(514-01-21) Supping Together
Summary: Kamron follows through on his promise to have supper with Arian
Date: January 21, 514
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It is just after dark on this cold winter night. The common room of the inn is warm and welcoming with a deep fire churning at the hearth and lantern light scattered around the tables. Providing housing to noble knights and visiting lords and ladies, the general ambiance of the inn is quite comfortable and well-kept. Unusually, Arian de Laverstock sits alone this evening without her minder or brothers to clobber up the small table she has chosen. Her attire is simple — but a wealthy sort of simple. Her undertunic is a soft goldenrod to match the rose bliant. The overgown is cut quite flatteringly, and shows off quite a bit more shoulder and throat than her minder would find acceptable. Her hair has been brushed and tied back loosely. She is drinking from a mug of warmed wine. She has her eyes on the door, and her patience is kept in check while she waits for her dining companion to arrive.

Kamron really should get a squire one of these days. As it is, he has to hand off his cloak and mittens to a little eight-year-old pageboy and send the youngster off to try to worm his way close to the fire. Looking about, the Dinton knight spots the Laverstock one, a smile bouncing onto his face as he starts over in that direction. For his own part, his attire is perhaps a little older and more faded than hers, but in good repair, and with excellent embroidered detailing. Stepping over in the direction of the lady knight, he bows his head as he approaches, "Sir Arian, you look lovely this evening. And positively radiant without the dire presence of your minder. If not for the crowd," he gestures slightly around the half-crowded room, "this would be positively scandalous… if also delightful."

When the Dinton Knight approaches, the Laverstock Knight stands. Her mug is set aside, and she clasps her hands behind her back. She pinks ever so lightly at her cheeks at his compliment, though her smile remains simple and soft without her normal flourish of dimples. "Sir Kamron… thank you for joining me." Her smile deepens a touch, and she gestures offhandedly. "Well, I'm not too worried based on your reputation, Sir Kamron… the Ladies of the Court have bits to say about you, but most find you quite harmless." Her pale eyes glitter with amusement. She slips back into her seat, mug reclaimed. She takes a sip before belatedly offering, "You are looking quite handsome this evening as well… despite this afternoon's interactions."

If the news of his reputation troubles Kamron, it doesn't show, as steps around to put a hand on her seat and push it in beneath her quite unnecessarily. Coming back around to the other side of the table, he sits down himself, "I can assure you, Lady Arian, that the Saxons and scattered brigands do not find me so… harmless… as the ladies of the court do. And thank you for the kind compliment, I was not certain that you would find less martial attire attractive. I'm pleased to see that it suits your predilections. Besides, one cannot let past events drag down one's mood."

Arian takes another sip at her wine before speaking, enjoying the warmth and spice of the draught. She laughs, and it is a soft and gently feminine laugh despite her knightly status. She shakes her head, drawing her fingers in lazy circles around the exterior of her mug. "I'm amused that you considered what sorts of attire I would find attractive." Her gaze lifts to meet his, and her rose-colored lips hold a softer smile that reflects warmth in her glass-colored eyes. Then she shakes her head, leaning back slightly. "I recommend the spiced wine, however… if any part of your mood is still bitter, it will warm and comfort better than any other remedy."

"Oh, don't worry, Lady Arian, I did consider long, nor did I allow my consideration change my intentions—dining in mail is so gauche." Kamron settles in his chair, twisting slightly so that he can both cross his legs and lean forward to rest one elbow on the table, "I do enjoy a spiced wine, the sharpness of the spice combined with the rich body." The barmaid comes by just long enough for Kam to gesture toward the lady's cup and then to himself, and then he's laughing lightly across the table, "And how could my mood still be bitter with such warm and spiced company?"

Arian finds herself drawn in by the company, and she leans forward again with her forearm rested across the table behind her mug. Her other hand traces a fingertip across the rim of the cup. When the barmaid sweeps by, she nods and gestures for a refill of her own. Kamron draws her attention once more, and she colors at his compliment, proving that — knight or not — there is a still a woman sitting across from him, and a woman who is not often used to compliments. "I didn't want to assume." She tilts her head slightly with a inquisitive quality.

Kamron nods, his smile broadening crookedly as she leans in and pinks, "Never a good idea to assume. I've heard terrible things of those who assume." Gesturing toward her, he adds, "Your blush is lovely and quite becoming a gentlewoman, Lady Arian. Do let me know when you tire of blushing and I will moderate my compliments. I… don't want to assume what our limit for compliments might be." And then two mugs of heated wine are delivered, and Kamron wraps his hands around the mug, bringing it up under his nose to inhale the scent.

