(514-01-19) Sword meets Axe
Summary: Aeron and Kamron engage in a challenge with one another in the sparring field, Gideon and Aeryn watch, then Aeron and Aeryn have a little rematch with one another!
Date: Winter 513
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// Tournament Field - Sarum //

The space cleared for the tournament grounds is rife with men (and a few women), the older knights mostly hanging around and swapping stories of 'the good old days,' while the younger knights are posturing and straining for the most part. Kamron is not so much posturing as he is waiting, hanging around the edges of the circles that form of their own accord whenever a challenge comes together, and breaking up shortly afterwards. For all his cheerful and vocal sparring, there seems to be no challenges coming in his direction as of yet, perhaps because of the heavy bearded axe that hangs at his hip rather than the more common iron sword. A shield hangs on his back, the red, blue, and gold of his own personal version of the Dinton arms scarred and cracked in a few places.

Arriving at the Tourney grounds is Aeron, clad in his armor, and such and moving to the edge of the challenge arena as well. He takes a moment to look across the crowd before spotting the fellow packing the Saxon weapon, brow lifting a bit, "Are you looking for a challenge, Sir?" he calls out.

Kamron's lush lips curl into a broad grin as he is called out, turning to face the other man, "Indeed. For some reason," humor lifts his voice, "these good sirs seem leery of facing anything but a sword. I think they're afraid of needing to have their shields repainted after. Although in fairness, I'm quite willing to use the haft, not the blade." Offering out his right hand, he introduces himself, "Ser Kamron de Dinton, at your service."

"It could be they expect to fight another knight with a Sword during a tourney competiton, as well." Aeron says with a shrug of his shoulders, "But if you want to fight with an Axe, by all means." He gestures, then waves his Squire forward to bring him his Sword and Shield, "I'm Sir Aeron de Berwick."

It is about the time the challenge is offered that Aeryn arrives to the area of the field where the challenges are being held. At her side is her squire, toting a shield. Aeryn wears her sword at her hip and her chain armor on her person with breeches, boots and the necessary tunic. It looks to be an interesting challenge at least. "Mind if I try the winner?"

Kamron nods his head in acknowledgement of Aeron's point, "Indeed, Sir Aeron, but the heinous Saxons use an axe frequently, and that /is/ what we are training for, after all." Unslinging his shield, he adjusts its straps for a moment and hefts his arm to test its hang, then steps forward into an opened space. As Aeryn approaches, Kamron bows his head just a little, "Of course M'Lady. And the loser as well if you'd like it." Rolling his shoulders beneath the heavy mail, Kamron nods to himself, reaching to pull down the visor of his helmet and then pull his axe from his belt. He keeps the leather wrapping on, lifting it up a touch to demonstrate that there is no metal showing, and then turning the weapon around in his hand so that the head hangs backwards, focusing his attention on Aeron again, "As you will, Sir Aeron."

Gideon walks into the Quarter from the Market, the cloaked knight accompanied by his squire who seems to be trying to keep up with his knights steps despite actually towering over him by half a head. Apparently crispness and discipline of step can make some gains on biology. He arrives just in time to hear mention of fighting with an axe and he pauses, cocking his head in interest. It seems many of the less traditional knights like himself arrived late but they do seem to be making up an noticeable minority. First Glaw, and now this knight. He notices Aeryn and upticks his head. "Greetings Sir Aeryn. Come to see if God will sprinkle the angel's luck upon your blade once more?" His tone betraying some amusement, no disparagement of her skill but certainly in awe of her victory streak.

Aeron laughs out and nods his head at Aeryn, "Of course, Aeryn, I wouldn't mind another go at you." He says with a grin back at the woman, then his attention is back on Kamron, "I don't know that there's much to be said for trying to emulate the Saxon's, Sir Kamron." He says. He is presented a practice sword by his Squire, and the shield is secured on his arm, before reaching to lower his visor and he steps out into the ring.

Remaining on the side, enough out of the way of the current competition, Aeryn watches the way the other knights move, just studying them as they prepare for the competition. A return bow of her head is offered to Kamron as well as an acknowledgement of the offer. Turning her attention to Gideon, she offers another nod, "I came to watch, perhaps offer a challenge of my own. I think I will compete with the winner of this match. Both look good but the axe, that is rather interesting." Aeron draws her gaze to him and there is an ever so slight quirk of one side of her lips.

Aeron moves in quick, himself, bringing his shield up to protect him from the swing of the axe, and knock the swing aside, all the while moving in with a swing across the open side of Kamron, a solid strike to say the least, but the blunted blade preventing any real damage. When Kamron goes down to his knee he steps back, gesturing with his sword for the man to get up freely.

