(514-01-21) Performance Wobbles
Summary: Seth doesn't even really make a full effort to compete.
Date: 514-01-21
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You check your Singing at 10, you rolled 12.
Lysanor makes a check for Seth's Famous Minstrel at 19, she rolled 9.

Sir Seth de Shrewton makes to the stage once more, his willowy grace defined by the swish of his long golden hair. Brilliant in a white tunic and that crimson cloak pinned with a copper button, he makes his mark on the dais with a wine goblet in his hand. He may have had one too many, by the casual sway in his stance. There is no flowery display this time, save for a light smile toward one of the ladies in the room, as he's announced to be in a duel of song against a famous singer by the event coordinator.

His song starts off well enough, with promise of alluring sounds produced by his voice. He's humming and doing some playful scales, leading not into lyrics as one would expect him too. He STOPS to take a swill of his wine instead, then chuckles into a knuckled hand, flagging a hand at the audience's murmurs of confusion. Did he forget the words? Gasp.

"The beauty of this moment is that my tongue is tied for the excitement to see the illustrious Minstrel Frey perform. Let us all enjoy the song of a true and magical minstrel!" Seth says with a graceful slur as he turns to his competitor, applauding the shocked and humbled Frey with one hand tapping softly in a 'pat pat' motion against the hand wrapped around the stem of his wine glass.

The Shrewton forfeits!

The bonus is that no one has to listen to the drunken off key melody without a stronger man's voice covering up for his mistakes, for the Minstrel Frey invites Seth over to sing in an engaging duet that by the end has the crowd applauding and laughing at the same time (at or with Seth is unclear).

Seth leans over to offer his hand to the Minstrel at the end of the performance, quietly appreciating, "Such talent, marvellous! Your words seemed to soared with the eagles. What was your first name again?"

The other man nods his head and responds dubiously: "Glenn."

"Glenn. Yes," he balances his wine precariously, "I shall buy you a drink to celebrate the night…" a lean, quieter voice, "Do you think I could get you to put your mark to a parchment. I am quite a fan…"

The conversation carries on with considerable laughs and more attempts at singing afterward, which, this time, Seth doesn't do too half bad on.

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