(514-02-04) Our Christian Duty
Summary: Kamron, Cyndeyrn, and Lysanor discuss the tasks laid before them.
Date: February 4, 514
Related: Relates to Ghostly Festivities and follows after Drinks and Distractions
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Sometimes, knights can be so dramatic. After seeing the Earl, Kamron ap Leodoc de Dinton retreated to his rooms in the inn at Sarum, and did not come out for a full twenty-four hours. Finally tidied up after his withdrawal from the world for a day, he has eaten, and asked to see his cousins. Rapping at the door to the private dining room set aside for the family meeting, knowing that the mainline siblings are already inside, he steps in and offers up a slightly wan smile, "And how are we, this fine day?" The words are more subdued than his usual ebullience, but there is at least some life in them, unlike earlier in the day.

Lysanor checked her craft of 10, she rolled 15.

Still haunted and yet strangely inspired by the event that happened on the day of the holiday feasting, Lysanor has kept herself busy in both prayer and in reading the scriptures of the bible. The faithful apparition's presence and his plight had moved her. It was certainly a miracle of sorts that the spirit would come to then when it did. So as she waits for her cousin's arrival, wishing to hear more of the news from Earl Robert regarding this holiest of expeditions, she keeps her mind and hands busy with sewing, stitching up one of her brother's ripped tunics in a mostly mechanical manner, her mind playing back the day within the Abbey. Once Kamron enters, she some of her stitches quickly unravel as she returns to the here and now. "We've been waiting for you. I do hope that you bring good news, cousin?"

One thing that Cyndeyrn is known for beside (though hardly unrelated to) his size is his appetite, as one might expect is necessary to maintain such a stature. So, aside from his sister's embroidery, his end of the table is still set out with a goodly spread, several large haunches of meat left yet unfinished on a heavy platter along with some rustic stew that is one of the inn's specialties, served in hollowed out loaves of bread. His sister may well have already eaten her full, but he is still at it. "Oh cousin, there's food," he points out, unnecessarily. "Yes, sit and eat and tell us what the Earl has said of the strange visitation." Clearly, not even such a divine disturbance can bother him so much as to take away his hunger.

Kamron blinks in surprise at Lysanor's question, "Oh… yes. Good news." He closes the door behind him, coming around to join the others at the table, "Earl Robert has enthusiastically approved our quest." He accompanies the words with a smile, but again, it's a wan one. Gathering up one of the trenchers filled with stew, he nods his thanks, "Sir Acwel has approval to lead us to Exeter in search of the son of Sir Irfon," That is actually the sour point, apparently, although Kam attempts to shrug off the sourness. "Good news indeed. And he approved of the idea of some of you ladies," there is a slight gesture to Lysanor there, "accompanying the party to temper the reckless instincts of we knights." He pulls in a spoon, stirring the stew idly, "I thought… perhaps…" for all his hesitancy, his words speed up afterwards, "it might be smart to bring along a lady who was also a knight, to assist in your protection and our quest, but I wanted to run the idea past you before simply agreeing to it." And then he takes his first bite of the stew, perhaps to shut up his stream of words.

Starting up on her repair work once more, for this tunic will not fix itself, Lysanor's hands move deftly as she hears her cousin out. His words are pleasing to her ears, for the most part and she nods slowly at several things which are brought up. "Who else shall you bring along? Those who were witness to the miracle?" She asks, shifting her gaze from Kamron and then back down to the tunic to mind her handiwork. "Or other Christian knights whom you trust?" She would say more, but it is Kamron's mention that she, herself, was suggested to be brought along makes the needle in her hand move more slowly, though she does not halt in her progress. "I am pleased that His Grace sees the wisdom of diplomacy of sorts, even if it were to merely keep an eye on all of you." A quiet smile tugs at the edges of her lips, her gaze focused on her work once more. "Oh? If you believe that is best. I would assume that both you and Sir Acwel were bringing some of our best knights along on this mission, nevertheless."

"I think it should be fine for Lysanor to go, so long as the plan is not to stir up too much trouble inside the lands of another lord," Cyndeyrn begins in a cadence that seems to be in rough imitation of his father, as if perhaps indicating what his likely words would be on the same subject. He pauses a moment to have another bite of what he's eating, and indeed there's some chewing and a gulp taken from his mug before he continues on, ""Mrph, *gulp*, well, isn't it up to Sir Acwel at any rate? I should think any godly and worthy knights who would want to offer their service would be welcome, man or woman beside. For Lysanor's protection I'd rely most on it being someone I know and trust well, whether that is you or I or any of our other cousins or good relations." There is some basic logic here, and so Kamron's odd preface to the whole topic does seem raise notice from his cousin, even if there's no real telling what it is about.

