "And perhaps you only take offense because deep in your heart, you know that I speak some lick of truth." Her pale eyes dance with laughter, particularly after the Steeple Langford's words about certainly staying for the festivities. Though she does put on an appropriate scowl at his suggestion that Kamron might be tormented by riding with them from Sarum. "We are pleasant, and polite, and quite proper." Says the Laverstock who is known for, yes, being pleasant and polite, but hardly ever proper, particularly when a Festival day comes. She does lift her brows quite high with smile ever-broadening at the kiss her cousin bestows to Brynmor, and she casts Kamron a look. "Shall I get a kiss if I help you down, Sir Kamron?" See, hardly ever proper…

Kamron laughs his response to Brynmor's commentary, "Oh, do you think so poorly of us Dintons that you believe we could not entertain two such lovely ladies on a pleasant ride?" The little press of lips to Brynmor's cheek widens Kamron's eyes, and he chuckles and shakes his head, looking over to Arian as he starts to dismount smoothly. The smoothness of the motion is completely disrupted by the lady knight's words, however, and his ears flush bright red. At least he manages to laugh, however, and drop down to the damp ground, "Pleasant and polite, certainly, Lady Arian. But proper is something that seems to be out of your reach." Far from a chastisement, he laughingly adds, "It's part of your charm, however, I assure you. How can I help with setting up camp?"

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Brynmor might be grouchy and lazy, though one should never tell him the latter, but he certainly does like the attention of the ladies — when he is not grouchy or lazy. So for this moment, he manages to beam brightly at the kiss placed upon his check. Hell, he probably thinks he deserves it for the effort he was forced to put in to get it! "Ah, a knight's work is never done, but one never said that it doesn't come with its perks and rewards." He even comments at this sudden closeness, "Has anyone told you that you smell nice? Lavenders, perhaps?" He is in such a good mood that he ignores Arian's words regarding the /truth/ of his laziness, though he does look a bit indignant without saying a word. With Josette's gentle hand still held within his own, he turns and shakes his head to Kamron, "No, of course not. But I know these two well enough. Do not let their sweetness fool you." He jests, probably. When Kamron brings up helping with the camp, Brynmor quickly asks the young woman beside him, "Perhaps you would like to go for a walk?" A little stroll must be more interesting and less strenuous than setting up camp.

Josette playfully squeezes Brynmor's hand though it doesn't hurt just more pressure of it as she responds "Oh but you do so adore my sweetness, you never denied that before." Her hand then moves to rest upon Brynmor's bicep as she responds "I would love to take a walk with you, though we can't stray too far though my dear brother Sir Trystan might get a bit worried of me whenever he does arrive."

Arian watches the interactions between her cousin and the Steeple Langford with a dimpled smile — and only the slightest hint of jealousy at how easily the Knight bestows attention on her cousin. She glances over toward Kamron at his blushing words, admiring the way those obvious ears turn red. "At least it is something that I know about myself," she says wryly. Then she nods off toward where the other Laverstock's have gathered. "Come, we'll see how we can help." She glances to her cousin, waving a hand to the pair. "Go, I'll let Trystan know. Just make sure that you don't let the Knight wander you away too far." She then starts to fuss with her packs, beginning to unload some of her bundles.

Kamron takes his horse's bridle, then offers his hand out to Arian for the guide for her horse and the sumpter with the supplies, "You know, Sir Arian, you need a squire. Not that I haven't become accustomed to setting up camp myself, but it is quite helpful." Leading the horses (those he has been provided) toward the chosen site, he chuckles lightly, "Or perhaps that's what you actually brought me along for, to do the dirty work of setting up a camp? Am I just a convenient set of muscles then, Lady Arian?"

The Laverstock knight hands over the reins to her blue roan mare, who butts her nose adoringly into Kam's knuckles. Arian leads the shaggy pony to where the other Laverstocks are already setting up. They have already set up the poles of flame-colored ribbons, which dance in the soft wintry breeze. The main family tent is almost set up, thanks to Arian's brothers. "We've arrived!" She calls to the others, so they know that she didn't get lost in the woods or anything like that. She selects an area for her personal tent, and drops the pony's reins — the old girl isn't about to run off. She starts to unload, drawing out what appears to be a large, waxed tent cloth, a bedroll, and wrapped boughs of bay laurel. There is also a smaller bundle that has been carefully packed, and she takes it carefully beneath her arm. She glances over toward Kamron, and her dimples blossom once more. "You are the most inconvenient muscle I have ever used… it took far too much convincing to bring you along."

At his families insistance Edwyn is making the journey to Stonehenge as well. The Burcombe knight is currently setting up camp a little ways away from his family which puts him over by the Laverstock camp. He seems calm outwardly if a little exasperated that he had to come on this particular trip. His riding horse, a dark grey coated mare is tethered and already settled near where the dark haired knight has chosen to camp. He goes about his work efficiently having no squire of his own.

Having already arrived at the site in advance the now arriving group to set up, Sir Trystan is currently stocking up firewood for the half circle of tents he has set up. He's just deposited his last armload when Arian and Kamron arrive, watching them for a moment, "Good of you to finally catch up, coz." He states rather blandly, arms crossed.