Gideon also watches the battle and nods. "My uncle Sir Gor, whom I squired with, prefers the axe and spear. I think he sees little difference between the hunting of beasts and men." He says with a shrug. It may have something to do with why he is only home in the winter months. "There is great value in having comrades who fight in manners that may compensate for individual weaknesses." He muses, nodding as Aeryn speaks of a challenge. "I may take on one or two more fights, but I have little interest in tournaments. Just enough to keep sharp but not so much as to risk my health or my usefulness in actual battle." Accidents do happen after all.

Kamron rolls his right arm a bit, stretching the ribs that absorbed the impact beneath his hauberk and padded jack, "Nicely struck." He nods up to the taller knight, rising back to his feet and resetting himself behind his shield. Once Aeron's blade and shield are up again, Kam advances once more. This time, it's nothing so looping or broad as his last attack, just a straight-ahead advance, aiming to slam his shield into Aeron's to unsettle the other knight, and then chopping in behind the slam, a horizontal motion aimed toward the left side of the de Berwick's ribs with the haft of his axe.

Aeryn gestures towards the axe wielding Knight. "I suppose it would be easier to defend against something you were able to wield yourself." The observation offered to Gideon. He gets a nod at what he says, "Tournaments keep me sharp for the battles in between and offer varied talents. I have met sword, spear and lance and now possibly an axe."

Aeron keeps his shield squared away, the ploy of Kamron doesn't manage to really open him up too much, keeping that shield, at least in a place to keep the worst of the blow from landing, but he isn't able to mount an attack back, clearly the loser in that exchange, at least.

"Its also good not to be constrained or to expect certain rules, Many is the tournament champion whose lance faltered at the sight of a real enemy who wished his lord harm." Gideon says, his own squire fetching a practice shield and spear, the latter with which he gives a few practice stabs. "Still, my rules are largely my own, I do not presume to bind others up in them." He explains, even as he brings the shield forward. Its a strict, disciplined style, with absolute economy of motion and energy transferred through the point of the spear. "There are not so many Stapleford men that I can afford an accident, or let my death be something unintentioned."

Kamron steps back in the wake of the impact, giving Aeron the reprieve that the other knight gave him, even if the other man did not fall. This time, he takes a strong step forward, keeping his shield tucked in close to him and slashing down and in, trying to hammer -through- Aeron's shield. With his axe reversed, however, it's not likely to do as much damage, and he receives a much harder slap of weapon to shield in return, the point of the sword slipping past to score on his armor. Backing away and spreading his hands, he calls, "That's two. Well struck, Sir Aeron, well struck indeed." Evidently he was still listening to the discussion at the edge of the ring, however, as he adds in, "It looks like you will have to settle for another sword, M'Lady, unless you want to face us each in turn."

Aeryn gives Gideon a considering look, "Even if there were other Stapleford men, I think there are people who would prefer you in particular around and so either way, do be careful." As the match ends and Kamron cedes to the loss, she offers a dip of her head, already striding out, strapping her shield to her arm. "I would agree to that, Sir, and I look forward to it." Approaching Aeron, she bows her head, "Sir Aeron, so we meet again."

"Well fought indeed, Sir Kamron." Aeron says, nodding his head a bit after the intense exchange of Sword vs. Axe finishes between the two, and he backs a step off, bowing his head to the other knight and cracking a grin, "You use your axe almost as good as the Saxon's as well." He adds, turning his attention towards Aeryn again, "Indeed we do again." He says, flashing a smile, "You've been doing quite well, so I've heard, Aeryn!" He exclaims.

"Death comes for us all, so I am free of care or regret. Still, best to at least give the impression, no?" Gideon smiles, rolling his shoulders back before leaning on the butt of his practice spear, point driven into the ground. He readies to watch the next fight, his cold eyes studying each combatant in turn. There is only the occasional blink before he turns toward the throng. "When you have finished, I do hope you will all accept a mug of ale at my expense. A good way to wash the sweat and toil of the day…."

Kamron flips the axe about so that the leather-sheathed blade is forward again a moment, "You should see me when I'm not using it as a glorified club." Still, he says it laughingly, joking more than he is boasting. He steps back to allow Aeryn to take his place within the circle, half-bowing and sweeping his axe in a gesture of invitation to the lady knight. Clearing the circle, he looks over to the other waiting knight, tilting his helmeted head to one side curiously, "A spear, indeed? Perhaps we should give them an oddity of a match, Sir." Settling his axe into his left hand with his shield, he lifts up his visor, "Sir Kamron de Dinton, at your service, especially if a tankard is involved."

"I prefer a longer pike myself, or something with a bit more….balance. They seldom make these just right at tournament. I do feel your pain at wielding a….facsimile." Which could of course be that most spears are reserved for horsemen in these competitions. Gideon turns towards Kamron and gives him a slow once over, before inclining his head. "Gideon de Stapleford. I shall remember your fine skills may be plied with drink and a bit of broth. An honest if humble price." He says with just a hint of laughter behind his eyes. "I am willing to try. Certainly it be a rarely precedented thing."

