(514-01-21) A day of Hawking
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Date: Winter 513
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Unlike hunting, Hawking doesn't force you to get up quite so early, or go out in the pre-dawn chill for the best results, none the less it's still a chill morning, but the weather is mostly behaving today. The group of young nobles have set out from Sarum Castle, out onto the plains and fields surrounding, upon sturdy horse, and no doubt with furs and such for the cold. Accompanying them is one of the huntsman, and is pack of hounds, as well as a few attendants to manage birds and other things for the nobility. The group is only just now nearing the first spot for the hunt that the huntsman has picked out, an open area of open country, so far untouched by plow or otherwise.
Amongst the group for this outing, Steeple Langford and Winterborne Stoke seem to be sharing company. Perin rides upon a brown rouncy, dark of main. Aeryn's is along a on one with a horse with a lovely tan and white paint with a long mane and tail. Along as well is her brother Ewin on his horse, and Rose, step-sister of Perin, on a blood red mare. The four are near enough the main body of the group. They have their birds along. Aeryn has a Merlin in tote, Perin a goshawk. Trying to make conversation as they near the fields of prey, Perin turns to Aeryn finally. "Perhaps we should coordinate our journey to Carlion come spring. Maybe you and your family would like to join us at Steeple Langford for some festivities within the month?"
Riding his destrier into the meeting place, Acwel has his ever-dutiful squire in tow, carrying a cage wherein a rather pissed-off looking goshawk paces back and forth in the cage, occasionally flapping its wings. "Watch it, it'll try to bite your fingers off," he warns the squire, who makes sure to carry the cage from the handle and not the bars as a result. The Woodford entourage pauses as they approach the huntsman's designated area. "Seems to be here."
Cold, but not terribly wet. That is something the leather and furclad knight of Winterbourne Gunnet can handle and oft prefers for hunts. Compaired to some of the other lords' and ladies finery, Corraidhin finds himself in drab leather surocat over which a good thick cloak of deep blue is worn. His gelding a grey and black paint looks almost as sour as the rider, but that look passes as he flushes a sneeze. "Bloody hell." muttered low and he moves along with the group- though he's yet to interrupt the already stunning conversation. His own squire follows long with the bird, his lad ever cautious around the spirited goshawk, who it seems that Corraidhin only truly loves in his house. Without words to share for now, the big fellow whistles softly to hisself.
It was a perfect morning to be out gathering things for her shop. But now it's ruined by the arrival of the hunting party! Or some could say. Having heard the horns and the huntsman as he and his party arrive, Maerwynn might be seen afield, straightening up from where she appears to have been digging in the dirt. Wrapping up something in a cloth, it's soon packed away in the small pack upon her shoulder, her gaze turned towards those nobles on their horses. Of course, should any look her way and pay her any sort of attention, then polite and well mannered nods of respect are given to them by the commoner.
Riding next to his sister, Ewin has a hooded Goshawk held out on his arm; very much away from his head. He's riding a tan and white palfrey that could be a sibling to Aeryn's mount. He's monitoring the interaction between Aeryn and Perin, as any good brother would do in such a situation. He's usually a bit icytowards Perin, for some reason, but today, Ewin is rather mellow. He watches over Perin and the knight's step-sister, letting Aeryn speak for herself and backing his sister up, mostly.
Aeron is likewise riding upon his rouncy with the group of nobles, not far off from the gaggle around Perin. His squire riding along as well, both clad in warm winter cloaks. Accompanying them is a servant, managing the two birds, Aeron's Goshawk, and his Squire's Lanner. "So Sir Perin, who do you reckon will fill their game bag first?" he asks, gaze drifting over the other nobles and sundry in attendance.
Without any of his cousins or other close relatives about, Sir Cyndeyrn of Dinton rides alone for much of the journey, seemingly unbothered by the lack of close company and perhaps more comfortable in the extra space it affords him. Still, by the time they are nearing their arrival, the horses slowing and the group tightening by necessity, he brings his own dark rouncy up beside Acwel, his best acquaintance in the bunch as they prepare to dismount. A couple servants trail behind as of yet, with his bird and gear and all the rest. One approaches with the animal, which despite a fierce countenance and angry demeanor, steps out onto the overlarge young knight's arm with practiced familiarity once it is offered. "You'll have a good meal today, Sian." It figures: he talks little to people, and gabs with his bird.
For the moment Rose is simply enjoying the ride, her fur hood thrown back to ride on her shoulders, letting long curls escape where they wish as she gently runs a finger down her Merlin's crest, large for a Merlin it seems the big girl is very well behaved and smitten with her handler. When Aeron rides close to the group, curious eyes glance his way before flickering towards Perin, a little hidden smile waiting to see what her Step-brother might say in answer.
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Perin checked his modest of 13, he rolled 13.
Aeryn sits atop her mount with an erect posture, her bird is with her squire as well, riding next to Bren, Perin's squire. Holding the reins loosely in her gloved hands, she looks around the area as they ride, "The area is beautiful out here," she observes to those riding near her. Hearing Aeron, her lips twitch, but she doesn't exactly answer yet, though she does look over at Perin, curious of his response.
Giving one turn back towards Bren, with his bird, Perin considers the question from his friend. "I'm curious to find out myself, Sir Aeron. I hope my bird is spirited enough today to catch some game. I'm hoping for cony tonight. I'm interested to see your skill with the birds." Not speaking of his own skill in the realm so much, but he does turn to Aeryn as well, "It is lovely out here, isn't it. I'm not much opposed to the snow when it comes." As if longing for it, just a little.
"Sir Cyndeyrn," Acwel greets the Dinton knight just as he receives the cage with his goshawk — after he wears that leather glove that keeps his arm from becoming minced meat. Then, carefully reaching inside, just as the bird perches on top of his hand, he pulls his hand back from it as he ruffles the feathers of the rather moody creature. "I hope you're doing well, today," the knight states to Dinton just as he watches Rose ride by with Perin's entourage. "Seems like we got quite the mixed entourage today. Should be an interesting event."
"Cony be fine fare!" booms Corraidhin like some sort of braying hound as he brings his horse and bird into the mass of friendly knoghts. Hope they dont mind one more coming in highly uninvited. "Though tearing meat from fowl works fine for me." boistorous knight is kust that. A toothy enough smile is given over to Sirs Perin and Aeron as he shifts himself in his saddle. Eyes narrowing only as he looks out over the field. "Wotcher." murmured, and Corr turns to regard the woman popping up with a smile. "Dont think my girl can take that." he motioning towards Maerwyn's place His whistling thankfully has finished as he motions for his squire forward, hand tightening in the thick glove worn. "Oi mind her." he says to the younger fellow before he is drawing said goshawk out. Mindful of the hood. No name given out in true courtesy. It'll come. He is more excited for his bird to hunt at the moment.
With knights and ladies arriving,more it seems by the moment, Maerwynn begins to walk towards them, or at least, to the side where other servants are gathered together, nodding her head, and speaking quietly. Getting out of their way is the healer. Still, as birds sound off, and the jangle of jesses and bells are heard, she walks slower, perhaps curious to see who might get the best prey.
"I've asked the Master Falconer to find us rabbits and grouse for the goshawks." Aeron says with a nod of his head, "And he knows a few spots for the ladies to have sport with birds as well!" He adds, bowing his head to Aeryn and Rose, "My Ladies, I'm looking forward to seeing the prowess of your birds especially, I admit!" He adds, reigning in his horse as they reach a little spot atop a small hill that seems perfect to prepare the birds at and such. Aeron's squire goes about securing the horses, while the bird handler he's brought along sets out perches for Aeron and his squire's birds, securing them to the perch with a tether. Meanwhile, a couple other of the attendants that were brought along prepare a small fire, so the nobles don't have to freeze the whole time!
Seeing as Aeryn didn't answer Perin's question, Ewin pipes up. "I think that would be an acceptable idea, Sir Perin. I'm sure that my sister would be most eager to see your fmaily's manor." He glances over Perin and Rose, a light smile on his lips. "And perhaps, you and your family might be our guests at Winterbourne Stoke first, to begin the procession down to Sarum, and then Camlion. If that's agreeable, I'll mention the idea to our father."