A quick smile cracks at that and he starts towards her but he slows a moment later, seeming to look past Arian and towards the direction from which they came. He sighs once, "Where is my dear sister, coz?" He doesn't really need to ask, he can likely guess. Still, he needs to know which direction to look for her and whoever she's off with.

Of course Brynmor is all a-swagger with his chest out and his chin lifted high when there is a pretty young maiden's hand upon his knightly bicep. "Sir Trystan? Oh, him." Of course, he remembers the young woman's brother. "We won't venture overly far." Because that would be too much work, obviously. Just enough to get out of helping out the group who are setting up their tents and things. His own horse, oddly, keeps pace with the knight even without him holding the horse's reign. Most likely used to the knight's lazy ways. "I have to wonder how long I will need to wait for my turn to arise for tonight's dance. I'm sure that you will have many a man flocking for your permission." From out of the corner of his eyes, he watches as Arian and the other fellow begin setting things up, though he pretends not to see.

Josette offers a giggle at what Brynmor says and admits to him "Perhaps I shall have many a knight arise to dance with me but we shall see when that time comes though I expect you to keep your promise. Perhaps you might even get into the spirit and try to hand out a wreath yourself" she teases to him as she walks along with him.

Kamron reaches up with his free hand to pat the blue roan's brow and then his neck, "You're just as affectionate as your knight, aren't you? Come on then, let's see if you follow any better." Laughing lightly, he leads the pair of horses to the campsite, finding a convenient tree to tie their reins to, he steps back to tend to them, unbuckling girth of Arian's saddle and lifting it off. "Inconvenient? You're calling me inconvenient?" And that's how he meets Arian's knightly cousin, with a saddle slung over one shoulder, "You must be Sir Trystan then. Sir Kamron de Dinton, at your service. I hope that you don't mind, your lovely cousin twisted my arm to come along and observe the festivities."

Trystan's voice draws Arian around, and she brightens at the sight of her cousin. "I was taking my time, coz." Her dimples sharpen and her gaze turns mischievous as she regards Kamron. "I didn't want to rush the Christian in case he got nervous." She then gestures to Kamron as he introduces himself, and her smile goes lopsided. "Don't be mean to Sir Kamron, Trystan. He's here as an observer… to see that our rites are not so queer as the Romans say." Indeed, she is definitely hinting at being nice to her older cousin. Then she gestures behind her when Trystan asks after Josette. "With the Steeple Langford… you know, Sir Brynmor." The Lazy One. "I told them not to wander too far."

Having heard the sound of his sisters voice come from somewhere nearby, Tristan frowns. As he'd expected, a man's voice accompanied it. Arian catches his attention once more though, and Trystan nods once to her, a glance spared for Kamron. "Well met, Sir Kamron, the Observer." He hmms quietly and then offers the barest hint of a nod, "Queer to your eyes or not, Sir Kamron, they are ours." As in, don't mock them.

And then Trystan looks to Arian once more at her mention of Sir Brynmor and he rolls his eyes once, "Fantastic." He replies quietly and then turns towards the sound of the voices, moving in that direction, "Josette! Sis! To the camp with ya." His tone is friendly enough at least.

"Of course, I always keep my promises." Brynmor murmurs out, perhaps not so sure of his own words. "I not only am drawn into two dances with the lovely Laverstock ladies, but I must hand out wreathes as well?" There is a look of skepticism on his features, before he asks, "Hand them out… to who exactly? Because if anyone wishes for a wreathe, they can simply come and ask me for one." Obviously, his mother's pagan upbringing did not rub off on him the way it did with his sister, Rose. Then hearing the somewhat familiar sound of Trystan calling out from the distance, the boyish Steeple Langford knight lets out a far too exasperated sigh, "It seems that you have drawn the attention of yet another male admirer." To Trystan, he says dramatically, "Do not worry, I will see that your sister is brought back safely." In the very short distance where they were lingering. "I would not wish to keep her from family after all." Brynmor doesn't mind having this little fish unhooked for the moment, as this will give him time to wander and sleep off some of the energy which he had just expended. Thus, to Josette, he says deeply, "I suppose it is right that you belong with your family right now, for I do have other errands to run and a patrol to be on… when I catch up with the rest of my family's knights. But I will see you tonight, I am certain." He then looks out to Stone Henge, wondering how it will turn out in the end once all the decorations are put up and the partying begins, "And I'm sure I will not be disappointed in the night's festivities. But for now." He says, taking up the lady's hand and placing a chaste kiss upon the back of it, before straightening up, stepping back, right into his horse who looms ever so close. "Until we meet again, fair Lady Josette."

Kamron scoffs at Arian's accusation, "Well, if I were too eager, some of my more ecclesiastical fellows might think I was chasing a dimpled smile into damnation." Setting the saddle down with a little grunt, he steps forward to offer out his arm for clasping with the other knight, "I thought that I would see for myself before I cast any judgment. Although I assure you that on the off chance that I do have any judgment, I will keep it entirely to myself." And then he steps back around to his own horse to remove his saddle as well, "It seems that since Sir Arian is without a squire, and I left mine behind, I have been nominated for the task. The perils of being an extra hand, I suppose." Amusement fills his words, however, so he is apparently not actually complaining. Spotting Edwyn setting up his own tent, he laughs aloud, "It seems that I am not the only one having to see to my own gear, however." That is easily loud enough for the other man to hear. In fact, it's intended to be heard.

