(514-02-05) On Burcombe
Summary: Perin discusses his thoughts on Burcombe, unwittingly with a Burcombe
Date: 514.02.05
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Its February, winter is upon the world. In a blanket at least. Good today, but a few days if it warms enough, flooding along the rivers as per the norm. Festive spirits abound between both Pagan and Christian, celebrations for both in the or around the city to come. A time to come to market, buy goods needed for home feasts and company. A flurry is falling, tiny flakes, barely enough to stick or make new packs over the snow. Enough to remind everyone the end of winter is still a ways off.

In the market today is Perin de Steeple Langford. With his squire Bren, who is carrying a few items. The knight says to the fellow, "No, Sir Aeron is a friend, but I don't think I can stomach a trip to Lonazep with the Burcombes along for the ride. You take that to the stables, secure it with the horses. Give me a few moments for some personal supplies." The boy nods, agrees, runs off. The knight seem upset about that Burcombe situation as he turns to see what else is available amongst the stalls today.

Lili enter into the market with a warm smile curling her lips, there my be snow everywhere but some of the untouched parts still have that shimmering white beauty to them. As she makes her way over to peruse the fine food and drink wares the market as to offer her smile grows bright as she takes a breath in through her nose to smell the delicious goods.

A basket tucked over her arm, Eadlin is wrapped up in a woolen shawl as she makes her way into the market. She pauses just upon the edge of the market stalls to consider her task and formulate a plan.

Speaking of Burcombe's might be a good way to summon them. Edwyn de Burcombe is wandering the market quietly browsing the goods for sale with a calm gaze. He is warmly and practically dressed with his sword strapped at his belt and his hair is left falling down to his shoulders, the dark waves catching a few flakes of snow as they fall. The mention of his family name has him pausing when he overhears it. A calm yet faintly curious glance is offered to Perin along with a polite nod should the man happen to glance his way. He lets out a slow breath and seems to consider approaching Perin. After a moment he makes his way over. "Good day to you. Dare I ask what the Burcombes might have done to upset you? They aren't always the most…pleasant of people. Believe me I know." He offers politely, his tone kept respectful and calm. Lili draws a glance of those dark eyes but most of Edwyn's attention is on Perin at the moment.

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Nearing said food and wine, perhaps in favor of the wine, Perin is close to Lili it would seem about the time another voice finds him. He turns to look at the voice, not knowing who it is, even if they have been to similar functions in the past. Though he does decide to answer at least. "What haven't they done?" Assuming the other isn't a Burcombe for the time being, there is ample opportunity to really speak his mind. "What are they about, Glory and Boasting? I suppose pride is a good thing, but it is to the point of gloating." He looks over at some items, notices Lili, "Good day to you Lady." Picks up a wine to peruse, in its ceramic container, giving it a wiff, back to Edwyn, "Have you been around them before, sounds like you might know some." He said he had the experience.

The mental list consulted, Eadlin makes her way to the ever popular wine seller, even if they aren't in a cellar, and lingers there as she notes a collection of people there. And conversation in progress. She moves over to the far end of the stall to be able to look over the options. She glances up and down the containers and then to where Perin stands and then waits, as not to unduly inturrupt.

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Lili offers a warm smile to Perin as she says "Good day Sir knight, might you be able to suggest what wine you find to be favorable? I am Lady Lili of Shrewton, might I ask what your names are?"

Edwyn nods with understanding in his eyes. His expression turns thoughtful. "Most of them boast far too much for my liking, and I find pride is of less value than modesty. If you are truly worthy of fame, you need not sing your own praises for others will do that for you in time." He dips his head politely to Lili. "Good day Lady." He glances back to Perin with a nod. "I know them better than most, they are family despite the differences we share." He glances between Lili and Perin and bows politely at the waist as he offers an introduction to them both. "Sir Edwyn de Burcombe, at your service."

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"I am looking for a good elderberry wine, somethig dark and gamey. We've some dark meat for a gathering," he suggests to Lili, "A pleasure, I am Perin de Steeple Langford. A pleasure." It would seem, though he then turns to regard Edwyn, completely agreeing Modesty, yes, truth speaks for itself. And he's a Burcombe. The slight clench to Perin's jaw shows he may not like the entire line of them. Then again, some may not like the Steeple Langford's either. He ponders the others words those, blinks a moment, then lets it go. "Well, you speak better than most sir, I suppose we don't have the fortune to choose our family." That is redeeming at least, can't blame him completely for being in league with the de Burcombe family. He is still considering the wine. Here is someone who might help, he looks to Eadlin, "Ma'am, you know which vender is best for elderberry?" He presumes she's local to Sarum and knows the vendors.

Lili offers a warm smile to Edwyn and when she hears his name her gaze looks to Perin for a moment before it falls back upon Edwyn and she kindly says "Tis a pleasure to meet you Sir Edwyn" as she curteies to both Edwyn and the Perin as she says "Good to meet you as well Sir Perin and thank you ever so much for the advice upon the wine. I am just learning the markets for myself. Her gaze then falls upon Eadlin and a warm smile is offered.

"Ah." Eadlin starts a little as she's turned to in a conversation that she wasn't expecting to suddenly be a part of. "This gentleman has some of the best mead in the market, but if you're hoping for elderberry, this is just fine." She gives the brewer a smile of reassurance even as she continues. "But about three stalls down, with the striped cloth over the table. That's where one gets the best elderberries. Cordial too, not just wine." She tips her head to the trio of nobles, politely deferential.