Rose is not unknown but by her eyes flickering among the Knights and retainers it's clear she hasn't meet many if any of them as she keeps her mouth close as they all pull to a stop. One of the few already carrying her bird, it allows her more time to gentle the Merlin incase the nearness of others ruffle her feathers. As Perin answers so modestly she can not help the softest of chuckles, a tiny husky sound that peeks up both her horses ears and her birds feathers. "The snow does seem to draw you, brother.." She offers towards Perin as if holding some secret of a time past. At Aeron's words that tiny smile appears again and she dips her head gently, "I am sure all will have day, Sir Knight.." When Ewin speaks, she blinks once and turns back to that conversation, though Corr's arrival can't be missed as the lady takes a curious glance at said Knight.
"Well enough. It is not too cold yet, though I daresay that shall not hold true for long. But the crip air is good for hawking, I think," Cyndeyrn shall answer Acwel, as he spends a moment interacting with his bird before the attendants have finished setting everything up, including a proper perch, where he places and carefully tethers the bird for now. "I see that your lady sister is not with you, and it is unfortunate that yet again my own is unable to join us, as I had hoped to introduce the two of them." Surely his only reason! "She is not as much for the sport as I, but she does enjoy watching it I think, and was looking forward to one of these outings, though I am sure there shall be plenty in the future."
With others drawing in the reigns, the hill reached, Perin pulls his as well. An eye back to Bren for his bird as he pulls his glove from his own saddle, ready to see what is moving about the field and choose his prey. A nod between Corraidhin and Aeron, "And tonight with our luck we can make the offerings a small feast. Prepare our gullet for tomorrow?" A grin, curious to see the how the booming Corraidhin may do as well. As Bren brings his bird, "I look forward to hosting in time, but I am agreeable to this Sir Ewin. With the right fall of snow even, my sister knows me quite well, almost as a blessing if we're all in good spirit and health." His hand held out until the bird comes upon it, to be tethered for the moment. About to say more, there is movement afield, he lifts his haunch a little and speaks quietly to his bird before lowering his hand to heft it up into the air to search for the small game in the brush down below.