That lovely rose at her cheeks deepens a touch, and Arian is looking away as if to compose herself once more in the company of the handsome Dinton knight. She has the barmaid take her empty mug away, and draws the fresh warmth into her palms. She looks down into the deep red liquid, and her smile remains soft. Then she clears her throat, and looks up to meet the storm-blue eyes of the man across from her. "I will let you know when I tire of your compliments, Sir Kamron." She then takes a sip of the fresh wine, mulling things over a bit. "I find Winter to be a… boring season. I'm thankful my brothers let me come along to their business here in Sarum, or I would be stuck at Laverstock. What about you, Sir Kamron? What has brought you to Sarum?"

"Why, the tourney, of course." Kamron's response is light, although any further words are delayed by a slow sip of wine. "I'm surprised that you did not bring your mail and weaponry to test your hand as well, unless you simply prefer inspiring other knights to greater effort with those charming dimples of yours." He meets her pale gaze easily, with a light weight to his own look, "Plus, I have a great many friends here in Sarum, having spent my formative years as page and squire here." Light laughter touches his words, "As your Ladies of Court must no doubt have told you."

"Oh, I brought them," the Knight confirms with a wry smile. "But, I took some enjoyment watching today rather than participating." She offers him a display of said dimples as she sips at her own wine, allowing it to break up their conversation. She tilts her head a bit, drawing a hand across the back of her neck in an absent-minded gesture. "But yes, the Ladies did loop me in on the exploits of Sir Kamron Dinton." Her smile softens. "Lady Bethan was the most chatty of those I spoke to… a recent target of your flirtations, I assume."

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Kamron laughs easily, "Recipient, please. When you call such an estimable woman a 'target,' you make me sound like some bandit or raider." His hands turn up about the cup resting on the table before him, a tiny little shrug, "I enjoy seeing beauty smile." Actually, Lady Bethan is not particularly attractive, and her smile shows crooked teeth, but Kamron's words sound quite sincere, "And if that requires a few compliments and courtesies, I am happy to provide them."

"Recipient," Arian graciously amends, though she still looks a touch amused. She drops both hands around her mug now, holding it to soak in the warmth through the mug's walls. "Well, I will pass along your words to Lady Bethan… I'm sure it will please her to hear of your affections to her beauty." Though Arian is pretty certain that Kamron is being mostly kind instead of genuine. She leans back slightly when the barmaid returns to see if the pair would like some food beyond their drink, and Arian looks to Kamron with arched brows in silent question.

"Sadly, I'm not sure she will believe me." Kamron's smile finally dissipates somewhat, "Some of the serving maids and the like can be quite cruel, but I find there is a beauty that shines through when someone is honestly happy that cannot be matched." When the barmaid returns, he nods, turning his smile — if not its full force — upon her, "Indeed, two meals," he gestures from hiself to the woman across from him, "Thank you, mistress." Looking back to Arian, he raises his eyebrows slightly, "You did invite me for supper, did you not, Lady Arian? It would be most odd not to sup at supper." There's a beat pause, and then he smiles ruefully, "Plus, it is quite exhausting being beaten around a sparring ring."

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The Knight waits until the barmaid has swept off to fetch their meals before regarding the Dinton once more. She offers a softer, almost sympathetic smile. "Well… I will still let her know." Then she shakes her head slightly, offering a soft laugh. "Yes, we should sup if we're having supper… that was my intentions. Pleased to know yours is the same." She bites softly at her lower lip, looking quite amused. Then shifts her legs beneath the table, sweeping one crossing the others knee and almost kicking the Knight beneath the table. On accident.

Kamron takes another sip of his wine, laughing lightly. The laughter is interrupted by the brush of her foot across his shin, catching in his throat for a moment before it returns, and he shifts slightly in his seat, "My apologies, Lady Arian." Because obviously it's his fault that she bumped him. On accident. To make it clear that he's not retreating from her, he leans forward over the arm braced against the tabletop, lifting his brows in inquiry, "So, what drew you to watching we other knights at play then, Sir Arian? You're not one of those staid knights who disdains the tourney and lives only for the field of actual battle… no, that does not seem right to me. But I do believe that there was a wise man who said something about assuming so recently."