Kamron chuckles a little wryly at Lysanor's mention of keeping an eye on the group of knights, chewing and swallowing before he looks over to Cyndeyrn, "With Uncle's permission, of course, and assuming that Lysie wants to go." The last is offered with a little smile to Lysanor, and then he looks between his two cousins, "Yes, my suggestion is someone I trust, a valiant knight that you have both seen in action. Sir Arian de Laverstock." He rolls his shoulders uncomfortably for a moment, then settles in and forges ahead, "Which brings us to the crux of the matter, and why I came to the two of you first. She is a goodly knight, but not a Godly one. She still holds to the old ways."

"I do not understand why it had to be a lady knight myself." Lysanor nods to her brother, drawing the needle far from tunic as she tightens her current stitch. Then her eyes lift and look to Kamron as he reminds them both that she has her own decision to make as well. "I have never experienced something so powerful as this before. To be visited by the spirit of a Godly knight, seeking our help. This is a mission of great import and I would be a fool to miss out on it. I do promise to keep out of your way, especially if things do heat up and I pray that it will not escalate in such a manner." With those words spoken, her attention returns to her sewing before lifting once more when Kamron mentions the true reason on bringing any of this up to begin with, for she would have had no issue with Arian before, however… "It would have been best if you did not reveal that she was one of those." She speaks of the pagans. This new revelation now coloring her own perception of the lady knight whom she had met the other day. "Why for would she set out on this spiritual journey of ours? I find it to be an odd request, but if you feel she is capable to handle the job, when there are other Godly knights who would eagerly take up sword for this cause in our realm."

Cyndeyrn does not seem surprised by the revelation as his sister does, perhaps having picked up something in the way the woman was discussing faerie charms when they first met, but he does look somewhat at a loss for a proper response. In fact, after spending a moment with his brow furrowed as if trying to think of something to say, he stalls for more time by taking another bite of his haunch and chewing it for a while. Or he's just hungry, and it's a coincidentally useful stalling tactic. Eventually though, he does offer his thoughts: "It seems a strange notion. He appeared to us in church on a holy day. Is one who lacks faith a proper emissary on such a quest? The only reason I would think it so, is if one of these other parties was of similar religion, in which case it might serve us in negotiation. I am sure she is a capable knight but I am just as sure there are as many good Christian ones who would just as readily take up the cause, as my sister says."

Kamron eats as his cousins speak, although he nods his apparent understanding at Lysanor's description of the events at the Feast. He might have been about to answer Lysanor's queries, but Cyndeyrn's thoughtful words silence him, and he lights on them, nodding sharply. Setting down the spoon, he addresses Lysanor first, "I would not be who I am if I tried to hide such a thing, Lysie. You know me, I do not swing aside from an obstacle I should rightly face." Then he turns his attention back to his male cousin, nodding sharply, "It seems likely to me that if the court of Exeter is anything like Sarum, then there are likely to be Christians and Pagans alike there, goodly and evil alike. It could even be that Sir Branok de Stoke Canon follows the Old Ways. A mission filled with Christian knights might be seen as religious persecution and a declaration of religious war." Lifting his heavy eyebrows slightly, he adds, "Many of the Pagans, are, after all, concerned with their ways being replaced by Christianity." Glancing over to Lysanor, he adds, "I would note, coz, that Sir Arian has never expressed that concern in my presence."

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Lysanor's hands move more quickly now after the revelation of Arian's beliefs, some of this due to the tension now felt at this idea alone. Still, it moves her work along nicely enough. Though her brother has the wisdom, oddly enough, to think ahead on the beliefs and practices of those in Exeter. "You may be right." She starts, before looking back at Kamron once more and lifting her chin in a haughty and rather huffy manner when he speaks to her. "Ignorance can sometimes be bliss, cousin." Her gentle shoulders then lift into a shrug, never stopping with her sewing. "As this isn't my call, exactly, I have no say in who is allowed to come with us and I shall speak no more of it. But perhaps my /brother/ is correct, though, to be honest, the pagans there ought to see the righteousness of the Christian ways, so that we may steer them on the correct path. But that, also, is out of my hands." At Kamron's final words, her gaze returns to her work and she says nothing more.

"Right, right," Cyndeyrn will echo along after Kamron, gesticulating with his mutton leg. "That's the sort of thing I meant. There's no telling who worships what, not knowing the families of Cornwall as we do those here, so showing up with all a band of Christian knights could be taken with some hostility. A spokesman, erm, spokeswoman in this case, to vouch that we mean no ill of that sort might be helpful if the issue were to arise." Then glancing toward Lysanor, "While they ought to, the fact that there are still those who doubt the savior is proof that not all do what they ought. And at least on this trip, we've no interest in stirring up any more trouble than we will naturally. Which I still fear may be far more than we'd prefer." There's another mutton-wave, this time with it being held upright. "At any rate, performing a quest of this sort will help show people the truth of our faith and God's power, that he would grant such a miracle to a faithful man and help him find aid among the living and justice to such an old wrong. We might win a few converts along the way."