Acwel catches Maerwynn's nod, offering a vague inclination of his head in acknowledgement of the commoner woman for a moment or two before he's back to the task at hand, and he's listening to Aeron's announcement. "Indeed, I would have wished to meet Lady Lysanor at this occasion, myself," he tells the Dinton knight, "as she would make a great companion indeed to my dear sister. Whether Lady Seren appreciates falconry herself or not, I do not know, however."
"You'll have to stop by Berwick and say hello on your way through." Aeron says, noticing the presence of Maerwynn as weill and nodding his head towards the woman and offering a quick smile before looking at the other knights, "Ahh, My Lords, Glad you could join us!" He calls out in greeting, "It looks like the Master Falconer will be making his pass with the hounds soon, who would like to fly their bird first?" he asks.
Aeryn glances over at Ewin when he answers Perin, a question she had possibly deliberately left unanswered. There may even be a hint of accusation in her gaze as she keeps it resting on her brother. The reverse invitation is met with a nibble of her lip but she lowers her eyes to keep from glaring daggers at her twin, the more outspoken of the two. Clearing her expression, she looks back to Perin, "I love the snow," she murmurs, a bit of surprise in her voice that they may share at least that in common. A motion of her hand has Beth bringing her the bird, and she takes it on her gloved hand well away from her face.
"Not a fan meself. Bloody hard to scare up anything worth." okay bit of a lie, but since Corraidhin is inserting himself into conversations he might as well go all in, full tilt. He carefully carresses his bird before he is moving to get the hood in his fingers. He waits for the pass, before he will let Dai fly.

"Alright Lass. Give flight an kill my dearie." whispered to the bird before he is looking over to the curious Rose. A smile is given and a bow of his head. "Lady." He's sommat polite. As for Maerwyn, the knight is watching a bit distractedly and notes her again. Cause you know lasses…and his bird.

"You there, lass? Want a good view?" of his bird obviously. Protocol and such be damned.

Maerwynn pauses with the other servants, a few she greets quietly by name, showing a familiarity with those that might be staff at Sarum itself. As the first prepares to fly, she looks over those gathered, recognizing Aeron who gets a warmer smile from the healer.

The Master Falconer, with his little pack of hounds starts out through the grass and brush down beneath them, rooting around and hopefully driving out some game. From a particular thick bit of brush, out darts a RABBIT, trying to flee from the dogs and the man to safety, unfortunately, there are a bunch of dicks with birds up on the hill!!!
Corraidhin checked his Falconry of 5, he rolled 17.
That seems to be a moment, right there, Aeryn says she loves snow as well. There was complete ice between them since the announcement. She'd bested him again in personal combat as a mystery knight, as if to show anger at the announcement, or to be sure he didn't pull blows against his spouse to be. Perin though, in that moment, turns to her, just as Corraidhin sets Dai to the skies. His own bird moving slightly on his gloved hand as if sensing what is afoot. "Perhaps we could find time then, in this snow. You could show me your home, or I could show your our grounds." A walk in a way, reason to it, but a walk with Aeryn just the same. Eyes between Corraidhin's work with the bird and Aeryn for the now.
Corraidhin rolls 1d20 and gets (4) for a total of: (4)
The hood is late coming free given the eyeing Perin's poor sister recieves, and there is a profanity that almost slips from Corraidhin "Fu-" thankfully the knight does catch himself and quickly blurts "Fu-Further you blasted bird." and with a shake of arm the persnickety Dai takes off and catches wind oe'r hand.

meanwhile the hair in its blind dash , doesnt seem to know its own death is imminent. Dai soon enough catches sight and comes down in a quick, brutual strike. The piercing scream of the coney signaling the catch.