Eeep Trystan is calling, that causes Josette to raise to her toes for a moment before she settles back down and mentions to Brynmor "I fear that our stroll must be cut short. I mustn't keep my dear brother waiting. And yes we shall meet again." She is then quickly to her brother's side and sweetly says "Sorry to have kept you waiting dearest brother."

Edwyn has just finished setting up his camp when he hears Kamron's words. He glances over that way and raises a brow as he moves in that direction, to join the group that has gathered there. "There is nothing wrong with a bit of working. It builds character…though I would also appreciate a squire to help. Alas my family is unlikely to pick one of their own to squire under me." He sighs softly shaking his dark haired head with a small smile. He doesn't seem bothered by this at all, his expression calm and curious as he glances around the group. "Sir Edwyn de Burcombe, a pleasure to meet each of you." He bows his head politely.

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Arian turns a wonderful pink at Kamron's comment of following a dimpled smile into damnation. She looks down almost demurely, worrying about the bundles. She carefully puts the smallest of them aside, be careful with the wrap of canvas. She does smile toward Kamron as he volunteers so easily to put up her tent, and she offers a small bob of her head. "Thank you, Sir Kam… I appreciate the help." She then looks over toward Trystan. "Coz, I have your garland, by the by…" She is of course talking about the favors that these unmarried youth bestow upon potential amors during the festival. "Will you be sitting on it again this year, or should I just go ahead and hide it in your saddle so you forget about it?" She then turns to Edwyn as he approaches, and his family name draws up her brows. She casts a glance to Kamron before she smiles pleasantly to Edwyn. "Merry met, Edwyn."

Seeing that sweet Josette is in the safe hands of her brother, Brynmor hops upon his steed and wanders off to patrol the road for bandits. But more than likely, he will find some little crevice or withered brush along the way where he will take his much needed rest— in anticipation for all of the partying to come, of course.

As Josette comes over to him, Trystan gives her a stern look. She likely knows that look well. It's the one he uses when she goes off to talk to men. He then returns his gaze to Arian, smirking at her once, "I was going to just take mine and Josette's and burn them." Trystan looks to Karmon and then to Arian, "I convinced your father to do the same with yours." He's kidding, right?

Josette gasps deeply as Trystan says that and comments "Don't you dare. I have someone I wish to give mine to." She then looks to Arian and pleads to her "Dearest cousin do not like him burn mine, for he will ruin all of my fun before it has even started." She then leans into whisper quietly to Trystan for a moment before she offers a curious look to him.

Kamron laughs lightly at Edwyn's greeting, "We all have our…" and then the other knight introduces himself, and his smile freezes. Ahhh, Dintons and Burcombes. More stiffly, he nods slowly, "Sir Kamron de Dinton." The blushing and smile from the Arian seems to revive him a little, and he sets down his own saddle, digging out a currying brush and starting to work on brushing down Arian's roan. "It is only fair, is it not? You're allowing me a look into a world I might not otherwise see. I have always thought that reciprocity is the only fair route." Trystan's threat draws a crooked little grin to his lips, and he arches his brows, looking over to Arian to see what her reaction to it might be. Not that he has any reason to care who she might present a garland to, right?

"Ha," Arian replies dryly to Trystan. "Good thing I am clever girl and made extras." Her pale eyes glimmer with amusement. "I thought I would bestow my favor on several potentials this year… you know, because that seemed to work for Gwynan last year. She was betrothed by Beltane." She tilts her head thoughtfully, brow furrowed with thought. "What was it? Ten garlands in all, all distributed within hours… didn't she try to throw one around your neck?" She teases her older cousin easily, though she does smile comfortingly to Josette. "I will not let him burn them, Josette. He is merely trying to make you flutter with worry. Don't give him the pleasure." She sticks her tongue out at Trystan before she turns back to Kamron as he starts to brush down her roan, who is quite happy for the attention.

A small soft smile is given to Arian. "I do not follow the Pagan faith myself but…Merry met." He remains polite as he says this and then he is glancing to Kamron as he introduces himself. A look of calm understanding is given along with another small smile. Despite the other knights stiffening Edwyn himself remains polite and calm. "I understand that our houses may not see eye to eye but I bare you no ill will Sir Kamron. Hopefully in time I can prove that all in my house are not cut from the same cloth."

A small troop arrives, pack animals servants led by a Knight wearing a tabard of Red and White (Shrewton) upon a black mare, a pair of fine looking Boar hounds trot at his flanks. Coelwulf points out a spot to his men, and they go about setting camp. He stands in the stirrups to take a quick look about, then offers a sharp whistle before turning his steep toward where Dinton is setting camp. "Let's go Lads" he calls to the dogs.

A smirk is given in reply by Trystan and he looks over to Josette, narrowing his gaze for a moment and nods, "We'll discuss it later." And then he looks back to Arian, "I rarely keep track of such things, coz." Which is code for, I had too much mead that night and don't remember anymore.

The new troop with Coelwulf gets a quick glance and then Trystan looks back to Arian, "Leave them by my tent, coz. I will see if I can actually abide by the rules this time."

Kamron checked his chaste at 13, he rolled 8.

