(514-01-21) Travel Plans
Summary: Aeron gathers together a group of knights to discuss plans to travel from Sarum to Lonazep
Date: Winter 513
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During the feasting, it was announced that the Earl needed knights for a mission to Lonazep, in the northeast. Sir Aeron was given the honor to put together the group to go on that trip and appease Count Ioan, another vassal of Arthur's. It's the next day, in the afternoon, in one of the rooms of the Castle with Aeron standing before a table with a rough representation of Logres upon it, and waiting on other knights and such interested in making the journey to arrive.

At the table, studying the map, is Sir Ewin de Winterbourne Stoke. The young knight is studying the map intently, taking his first envoy assignment seriously. He's also ense with excitement at being chosen.

Catryn comes in fresh off the field, her squire stumbling after, since she had to hurriedly stow the shield and sword so they weren't brought into the castle, if that was a thing. She strides in, looking at the others and walking over. "Sirs," dipping her head. "Sir Catryn de Burcombe." There's a glance over the map and an arched brow of curiosity. "Am I in the right place?"

"I suppose that ultimately depends on where it is you're hoping to be, Sir Catryn." Aeron replies, looking up at the woman making her way in and offering a soft laugh, "I'm Sir Aeron de Berwick, this is Sir Ewin de Winterbourne Stoke. We were about to discuss my trip to Lonazep, infact. So if that's where you were hoping to end up, you've found it, M'lady!"

As the introductions are made, Ewin bows to Catryn. "An honor to meet you, Sir Catryn. I've seen some of your Chalenges here in Sarum. Most impressive. We are made better by having your sword joined with ours."

Catryn dips her head to Ewin, "Thank you," she offers, giving the man a studying look before turning her attention to Aeron. "The meeting for the trip the Earl mentioned earlier. Indeed it is."

Aeron glances about a bit, "It looks like this is everyone." Aeron says, with a bit of a hmn, "Alright, so as most of you know, Lonazep is set to be fighting with us during the Melee at the King's Tourney, and the Earl expressed concern that they hadn't forwarded their plans to us given we are riding vanguard." He explains, "He has asked me to lead a group on an embassy mission to visit Count Ioan before spring, from my estimation, it'll take about 14 days of riding to get from here to Lonazep, assuming we ride continuously, and assuming we go north through Lincoln."

As Aeron speaks, Ewin listens closely. He thinks that the Earl might be being overcautious, but it's definately a breech of Tournament ettiquite, at the least. At first, he seems hesitant to ask or even speak, but after a deep breath to calm himself, Ewin finds his voice. "Have there been any other communications or trade from Lonazep? Things other than that relating to the Tourney?"

Everyone plus one, as Gideon glides into the room. Hearing the route, he nods. "Sir Aeron. I am pleased to see that this task moves with such speed. I will do my best to ascertain the current state of things in Lonazep. At least whom to ask and how to ask…and will see if we can't shave a bit of time off the route, unless you wish the Count to have a period of time to socially prepare for our coming?" He asks, before nodding towards Ewin and all else assembled. Caution is the watchword for the shorter knight.

Catryn doesn't offer anything as yet, sensing there was more to it. If not, she still simply listens for now, waiting for the others input. A woman of few words, she glances over the map on the table again, drawing a line from Sarum to Lonazep, using her finger.

Finally, even though the small meeting has begun a bit late, the large knight finds time to slide himself in, and carefully if not quietly slink about the other side of Gideon de Stapelfordortheother. A glance is given the knights assembled before he lets loose a rumbly bark of his throat. A sort of apology directed to Sir Aeron, without further interruption, so as to let the brass tacos fall where they may. Corraidhin de Winterbourne (Gunnet) is at least in these moments not as booming and boisterous as he was on the field.

Aeron glances upwards towards the two late arrivals, nodding faintly at the two, "I can't fathom how we'll get much information about the goings on in Lonazep until we get closer to the city itself." He says, "And I'm not privvy to any communications between the Earl and the Count." he adds, a nod offered to Ewin. "I figure we could shave possibly 2 or 3 days off the trip if we go east through london, but that will have us skirting the Saxon lands." he hmns faintly, "I would like to leave within the next few days, so as to hopefully avoid the worst of the weather."

Ewin looks around the gathered knights, noding to each of the late arriving ones in turn. He again looks at the map splayed out on the table. "What else would you have us bring, Sir Aeron? Aside from ourselves and our squires, that is. Should we gather a few men-at-arms or bownmen to join us?"

To the mention of the Saxons there's a bit of a turn of his head as if he was to spit. But, Corraidhin is not one to sully his Lord and host's castle, just because he hates those bloody heathen bastards to the south. A rub of his nose, and Corraidhin now moves to edge closer to Ewin and take a look to the map lain out, before he is raising a brow. "I doubt th' Earl would be sending' knights if he had heard from the Count or felt fine about it." chewing on the inside of his cheek, the large pagan knight shifts a bit where he stands.

Though with that question, and despite not being Aeron- he does barge in further with more of his opinion. "Your lance or our lances should be sufficient." by which he means what retinue follows with knights. "Don' wanna go in, as if we're lookin' for trouble."

"I'll be ready to leave within the day if you need me to be." Catryn relays, looking up from the map, withdrawing her finger from it. There's a look to the others who have joined and she dips her head in acknowledgement.

