(514-01-28) A New Squire
Summary: Kamron gets used to having a new squire around, and introduces him to Arian.
Date: January 28, 514
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A light snow drifts down over Sarum, melting as it touches down. Still, it's very pretty as it drifts about in little flutters and flurries. Kamron de Dinton has staked out a place at the end of one row of merchant's pavilions, seated on a bundle of wool, with his booted feet up on another one, looking up at the falling snow and musing to himself, "Snow… snow… blow, trow… grow…" Alongside him, skinny young man in his mid teens is balancing a sheathed sword atop a palm… for about five seconds. And then he drops it, grasps for it, fumbles it, and goes down in a tangle of limbs.

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The Laverstock cousin is out and about in this soft snowfall, but she is not alone. She appears to be escorted by a tall, but very narrow nobleman. Both are dressed in winter wardrobe with furlined cloaks and warm layers. The nobleman is engaged in earnest conversation with the woman, and Arian is laughing brightly in response to his grinning words. They come to the northwest road that leads to the Visitor's Quarter, and the nobleman turns to face the Knight. He immediately sweeps into bow over her hand, and even dares to touch his lips against the back of her head. Arian pinks at the farewell, and looks after the dark-haired man as he departs.

When the man is far enough along his way, Arian turns to regard the market. It takes her a full pass of the grounds before her pale gaze alights on Kamron, and she brightens to full dimples as she sweeps his way, her fur-topped boots crunching on the hard market ground.

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Kamron looks over to the youth down on the ground, "Nicely done, Newt." There's a heartbeat there where he might have come down really hard on the young man, and then he gives an easy laugh, "That was about four seconds longer than my first try." The man, who is almost certainly not actually named 'Newt,' flushes bright red, scrambling to get a hold on the sword and skittering back to his feet. Kamron leans forward to clap the youth on the shoulder, then eventually spots Arian as she reaches the pair, rising to his feet and offering up a bow of his head, "So that's the reason that the snow is melting as it falls, Sir Arian, the brightness of your smile. Have you met my new squire, Jonnin de Newton? Newt, Lady Sir Arian de Laverstock." And young 'Newt' goes even brighter red as he dips into a bow, stammering, "Uh… mm… pleasure, M'Lady."

Arian's smile falters just a hint at Newt, though she quickly recovers as Kamron is all laughter with the young squire. She tilts her head slightly as she stops a comfortable distance from the pair, clasping her hands behind her back. She offers a small bob of her head to the introduction of the Newton. "Pleasure to meet you, Young Jonnin." She casts a glance toward Kamron, now focusing on his compliment. "Well, then I'm most apologetic… I actually love the way the towns and countryside look covered in a blanket of snow." She clasps her hands behind her back, shifting almost unconsciously in her stance.

Kamron reaches… unfortunately up… to wrap an arm around Newt's shoulders, careful to maintain enough distance to avoid getting any mud on his own attire, "I know he's fierce, Sir Arian, but I promise, he's housebroken." Jonnin looks… perhaps a little confused, or out of his depth. Whatever it is, it's neatly tied his tongue. Releasing the little man who is already taller than him, Kamron nods agreeably, "Oh, I quite agree. There's something soft and mysterious about a snow-covered landscape. I wish I had my friend Lorengel's way with words, but I'm afraid that's all I can manage at the moment."

Arian's offers Jonnin a sympathetic smile at Kamron's jibes, but she does not admonish Kamron for teasing his squire. That's what squires are for, it would seem. She turns her gaze out to the market, taking in the crowds that have gathered to buy and sell. Her brow is arched when she looks back at Kamron. "What exactly are you doing in the market today, Sir Kamron? You're not shopping, it seems… loitering, is it?"

"Well, I decided to stay the night last night, because Newt was coming down from Newton," Kamron glances up at the slowly-drifting snowflakes, and then gestures toward the bale of wool, "Would you like to have a seat, Lady Arian?" Jonnin buckles the sheathed sword onto his belt and steps around to pull another one up behind the first, and Kamron gives him an approving nod before he continues, "and I still have many friends left in Sarum from my own time as a squire. Technically, I'm not due back in Dinton until tomorrow morning, so I was enjoying the snowfall." Chuckling, he shrugs helplessly, "It's also a great deal cheaper, no matter the delightful some of the goods are here."

