(514-01-24) A Reunion of Friends
Summary: Landon receives a message to meet his friend, whom he knows as Lilia, and rushes north to tell her some exciting news. Some doofery happens.
Date: 514-01-24
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It was well into last year, prior to the winter storms, that Landon was able to escape the clutches of his Uncle's teachings to steal away for a day to travel south of Durnford to visit a girl he knew as Lilia. She had sent him a message to meet - the meetings were on her terms, since she liked being anonymous with him and he had surprisingly, never pushed to know more of where she lived beyond knowing it was up near Durnford itself. Presently, it was the following year, sometime in February 514. She had sent him another request to meet up, the time and place the usual riverside shoreline - but at this time of year the snows and ice covered the span of the winding river. Boating was impossible and thus Landon had to take his palfrey out to reach their spot. From there, if the weather was terrible, it's likely they'd go to the nearest inn that would sport a hearthside and warm food. At least, it wasn't a blizzard. The sky was clear and blue, with fluffy clouds off to the north. The warmer temperatures of the coming spring starting to make some pathways muddy underneath the churned snow.

Landon darted off the main roads when he came upon the familiar location, riding with his warm fur cloak hood turned up and gloves on his hands. Fur provided great insolation when wearing chain. And he wore the chain maile for the spike of banditry and the fact that being a lone rider was a target unto itself. His large chestnut palfrey (the horse HAD to be large to support him) plowed through the snow as he steered the animal through the deciduous forest that looked nearly dead for the bare limbs stretching into the sky. Someone could be spotted coming for miles with the lack of cover. He took his nag through the forest using the animal tracks, both beast and man breathing deeply to cause plumes of warm breath to crystalize into misty plumes before them.

It was not that she wished to not be known as either Nalia or Lilia but when they had first met all those years ago, she was a young wildthing that escaped as much as possible from the manor. And with that need to disappear for a time, she used her middle name when meeting anyone, noble or peasant, though in truth she knew of few nobles she had meet in such a way.

But the small note did sound the same as always, brought by one of the children from the village near Durnford, never the same child, but you could swear it was the same family as they had a head of bright red if sometimes dirty curls.

With the bare feel of the forest, it will be easy for Landon to see the shadow of a large black stallion near the meeting place; the animal is beautiful and clearly could be considered a warhorse based on sheer size. It's this animal that takes up the largest space but seems to find some figure as the hint of a cloak can be seen.

Surprisngly, Landon accepted whatever story she wanted to tell him, though he had been honest about who he was - so that ginger haired child would always know which road to take to deliver that message whe she wanted to meet. He suspected she wasn't just a peasant, certainly not when she came upon stallions in the shape and form that she road this morning - he had set out quite early, before the sun was up, to make it here and get the most out of the day. But, he never pressed her for more information. He suspected if anything, should he do that, it would complicate matters - their families might even have a fit. Plausible deniability was key.

Brushing a hand up to avoid a low slung birch branch, he couldn't help but grin at the shadow hence forth before him. "Ho there!" He calls out, not having to make much of an effort for his size alone helps echo out his voice. In the years that she had known him, she had seen him grow from average height into that of a giant! He had to be one of the tallest men in the land, next to one of the Dinton's at any rate. But, he wasn't skinny like most were. He was robust and filled out to fit his frame. Muscles were hard and trained into every limb. He navigated through the last of the thicket before him as he approached, sliding down from his mount and dropping the reins. A good trained mount wouldn't move when the reins were dropped and so his did not. It might rut around in the snow at its feet, but otherwise, the gelding held in it's place. A wide grin on his face, he lumbered toward her, "Lilia," excitement spilling from him as he gestured with beckoning arms to embrace his good friend!

Nalia peeks around the much taller horse and blinks those large eyes once or twice before she gives a beaming smile and steps out from that protective shadow. She is wearing a cloak that sweeps along the edge of the snow and a fur hood is thrown back to let that cascade of hair be exposed to the elements as she moves to step into his embrace. It's always been like that, as easy as breathing, months pass without a word and then it is as if they saw eachother yesterday for she simply slides into his embrace with a little sigh and that wickedly bright smile. "Landon you came!" There is a hint of surprise as if worried something might have caused him not to answer her message but it's brushed aside at his appearance.