Kamron looks over his shoulder at Arian at the proclamation of her plans, both brows rising slightly, "Ten garlands, Lady Arian? Is that considered the usual method for…" he searches his memory for the name, "Imbolc?" Okay, there might be a little bit of judgment there, but he's doing his best to keep it from his expression and voice. Edwyn's moderated response draws his attention away from the lady knight, and he nods slowly, "A Christian within Burcombe… color me surprised." As he moves about the blue roan that is not his own horse, he offers up a small smile to the other man, "It would hardly be fair for me to tar every member of the family with the same brush." The Shrewton contingent's arrival draws the Christian knight's attention, and he chuckles, raising up his hand in greeting, "Coe! I should have known that you'd be here as well." Not that Kamron has ever thought about it, because he is certainly not one that would be expected to be at a Pagan festival.

"Kam!" Coelwulf calls out as he swings from the saddle, letting his squire see to the animal, the hounds flank their Master, "What bring you out here!" he calls as he approaches offering his hand Kamron, he blinks "Ten garlands, I only brought one" he chuckles, "but a man only needs the one wife!" adding "more and I believe they would have the advantage…"

"You never know what Imbolc might bring, Trystan… you could find that lovely Lady that might sweep you into complete adoration." Arian smiles a bit more kindly to her cousin before her gaze shifts back to Kamron. She pinks softly at his words, and she shakes her head. "No. I only made the one." She gestures offhandedly. "I was merely teasing Sir Trystan… he makes it easy." Then she starts to fuss about her belongings, finding what is needed to help erect the tent. When Kamron calls to someone, she looks up and over toward Coelwulf, arching her brows slightly. She shakes her head, smiling toward Edwyn. "And it is alright… as Sir Kamron demonstrates… we welcome everyone. You two can certainly find a place to hide during the full-blown festival."

Josette nods softly as Trystan tells her they will speak of it later and remains quietly by his side. A smile brightens as Coelwulf makes his entrance, offering him a little wave with her fingers before she quickly returns to looking all proper standing by her brother Trystan.

Kamron shifts the currying brush from his right hand to his left as Coelwulf approaches, taking the big man's forearm in a quick clasp, then crouching down to ruffle up the shoulders of the two hounds, "Decided to see if there was any truth to the most unpleasant rumors the Romans tell about this celebration." Rising up from his couch, he gestures to the Laverstocks, "Sir Trystan de Laverstock, Sir Arian de Laverstock, Lady Josette de Laverstock, this is Sir Coelwulf de Shrewton, a boon companion of my time at Sarum." And then he relents slightly and gestures to Edwyn as well, "And Sir Edwyn de Burcombe, a fellow unbeliever." Finally returning to his currying job, he responds to Arian, "I know just the type, Lady Arian. Those who are easiest to tease are often the most fun." And with that he nods an apology to Trystan.

Coel inclines his head to each person to whom he is introduced, his eyes linger a moment longer then might be considered polite upon Josette. "Well met" he smiles, "I think you'll find our celebrations a bit less somber then yours my friend" he speaks to Kamron. He draws a breath "I have had the pleasure of meeting the Lady Josette in Sarum." he offers her a polite bow.

One of the pages from the Laverstock campsite has come over to help Arian set up the tent — the same boy who had been helping her with the bay laurel boughs back in Sarum. The two work together, smoothing out the waxed canvas and arranging the poles. She glances up at the others as she listens to the conversation buzzing around them. When Coel compares the Pagan rites to that of the Christians, she offers a light laugh. "Hopefully he will not read into too much of it… the dances can get a bit… lively." She then glances between Coel and Josette, and arches her brows a bit curiously. Oh, this is when all the assumptions fly and every possible interaction might hint at favors to be later given. She turns back to her work, as her tent is nearly ready to be pulled up.

When he is introduced, Trystan turns towards Coel, offering him a nod. If he catches the lingering gaze, he doesn't seem to react to it. "Well met, Sir Coelwulf." Of course, not seeing a lingering look and ignoring someone paying attention to his sister are two different things, and as such, Trystan is on the chilly side of polite. It's so hard having a sister.

Of course, Arian mocking him causes Trystan to frown at her. Yes, he makes this easy. No, he doesn't like that fact.

Josette offers a curtsy to Coelwulf and responds sweetly "Merry met Sir Coelwulf, it is wonderful to see you once again as always." A soft blush apparent in her cheeks. She then adds to Coel's story by saying "He was gracious enough to escort me around the market to make sure that no harm came towards me." Her gaze then looks to Trystan as she says "Dearest brother relax and have fun its almost Imbolc after all. I am going to rest for the party tonight, please excuse me everyone."

Kamron laughs easily at Coel's response, "You weren't there for the Feast of the Presentation, Coe. Quite cheerful enough for even the most dedicated Pagan." He finishes brushing down the lady knight's horse, then gives a whistle to the page and tosses him the brush, jerking his head toward his own horse. Coming around from the horses, he takes the page's place putting up the tent with Arian, pulling easily on the ropes to steady it, "So long as the dancers remain fully clothed and the dances remain… vertical… I should be able to resist turning completely red." Being the outsider, he has no compunction about inquiring, "Is this where everyone starts guessing about who will be giving who a garland?"

