(514-01-19) Grumpy Knight
Summary: After doing horrible in a challenge before Gwynaelle, Glaw strides off unhappy, and the two have a bit of conversation about it.
Date: 01-19-514
Related: Preceded by A Day In Sarum
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Anger, subdued as it may be, is easy to tell in Glaw as he pushes through the crowd. At least those that are not fast enough to get out of his way. He does not stop when Gwyn calls out the first time for him to wait, and Cadfen soon tries to catch up with the black-haired one, but will probably fall behind. The poor boy has a shield to lug around! It is not until Glaw arrives at his family's tent that he slows, throwing open the flap to allow him inside, but leaving it open. It is one of those knightly tents, not too large, but enough to have a small brazier for warmth, a "rug" of pelts as floor and even a chair and cot, along with a stand for the armor. Which Glaw is starting to try to get off, sans squire. Yeah, that will go over well.

Gwynaelle doesn't attempt to call out again beyond that once or maybe twice and getting ignored. Frowning further, the young lady follows after the knight, offering quiet apologies and a smile to those that might get shoved out of his way. At least she's helping poor Cadfan by maintaining the spear and allowing him to handle the shield by itself! Upon reaching his tent, she pauses briefly outside, then boldly steps within the open tent, glancing for a place within to set the spear, "Something get your leggings ina twist?" The question is asked as she watches him for a moment struggle to get the armor released without squire there to help.

Well, it is mostly still the tabbard at this stage, but that is hard enough with the chain being heavy and him exhausted after three fights back to back. There is only a brief tilt of his head as she so boldly steps inside, perhaps having half expected her, but her words? Oh, they make green eyes narrow at him, before he flops in one of the sturdy chairs to half-glare at her. "That was shameful.", he states, almost growls, gesturing vaguely in the direction of the tent-flap. Yep, he is gritting his teeth.

Gwynaelle pauses, then once he's flopped into the chair, she moves closer, her skirts to brush against his legs as she reaches out to help him. She's likely helped brother or father at some point, so is familiar with what needs to be done. "That was the way it goes sometimes, Glaw. It was not battle, so you are lucky enough to say you live through it. And I dare say, you learn from it as well, yes?" She asks of him, pausing to tilt her head to seek his gaze.

As she steps closer, Glaw looks up to her, and yet, when she starts to tug at the belts and buckles of the tabbard, he gives the tent-flap a look, sighing. Yeah, that would cause rumors if anyone saw, and so he does reach up to lay a chain-mittened hand over hers, gently. "It is not that he bested me.", he finally says, then rolls his eyes. "Well, I don't like that either, but he is a fine knight. I was an embarrassment. I blew my defense. I did not even get my shield up, Gwyn. I am _not_ that slow…", he rants, frowning. "That was just disgraceful.". And then he glances at the spear once more, past her. "And…worst of it, I squandered your favor, on top of it.". Yep, prideful is he, and that was just the feather that broke the camel's back.

Does it seem that Gwynaelle cares that someone might notice her within the tent? Nope. The flap /is/ open, after all! And she's merely helping till poor Cadfan can get through the crowds with that shield, right? But with his hand upon her own, she's unable to finish, so her gaze is caught by his, "Glaw… you'll go out there and best the next, this I am certain." And then she grins just a little, "I didn't mean to be quite that much a distraction to you.." Hah! Ahem. "As for my favor.. keep it.. and prove yourself in the next round, hmm?"

Poor Glaw. So many things on his mind! Yes, the flap is open, so that is not the problem. Perhaps he just does not want anyone to mistake her for a maid helping him undress. Or perhaps he is not trusting himself around her no longer. "It is not about that either.". Perhaps he is not making himself understood. "I know how good I am, and that? That ws me in my second squire year.", he states, the anger slowly rising again. "Your father trained me better than that. Mine did.". He was letting people down, and that does not sit well with him. "Those knights from out west think we are little more than dressed up Heathens and Picts. I can't falter like that.". See, it is more about the politics of it all than of throwing one sparring match. As she teases him however, he glances at the lady, and shakes his head. "But you are…", he finally says. Damn those pagan teaching to be honest. "…And you do it on purpose too.", he complaints, though he cannot help but to offer a weak curling of his lips into a half-smile. As for keeping her favor? He merely nods.

