(514-02-02) Sibling Discussion
Summary: Ewin and Aeryn discuss the betrothal of Aeryn and Perin and find a common interest in family.
Date: Early February, Winter.
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Boar's Beard Sarum
Late January to Mid February in the year 514. — Sun Dec 20 22:05:47 2015

Lined with dark wood, the atmosphere here generally matches the wood. Smoke filled on some days, this tavern can fill up quickly once night falls. Usually music is provided by some traveling musician or another. The name is echoed in the motif, with several wooly Boar's heads adorning the walls. Namely, a large one above the entrance from the street outside and a matching one over the bar itself. A pair of smaller such heads are over the mantle of the fireplace here. This is the best place to get a few drinks and, some evenings, a decent meal even.

Aeryn is remaining in town in case Aluksander was of a mind to settle the challenges and see who would win the option to fight the more famous of the knights. At the moment, she has been staying at the inn, but the food was better here so this is where she is. Seated near the fireplace, she's dressed not in her tunic and pants, but in the trappings of a lady. Sometimes a girl just needed that. Her dress is lovely, well kept since she didn't wear it as often, and she is seated alone, her squire not in appearance at the moment.

There's a shock of cold air as the door to the tavern opens, and Ewin de Winterbourne Stoke comes in, stamping his feet to shake off the cold. He glances around for a place to sit near the fire…and his eyes go wide with amazement as he see his siter there. Not so much that she's in a tavern, mind, but that she's wearing a dress. Chuckling, he heads over to sit next to her, grinning wide. "Hello, sister dear. What's the occasion for the fine frock you're wearing today?"

There's a shiver at the cold air and instinctively, Aeryn reaches for the cloak around her shoulders and tugs it closer around herself. It's cold! When she hears the familiar voice, she looks up, a warm smile already in place. As soon as he seats himself next to her though, he's fair game and she wraps her arms around him in a hug, if he allows her to. "I have decided I am going to miss you once I am married. I will live further from you. I am not ready for that." A hand smooths over the skirt of her dress, "I just thought I have not worn one in awhile." A blush climbs in her cheeks and she shifts awkwardly. "Does it look terrible?"

Ewin hugs his sister and pats Aeryn reassuringly on the shoulder as he sits down. "You look lovely. Just…I'm used to seing you in fighting garb. It's hard to imagine you becoming a proper lady. Birthing children instead of riding down opponents in the joust." He shakes his head affectionaltely. "But perhaps it won't be so bad. The manors are not as far away as they seem. And perhaps your betrothed will allow you to continue to serve as a knight as long as you are able. Or, perhaps things will be called off." After ordering a bowl of stew from the server, Ewin gets a more serious look on is face. "Still no word from father as to why he chose to marry you off?"

Aeryn smiles at the reassurance, even relaxing for a moment until he speaks of birthing children instead of her knightly duties. There is a very visible wince, "I guess I would like to continue fighting, but I am twenty-one. Perhaps that is why father decided to marry me off, before I was too aged to bear children any longer. Or before I got myself killed by a Saxon before there were heirs. I admit marrying an heir is a coup for us, for me, but I have to say he is a stranger and I have no idea much of anything about him. I did go to his home and meet some of his family." She shakes her head, "I can only guess that was father's plan. I have not spoken to him."

Ewin nods, looking a bit more relaxed and relieved. The stew is brought forth with a large round of bread, and Ewin sups for a bit, letting the food warm him inside. "And now that you've mett him and his family," he asks between bites. "What do you think? Is it a good match? Do you think you can be happy with him?"

Her own food is nibbled on almost absently, her face bears a faraway, thoughtful look. Aeryn finally looks back at her brother and smiles in a lopsided manner. "He seems determined to make me happy, to make this a good, honest match. He was warm and welcoming and said he would be honorable with me. We have a lengthy courtship, about a year? Perhaps a bit less, but nothing that detract from that of our king. Something. He mentioned our families would work out the exact day." A quiet lift of her shoulders. "I think I could be happy. He is charming even when he seems to say the wrong things."