"Well met Sir Trystan" Coel "Your sister did me the honor of allowing me to see her about the market, i do apologize for not seeking your permission before doing so." another bow as Josette departs "fare thee well" he grins to Kamron "My mother is a devout Christain, as is my younger brother, I fear dispite her best efforts I have found my faith with the Gods of our people, rather then the God of Rome."

Arian checked her lustful of 16, she rolled 12.

"Trystan, you're making that face again. Remember that I express my affection for you, coz, through my teasing. If Lainn was here, you would at least be somewhat spared. But, alas… he is not." Arian doesn't even look up as she helps Kamron get the tent up and tight. She smiles across the canvas toward the Dinton as he poses the question, and her pale eyes shine with amusement. "I hear remaining vertical is quite optional in some cases," the Laverstock woman muses with an impish smile. Then she starts to toss some of her packs into the tent, still careful with the smallest of them which she sets down just within the flapped doorway. "Though, yes… about now, though dinner tonight will have even more speculation. Particularly after wine has been passed around."

Josette exits off into her tent with a warm smile curling her lips before she disappears into it.

Lili comes riding up upon a black mare, a warm smile curling her lips to all she sees. "Would a knight be kind enough to assist me with my horse Shadow here?" lets her lips kindly as she speaks.

"I am within my rights to make any face I wish, coz." Trystan replies with a firm nod in Arian's direction. That said, he turns his attention to Coel, considering the fellow Knight for a moment. "I suppose consequence and chance do not oft merit the opportunity for permission, do they?" See, Trystan can be forgiving! And as Coel engages in discussions of religion, Tristan turns back to ensuring the camp is set up. Which at this point is all about directing the few pages and Squires that Laverstock has at its disposal.

Coelwulf checked his lustful of 13, he rolled 4.

Coel offers a hand to Lili to help her from the horse "Well met cousin" Afer helping her down, "M'lords and Lady, may I present Lady Lili De Shrewton, my cousin, she and her sister Melwyn brighten a dark day with but a smile." he takes the reins of her horse, "I do trust you will be able to find your way back to our camp cousin?" he then looks to Trystan "If you have time later Sir Trystan, I would like a word with you?" he then glances toward his camp, "Alas I must see to my camp, that all will be settled and secure before night falls in earnest."

Kamron checked his chaste at 13, he rolled 3.

Kamron nods at Coel's response, "Very sensible people, as I recall, Coe." Tying off the last of the tent's ropes, he freezes at Arian's description of the dancing, his eyebrows rising sharply, "And just what have you brought me to see, Lady Arian?" There's a pause, and then he chuckles softly, "Wouldn't that be a little cold, anyhow? As I recall, you were the one suggesting that the stories of skyclad dancing were foolish due to the cold." Looking up to the Coelwulf again, he chuckles, "I think that's your cue, Coe."

Kamron chuckles as the newcomer is introduced, "Or not. A pleasure, Lady Lili. Sir Kamron de Dinton." And he gestures to the others, "Sir Trystan de Laverstock, Sir Arian de Laverstock." He looks around a moment, and realizes that that is all the nobles still around, and he shrugs.

Arian steps up to Trystan, and she offers her cousin a gentle squeeze of his forearm. She smiles up at him gently. "You're being too serious, coz," she says softly. "Remember, all is well here… now is a time to relax." Then she looks back to Kamron, and her expression softens. "You're right, of course, Sir Kamron. I should not tease your sensibilities." She then glances over at the Lady Lili, and she offers a smile and gentle nod. "Merry met, Lady Lili."

There is likely some alternate reality, where Trystan is the most uptight Christian you've ever met. Being introduced young to leadership, and having to take on those responsibilies led to him growing up too fast. Trystan has always been serious. "I am relaxing, coz." This is him relaxing.

As to Coe, his comment gets a nod. He knows without having to ask what he wants to talk about. It's always the same. "Of course."

And finally to Lady Lili, a nod is offered, "A pleasure, Lady Lili." As to the horse the glaces over to one of the Laverstock pages, "Help the Lady with her horse." To which, the page responds by doing it.

Lili checked her lustful of 13, she rolled 1.

Lili smiles as Coelwulf helps her off the horse and politely says "Merry meet to all of you." Her attention then turns to Coelwulf as she mentions "I am sure it I will find it rather easily dear cousin, dancing tonight shall be ever so much fun." Her attention then turns to Kamron as she politely says "A pleasure Sir Kamron." Her attention then turns to Arian as she says "Merry meet Sir Arian." Then her attention turns to Trystan as she kindly says "Merry meet Sir Trystan, how does the day treat you?" as she hands off her reigns to the page.

Kamron lifts his eyebrows at Arian's words, "Oh? You were teasing me? I thought you were merely dragging me along to see if I was going to turn red from tunic to hairline." Trystan's words draw a merry little laugh to his lips, and he notes, "My cousin is just as serious. I think it has something to do with being prepared for the responsibilities of running a manor."