Corraidhin grins and slaps his leg. "Damned fine, girl." this a bit louder, company and all be damned.
As he watches the hawking, Ewin hands his bird off to his squire, Kensit. "Mind the beak, lad," he says with a smile. He slowly draws his horse around and moves it to a position closer to the other member of the Steeple-Langford party. He gives Rose a deep knod from horseback. "And how do you find winter in Sarum, Lady Rose? Enjoying the Tourneys and events so far?"
Cyndeyrn checked its falconry of 10, it rolled 12.
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Perin checked his falconry of 12, he rolled 20.
Perin rolls 1d20 and gets (18) for a total of: (18)

There's definitely some… less than subtle courtship via proxy implied in this chitchat between Acwel and Cyndeyrn, although whether or not latter knight is totally aware of it is another matter. As it stands now, with everyone dehorsed and gathered, the birds readied and the master falconer out in the field ready to flush out their quarry, he turns his attention to the more detailed preparations of the sport itself, adjusting his thickly-padded leather glove, tether, hood and the like while one of the others makes their go. It is as the other bird is returning that he again takes Sian onto his own arm and moves out a bit from where his squire and attendants linger.

A minute or two is spent in waiting then, until the huntsman flushes another rabbit further afield. The towering young knight holds his arm out, giving the goshawk plenty of room to take to wing, and then lets her see her prey. Well, maybe he's pointed kind of the wrong way. BUT the bird has far keener eyes than her master and wheels toward a better path once in air. Swooping down, it's hard to see the actual kill obscured in all the grasses, so Cyndeyrn waits cautiously for some moments… until one of the huntsman signals back. "Huzzah. Well done, it looks like she's got it."

After Corraidhin, Perin moves up with his bird, "I shall try my hand at this." Then he talks to his bird again and lifts the bird and sets it free. He seems to give some direction, but a bad throw into the wind, the bird is put out by the cold. It doesn't work in his favor to say the least. He'll simply be disappointed with no catch. He seems more focused on the response from Aeryn regarding a walk in the snow. His bird will return empty taloned it seems for the now.
Rose is keeping her Merlin close as the other birds fly, petting carefully to offer comfort as they piercing screams start. When Ewin rides close, she turns her attention from the kill to the Lord and offers a soft smile, a turning up of the lips before she speaks, "Winter has it's beauty, a time for rest and learning, and..play.." She says after a moment, a small chuckle following, "I have to agree with my brother and your sister, snow can be very lovely. And yourself?" She asks, allowing the other question to be answered later.
You check your falconry at 15, you rolled 9.
Aeron rolls 1d20 and gets (19) for a total of: (19)
There's a bit of a chuckle as Rose asks her question. But before he can answer, he is called to the line to release his hawk. "Your pardon, my Lady. It seems my answer shal have to wait." He bows his head again to her, then brings his horse around to the front of the line. Ewin retrieves his goshawk from Kensit, and then lets it fly.
Ewin checked his falconry of 3, he rolled 11.

Aeryn does much the same as her brother, leaving her bird with her squire. Her attention is given back to Perin as he addresses her, "I suppose there will be enough time to do both, showing of my home and your grounds." The words are soft spoken, musing. A tilt of her head to Rose, "Perhaps we should all visit at the same time then?" A suggestion given as she looks between Rose and her brother. With the hunt on, she easily gives a look to the others, watching as the game is scattered from the brush surrounding the clearing. "Well done!" She's not in a hurry to embarrass herself in front of the others by trying her own hand yet.

Harken rides along steadily on his horse, his left arm still bound up in a few bandages but he rode easily. His squire rode alongside, carrying the cage with his bird. He smiles faintly and nudges his horse over towards the other members of his family

Aeron has transfered his Goshawk to his gauntlet as the huntsman continues through the field, stirring up the local wildlife and such, and a nice little Rabbit does spring from the grass. Aeron's release is fine, and the hawk goes off with a screee into the sky… unfortunately.. the dumb bird doesn't seem in the mood for rabbit, or perhaps it just didn't notice the rabbit. A Frown shows on Aeron's face and once it's clear the hawk isn't going for the rabbit, he takes up the lure, full of meaty goodness, to call the bird back in.. which seems to take birdbrain a bit longer to come in then normal, infact.
Ewin rolls 1d20 and gets (19) for a total of: (19)

Whistling again, Corraidhin seems a bit on the dense side when it comes to catching on all the chatter going twixt the parties nearby. He is for the time too proud of his girl, as she comes swooping back given his own tactic of drawing her in. She will get a fine morsel for the fat hare she downed. "Aww Hawkin' the big knight says with a bit of a smile. "Bloody good for it." a bit of a glance to the polite company and he is quick to cough a "Pardon."