"Good," Ewin says with a smile. "I'd be more concerned if he were charming and always said the right things." A chuckle is given, and then more food. "And a year is a long time. Plenty of Tourneys and misisons to be had before succumbing to matrimonial doom." Ewin smilesat Aeryn teasingly, then gos back to his bread and stew. "So…which members of his family did you meet?"

"I met his mother, and some cousins, not many in his immediate family yet, most were still out due to the tournament. He did win the joust after all, so currently he is a champion. A lady could do worse." Aeryn sounded as if she were trying to convince herself. "Or what if in the year you were to get betrothed? Our parents have done it with me, it could happen with you." Her food is ignored for now. "What are your plans?"

"I don't know," Ewin says with a shrug. "I mean, it's different for men when they are betrothed. Women are expected to become mothers and run the household. Men can continue what they normally do for the most part. And it's Harkun that will inherit the Manor, so I have no worries on that point." Ewin gets his own far-off wistful look as he finishes his bowl. "I suppose the only thing I can do is hope that a good match is made with a woman that I find interesting and who shares the same sentiment about me."

"You know, you could seek out the proper lady and request her hand in marriage. A true love match could be made." Aeryn smiles, seeing the wistful look. "Or have you already met someone you would be willing to ask father for?" There is a speculative look on her features, "What have you been doing with your time since the tournament?"

Now, Ewin starts to get a bit red-faced. And probably not becasue of sitting near the fire. "I haven't met anyone," he stammers out. "And I've been a proper knight after the Tourney ended. I've done a few Challenges, and I'm on the mission to Lonazep headed by Sir Aeron." His chest puff out in pride with this. "I've gained no favor from any lady, noble or otherwise." And yet, he's shifting in his seat a bit.

It is the red face that catches Aeryn's attention.. and holds it quite effectively. Tilting her head, she regards him with a curious look. "Of course you have not met anyone, Ewin. Is this someone you have not met yet someone I have met?" A smile plays over her lips, relaxing the severity of her usually solemn features. "Then if she is not a lady.. is she a knight?" The two are seated at a table near the fire having a meal.

Ewin sighs and lowers his head, submitting to the inevitable defeat here. "There is a Lady," he says with an emphasis on her rank. "That I have met and spoken to." He quickly adds," While escorting her from the market back to her residence. All very proper." He's definately a sticker on that point. "And…I believe you have met her. At the falconry party." Ewin stalls a bit, trying to figure out how to phrase things. "She…happens to be the ummm…step-sister of your….betrothed. Lady Rose de Steeple Langford."

As soon as Ewin begins relaying the truth, Aeryn loses all interest in her food and she presses her lips together to keep from smiling too much. "A lady," she says softly. "That is so wonderful Ewin, romantic and wonderful. If you could find a love match that… what? Lady Rose? The lady related to Sir Perin?" Oh she does remember. "She is lovely, Ewin. So lovely. Is there a need do you think for there to be two matches to the same house?"

Ewin chuckles and shakes his head. "To be honest, I had not thought of matchmaking when I first saw her. Or when we were speaking. But, I don't think that there is a need for two matches between houses." He shrugs a little. "Perhaps, if things did advance between the Lady Rose and myself…there would be no need for your betrothal. If that is something you desire."

Aeryn hesitates, considering that. "If I were to back out, it would shame father. If Sir Perin were to, it would shame his own father. I could not back out of it, but since she is a cousin and you are the third son, perhaps two matches would be acceptable. Have you considered asking her family? Asking father?" No, she does not include asking Rose, that is not how things worked. "If she makes you happy, please do ask, pursue it."

Hearing the delicate diplomacy involved in such a prospect, Ewin nods reluctantly. "Well, I was hoping that we both could get something that we wanted. But I'm sure that Sir Perin and yourself will find an accommodation that benefits you both in all of this." He thinks for a bit more, then nods. "Aye, I'll do it. I'll speak to father about this and ask Rose's family for permission to court her. ONce I'm back from Lonazep. It should be enough time before the King's wedding still to not be unseemly, I think."

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