The girl has grown in the last year, the baby face turning into that of one woman that stands among the most noted beauties of the realm. And with that embrace he can feel the true change, she is much more curvy than she used to be, the cloak and dress she wears does nothing to cover such assets at this close range.

Landon checked his Flirting at 3, he rolled 14.

Landon checked your Romance at 2, he rolled 9.

Landon checked his Chaste at 13, he rolled 1.

Their friendship started long days and years before now, so it was like second nature to offer a hug in greeting. It felt proper and to do otherwise would show a strain in their relationship. But as his long arms wrapped around her, he did feel that change. Less so because of the chain maile and padding underneath that, but with his arms at least, he felt the differences between a straight framed girl and the abrupt woman that somewhere along the way, she had turned into! "I always do try," he admits, for there had been times he couldn't and sent the messenger back with the bad news. "I should be able to more often now," he relates to her, that burst of excitement bubbling through, breaking the embrace just to part them a short ways so he can look down at her, "I'm a knight." The dreams he had shared with her to reach that day had finally been realized. "My uncle, he anointed me just last month! I wanted to ride all the way here to tell you. You made me wait, but not too long-" a smile cutting his face.

A step back was taken though as his hands went to grab her hands, doing a once over, pointedly - so she would know he saw the changes. It's not necessarily in a flirting or even romantic fashion - just an amiable once over! "It hasn't been that long since I last saw you but I swear you've changed." His hand goes to her hair, "Is it your hair? It's so long!" He winks at her, then asks out of concern, "You're not cold are you?"

Nalia checked her flirting of 10, she rolled 17.

Nalia checked her chaste of 7, she rolled 9.

Nalia checked her lustful of 13, she rolled 7.

She sees no issue with staying in his embrace as if it is a natural thing, and she does squeeze him back just like the old days, her hands find the chain and she can't help but run a hand down his chest as they pull away. That smile never leaves her lips and she can't help a lovely chuckle at his words and a squeeze of his hands. "I had so such high hopes for you, I am glad you didn't disappoint me.." She winks before a soft rose blush colors her features, but unlike most young noblewoman she doesn't drop her gaze but simply meets his with another smile. "You normally see me in the summers, my hair is up then.." She does shiver gently at the touch, but if it's cold or something else it would be hard to stay. "Oh.. no I'm fine, we had not been waiting to long.." She then reaches out again and touches his chest, running a finger over the chain once more. "I am so proud of you Landon…" She then pauses and tilts her head as she meets his eyes again. "You are staying near now?"

Critical Fail!
Landon checked his Awareness at 11, he rolled 20.

Critical Fail!
Landon checked his Modest at 13, he rolled 20.

"Hah! The disappointment would have been all mine! How else could I impress you?-" wait, did that just slip out of his mouth. It's not that he's practiced at all in this and he's the last guy to go around romancing someone. Maybe she won't pick up on his awkward pause after that sentiment. Maybe! For the matter of the hair, he makes an oblivious sort of stare as if to actually comprehend that was the reason behind her change, "Huh. Yeah, yeah I guess that's what it is. It's gotten long though." Acceptance again of what she says. Oblivious of the shiver too, evidently! Something else must be on his mind. "Good," when she decides she is fine, but nevertheless he offers with a gesture back toward his steed, "I did bring an extra fur wrap if you wanted." He glances down to the touch upon hs chest, then grins again, "You should've seen it! The Earl, he was there, when my Uncle did it. It was one of the greatest moments in my life." His eyes go distance as if to relive it, sucking in air as his chest puffs up a bit, then he laughs, "I'm a knight! That -is- something. Me. A knight." He's so damn proud that his hands go to her hips, lift her up, and spins her around, with a laugh. She's easily handled for his strength and height alone. He sets her down then, blinking at the last, "Near? Oh no. I'm still at the manor. I mean, I'm a family knight… but I'm in line for the manor if something happens to my brother, now that I'm knighted." Knighted! Gleam.

Nalia can't help but give a soft chuckle at his words, though if she caught what he said, she shows no sign but the blush that still colors her cheeks. She is about to answer him about the fur when she is picked up and spun around. This causes a gasp and her eyes are again wide as she tries to catch her breath been squeeeeeeek and giggle. "Landon!" She gasps as she is settled on her feet again and ends up leaning against his larger frame, her hands sliding from his shoulders to rest on his chest. The movements seem natural to her, done without thought as she looks up at her childhood friend. "I am very proud of you.." She says softer now, the smile melting into something truly wistful and beautiful.