Arian smiles fondly up at her cousin, and she offers his arm another gentle squeeze. "You and Lainn…" She shakes her head before she returns her attention back toward Kamron, though Lady Lily's words just draw her around to the Shrewton lady. When Lili's attention falls primarily on Trystan, though, she just smiles to herself and steps away to Kamron. "Well, that is still a goal of mine," she says with a smirk. "Though you do often make it too easily." Then she crosses her arms, tilting her head slightly. "Alright, Sir Kamron…" She looks over the knight, taking careful stock of his woodsy attire. "I suppose you will do…"

"The day treats me well enough." Trystan replies to Lili, nodding to her once. "Camp is nearly completed, he ride went well." He offers another nod, summing that up easily. Next he looks to Kamron, "That is very likely the case, Sir Kamron. My father died when I was quite young. I've been having to act as leader alongside my Uncle for longer than I care to remember."

Lili smiles kindly to Trystan's answers then mentions "I should retire for a bit, was a bit of a ride from Shrewton, my dear sister should be along shortly, please do let Sir Melwyn know that I have retired for the moment."

Kamron looks down over his clothing, reaching up with one hand to straighten the arboreal broach holding his cloak about his right shoulder, "I'll do?" Laughter touches his features, and he raises his brows, "Oh, you think I dressed especially for the event?" Now he's just teasing her. "I'm glad you approve, however." Turning to Trystan, his smile fades slowly, and he nods, "One of the hazards of the knightly life, I'm afraid, Sir Trystan. An unfortunate side-effect of being surrounded by Saxon dogs and traitorous Cornishmen." Lili gets a polite bow of the head as she announces her intention to retire, and he looks over to the henge itself, studying it for a moment before he notes to Arian, "It is a magnificent structure. One has to wonder how the stones were put into place."

The Laverstock woman glances up at Trystan mentioning her father, and she offers a soft smile toward her cousin. "Father can be quite a difficult man to work alongside, I know." She tucks her hands into the side pockets of her skirts, relaxing her shoulders as she does. She also turns toward the henge when Kamron speaks of it, and she finds herself smiling fondly at the memories that flood her. She then turns her attention to Kamron. "I can show you them if you like… now would be the time before the priests descend upon it to prepare for the rites tomorrow."

"Indeed. And these are all wonderful stories for less celebratory times." Trystan remarks with a quick grin. "I am going to go back and ensure the camp is finished being set up and then I am going to rest, for unlike some I have done a full days work." Some being the lazy lords who do not work and spend all their time at play. And with that, Trystan starts back towards his tent.

Kamron nods to Trystan, "It was a pleasure to meet you, Sir Trystan." And then he turns back to the young Lord's cousin, offering a helpless shrug and a crooked grin, "Well, you are the expert on Imbolc, Lady Arian, unless there is someone else I should be talking to about it." That suggestion draws his grin even more crooked, and he offers out his left arm to the Laverstock woman and gestures for her to lead the way, "I will do as you suggest, until there's something that crosses a line, and then I'll let you know."

Arian watches her cousin move back to the tents, and she sighs. "He will go gray before he's thirty if he does not relax." Then the Pagan woman looks back up at Kamron with a slight tilt of her head. Her smile softens, and she steps up close to him until her arm can casually wind around his, elbow tucked into elbow. "Until something crosses the line?" She arches her brow slightly. "You are quite suspicious…" She starts to lead him from her tent, but she isn't more than a handful of strides before she remembers something. "Oh!" She turns, dropping his arm and moving swiftly back to her tent. She ducks within just for a moment, emerging with a buttery-yellow candle in her hand. She steps back up to him, resuming her place on his arm. "I almost forgot…" Then she tugs him along, starting toward the humped circle that surrounds the stones, and the one break in the mound where traffic is permitted into the sacred space.

"Or, you know, I could be teasing you." Kamron chuckles as she comes back with the candle, starting across the area to the circle, "So what can you tell me about Imbolc? The symbolism of the location, the boughs," nodding down to the candle, he adds, "The candles." He reaches across his body to rest his fingers momentarily on the back of her right hand, "Everyone here seems in very good spirits. It makes for a very charming gathering."

The touch of his fingers to her bare hand stirs warmth within her, and Arian pinks ever so lightly at the touch. She lifts her gaze up to meet his as they enter the greenspace surrounding the standing stones. The walk up to the stones is a lengthy one, and the heel stone lies ahead of them a ways. Firelight burns at its feet, and the closer they get, the more clear it becomes that the ground is not on fire, but is covered in glowing candles. "Imbolc is about the coming of Spring… while the Equinox celebrates and welcomes the first day of Spring, Imbolc is about preparing for Spring." She draws her own hand up, brushing across his own fingers. "The candles symbolize Brigid's power. The more candles lit, the more power Brigid has." Then she drops her gaze a bit, smiling more or less to herself.

Kamron brushes his thumb over his fingertips as he lets his hand drop back to his side, enjoying the tingle there that is all in his head — or his body chemistry. "So then, as a good Christian boy, I should be blowing out every candle I can find?" Shaking the teasing off, he nods his understanding, "Like the candles we light to carry a prayers up to God, or to remember someone. It makes sense." There's the first question out of the way, so he can then ask, "And the boughs? The garlands? They're to demonstrate affections, you said, but you also mentioned a betrothal today. I'm curious as to the meaning of the gesture."