"Play is for children," Cyndeyrn can be heard to remark, when he by chance catches ear of some chatter of that sort, and Rose's comment in particular. Of course, there may be some irony in it, given that the whole sport they are engaged them is rather a noble sort of play-time, but obviouly he does not consider it as such. Soon he goes to call his own bird back, giving a few sharp whistles and having his own lure ready in hand, and before long Sian is back and her prey is in the bag. "This will be a fine meal for both of us, hmm?" Back to talking with th bird.
Ewin watches the skies, keeping tack of his hawk. But it looks like there's no game for the bird to find, so Ewin whistles for it to return to his outstretched glove. Once the birs is settled and hooded again, Ewin hands it off to Kensit. "Well, I suppose I'd better stick to the Tourney," he says to the assemblage with a bemused chuckle. He has a wide smile directed at Rose, but he settles his horse back close to Aerwyn, since it seems the ladies are now to demonstrate their skills.
Harken arrived, better late than never. Taking a bad fall in a joust will do that do you. Still looking a little banged up he motions for his squire to get his glove and then the bird, who he has affectionatly named 'Bird'
Harken checked his falconry of 7, he rolled 15.
Harken rolls 1d20 and gets (11) for a total of: (11)

Harken moves were fairly stiff. He released the bird a bit badly into the wind. Luckily 'Bird' was fantastic at his job circling for only a moment before diving down to snatch up the hare it was after, swiftly bringing the prize back to drop at his feet before landing back atop that glove. Harken for his part, does his best to make it look like that was all part of the plan "Good Bird." he'll scritch the creature under it's beak.
Falconry is more about riding from place to place, then staying in one spot, so once the field has been given a round by the Falconer he brings his dogs back in and the group will mount up to ride along to the next stop on the little trip. After a bit of riding, the Huntsman signals a brief stop, speaking to Aeron briefly who turns to the group, "The Master Falconer says some small game birds are up in that thicket ahead, Ladies, would you care to show us knights up with your birds?" he offers, gesturing to the two women present.
Corraidhin snorts once he has his hood back on his bird and its rangled into its cage before he passes it back towards his squire, Llyew. A glance is given. Cynderyn as he secures his game in the bag. "Not all play, lad." Err Sir. what have you.
Rose checked her falconry of 4, she rolled 16.

"Ah, this is a good idea," agrees Perin to Aeryn. Not upset by his bird failing in its task, or him in giving it some guidance. Rather he's enjoying the company, or trying to. At least the ice may be partially broken. Time will tell, maybe this visit can be hammered out before or during the feast before everyone returns home. As they speak of sending the smaller birds up, he looks to Aeryn, "Perhaps you will do better than myself." To Aeryn, then a look to his sister as well. Ewin can agree perhaps, he faired the same.
Rose rolls 1d20 and gets (17) for a total of: (17)
Aeryn checked her falconry of 5, she rolled 6.

"Lad?" Although Cyndeyrn is busy amidst the preparations for their move to the next stop, or uh, busy setting up again AT the next stop, wherever he is, he does take note of the somewhat less than proper manner of reference and pause to give Corraidhin a stern look. "I believe you have confused your manners, I am not your squire."
Aeryn rolls 1d20 and gets (6) for a total of: (6)

From watching the others, Aeryn looks away only briefly to offer Perin a nod, "We can have it arranged." Her squire brings her Merlin and she has it perch on her gloved hand. One corner of her lips edges up, "Get a meal," she encourages it, watching it flapping as she lifts her arm, then it flies off. She glances down towards where Aeron is with that same crooked smile. "Not so talented at this."

Corraidhin looks back towards Cynderyn and he is snorting again before securing something on his saddle. He will clamber up soon enough and get seated. Sadly he misses the sweet kill that Aeryn catches. Instead he offers a toothy enough smile to Cynderyn and raises a brow. "We're both lads, Boyi. Unless ye have a better moniker ye prefer?" by the tone it seems that Corraidhin is unshaken by whatever offense he caused.
The hawking will no doubt continue, moving from place to place with more flights of birds as they go along. Of course, that would all be after the exchange between Corr and Cyndy, over who's more lad-like, and who's not!

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