Gwynaelle listens to his ranting, and how much he puts down on himself. Finally she leans forwards once he's had his say, her head dropping so she meets his gaze on more a level, "Then yo prove them wrong, Glaw. It was one bout. Let them think that is what it is, and you get them the next round. Surely they should know better anyway, that everyone has an off moment? And if they don't know that, they will when you best them without even trying next time, yes?" Shifting her hand, she brushes back a lock of his hair from his face, "Remember this moment, not with anger. Remember it so you can better yourself from this moment. Learn from it so you will be prepared. " But as for the rest, she but grins, unable to help herself then, "Glad to know."

Chastized by the foster-sister? Yep, Glaw's day is looking up. "At least I beat Perin squarely.". Yep, that would have been embarrassing. That man's word technique was sloppy. And he was good not to point it out either. Still, he is brooding somewhat. "You know how this works. They will remember the failures much more eager than any success.". So what if Glaw is putting himself under a lot of pressure, the man is ambitious and has a chip the size of an elephant on his shoulder. Lesser man can do the faltering, right? Ahem. As she grins at him like that, however, he snorts at her. "You are a brat.", he tells her. Oh, such harsh words to a Lady, not chivalrous at all. Ahem. And he tilts his head then. "…Why?", he finally asks, studying her.

Gwynaelle isn't exactly chastising him. More attempting to give him a good pep talk! Or something. She doesn't like to see him beating himself up in such a way! Awww. She does care! "And should they remember it, then you'll have more the fun besting them late when they think you will not do so well?" She starts then to reach out to ruffle his hair just a little when he calls her a brat, but then pauses to answer, honestly, "A girl likes to know these things, Glaw. Just as a boy does, I'm sure.."

Yep, that makes it all better. Nope. Damn independent streak in him. One that he could not be talked out of. Nor beaten out of him with a cane, surely a few tried both tactics. Ahem. Still, he shakes his head. "I would have enjoyed beating them without that…", he trails off. Hey, at least he does not call it a disgrace anymore, right? But then the topic changes, and her comments make him smile faintly. "Oh. That is not what I meant. I am sure you have plenty of young lordlings giving you….distracted looks.", he points out. She is a beauty, there is no denying that, even if perhaps other ladies have her "beat" in that department. Then again, she can open her mouth without the enchantment to fade right away. Ahem. "Why me?", he finally asks, looking at her. He does have a point, no? That invite to Beltane, the teasing, the naughty flirting that is past scandalous? Hell, her being in this tent!

"One is never too old to learn from a moment, Glaw. Even father learns something new every day, in every encounter and battle. If you let it get you angry enough to beat yourself up over, then you do not learn. And you open yourself up to further mistakes… that could cost you your life." Words given quietly, seriously by the young lady before him before the change of topic leaves her smiling, laughing. Still, when questioned, she gives him the honest answer, perhaps one that he might not have expected? "I know you, Glaw. I know the man you have become because I saw it, watched it happen. And I like the man I see, the honor that you have. " And then she smiles, "I even like the teasing, but I won't admit to it later."

Wisdom from the little silly girl that was his foster-sister? Glaw sighs. What has his life come to? "We walk with Death next to us, Gwyn.", is his somewhat evasive answer. "I've seen it in battle before. And other places.". Yes, he was merely a squire for most of them, but that still put him close to the thick of things. And in the confusion, sometimes a knight mistakes a squire for a footsoldier. And Saxons are just honorless scum, afterall. "It is as much learning and training as it is just plain old dumb luck.". And yet, when she starts to smile, then laugh at him, Glaw just shakes his head at her. "You barely saw me for six years…", he points out, studying her. Not that he does not seem to swell with pride at her words. No. His chest. Get your mind out of the gutter. Ahem. The last however, makes him chuckle faintly. "What teasing, M'Lady. I have no idea what you are speaking of…".

Gwynaelle check your lustful at 13, you rolled 12.

Amazing the girl can think for herself, right? But then, look to whom she was raised with, and one might understand better the reason she might speak so plainly as well. No mother to teach her to curb her tongue! Ahem. "I know.." That said, she dips her head to him in a nod before they might continue their following conversation, "Aye, but I have a father who speaks highly of you, and I listen to the reports that come to Idmiston as well, of your skill and actions." As for the last, she laughs, then seems to ponder something. Going with instinct, she leans in, and dares to press a kiss not to his cheek, but to the corner of his mouth, a tease offered quick as she draws back. Perhaps he is saved from anything further by the sounds of his squire finally making it to the tent?