"No, no… my apologies…" The woman has pinked softly again, but she quickly shakes it away. When Kamron leans in, Arian finds herself doing the same quite despite herself. She rests her cheek against her knuckles. "No… my father and eldest brother are those sort. My father does not see the glory of playing war when there's actual war to be had. I, however, am intrigued by the opportunity. Never participated in one before…" She seems a bit wistful. "Though, I'm not sure whose favor I would be trying to earn, if that is the heart of most tourneys."

Kamron shakes his head, "No, not at all. Not all of us seek favors from noble ladies." Laughter bubbles over his lush lips, and he winks briefly, "It wouldn't do to favor one more than the others, now would it? And deny it to all the other ladies of the court? Whatever I may look and seem like, Lady Arian, I earned my spurs on the battlefield, and the tourney is a wonderful way to keep myself in proper training, as well as helping my fellows learn how to handle a Saxon axe." There's a pause, and then he gestures toward the woman across the table with two fingers, "So is the lip-caught-between-the-teeth a gesture you learned from something, or is it naturally modest and adorable?"

Arian narrows her eyes slightly with thought at something Kamron says, and she opens her mouth to reply until he mentions her lip-caught gesture. She blinks a bit, and then shakes her head a touch. "Oh… I didn't even know I had done that." She pinks faintly. "I suppose then it is up to your assessment." She brushes her fingertips across her hairline just behind her ear. "Though, it is good to know that you don't favor any lady over the other… even if that is perhaps quite disappointing to a lady who hopes she will be favored above others."

Kamron shakes his head in amusement, "Well, whether it is learned or innate, it is quite becoming." His eyes follow the gesture of her fingers, but the words that follow draw his thick eyebrows up sharply, "Really, Lady Arian? I had not thought I had made such an impression so quickly." His expression is actually difficult to read then, beneath the charming exterior. There might be a flash of wariness, but also a mirrored flash of pleasure. And above it all, the same crooked grin as he reaches out in spite of himself to brush a hand over the laced sleeve over her forearm, just touching the cloth with two wine-warmed fingers, then retreating to gather up his cup once more, "But I must be fair to those about me, must I not? After all, a good knight serves all…"

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Arian is quick and precise on her correction the moment the faintest hint of wariness touches his features. "I wasn't talking about me, Sir Kamron," she says, though there is a small hint of her own slight disappointment at the subtle deflection. "I assumed we were just engaged in harmless flirting…" Her expression closes up slightly even while she maintains her own soft smile. An awkward silence befalls her in the wake of those words, and she takes another swallow of wine. "So, you intend to compete…"

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"Well, the estimable ladies of the court did mention that I was harmless." Kamron's smile turns a little more rueful, "And it would certainly not be gallant of me to prove them wrong." Taking another sip of the wine, he spreads his hands in a slight shrug, "I could not, in good conscious, deprive my fellow knights of the opportunity to face the weapon of their enemy in the hands of a friend. And yourself, Sir Arian?" His exchange between 'Lady' and 'Sir' is quick and facile, "Do you intend to test yourself in one of the more minor challenges at the Great Tourney?"

Arian is surprised by the soft twang of disappointment, but she is quick to settle into the topic of the tourney rather than the rejection from the Knight. She takes another swallow of wine, glancing toward the bar to see when their food might be delivered. "I thought I would give it a try… a first time showing… I can at least see how I do against others, or perhaps be humbled by defeat." She draws herself back a bit, widening the space between them as the flirtations fall away. "But yes… a minor challenge…"

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Kamron laughs softly at the woman's words, "That was not intended to be a slight, Sir Arian, I assure you. I will be joining one of the minor challenges as well, as my showing out there," His free hand gestures toward the yard outside, "was very far from worthy of the Grand Melee." The barmaid returns with their food, stew from the communal bowl, which is not so bad in an inn meant for knights and other nobles. "And they say that being humbled is good for the soul, Sir Arian. Which suggests that my own soul is quite strong."

Arian draws her bowl in toward her, dropping her attention to the slew of meat and vegetables. She starts to stir it up with the carved spoon, tearing off a chunk of bread before settles into eating. She looks up at his words, and she offers a soft smile that just barely dimples. "You've been humbled often then," she says with a wry note. "I'm glad to hear you've had so many opportunities…" She then takes a bite, focusing on her food. She at least has adopted a rather ladylike eating behavior despite being raised amongst men and boys.