"Of course it does, it comes to everyone, but those years between matter to a lot of people, Sir." Aeryn offers to Gideon before she lowers the visor on her helm and squares her shoulders, sword in hand, blunted side towards him, shield on an arm. "An ale would be good," she calls back, even laughing with Kamron at his jest, but her concentration is there on Aeron. "At your ready, Sir Aeron."

Aeron squares off with the She-Knight, moving to lower his visor once more and giving a salute of his sword to indicate he's ready, and he moves in to engage the woman, clangs and bangs and such, with Aeron coming out a point down from the exchange, "I'm rather impressed with your sword skills, Aeryn." He says as he withdraws a bit, preparing to come at her once more.

Kamron nods his agreement at Gideon's words, "At least between knights. I'm sure there have been plenty of peasants defending their homes with spears against marauding Saxons, Sir Gideon. And perhaps you should hold that observation until you learn how much ale and broth it takes to finally rid you of my pleasant company." Turning his gaze back to the pair facing off now, he gestures toward them with one gloved mitt, "Shall we let them shine on their own, or find our own little space to start our own dance?"

The point does not come immediately, the two are fairly well matched, there is the sound of singing steel as the blades clash, block, find shield. After some fancy steps, finally a block and Aeryn brings her blade in at a slash that manages to strike true and she pulls it back once she realizes she had made contact. Instead of taking a step back and engaging again, she continues into the immediate tack while in the vicinity, and goes for the second point.

"And I have been shoved and jostled among them as part of my own training. It has perhaps made my perspective….unique." Gideon admits, watching the combat as Kamron's warning about portions causes an uptick of brow. "Noted. Though I have yet to find any company I have found thus far to be completely without redeeming features. And I think I would like to watch this combat first. I never pass up an opportunity to learn the habits of those whom might be guarding my flank come the next raiding season." His own body seems relatively stable, moving not even the slightest fraction, only the flick of eyes and the lowering of brow betraying him as not being a statue of flesh and bone.

Maybe Aeron was hoping that Aeryn would come at him, maybe he was just a little quick getting his shield infront of him to blunt that immediate launch at him before launching a couple blows back to try and tag the lady!

Kamron accepts Gideon's preferences without complaint, "Oh, I assure you, the company is /most/ charming," again, he's using the playful boast so obviously as to actually make it self-deprecating. "It's just that it is oh-so voluminous." Watching the two fence and nodding seriously, "Well, even if I am not so skilled as they are with a sword, I can recognize that they are indeed quite skilled. Reach and power versus grace and speed, a goodly match."

Aeryn had not expected Aeron to be so prepared for her attack so when she finds herself on the receiving end, she realizes she had gotten sloppy, overconfident. Stepping back, she takes a few moments to take a deep breath, to center herself and to square up before moving back in, swords clashing.

Aeron isn't able to completely regain his stance before Aeryn is attacking again with her aggressive little posture. He puts up a bit of a defense, but is quickly outmanuevered by the deft little Aeryn's sword skills.

Once more the quest for the points ends in Aeryn the victor and she straightens, lifting her visor before approaching him, the few steps it takes to close the distance. Her sword is sheathed and she offers an arm, "Well met once more, always a good challenge with you, Sir Aeron. Always."

Gideon chuckles. "I think your children shall be terrors with a blade, Sir Aeryn. Fortunately your supreme skill takes pressure off of those of us endowed with but a parcel of your talent." Gideon shifts his weight again onto the spear, a bit of a forward lean as he watches the conclusion of the conflict.

Kamron nods in agreement with Gideon's words, clapping his mailed hand against the outside of his shield with a martial clatter. "A most impressive example of swordsmanship on both hands. I'm sure that Sir Gideon and I are far outmatched." His lips press together in an unsuccessful attempt to smother a grin, "With a sword, at least. Please, take a moment to rest yourself before you decide if you would like a match with the loser of the first match. I believe that Sir Gideon and I might take a pass as well, while we're at it."

"My compliments, Sir Aeryn." Aeron says with a big grin over at the lady Knight, "I've no doubt you'll be sorely missed on the battlefield once you're married to your betrothed." He says, the tone of voice sincere at least. "But I hope to spar with you again soon." He says, giving a nod to the woman and handing his sword off to his Squire, before accepting Aeryn's offered out hand.

There is a flash of alarm in her eyes she is not quick enough to hide at the mention of her leaving the battlefield. Aeryn goes through the motions of clasping his arm but her face has gone a little white. Only being addressed from Sir Kamron pulls her out of her momentary distraction and she unclasps her hand, "Well met, Sir Aeron, as always." Looking to Kameron, she offers a dip of her head, "I would be grateful for the reprieve, and will remain here watching while you both compete."

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