And that she can think for herself is probably the reason why Glaw finds her much more dangerous than those beauties that run around Sarum. That and that she is not so unlike his sister. Though we better not touch on that can of worms until 1500 years later. Ahem. "You have been listening to the reports of battles about me?". Oh, now she might have revealed too much. Wasn't she supposed to be all aloof and disinterested? Tsk. The two are bad at this fine love thing that is all the fad now across the country! Ahem. "Why, M'Lady Gwynaelle, I was not aware how keen your interest was…", he teases. Ahem. Of course she will make him pay for those words only moments later, the kiss to his mouth offered, actually causing the man to stiffen, surprised, and then she draws back and Glaw just shakes his head a little, half whispering to her. "Gwyn…you…", but he has to stop, as Cadfen comes into the tent with shield and other utensils, only to stop short, blinking. « Oh! M'Lady. I… Sorry, I thought. ». Aww, poor squire is stuttering and blushing even! Glaw merely has to laugh. "Set it down Cadfen, before you drop it. And then come help me take this off.", he urges him.

Oh, yes, let's not open /that/ particular can of worms! While it might seem that Gwynaelle has let too much go in her words, perhaps that is her way, as is surprising him with that kiss! "And now you know how serious I am, hmm?" She dares to whisper back, color to appear in her cheeks - for all her somewhat forwardness in that moment, she's still 'innocent' in some ways. Straightening, she steps back, laughing softly as squire bumbles his apologies and Glaw fusses. "I shall step outside and let him help you… but perhaps you would be willing to escort me about the town, if you are up for that?" She waits an answer before stepping outside the tent and to the side where her handmaiden waits for her.

An odd pair they make. Of course the mere thought of that does cloud Glaw's demeanor a little. She is unattainable as a wife, right? The Earl would never go for it. Unless he proves to be an excellent knight and could obtain a boon from his liege. Perhaps that would paint his anger at his failure earlier that day in a different light. Glaw has two women — well, perhaps three — he needs to take care of in his mind, and one is his twin-sister who needs a husband close to home, the second is Gwynaelle who can't loose her inheritance or be saddled with a simpleton and then there is the third secret one we won't go into details just yet. Ahem. Still, as Cadfen bumbles, Glaw just gives Gwyn a look. "I was never like that as a squire and page, right?". Ooh, he just is going to cause poor Cadwan to blush more and drop the shield. Bad Glaw, bad. At her question, however, Glaw nods his head. "I would be honored, M'lady, to allow me to.", he says, lips curving a little into a secret smile. Ahem. If Cadfan only knew what had been allowed, no, instigated by the blushing beauty just moments ago? He'd drop more than a shield.

It won't be long for Glaw to join the handmaiden and her outside, freshly sponge-washed no less!

Things are not so unattainable as they might seem to be. One never knows the mind of their leige either. And Gwynaelle seems to have faith that something could be worked out! As for the 'three' women of his, she would be curious about that third, would she not, if she knew?? For now, she chuckles, then shakes her head, "No, no you weren't. At least not that I ever saw or heard of.." She joins in the teasing of the squire, amusement to show upon her face as she steps back towards the flap of the tent, "Then, I shall wait for you outside." And with that, she ducks out, to join her handmaiden, the two talking with one another till he arrives outside.

Turning as the flap is opened, and he steps out, she smiles again, "I would guess that you might be hungry… I heard there are some rather good carts near the farmer's market if you'd like to go there? "

Glaw believes them to be, at the moment, as wrong and misguided as he may be. Surely Gwyn would realize that is the reason for his hesitation? Well, sometimes Glaw's political intrigues get the better of him. Imagine his surprise if it was indeed as easy as to ask the Earl, and her father for her hand and the two manors be joined? Ahem.

As he steps out of the tent, finding the handmaiden conversing with Gwyn, he soon calls out for Cadfen, leaning down to whisper in his ear. The boy is barely old enough, just turned fifteen, and whatever Glaw tells him as him wide-eyed, beet-red and shaking his head no. Glaw just cuffs him lightly on the back of his head, whispering again, before sending the lad off. To do what? Well, to approach the handmaiden, of course, to stutterinly ask if he may have the honor to escort HER along with their Knight and Lady, of course! Ooh, Glaw is starting to train the lad to not be afraid to talk to women! Ahem.