Kamron takes another sip of his wine before setting the cup aside and drawing his own bread trencher close. "Often enough. I make no claim to mastery in the arts of war. At least not yet." Now his eyes glitter again with mischief, "But I still have a good long while to attain that goal. My knight reached the ripe age of fifty before succumbing to Saxon spears. I think I can better that."

Arian's progress on her food is slowed as their conversation continues. She is a quick eater however, having already fit in several bites before answering. "I'm certain that you will achieve such a goal, but… I think beyond fifty will make you quite a wizened knight. You'll probably ache from the bones more than you'll ache from wounds." She smiles gently, and with a soft kindness in her eyes. She then focuses on another series of bites before she adds quietly, "I have no such lofty goals."

Kamron nods as he eats, swallowing each time before he speaks, "Oh certainly. Especially when it was damp. Winters in particular were extremely cruel to Sir Belles, but from what he asked of me as a squire, he always found comfort in wine and rich food. Perhaps not the most noble of indulgences, but they suited him well." He is silent for a couple more bites, and then he inquires gently, "So what are your goals, Lady Arian? Be they ever so humble."

Arian looks up at his question, and she leans back a bit. There is a slight discomfort that settles around her, but she turns it into self-deprecating humor as she responds in a wry tone. "Well, I may be a Knight, but I'm still a lady… I imagine that once my father tires of my wayward ways that I'll be married, have lots of fat, happy children, and die in the comforts of a manor house." Her smile is resigned, and still lacking the wonderful glow of dimples.

Kamron gestures toward her with the handle of the spoon, a hint of his crooked grin returning, "Yes, that may be the future you see before you. But that's not what I asked, Lady Arian." Another spoon of the stew is raised, waiting, as he tilts his head slightly, "I want to know what your goals are. What /you/ want out of life. That is far more interesting than what you think you will get out of life." And then he finishes the last bite of stew, starting to work at the edges of the bread trencher with his fingers.

His question seems to disarm her a bit. Arian pauses with a bit of bread pinched between her fingers, and frowns. "Well… I…" She furrows her brow and shakes her head slightly. "I don't… know." Her voice has gained a suspicious edge, as if she is trying to figure out what Kamron is playing at, or what he is attempting to get her to confess. "I've been thankful that my father even allowed me to be squired and seen to knight… I know it is a shortlived blessing, and one I intend to take advantage of, but… I know my place, Sir Kamron…"

Kamron leans forward, his smile broadening as he plucks a piece of trencher free, "Well, it seems to me, that that is something that you should figure out, Lady Arian. Because without a goal, how can you ever make yourself deserving of reward?" He chews and swallows the stew-soaked bread, "Beyond that, it is hardly justice to reward your father's allowance with simply being a knight, rather than the best knight you can be, is it? I know that I intend to repay my uncle's indulgence with greatness."

Arian seems somber now, withdrawing into her own self-reflection as she fiddles with the bit of trencher rather than actually eating it. She intakes a breath, and offers another soft smile and nod. "Something I will consider, Sir Kamron…" She finally eats that bit of bread, and swallows it down with wine. "I should retire. A long day ahead tomorrow, and I should get some rest…" She starts to push herself back from the table.

Kamron sets down the next shred of bread, wiping his hands carefully as he rises in a rush, coming around to help ease out her chair, "Of course, Lady Arian. One must never forget their beauty sleep, even if it does put you at an unfair advantage over the ladies about you." She may be a knight, but she is also a lady, and so he offers her a hand to aid in her rise to her feet.

The abrupt display of chivalry needles her, though Arian cannot really discern why. She does smile all the same, maintaining a touch of politeness as he helps her out of her seat. She steps back from her chair, and she brushes her fingertips down the rose fabric of her skirts. "Thank you, Sir Kamron…" She offers a bob of her head in her own courtesy to the knight. "I hope the remainder of your evening a pleasant one." She stalls there for a few moments, but soon starts to step away.

Kamron's brows sink a little at the polite smile, but he bows his head in a nod, "Of course, Sir Arian, although you must know that it cannot compete with a pleasant and insightful dinner with a lovely lady. Be well, Lady Arian." As she starts to depart, he too steps aside, moving away a few paces before whistling sharply to roust his page from where the youth has secreted himself by the fire with Kamron's cloak and mittens.

Arian glances just once over her shoulder toward the knight as he gathers up his page, and her shoulders drop a touch. She is quick to cross the remainder of the common room and head up the creaky stairs to the upper floors and the rooms set aside for her and the other Laverstock visitors. "Greatness," she sighs under her breath as she goes, letting the word weigh her down as she retires.

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