Arian looks momentarily uncertain, casting a glance back toward the Visitor's Quarter. The moment passes, and she nods gently as she steps forward to the bundle of wool. She picks up the front of her skirts slightly as she takes a seat, settling the dark blue skirts around her legs and feet to keep the warmth in around her legs. She folds her hands in her lap in an impressively ladylike manner. She arches her brows slightly at Kamron's words, and she nods slightly. "So, you are burning time until you return home," she summarizes. Then her smile turns a bit crooked. "Waiting to run into another Burcombe?"

Kamron offers an arm to the lady knight as she seats herself, stepping back again once she's seated. "Hoping not to, actually," His lips twist into something between a chuckle and a grimace, "I much prefer friends I can banter with and enemies I can hit. People who are neither are most distracting." Spreading his hands slightly, he adds, "Perhaps I was burning time until I saw you again, Lady Arian. Although I am curious as to why you're still here. Are there more items you need to collect for your villeins'… what was is, Idolmc?" Yeah, he butchers the word a good bit.

"Imbolc." The correction is offered gently, and almost shyly. She clasps her hands together, feeling ever more awkward as the knight and squire continue to stand while she sits. She shifts a bit on the bundle of wool. "The Festival of Candles…" Arian shakes her head after the corrections, and she offers a polite smile. "But no… I just needed the candles… for my own part." Gods, she can feel the red start to build at her ears as she continues to avoid the truth behind the festival and her actual intentions. She brushes her hands together.

Kamron nods at the correction, "Imbolc, yes, that." Spotting the woman's discomfort, he reaches out to grasp another bundle, pulling it around so that he can sit down himself. He stops halfway through as she continues, then smiles and continues settling down. The wool merchant eyes the nobles, but doesn't seem quite willing to protest them using bundles of his product as seats. Kamron chuckles softly, "So you had some other reason to stay the night. I suppose I can only hope that it is my own self you were hoping to encounter again, not the charms of another doughty knight."

The Knight looks a touch more comfortable once Kamron has seated, and she offers him a wordless smile of thanks. Her hands clasp together, gloved fingers weaving with one another as she considers the marketplace. But then his words have her blinking and looking over at him as her brows arch slightly. "Well…" She starts to smile, and her expression softens a touch. "I'm very pleased to see that you're still here, Sir Kamron… but, I honestly had stayed another night at the request of a friend of mine before he retires to his own lands for Winter." She dimples after a moment. "But, I do think having you still in Sarum is a wonderful happenstance."

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Kamron leans back just a touch, resting his weight on one arm braced against the back of the bale of wool, smiling brightly in response to the arch of her brows, although the expression falters just a touch at the 'he,' and his own thick brows rise up sharply, "Oh really? I think I'm jealous." It's intended as a joke, but there is perhaps just a little bit too much of the truth behind the statement. "'His own lands,' you say? A friend who owns his own manor, that does indeed sound like a good friend to know, especially if he is unmarried. I appreciate the compliment, however. It is always delightful to be appreciated by a charming, beautiful woman." One gray-blue eye half-closes in a wink, "Whether she is a knight or not."

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Arian feels a small swell of pride at the small hint of jealousy from the Dinton Knight. She starts to smile broader, and it warms her pale eyes like a wintry sun through glass. She reaches out, touching his hand lightly with her gloved digits. "He's a good friend, Sir Kamron… such a good friend he is more like a brother than anything else. I'm sure he has far other Ladies interested in his lands and unmarried status." Her hand lingers on his for what is probably too long for mere flirting between eligible nobles, and she quickly draws the hand away once she has realized she has overstepped. She clasps her hands together tightly.

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One moment, Kamron de Dinton is in charge of the situation, happy and flirting away, and then there's that lingering little pressure on the back of his hand. It's like grasping the metal handle of a door after shuffling across the rushed floor in the midst of winter, that little shock. His ears begin to redden, and his chuckling laugh is a little forced, "Why yes, those are wonderful sorts of friends to have. I'm sure that all of your lady friends are glad that you can introduce them to him." His own hand comes up before him as he sits forward a little, the fingers of his left hand brushing over his right, "I sometimes serve the same role for my own friends. It is quite rewarding."

He might be babbling a little bit.

"I'm sorry." Arian starts to shift uncomfortably, turning away from him on her wool bundle. "I did not mean to make you uncomfortable." She draws her cloak up around her as a small shiver runs through her. "It was forward of me." Then she casts a glance up toward Newt before she turns her attention back out to the market, fighting to find a new topic or interest to focus on. She reaches up to the back of her neck, toying with a bit of short hair that curls there.