"Fire is powerful," Arian murmurs. "It can fuel many things… warmth, prayers… passion." She drops her gaze demurely, looking weathered dirt that cuts a pathway toward the stones. She then glances his way once more as he mentions the garlands. "You mean my story about Gwynan." She dimples, though her coyness has abated a bit. "Yes, they are meant to demonstrate affections. If a woman offers a man a garland, she is saying that she holds affections for him. If he accepts, he is saying he returns those affections. Sometimes, that is enough for two families to consider whether or not a match can be made." She is thoughtful, glancing sidelong at him. "The hope is always that tomorrow's offered affections bloom into passions in time for Beltane on the first of May."

Kam's crooked grin curls up at one corner, and although he can feel a bit of heat touch his cheeks at her words, he doesn't flinch back or start stuttering. Instead, he nods his understanding as he walks alongside her on the way up to the henge, "They can." Considering her further words, he nods again, more slowly, "Then Beltane is the one that would send a good Roman Christian into fits." A curious look touches his features as he inquires, "Then this Gwynan," pause, "Lady Gwynan?" Shaking the question off, he continues with the original one, "accepting ten garlands, would that not result in nine very unhappy young men, and one who was always suspicious of his wife?"

Arian laughs. "It can be," she replies to his observation of Beltane. "Though, I would argue that one can have passion without treading too far on impropriety. Maidens are oft still maidens by Beltane's end. Sensuality is not frowned upon." When he inquires after Gwynan, Arian only shrugs. "I'm certain there were wounded hearts, but Lady Gwynan's husband is probably quite content in his victory over the others. It is all a matter of perspectives…" They are almost at the heel stone now, and Arian begins to detach herself from the good Christian knight.

The description of Beltane raises Kamron's eyebrows slightly, but he nods, evidently reassessing things a touch… and for the better. "Very forgiving of him then, knowing that she returned the affections of nine other men. So they are just a statement of interest? There is no religious significance to the boughs?" The young man looks up at the stones as they approach, slowing to a stop as she separates herself from his arm, "Should I not go inside, as an unbeliever?"

"No, but give me a moment." Arian touches his arm gently as she steps away to the heel stone. The fragrance around the heel stone is warm and welcoming — blackberry oils mixed with bay and rosemary. Arian smells her own candle, taking in the scent to clear her senses. Then she squats down, drawing her skirts around her as she nestles in around the burning candles. Some have long ago snuffed out, and puddles of wax cover the base of the heel stone. Arian first begins to melt the bottom of her candle, turning it over the flames until it is soft. Then she lights the wick from what appears to be the master candle — a thick, brilliant candle that burns directly at the feet of the heel stone. She sets her candle amongst the others, dipping her head to murmur a soft prayer. She then stands once more, brushing her hands together. Standing before the thick pool of fire, she almost looks ablaze herself in her goldenrod gown. She returns to him once the small ceremony is done. His question of the boughs has her thoughtful, and it takes her a moment before she returns to it. "They are traditional." She rolls her lower lip between her teeth carefully. "But no, I suppose they are not particularly religious in nature."

Kamron nods as she requests the moment, stepping back and watching the little ritual. It looks so very familiar, or it would if it were inside a cathedral or church, rather than in the late winter chill before a standing stone. He steps aside slightly so that he can study the flame-washed features of the knight, a slow, appreciate smile settling onto his lips. The expression remains when she turns around, and grows as she worries at her lower lip, a little chuckle building in his throat. "That's good to know." Offering out his arm again, "So… how does this go? Tonight everyone arrives and sets up camp, saying hello and sharing food and drink? And tomorrow the rites and rituals begin? I assume no firelight and dancing until after dark, since firelight loses something in the daylight." Pausing a moment, he inquires, "And how big do the bonfires get?"

Arian looks curious, both at his smile and his words. What is it about that, that is good to know, she wonders. Her arm slips back to his, and she starts to guide him past the heel stone and through the gap in the standing stones into the central altar area. As they walk, her shoulder presses into his so that they are close and sharing warmth. She nods at his assumptions, looking back at camp. "Yes, that's how it will go tonight… there will be some who imbibe a bit early, and few will sleep tonight, particularly us youths." Her nose wrinkles slightly as she smiles. "We are oft too excited." She stops them before the five monstrous standing stones that occupy the central area of the sacred space. She turns to face him a bit more. "As for the bonfires… large… they will be lit early tomorrow, and be fed throughout the day until the dances begin at sunset. Throughout the day, there will be offerings and the priests will divine the coming season, asking Brigid when the winter will pull back and spring will come."

Kamron checked his pious at 10, he rolled 17.
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Kamron checked his worldly at 10, he rolled 20.

Kamron laughs lightly, "And are you over-excited now, Ria?" Twisting slightly, he gives her shoulder a little nudge — not enough to knock her away from his side, just a little 'hello' tap. Looking around, he nods slowly, "The henge is even more impressive from inside." Tilting his head to one side slightly, he considers his surroundings, "It definitely has the same feel of grandeur as a cathedral." Once more, his right hand comes up to rest atop hers, "So, are there others here you want to meet up with and spend the night wiling away the hours with stories? Someone who gave you a garland last year?"

Arian checked her chaste of 4, she rolled 19.
Arian checked her lustful of 16, she rolled 4.

