(514-02-04) Aluksander and Aeryn
Summary: The two meet up for the final competition in the challenges and with both matching in 4 wins, it was anyone's match.
Date: February
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There is a small crowd gathered around the challenge circle, as word has gotten out that the final bout would be held today. And so, when Aluksander marches down, leading his horse by himself, there is a bit of applause and cheering as he approaches the circle. They clear a path for him and he ties his horse to a post before drawing his sword and preparing for the fight to come.

With Beth at her side, Aeryn approaches the circle, shield and sword already in hand. A few quiet words with her squire, a rare glimpse of a smile, and she walks out to the center of the circle. As she notices Aluksander, she bows her head respectfully, awaiting him to near before speaking.

When Aluksander sees Aeryn approaching, he stops preparing for the fight and waits, planting his sword in the ground for a moment as he leans on it and watches. Once she's neared the circle, he pulls his sword from the ground and props it on his shoulder as he walks towards the female knight. He offers her his hand and one of his most winning smiles, which, given his appearance, tends to garner him a great deal of attention. "Ho, sir Aeryn. How fare ye?" he asks, obviously eager for the upcoming match.

Upon approach, Aeryn tips her head once more, and as soon as she is even with him, she clasps his arm. "Truly an honor to meet you again on the field, Sir Aluksander. You had a great showing among the challenges. Undefeated. Quite a remarkable record."

Aluksander checked his modest of 10, he rolled 3.

Aluksander just continues smiling, bowing his head a little and shaking his head. "It was a challenging field, I just happened to have favorable bouts. And while I pray my success may continue, I truly welcome the challenge and would not feel disappointed if I were to lose to you," he says, shaking Aeryn's hand warmly before looking to her squire. "You are lucky to study under someone of such skill. Watch carefully and take the lessons to heart," he advises. Because he doesn't have a squire of his own to coach.

Beth dips into a bow, unable to manage a curtsy since she's wearing her leather armor. Aeryn offers a smile in return, "And I, you, Sir Aluksander. Should we both go on to meet in the melee at the wedding of our king, perhaps we could side together." A smile plays over her lips at the suggestion. "On your ready, Sir." Beth steps back to watch.

Aluksander nods and heads back across the ring. He swings his sword around a few more times, warming back up after the brief greeting. Once Aeryn appears ready, Aluk salutes by holding his sword vertically in front of him. And then he sweeps it in a circle and comes in on the attack!

Aluksander checked his sword of 15, he rolled 5.

You check your sword at 15, you rolled 7.

Aeryn rolls 3d6 and gets (6 4 3) for a total of: (13)

Aeryn remains in the circle, ready, her sword drawn. When he warms up, she swings her own several times. At the attack from him, she is at the ready, lifting her shield for the block while swinging for her own attack.

As Aeryn deflects his attack, it leaves him open just enough for her to catch him in reposte. Grimacing and pressing the attack, Aluksander turns and attempts to get past her shield, swinging his sword back the other way.

Critical Success!
Aluksander checked his sword of 15, he rolled 15.

You check your sword at 15, you rolled 7.

Aluksander rolls 4d6 and gets (5 1 1 5) for a total of: (12)

As Aeryn attacks, it doesn't do what she expected and leaves her too open for a strike against her. The hit is strong, solid, and it evens the score. The next would decide everything. Instead of waiting, she becomes the aggressor, swinging her blade to try and get the third point.

You check your sword at 15, you rolled 8.

Aluksander checked his sword of 15, he rolled 19.

Well, Aluksander's blow absolutely did manage to get past Aeryn's shield. Marvelously, so. In fact, it was so good that he's unable to recover in time, leaving him unable to defend himself against Aeryn's final attack. As she scores the final point, Aluksander growls in anger and spikes his sword into the ground. He's obviously angry, though it's apparently more at himself than at Aeryn. He's quick to recover, though, turning and offering his hand to Aeryn once more. "Well fought, Sir Aeryn. I thought I had you, there, when I got past your shield, but I left too much on the offense, apparently," he says.

Aeryn was into it, her complete concentration on the fight at hand. A skilled opponent, talented, intimidating with his undefeated streak. His hit had been impressive and she aims her sword in the only open spot she could find. It was a narrow victory, very narrow, and she sheathes her sword and offers him her hand in return. "Well fought, Sir. Very well fought. Next time you're around, allow me to buy you a drink in the pub."

Aluksander chuckles and reclaims his own sword, cleaning the mud off of it and onto his breeches before he sheathes it. "Aye, though if we're not careful, they will think all that we do is drink and fight," he says, with little mirth. He sighs heavily and shakes his head. "Well, best of luck facing the champion. Perhaps I will still get some credit for having beat the field, if not winning the melee."

"Oh I'm certain you will get credit where credit is due." Aeryn compliments. "And you're already invited to the grand melee event at the wedding of the king. I look forward to facing you there too."

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