Glaw soon joins, and nods his head to Gwnaelle. "Food would be most welcome and lovely. And Cadfan here never stops eating.".

To imagine that it could be so easy! One never knows if one doesn't ask either! Then again, perhaps Gwynaelle has already done some light questioning of her father on this topic, to get an idea as to whom he might consider for his daughter?

But, as they step out, she watches him speak with his squire, hiding a quiet laugh at the poor boy's antics afterwards. surely she's got an idea of what he was edging the squire to do, proved correct when Cadfan appraches Lynette and asks to escort her.

Stepping forwards, Gwyn seeks Glaw's arm, nodding quietly then, "To the market then, and the promise of food and drink.." A pause, and she wonders, "Have you been by the pub? I have heard mixed reviews of it myself.." It's supposedly the BEST pub in Sarum. But then, it's the ONLY one.

Taking Gwyn's arm, Glaw merely watching Cadfan out of the corner of his eye. Poor Lynette! To suffer such attentions, though she can be sure he will be the perfect gentleman and not try to cop a feel unlike Glaw would with Gwyn. Ahem. Still, when she speaks of the market, he nods, starting them on the way there, only to have her question make him peer at the dark-haired one. "Oh, I have not been there, no. I met one of the barmaids, Tria, in front of it a few days ago.", he says, then smirks. "A woman with quite some fire in her veins. I suppose that might account for some of the mixed reviews.", he adds, then lowers his voice, leaning in to clue Gwynaelle in, "…Sir Perin wore her favors to the Joust. And she laid into Sir Aeron for attacking Perin while he was still downed during a challenge.", he gossips. Tsk. How unknightly. Ahem.

Leaving Lynette looking both amused and somewhat surprised, Gwynaelle takes the knight's arm, listening to the comment soon returned, "You..did?" She asks of him when mention of the barmaid is made. The gossip that follows brings a soft chuckle from her, "Ah.. I guess that explains some of the whispers I've heard.." She returns equally soft, "I understand his father and that of Sir Aeryn, have decided they are to be betrothed.."

Glaw nods his head. "So it seems. You..missed me collecting the first two thirds of the set.", Glaw explains to Gwyn. well, she came in to the end of his challange to Dame Aeryn. "I first won against Sir Perin, then against his betrothed.", he says, then takes a deeper breath, to swallow down the anger that threatens to rise again. "It was to her brother I…lost.". As for Tria, Glaw shrugs a shoulder lightly. "I..am certain Tria was merely a distraction, but it was a tad awkward, I am sure.", he adds, then laughs softly. "Watching the two, however, is painful. I swear, Perin was much more forward with the barmaid. then again, she could not beat him soundly with the sword as Aeryn can.".

Gwynaelle nods, "That I did. I wish I'd seen the first round.." She admits, then allows her hand to curl against his arm, to lightly comfort when anger might be poised to rise again. Moving on with their conversation, she hmms, "I can imagine how awkward it was, especially for him." Dare she offer a faint giggle for the poor knight? Still hearing how he manages to be bold one moment, and not so the next, brings the flash of that mischievous grin to her lips, "I would think knowing your betroth could possibly trounce you well…. might change the way things are done."

Glaw chuckles a little, but then studies Gwyn. "I suppose things might be more serious, but..he knew how to talk, and to watch them both now is like…", he trails off, nodding his head side-and backways, to indicate Cadfan and Lynette. That level of ackward, yes! Still, as she wishes she could have seen the first round, he chuckles. "I would have made your favor greater honor then. I struck both two times without one being struck myself.", he bosts. Yep. Prideful is he. "Though I admit Perin I played with. His swordwork is sloppy. Aeryn? She might stand toe to toe with any man, even if her arm is a little weaker.".

Gwynaelle glances behind them, watching the two for a moment. Lynette is obviously being quite nice to Cadfan, trying to engage him in simple conversation - asking him how he likes being a squire and such. Getting him to talk about himself, a subject most men seem fond of discussing! Ahem.

Turning back to him, Gwyn chuckles, only to shrug lightly. She still thinks he did well for her favor! "Now is the time to figuer thi out than on the battlefield later." Sloppy swordwork, that is.

