(514-01-28) Tea at the Cony
Summary: Cerys and Melana exchange pleasantries
Date: 1.28.514
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The Cony

The Cony is perhaps the largest Inn in the city of Sarum, established in the Market Quarter to cater to visiting merchants who can afford to stay here. One of the only such Inn's in the city that offers private rooms. The main room is open with a hearth in the middle, smoke venting through a small opening in the roof. Here is usually brewed a stew or a soup that is offered to those wishing to stay here for the evening. This location tends to gather a few in the evenings to tell stories of their day, and to hear news traveling from the realms.

A young lady walks into the Cony. Her hair is just a messy stack of wriggling brightly red curls. They give some playfulness and even mischief to overall tired presence. She does have not just purses under her eyes but also other signs of fatigue and disappointment in her freckled features. She is wearing a black dress and some paganish looking accessories.

Cerys walks to one of the empty tables and slumps down there. The waitress quickly takes an order of simple tea and bread. The ginger leans her elbows against the edge of a table while waiting and stares into nothingness.

Having just finished a fine bowl of soup that the establishment offers, Melana sits at a nearby common table finishing her own cup of tea as Lady Cerys walks in looking quite fatigued and not a little bit troubled. Looking around briefly the young woman stands and moves cautiously over to the table, as a commoner would when approaching someone of higher rank than them. "Excuse me Mi'lady," she starts politely, commoner yes, but her tone and word pronunication suggests the is at least educa.ted beyond her station "Are you well?" concern can be heard in her tone as well

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Cerys checked her Honest of 13, she rolled 20.

Cerys raises her green gaze up to the commoner and offers a tiny polite smile. Without any words but with friendliness in her sad eyes Cerys gestures toward the seat in front of her, " I am well, so you shouldn't be worried. Tell me, how is your day going on, kind stranger? I am lady Cerys de Tisbury. Not that you should know my name, of course. But it is much more lovely to have conversation with a person whose name you know."

Melana was just expecting a yes or no answer and then a shooing away, so when she gets more plus an invitation to join the Lady she is a bit surprised. "It has been quite pleasant Mi'Lady." she answers with a respectful nod of her head, "Sister Melana." she answers, as she glances around showing a bit of nervousness "Yes, Mi'Lady." having been taught from a young age not to question those above you she quickly sits across from Cerys, folding her hands in her lap as proper. "If you don't mind my saying Mi'Lady, but you don't look well.


Cerys checked her Honest of 13, she rolled 14.

Cerys manages to curl up a little bit more wider smile as if to make sure Sister Melana, that there is nothing wrong with her. She bites her bottom lip for a few moments as if trying to stop unnecessary blurb from getting out. Good! The tea arrives and the young lady wraps her fingers around warm mug. She watches how the steam raises up. Her chest lowers down as she exhales some air, "Sister Melana, it is a pleasure meeting you. May I ask if you are a priestess? I am not that much familiar with Christianity, but I do hear how you all keep calling each other Sisters." She decides to ignore the last remark hoping that is the best way to confirm that she is alright.

"Yes Mi'Lady." her head bobs again respectfully "It is a pleasure to meet you Lady Tisbury." Melana tries to control her look of mild horror at being tossed in with the same group as pagan priestesses, it works, but barely, "I am in the novitiate, a novice nun." she begins to explain "I haven't taken my full vows yet, so I am still allowed to leave to convent at my leisure and not wedded to God."

Cerys frowns a little bit, "You are still allowed to leave convent? What do you mean by that, if I may inquire. Will you be locked in a convent later? How is it possible to spend the rest of your life locked in some kind of a building or territory? Forgive me, if I will sound… impolite, but doesn't that sound like being locked ina dungeons?" She shivers and then raises the mug to take a sip of a warm tea.

As Cerys speaks Melana listens quietly signalling the serving girl to bring her a cup of tea as well. "Once full vows are taken a nun is expected to live a life of quiet contemplation and to do God's will." her eyes lift briefly to heaven when she says it. "It is not a vow taken lightly. If the Mother Superior thinks a young woman is not suited for such a life she will not be allowed to take the vows and will be sent back to her family or if there is no family, be kept a novice." when her tea is brought she takes a cautious sip before continuing. "The nuns are not locked away though, they just do not leave the convent grounds. "It is not as bad as it sounds, and for some young woman the best option they have."

"Marriage. Wouldn't that be a better option? Or, for example, you could become a healer. Finally, you could work in an Inn or just open a tiny bakery! I mean, there are so many options, where you can actually go anywhere your heart desires!" She takes another sip of a drink and lowers the mug down to the table. Cerys shakes her head, "Forgive me, your devotion inspires me, of course. It is hard for me to understand the arguments of your choice, but happiness is our main goal at the end. If that is your happiness, I wish you to succeed!"

"But Mi'Lady I am a healer. I was well schooled in the healing arts at the convent and even now I use them to make my ailing father comfortable in his elder years." Melana explains in a matter of fact tone "Marriage is fine for a woman that wants to serve one man, have lots of little babies and keep a house. I have no such desire." or she just hasn't met the right person yet, but how could she living in a convent all her young life. She takes no offense at Cerys comments realizing they come from a good place.

Cerys nods, "Well, then you made your choice and nothing will ever make you change your mind. Well, unless you will meet someone special, accidently, while you are allowed out!" She giggles, but that sound is incredibly short and kind of a bit strange. Maybe more similar to a cough. Then the redhead reaches for the mug again. A bigger gulp of a tea is taken since it is a bit more cooler now. She smiles briefly to the lovely common woman, but does not add anything else.

"I'm way too old to make a suitable match for anyone but widowers and old men." though Melana doesn't look to any older than her early 20's at most. Most commoners are married with at least one child by the time they are her age. A strange look is given to Cerys at the noise, but she is too polite to say anything "And what of you Lady Tisbury, are you married or betrothed?

Cerys shakes her head, "I am not yet. I am sure that my father and brother will try to arrange something… We will see what tomorrow will bring to us!" Cerys looks down at the cold tea by now with some fear in her gaze. She grows less and less talkative.

"I hope that when that time comes they find a kind and gentle man for you." Melana tells Cerys. As far as she knows that's the kind of men Ladies want. That's what she would want if she had a desire to marry. And speaking of brothers one of hers comes from upstairs his gaze roving the room until finding his sister "Excuse me Mi'Lady" he gives a respectful bob of head at Cerys and then addresses Melana "Father is having one of his coughing fits. He is sounding rough." Melana frowns worriedly at her elder brother and stands "Pardon Lady Tisbury but I must attend my father. Thank you for the fine conversation."

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