"It can be, coz." Kamron has undoubtedly been on the receiving end of Lysanor's pride numerous times before, and they don't phase him this time, or at least they don't appear to. "The decision does indeed come down to Sir Acwel and the heads of our own houses, but I brought it up, Lysie, because I respect the opinions of both of you, and wanted to find out your feelings on the matter before bringing it up to Sir Acwel." Glancing to Cyndeyrn a moment, he adds, "As Deyr says, witnessing the miracle of a dead knight walking and talking." There's a moment's pause and he offers up a little grin, "And drinking, might be a valuable start toward conversion." His hands spread slightly in a minor shrug, "And, it is more proof that we are goodly people, and that they can do good as well, no matter their beliefs."

Lysanor checked her craft of 10, she rolled 3.

For the moment, Lysanor remains quiet and actually finishes repairing her brother's tunic all nice and neat-like, despite her prior troubles. With the feeling of annoyance comes a sense of drive, some times and this has pushed the young woman to work even faster in the completion of her work. Idly inspecting the tunic, she then unthreads her needle before re-threading it with a strand of gold hue instead of the red. Here, she starts some embroidery work along the tunic's collar, adding a bright new trim to the piece. When Acwel is mentioned, her gaze finally lifts to meet with that of her cousin again with her eyes and expression looking much warmer, perhaps pleased for a change in topic, "And what has Sir Acwel said regarding this mission? Has he named anyone of his choosing to attend?" Once the miracle is mentioned again, Lysanor quickly crosses herself, the threaded needle still in hand. "You speak the truth there, cousin. You, we.. were all chosen to perform this deed. To witness this miracle."

"You may yet have a great deal more convincing to do with him," Cyndeyrn points out as Acwel is again brought up. "I am sure once the story of the miraculous appearance is retold, Sir Acwel will have many volunteers, worthy and otherwise. I will of course go if I am able, having seen the apparition and feeling the power of the moment that brought him to us in that holy place." With this said, he finally seems finished with the meaty portion, which has now been reduced down mostly to bone and a bit of gristle. "I have also heard word, the last time I was attending to the Earl, of some trouble in Tilshead. Bandits maybe, I am not sure if they are related to the ones we already fan afoul of or if it is just the matter of many turning to crime in the darker, colder months. It seems we are kept quite busy in the season when we ought best be keeping inside and near the hearth."

"He mentioned the three of us, his sister, and perhaps Sir Emrys our cousin. I don't know of anyone else, although Sir Lorengel de Berwick St. James might make a good choice as well. He's a rather charming fellow, skilled with a lute and a song, very good at making friends." Kamron scoffs softly at the mention of a great many more volunteers, "So long as there aren't any Burcombes looking to cause trouble in Exeter as well as Salisbury, I think we should be fine." His lips purse together for a moment, and he looks down at the trencher of stew before him before squaring his shoulders and diving back into the conversation, "I'm certain that Sir Acwel will choose an admirable party to accompany him to Exeter. Although I think I would caution him that too large a party may be counterproductive." Cyndeyrn's noting of the additional bandits causes him to nod slowly, "Tilshead… rather the wrong direction for a party making for Essex, but perhaps we might take a short trip in that direction while Sir Acwel sorts through the masses looking to join this quest?"

"There is always Sir Bryce de Baverstock." Lysanor brings up on her own, hearing out the conversation and names being tossed around. "He has always been ready with his sword whenever we were in need of it and Baverstock is our ally." All of this is spoken without her lifting her gaze to either her brother nor cousin, though her embroidery does halt as she considers the name which Kamron mentions. "I do recall this Sir Lorengel. Yes, quite charming, I think." Her needle picks up in speed to make up for lost time now, but this mention which Cynderyn makes regarding Tilshead does make a petulant pout form upon her lips before she states, "Bandits again? This last excursion left me feeling a bit cold, what with the children. I do hope for their sakes that they grow up to live good, productive and Godly lives."

As both others react, quite understandably, to Cyndeyrn's casual 'by the way, bandits!', he spreads his raised hands in a somewhat uncertain gesture. "I'm not too sure of the details. But it would be in the wrong way, so I am uncertain of the whole thing. It may well be I will tied up in it all, or it might be that we are able to rouse a few men and see to whatever it is quickly and then be on our way." One can only hope. "Lys, that's lovely stitching," he'll then note with a sudden glance and change of subject as her work takes his notice, looking quite happy that dear sis has restored the garment, and even prettied it up some!

Kamron nods at both Lysanor's suggestion and at her commentary on his friend, chuckling a little bit at the momentary stilling of her needle, "Quite a lovely singing voice as well, if you have not heard it." And then the conversation takes a true turn for the bandit-y, and he nods again at Lysanor's opinion, "A true tragedy that their fathers could not make ends meet where they came from and turned to outlawry, but with those children so young, there may be hope for them yet." Cyndeyrn's description of the situation causes him to chuckle, "And really, if it comes to it, I'm certain that Uncle and the other local Lords could send some Sergeants to deal with the bandits if it comes to that. They should be sufficient to deal with any wayward villeins, while I think it will take something a bit more for Sir Ifron's quest." And then they're to discussing stitchery, and Kamron turns to tucking into the last of his stew, although he nods fervent agreement at the compliment to his cousin's work.

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