"That is true. And he is good with the lance.". And that secret woman's brother. Ahem. As for talking about himself? Yep. Glaw would be guilty as charged. And then he would tell you about the court session that determined that. Ahem. Walking on they do, closer to the market, and the Pub, depending where Gwyn would like to go. "How do you like Sarum so far, then?", he wonders.

Gwynaelle hmms when asked, considering for a moment, "There are far more things to do here than back home. I could see staying her through winter, but at the same time…" She likes Idmiston, and the people who are familiar to her. "IT is nice having so many around.." Other girls to talk too and such. A glance to him, and she asks, "And you? Are you enjoying it?"

Glaw seems to ponder that as well. "It is a bit of a spectacle..", he says, gesturing vaguely around, the commoners that try to hawk all sort of wares to the wealthy nobles. "It is fun to watch for a while, but…in the end it is just distraction?", he offers, smiling faintly. "I have yet to meet anyone new is not…", he trails off there, as if trying to find words that are polite, then just shrugs, "…terribly boring.", he finally just relents with the truth.

Gwynaelle listens, only to end up laughing softly when he speaks such blunt truth, "Aye, I have found the same problem to some degree. " Dropping her voice, she murmurs, "And the Christians.. some of them seem to think I smell or might give them the plague when near." Dare she roll her eyes at that.

Glaw sighs at that. "Mother was never like that, but yes. You are right. I worry about them sometimes, if their faith in their god is so tenious that we could weaken it simply by being near them…", he says, then smiles a bit wickedly. "Or perhaps they fear you know spells and will enchant them?", he teaes the lady on his arm.

Laughing further, Gwynaelle casts a sideways look to him, "Perhaps I do.. one never knows, hmm?" Joking, of course. The closest she might come to a spell, is whatever the priest or priestess might have told her!

Her laughter makes Glaw smiles a little, and he glances back at her. "Well, perhaps you do.", he says, before he lowers his voice a little, leaning in just a touch. "There are plenty of women here who are blindingly beautiful. And yet your smile alone makes them pale.". Well, the man is not a stranger to flirting, as she knows, even if the compliment might have been laid on a bit thick. "They are just worried we shall lead them to temptation, I suppose. Whatever temptation that may be.", he rolls his eyes.

The compliment give earns a hint of color to bloom upon Gwynaelle's cheeks, a flash of a pleased smile to turn her lips upwards. "There are other men here..?" She teases right back in turn, showing that she's paid more attention to him than anyone else. Stepping around a few people who gather in the street, she brushes against him as she does so, soon to laugh, "Tempation… such a fun word."

As she teases him back, Glaw gives her a playful flat look. "Oh, I am sure you noticed.". He pauses, then smirks, "Even I noticed. Some of them are rather well-buiild!". Even if his own interest was probably more about his chances to defeat them, but hey, anything to make Gwyn laugh again, right? "Besides, if Nia was here she would warn you not to make my self-worth grow any more…", he says, hmpfing. Nia, of course, being his twin. And then she moves to brush against him, just as she speaks that word? Surely that was no accident, and Glaw turns to give her a sidelong glance. "Oh? Why is that?", he asks.

Gwynaelle check your flirting at 10, you rolled 9.

Gwynaelle cannot help but tease him, and do so well! "I only noticed one you were beating up on.. not many others." She seems to be truthful on this as well, finding her gaze drawn to the knight at her side more than any other. "And why should I not do that?" She questions even as she shifts, to brush against him, soon to lift her gaze to meet his as she pauses there at the side of the street to answer him, "They say that tempations are as thick as the leaves of the forest, and no one can be out of the reach of tempation unless he is dead… wouldn't you agree?"

Aw, she does tease indeed, and Glaws shakes his head, amused. "I would hope I do not make you blind. I enjoy the way you see the worlds.". Gasp. Did he just compliment her intellect rahter than her other…assets? Still as she wonders why she should not flatter him, Glaw laughs softly at her. "I think Nia thinks I am a tad too full of myself.". Riight. Him. Never. Ahem. Yet when they stop on the roadside, she once more brushes against him, only to speak of temptations thick as leaves? Glaw leans in a little once more, to once more inhale the scent of her bathing oils. "That is because to live to be tempted. By food. By air. By warmth or chill.". He licks his lips breifly, before he smirks. "And you, my dear Gwynaelle, enjoy it too much.", he accuses her. Oh, he knows what she is doing! Not that it helps him any more to not be affected.