Landon checked his chaste at 13, he rolled 16.

Landon checked his lustful at 7, he rolled 6.

"OH! Oops…! Haha-" he chuckles in response to her gasping of his name, "I got ahead of myself there." The big dolt. He was so caught up in his own revelry of sharing this joyous and grandest of accomplishments that he failed to consider how she would take being spun around like a rag doll! That too seemed natural - he had picked her out of the cold waters of the river when they first met. He cants his head down to look at her when she repeats the softer expression of her pride for him. It's in that moment he watches her smile melt that he's captivated by it, realizing how stunning she had become. "Wow," he replies dumbfounded, "When did you become so gorgeous?" See, this is probably the best he's going to do for flirting and romance, a bluntness that was like a blade never sharpened. "You're going to make someone very happy," again, blunt but somewhere in all that, he never put himself into the potential candidacy list for her.

Nalia drops her lashes for a moment before she shakes her head and simply smiles up at him, "I'm not gorgeous, but thank you either way.." She says in a voice still soft, but she does blink slowly at the last, tilting her head to the side again. "Are you sure of that Landon? You've picked on me for years, are you sure you wish me on some poor unknowing male?" She teases but there is a look in her eyes, a pondering and almost surprised expression before she leans in and gives him another hug. "But I am glad you are staying at the manor, I would hate to have to start worrying about you more.." This is said with a tap to his chest. "You must do your best to keep safe. I will need my best protector around.."

"Now you're being modest," he teases her, "Accept my compliment-" and when she did, he nods, "-Good. But if you get any prettier on me, I might have to throw you back in the river." There was a grin behind that, "Because otherwise, I may have to spend most of my time beating back unwanted suitors." He drew his arms around her, loosely holding her but naturally too, since she didn't necessarily back from him either. "Well. No. Maybe you can go to a nunnery where I wouldn't have to worry-" here he winces because he can anticipate a swat! He returns the hug, his amusement rumbling somewhere in that barrel like chest, closing his eyes for just long enough to pretend. Then it's over. And she's expressing her happiness for his keep in the manor, "You need not worry about me. Promise." A side grin, as his hand tugs up her hood so that she's not getting too cold, "I'll ride when you call. Don't I always?"

"I am never modest, or so says my family.." Nalia admits with a wrinkle of her nose and a narrowing of her eyes at his words on the river. "Oh no you don't, that first time was enough! I mean I know you were testing me, but it was cold!" She reminds him, bring back to mind her promise to get back at him for that.

The swat comes with a soft shirk of protest, "A nunnery?" SHe shutters at the through and her eyes narrow again, the steel grey seeming almost silver as she peeks up at him and only going soft once more as he pulls her eyes that hug.

As her hood is pulled up, her shadows the face that is pressed closer to his chest and she mutters almost to softly to hear. "Till you find a lady.." Hints of sadness and frustration linger in those muttered words.

"Then they know nothing of you," he quips back about her family. The subject, awkward as it is after knowing her for so long, trails off for a better more welcomed placed subject matter. The river. A raucous laughter fills him, shaking his shoulders, quaking that chest, "I fail to see how likely it is that you can stop me. You're light as a feather. And have I told you yet, I'm a knight." That pride, something that was lesser in his nature than most, returns again. It -was- a life accomplishment to be recognized as a knight - now it would be a larger one to find glory.

He can't help but laugh again at her shriek of protest. Grinning so hard that his teeth are showing, not pearly white because of the era they lived in, but nothing gross either. Mint leaves were good for that. "It -would- be the only place where I know you'd be safe. Safer anyway." No one would dare attack a nunnery, save for those blasted Saxons. His arm protectively tightens, in response to the thought.

The muttered words into his chest however, have him remind her, "I'm merely a family knight. Chances are, there won't be enough in the coffers to see me wed." A sobering thought, which prompts him to lighten the mood, "And could you imagine me with a little dame on my arm? Pfft. I'd probably squish her. Like this-" and then his hug tightens to prove his point - only enough that she feels some of his strength and definitely stopping if she seems in pain. He'll laugh when he loosens his arms.

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