(514-01-21) A Courteous Challenge
Summary: Sir Perin de Steeple Langford is challenged by Sir Bryce de Baverstock, for a test of their skills with the sword.
Date: 21st January in the year of Our Lord 514
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Farmer's Quarter - Sarum

In the Southern section of Sarum lies the Farmer's Quarter. The prominent feature here is the Black Abbey, its dark stone bell tower rising over the scattering of permanent homes that have cropped up around it. A gentle wind carries up from the south, on good clear days, one can catch scent of the distant ocean waters in that direction, beyond Dorset. With the open space here, more kids go about daily errands and chores for their parents. Breaking from work to play about in the open fields here to the east and west; reserved for festivals and tournaments depending on the time of year. One large wooden building here is an Inn reserved for farmer's that only stay a few days after harvest to hawk their produce.

The tourney was nigh at its end of course. The fields mostly trodden, circles from the challenges no longer needing the lists, the grass gone in those shapes where knights have sparrred the past few days. Most knights comfortable where they stand. A few still out as if to net some more wins. Under the blue skies overhead, Perin is here, his chain hood up, Bren his squire in tow with blunted sword and shield. The man seems intent on perhaps one win with a sword. He did so well in the joust and no win at all amongst his peers. Much as he feels short changed by his father who died when he was so young, there is a chip on his shoulder about these wins. Giving a look, he simply seems intent on fielding a challenge or two.

A person who has been rather scarce on the previous days on the fields is Bryce de Baverstock, yet today he is present, clad in his maille, worn below the tabard of red and black with the golden bear of Baverstock. His angular features are twisted into a somewhat tempered smile, dark eyes assessing Sir Perin with an expression that ranges somewhere between respectful curiosity and competitive confidence. "Sir Perin," he intones in a low baritone in the moment the other knight passes him. And should Perin turn to look his way he will meet the gaze of the Baverstock knight, where eyebrows raise slowly in a challenge that need not be expressed with words; when the hand that holds the blunted tourney sword in hand is raised in such evident invitation. "Would you do me the honour?", even so comes the belated polite request from Sir Bryce, along with a respectful downward flit of his gaze.

The call of his name gets his attention, and he stops to look. Recognition there from the other day at Boar's Beard. He looks to Bren and nods, "Hello Sir Bryce. I would be glad to oblige." Offered pleasantly, as he waits for his shield the same. "It is good to see you here in the lists. I hope your days have been well since your arrival in Sarum?" Cordial, even as he is strapped to and made ready, his own eyes looking over Bryce for the moment. The smile is there, but both know so well they'll swing steel at each other soon enough. It is part of the job, to be ready, to hon their skills. Once shield is strapped to his arm, he moves into the circle to join with Bryce. He gives a nod of his head, slowly begins to crouch, "Fight to knock down, the victor is the first to take the footing away from the other?" The other can change as suitable, and Perin will mostly be agreeable, "When you are ready sir, attack …" And he makes himself ready, his feat bouncing a little one ball to the other, ready to move, but giving the other man the advantage, or disadvantage, of first stroke.

Courtesy is one of the chivalric principles, and Sir Bryce is certainly one who honours this particular knightly virtue. Perin's polite inquiry will earn him a smile, even if slightly restrained. "I have in fact been forced to keep to the bed for a few days," the Baverstock knight admits. His face indeed showing a hint of pallor. "Obviously my stomach did not take to well on the local stew," or perhaps he fell ill for other reasons. "But rest assured," he adds after a moment, watching Perin as he is getting ready, while his own squire Carl straps the Baverstock shield to his left arm, "Rest assured that I feel more than ready to fight through this challenge, Sir. I shall not insult you by holding back, or by preforming far below my usual form. Fight, to knock down…" The latter added in affirmation of the terms, as Bryce stands there and waits for Perin's invitation to attack. Leaping forward when it comes, and bringing down his blade for his first strike.

You check your sword at 13, you rolled 11.
Perin checked his sword of 12, he rolled 7.
Bryce rolls 4d6 and gets (1 1 4 6) for a total of: (12)
Perin checked his dex of 13, he rolled 16.

"Tis a shame sir, but glad you are out now." Perin listens of the stew, that slight pause in his features, he'd not want to beat tha man should he feel ill. But the assurance comes and relief watches over his features. Pride even when he says he wouldn't insult him. This plays to Perin's nature, respect certainly afforded more to Sir Bryce on his words alone, the set of his eyes relaying this someone to the surface features of his face. Terms agreed upon, the leap in catches him at a disadvantage and he may collect a blow or two with sword and shield, but the press of Bryce takes him until a blow is landed. His motion back already coupled with the strengh of Bryce tips the scales of his feet and he finds himself on the ground. Rolling to find feet, or keep an eye on Bryce, at least was to knockdown, no further blows coming. A slow close of his eyes, then sitting up to eventually stand. "Well fought sir. Truly you are well recovered from the incident of that stew."

In the moment Sir Bryce leaped at Sir Perin, there was a brief flash of determination in his eyes, a calculating gaze as he quickly singled out the point where to atack and press upon, toppling his opponent over without doing more harm than the usual bruises. A hand comes forward, offered to help Perin to his feet. "To be honest, I couldn't be sure, if I had yet fully recovered," the Baverstock admits with a relieved chuckle. "I am reassured now, Sir Perin. Thank you." Angular features twist into a smile. "But let me congratulate you on the win of the joust. Now that I was quite unhappy to miss, because of said stew incident…" A faint frown there, giving away a certain pride as well, of a knight that has earned some renown with jousting.

Taking the hand cordially, Perin accepts the assist to regain his feet. In armor it certainly helps. The response pulls a laugh from him, just over a chuckle and he nods his head. "This is good, and I shall claim it as such, least it gets out that I bested by the infirm." Overstating, and he wouldn't make such a claim even had the other been sick. It was a true show of his skill and Perin respects him for that. "Ah, thank you, yes, it seemed my horse rode well, I only had to aim the lance. God lined up the rest." Desinty or fate, take ones pick of course. "It will give you something to look forward to at Arthur's festiviites?" Having the chance to joust.

Bryce nods, with a wry grin at the understatement, of Perin attributing the win at the joust to his horse's skill. "Oh, indeed," the Baverstock knight replies. "I shall compete, and hope to meet you there in the lists." The tone not unfriendly, but not devoid of a slight hint of competitiveness. "Oh… A thing, if you don't mind me asking, Sir…" Dark eyes lift to meet Perin's gaze. "I heard a rumor about a betrothal. Your name was mentioned. If that is indeed true, allow me to offer you my congratulations." A respectful incline of the head is offered - but not a single word of comment on a favor received from a barmaid.

"I shall attempt to redeem myself from this meeting of ours, Sir Bryce," the competitiveness welcome and returned by Perin. As the other catches him, he nods, "Aye, yes, that is indeed true. Our parents secured the arrangement with Earl Robert during the first few days of the tourney, chose to announce it after the joust." Congrats taken, he will notice no dark green ribbon on the person of Sir Perin today. He may have heard, the ribbon was there during the joust and now missing since his victory and the news. "I shall leave you to your challenges, but a pleasure to have the honor today to be bested by you sir."

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