Edwyn checked his Modest of 13, he rolled 2.

"A pleasure to meet you Sir Perin." The clenching of Perin's jaw is noted by Edwyn as he speaks. His tone remains polite and he bows his head a bit as the man speaks of his family a faint almost sad looking expression crossing his features as he lifts his gaze once more. Those dark eyes hold no anger or resentment for the words, just understanding. "No we cannot chose our family Sir Perin. We control only ourselves and we must choose what we feel is right for us. Sometimes that is what our family wants…sometimes it is far from it." The warm smile Lili offers him is return by a gentle and warm smile of Edwyn's own. "Its a pleasure to meet you as well Lady Lili." He glances to Eadlin and offers a polite nod of greeting to her as well.

"You seem to be the apple fallen away from the tree," returns Perin to Edwyn, "I find this curious, and you've now held my tongue in check. I suppose a good time to meet you know, though I fear too late to change my decision to not ride with Sir Aeron and the group for Lonazep. Then again, it leaves time to devoe to family and friends here now." He puts the wine down as he listens to the other two. "It always changes on me, I don't come enough. If you're up for the elderberry, I think we shuold press are luck as the lady says." Then a grin, the first since his discussion with his squire, Perin turns to Eadlin, "My thanks to you good woman. With your eye for wine, I find it surprising you are wandering about the city and not off in service to someone in need of your talent." Knowing the best wine merchant/vintner, maybe knows the best bargains the same too.

Lili smiles to Eadlin and kindly says "Thank you ever so much for the helpful information." Her gaze then looks between the Perin and Edwyn as she politely asks "Perhaps one of you fine knights would do me the honor of escorting me over to the stall with the best elderberries? I can come back this way and grab some of the mead upon my way back home I musted worry my sister, if I am gone too long she tends to worry about me so."

"Is it not service to be at the market to personally choose the wine?" Eadlin asks with a flash of a smile for Sir Perin at his query, taking a step back as to not interfere with their progress from merchant to merchant, a quieter smile and a nod returned to Edwyn as he notes her. "If you happen to overshoot, getting to the wine stall, there is a lovely trim merchant, m'lady, if you've a desire for something pretty." She notes to Lili.

Edwyn nods offering a small smile to Perin at that remark. "I simply do what I feel I must Sir Perin and I will not be going with the group to Lonazep either. Perhaps that will give us an oppurtunity to speak more at some point….perhaps I can even prove to you that not all Burcombes deserve your ire?" Dark eyes go to Lili now and Edwyn smiles softly. "I am just browsing at the moment and I would gladly escort you if you wished Lady Lili? That is unless Sir Perin is planning to go that way as well?" He glances between the two of them not wanting to step on anyones toes.

"Perhaps, it will," agrees Perin to the getting to know each other bit, though something in his voice leaves a doubt. The man is cordial enough and yet in the back of his mind sits where he is from, Burcombe. Time will tell of course. "You may well prove that indeed, Sir Edwyn." A look between him and Lili of course, "I am intent on that merchant the good woman speaks of, but alas, I shall save escorting duty for you sir. It wouldn't be entierly fitting for me at this time, I do not think it would look good following my recent betrothal." Simply said matter of factly, which was all it was to him in the moment. Finally to Eadlin, "Ah, this is true, then you are well in service to someone already, a shame perhaps."

As Perin explains his recent bethrothal and how it would be inappriorpriate Lili looks to Edwyn with a warm smile as she says "I believe with those circumstances then that I would prefer for you to escort me Lord Edwyn, I do not wish to cause scandal."

Lili 's gaze then looks to Eadlin as she kindly says "Thank you ever so much for that, I do adore pretty things. Might I ask your name good woman?"

"I am quite happy with my service to Newton Tony, and quite fond of a stable home for myself and mine, so it does not feel all that regretful from my side of things, sir." Eadlin notes with a light tone and a gentle smile for Perin. "I am glad to have been of assistance, it is a good market, with excellent variety. I am glad of it." She ahs softly as Lili asks of her directly. "I am Eadlin, good Lady." She bows, a touch, an instinctive gesture.

Edwyn nods to Perin in understanding when he mentions a betrothal. "Very well then." A small warm smile is offered to Lili and Edwyn moves over and offers her his arm in a rather chivalrous fashion. "Shall we go see about that elderberry wine then Lady Lili?" If she accepts the arm he will wait a moment to make certain she is ready to move that way before leading her towards the stall Eadlin spoke of earlier.

Lili smiles to Eadlin as she says "It is a pleasure to meet you Eadlin, might I ask who your Lord is? I do wish to pass on compliments of your ever so helpful knowledge to him and talk upon praises." Her hand rests upon the offered arm as she awaits for Eadlin to answer her question before she heads off to the merchant

"We are agreeable," offers Perin, hints of a grin maybe, just a hint in his eyes at least. On the trip to three stalls down at least. A turn to Eadlin, "Ah, Newton Tony, then you are with Sir Glaw?" The one he knows of that manor. "A fortunate circumstance. I had the opportunity to face him during challenges with his spear. He was quick to show his skill with the weapon, a newfound respect on my part. Perhaps you could pass word to him, I mean to keep my end of the bargain to seek his help in practicing this art form?" Then Bren is returning. "Beg your pardons," to the others says Bren, to Perin, "The horses are ready for our return to Steeple Langford."

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