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Kamron shakes his head, reaching out his right hand toward Arian, although it stops short of her forearm, "Oh no, Lady Arian, you haven't made me uncomfortable," It's a lie, but it's a polite one, and his smile has returned full-force, "I would protest that you could not manage that, but I think that would be insulting your martial prowess." For his part, Jonnin has decided that the merchant's bales of wool are exceptionally interesting, turned away from the knights for all that he's only a few feet away. Kamron chuckles, trying his best to banish the red blush from his ears, "Although for my own part, I still have not seen this martial prowess first-hand." His eyes follow her mittened hands to the back of her neck, studying the few hairs that have escaped her tight updo.

Arian allows the lie to stand, as calling attention to it would only further discomfort the Knight. She offers him a smile — small and apologetic instead of her usual dimples and brightness. She looks up to meet his storm colored eyes as he reaches for her forearm, and her hand gives a small twitch. She shakes her head, dashing away her own embarrassment in lieu of laughter and amusement. "Are you asking if I want to spar you, Sir Kamron?"

Kamron carefully raises up his right boot, resting his calf on his left knee so that he can drape his right hand over his right knee and relax into his makeshift seat. The little smile from the lady knight causes him to smile encouragement, aiming to spur on a fuller one. "Well, neither of us is in any particular state to spar at the moment, but I am quite interested in seeing if the determination in that crisp, clean jawline of yours matches the determination of your fighting abilities."

The Lady Knight laughs brighter still, shaking her head as she turns her gaze away to the market once more. She draws a fingertip across her lip, playing with the soft lower tier. When she looks back at him, one brow is cocked and her smile is slightly lopsided. "You know… it would not take us long to prepare… you have a squire after all. If you wanted to compare my martial skill to my jawline." She bites softly at that same lower lip, her smile redoubling into full dimples once more.

This time, Kamron's hand actually makes it to Arian's forearm, just lightly gracing the cloth of her sleeve before it retreats to his knee once more. "There we are, with that tasty lip of yours." Laughter touches his own lips, "At least, I assume that it's tasty, given how often it ends up between your teeth." Uncrossing his leg and rising to his feet once more, he offers out a hand for her to get to her feet, "Well, if you're determined now, Sir Arian, it would be ungentlemanly for me to refuse or delay. You have your own squire nearby to assist you with your armor?"

The comment to her lip draws Arian's brows up, and she pinks abruptly as her gaze drops away from his rather than offering a comment that she would have so easily given had Kamron not been a good Christian Knight. "My father says it is a bad habit," she says shyly, and her eyes lift to follow his motions as he stands. The petite Knight hesitates a moment at the offered hand, reaching up to take it as he draws her to his feet. She lifts her gaze to meet his, and there's a moment where she doesn't immediately release his hand. Then she steps away, drawing her hand from his. "Yes… I do. Shall I meet you at the tournament grounds, or would you rather outside of town?" Her smile returns with dimples.

Kamron tilts his head to one side, "Well, I haven't met your father, so I hesitate to tell him that he's wrong, but I would not be worthy of my spurs if I were to tell an untruth on such an important topic, so I'm afraid I would have to correct his belief. I think it a rather charming habit." Her hand remains on his long enough to warm his hand through the mitten, and when he steps away to walk alongside her, his thumb brushes over his (wool-covered) fingertips, "I think the Farmer's Quarter would suit well enough."

Arian checked her lustful of 13, she rolled 10.

Arian maintains an easy pace with the knight at her side, though his words do stall her a bit. Her brows arch up, and she reaches out to gently grasp at his hand once more. She uses the grip on his hand to slow him, and hopefully stop him entirely. Her smile dimples as she steps forward toward him, moving deftly to stand on the balls of her feet and press a sudden, yet warm kiss to his cheek. "You can't taste them there, but I hope that will satisfy." And then she steps from his side, heading toward the Visitor's Quarter. "Meet you there, Sir Kamron," she calls over her shoulder.

Kamron checked his flirting at 7, he rolled 4.

There are some things a good, courtly knight expects around a noble lady. That… is not one of them. Surprise paints his features, but he does not draw back. His right hand even comes up to touch his cheek as she steps back, but he recovers quickly, winking after the departing woman, "And just what makes you think I'm that kind of boy, Sir Arian?" There is enough teasing in his tone to make it light and flirty rather than actually chastising. "I'll be there." As he starts off, Jonnin hurries to his side, putting a hand on the knight's shoulder and whispering urgently, "Did you see that, Sir Kam? She kissed you!"

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