"I will leave spead and safety to your discretion, Sir Aeron. I fear though that taking on too many men, especially unmounted will slow us down, and may force us into a fight much quicker than simply being on horseback." Gideon looks over at Catryn and nods her acknowledgement. "I am ready. I always travel fairly light." He says as he rolls his shoulder back. Whatever hatred of the Saxons he has seems to be mired in practicality. "It could just be a social call sending men of appropriate birth, sir Corraidhin. But if there is trouble we shall rise to meet it as best we can."

"I think half a dozen knights, plus squires and retinue should be sufficient to ward off bandits, Sir Ewin." Aeron agrees with a nod of his head, "And I can't imagine who the Earl would send besides a Knight for the task." He adds, "I think the trip north past Lincoln is the best course of action for the trip." He hmns softly, crossing his arms over his chest just a bit as he considers the rough 'map', more a collection of markers indicating the major holds in roughly their geographic position, more then anything. "I wouldn't pack light though, Sir Gideon, it's going to be a long trip, and a rather cold one at that."

There's a bit of a snort, but then Corraidhin is watching Catryn for the moment before he's back to looking at their fine map-markers and all. "Aye, should be." meaning a cold trip. Winter tends to bring out the lean and worse. "Which also means we might luck on trouble not finding us. Even when you're cruel an black- you don' go out when it's too cold for it." Not worth the effort in this knight's opinion.

Catryn feels the gaze on her and glances over, a lift of her brow and a slightly mocking tilt to her lips. "I can go get things ready to leave out whenever you give the word." Even though she is speaking to Aeron, she doesn't take her gaze away from Corraidhin until she speaks again. "Just send word out to the tents at the tourney grounds, it's where I'm staying with my retinue."

Gideon chuckles as Aeron cautions him. "I have spent more time in the wildernes than the courts, but your concern is appreciated." He seems content though to mostly let others fill in the gaps in conversation, his eyes flicking from one knight to the net. "I am easy enough to find." When he wants to be.

To that mocking tilt of lips, Catryn is rewarded with a rather toothy grin from the Knight of Winterbourne Gunnet. And it remains that way, before he finally breaks the stare down to look back to Aeron and cough his way into a nod. "Aye, I can as well. I'd rather be out riding out than stickin' round. Just send a man, or somthin' to fetch when you're looking to go." And there he offers a glance back to Catryn. "Are you certain y' wish to come, De Burcombe?" at least that much is familiar to him. "An miss a chance o' glory here?" a light bit of goading, but it seems to come with a dash of good nature given the grin he wears.

"That should make you rather easy to find, should any new developments arise." Aeron says with a laugh and a nod of his head towards Catryn, glancing between the woman and Corr, then looks to the gathering, "Then we'll leave in three days, that will give you time to collect any things you need and plenty of time to return to Sarum." he says, "If any other obligations come up, come find me sooner rather then later as well."

Catryn is listening to Aeron but the other knight keeps taking her attention, the same brow arched though the other lofts in kind, "Surely I could miss a few weeks worth of glory to travel with the group." A toss of her head, bring her braid bouncing up over her shoulder. "I can simply make up for it at the tournament for our Highness King Arthur's wedding. What of you, Sir…" Of course she knows his family name, the tiny quirk of her lips says she does, but she hesitates just long enough so that he may insert it if he wishes. "Are you certain you would like to ride with the group?"

"Corraidhin." the larger knight replies. "De Winterbourne Gunnet." he supplies in full with his own smile. Poor Aeron, it seems has lost the large fellow's attention-when only the other day it was thrust upon those who didn't want it when hawking. A smirk follows as his hand slides to hitch thumb to his arming belt, and let his hand hang lax. "I too can wait for a wedding feast. The wishes of my Lord, trump whackin' about with lance an sword." And there he shifts in a stance almost akin to standing with swagger. "Besides, I might find the company favorable."

"If the two of you would prefer engaging in courtship rituals, it may be best to remain behind in Salisbury." Aeron says, "I need people with their attention on the trip, rather then other distractions, M'lord, M'lady." Aeron says, stepping from the table, "I'll be in touch with you all shortly when I've settled on who I'll need joining me." He says, bowing his head to the two as he makes his way from the little meeting room.

Green eyes flicker from the Winterbourne Gunnet knight towards Aeron and Gideon before resting on him again. "I wasn't aware you held such an esteem for our fellow knights." The words of Aeron bring a light scowl, arms lifting to cross almost defensively. "I leave the courting to you and your friends, Sir Aeron. Or the Lords and Ladies of the courts. I have Saxons to kill."

Corraidhin snorts loudly back towards Aeron before he is shaking his head. "I assure you, Sir. I can keep my sword sheathed." though the tone it is delivered in remains flat, as he watches Aeron step out. His own head a quick bob down before he is rolling his shoulders. A glance is given to Gideon as the other man is given a shrug. "Berwicks." he says, as if that explains everything at all.

Though with Catryn speaking up, Corr does manage to suppress his grin, and instead continues to thumb his belt. "Aye well, I am like t' make sure what kin that followed to Sarum know I will be on errand shortly."

A glance is given Gideon once more. "Good t' see you Stapleford."

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