Arian pinks softly at his use of her new diminutive, but she does not look away from him as he nudges against her and draws a hand across hers. She leans deeper into him, in fact, and her cheek almost comes to his shoulder at their closeness. "There are smaller standing stones throughout the country, but this is certainly the grandest." She then turns her head slightly, looking up at him. "Given, but not accepted." Then she dimples softly up at him at the other part of his question. "And no, I have no one in particularly I'm waiting to meet up with. Once I put the Christian boy to bed, I will go out and spend time with the others. Tonight is the night for faerie stories."

Kamron swallows hard as she lays her cheek almost at his shoulder, his eyes closing for half a moment before he relaxes into it. "So only disappointed suitors waiting to meet you again, and you would rather not show up with a Christian knight on your arm." His hand remains on hers this time, not dropping away, "You think that the stories would not flow with a Christian around the campfire, or you think that I cannot stay up late and still function tomorrow?" His voice has dropped as the tour continues, turning the conversation into something quiet, even intimate.

Arian has taken him as far as the five altar stones, and she stops them at their center. The sun is starting to set, and it glows bright between two of the outer stones, casting long, cool shadows in this sacred place. She steps back just enough to turn to face him, dropping her hands down along his outer arms to gently brush her fingertips across the outer blade of his hands. "Kam, I would… adore nothing more than for you to join me tonight… but your comfort matters deeply to me." She rolls that lower lip between her teeth once more. "Would you like to join me at the fires tonight?"

Kamron stops as she does, releasing her hand when she steps back and turns toward him. The play of the setting sun across her features emphasizes some very interesting lines and curves of her jaw, cheek, and eyes. And there she is rolling her lip between her teeth again. Turning his hands outward a moment, he clasps hers, but only for a second before he clears his throat. The red light of the sunset makes it look like he is blushing more than he actually is, and he nods, "If you think that it would not be taken poorly. I don't want to hamper the fun. For others, of course. I'm sure that you would be entirely entertained."

The claps to her hands sends a warm shiver through her, particularly from a knight who has been entirely too shy with his touch. Arian laughs huskily at his words, and her pale eyes dance with firelight. "You should come, but if you are uncomfortable… I will not be wounded if you excuse yourself to your tent." She starts to step away, as if to spare the blushing knight from her close proximity. "We can even have a phrase that lets me know."

Kamron brings up his right hand to her elbow as she steps away, allowing just a little pressure there to slow her retreat, but not to stop it. And then his hand falls away, "Perhaps my special warning phrase will be something along the lines of, 'I think that I may retire to my tent, good eve everyone.'" The words are accompanied by a chuckle in a throat that is more than a little tight in the wake of that laugh and those dancing eyes. "I'm not particularly shy, Rhi. You should know that by now." And then he thinks back through their conversations, and once more, the chuckle makes its appearance, "Well, not in mixed company, at least."

The touch to her elbow does stall her, and Arian smiles over her shoulder toward him. That smile quickly turns into a laugh at his chosen phrase, and she nods gently. "Sounds like an appropriate phrase." She steps to the standing stones, drawing her hand across the facet of the hewn rock and starting to step around it. She glances over at him before she disappears behind the stone, reappearing on the other side. "You actually are quite shy." She smiles over toward him.

Kamron follows her over to the stone, although he does not circle it as she does, instead waiting until her smiling face reappears on the other side, met with his gentle laughter, "Alright. Perhaps I am when presented with a beautiful young woman who does not behave as I expect." One hand rises up to ruffle at his hair, scritching a little at his scalp, "But that's surely not my fault." Tilting his head to one side, he inquires, "So, now that you've disappeared behind the standing stone, how do I know that you've not been replaced by some mischievous fae?" One eyebrow lifts, "That's how it goes, right?"

"Do you want a woman who always behaves as you expect?" The question is asked with a high lift of her brows, though Arian's smile remains soft and unchanged at her lips. She does laugh at his question about her rebirth as a fae, and she bites softly at her lower lip as her tries to stifle her amusement. She narrows her eyes thoughtfully, drawing herself around the stone so she can circle back around to him. "You know, there's no good way to check for a changeling… you'll just have to wait and see, I suppose." She lifts her own brow.

You check your faerielore at 1, you rolled 10.

Kamron spreads his hands at his sides, "Well, the unexpected has its allure, once you get used to it." Tilting his head to one side, he adds, "But then, it wouldn't be the unexpected, now would it?" The half-threat causes him to chuckle, "I think I'll take my chances, since you are already filled to the brim with the unexpected." He offers out his hand to draw her closer to where she can take his arm again, "Shall we find a fire, preferably one with good company and a skin of good wine?"

Arian's smile softens, and she nods. "I will have to always go with the unexpected, then." As he reaches for her, she obliges him and slides her hand into his until she can take his arm once more. "I think that, that is the best idea you have had so far, Sir Kamron." She glances once back at the standing stones that loom in silent observation, watching forever the passage of time. She lets him lead her from this place and back into the campsites, where they will find a fire and wine — perhaps even some food…

The knight passes her hand across his body to tuck it through his arm once more, leaving his hand atop hers as they walk out of the inner circle of standing stones, "You have no idea the sort of ideas that I've had. It might be a fantastic idea, but it is far from the best idea that I've ever had." Chuckling softly, Kamron adds, "Inviting you and your brother along to deal with those bandits, for instance."

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