"I do not see myself becoming blind.. not by you. Not completely, anyway." Dare she tease him, saying that in some ways he just might blind her? To any other man? Maybe. Wrinkling her nose, she but says lightly in response to his sister's thoughts, "She's your sister. It is for her to think so, and to tease you about it as much as possible." A brief flicker of sadness might be found upon her expression then - she does miss her brothers at times. At others, certainly glad to not have them underfoot1 But then, they lean in together, to speak softly once she's brushed up against him in such a way, "I do, especially when it means tempting you.."

Such sweet nothings she says to Glaw. Blinding her to other men. Of course it speaks to his pride, and yet, at the same time he half sighs at her. Perhaps still convinced that she migh tbe better off looking for a 'older' husband that could give her an heir that would carry her father's line more prominently and be easily controlled? Still, when she speaks of his sister, Glaw offers a smile. The twins have remained somewhat close, despite the almost six years of pften being apart during his squire-ship apparently. "She enjoys tormenting me.", he admits. Only then does he notice the sadness in his companion, and he lifts his free hand to cover hers on his arm, to give it a slight squeeze. He knew her brothers, too, afterall. "They did the Goddess proud.", he tries to give some comfort to her. And then she brushes agains thim again, speaks so wickedly, and his own green eyes narrow a little. "I…do not think I made it a secret to you that you do…", he states, quietly, giving er a look. Okay, perhaps it is not true, surely he was all but proper with her until that escorting her to town last week, but then they had not seen each other for quite some time either. "And yet resist I must…", he says, taking a deeper breath.

She knows his worries, and yet refuses to listen to them. Gwynaelle has her sights set upon him, and it would appear, she has ways and means to get what she wants. Sometimes, being the only daughter, and now the only living heir, has it's upside! "I can imagine.. been hoping to run into her here, but it would seem we have been keeping different times." That said, she thinks of her brothers, his words and soft squeeze bringing a smile to her lips again, "I know they did.. and they dance with her and the Greenman now." Still, she laughs, this time, the sound a soft husky purr as she smiles warmer, almost mischieviously at him, "Resistance is no fun… " Futile, some might say! Ahem.

Well, the young knight before her has respect of her father and their liege lord. He will not act rashly if he can help it. It does not mean he is not working behind the scenes to see how likely a union (and the merging of land) would be. After all, surely she can see that his attempts to gain glory and influence in the Tourney would further such goals? To rise in the eyes of the Earl and make it more likely he would be granted her hand _and_ her dowry? Ahem. Still, as she speaks of his sister, he rolls his eyes a little. "Oh, she is pouting, that she was only brought here to be paraded and…", he trails off, guessing Gwyn can guess for what reasons. "I think she has not left her tent yet.". He grumbles a little at that. As for her brothers, he nods his head at that, before she laughs, that husky purr to come and he gives her once more a surprised look. Where did the young maiden learn to laugh like that, speak like that? Ahem. But she might get a tease back from him, for surely his eyes narrow a little at her, and his own voice deepens a little. "Ah, my dear Lady Gawnaeelle. I think you are mistaken. A little resistance can be quite….tantalizing.", he lets her know. Ahem. Surely a warrior would not mind a bit of a struggle.

To have them both working towards something they might well find quite pleasing, only makes it better, right? If they can work out the logistics of their pairing, to be certain all involved will come out happy, then, all the better! "She hasn't? Well.. I will have to go and find her then,and make sure she at least visits the markets while we're here.." What else fun might they have during the winter after they return home?? Not much. Especially if Glaw or her father and all end up going on these missions for the Earl that are being discussed. But, with the purr in her voice, she smiles beneath the narrowing of his gaze, a brow lifted upwards at his words, "Hmm.. I guess I could see where a little mit be fun… but not complete resistance."

Might Glaw look a bit apprehensive then? His sister. And Gwyn together? That can only be meaning trouble, right? Still, he shrugs his shoulders. "I am sure she will come out of her tantrum soon enough.", he tries to reassure her, perhaps trying to prevent such disastrous meeting? Ahem. As for the missions? Glaw has not been approached yet for one to lead or assist with. Then again, he is not truely thinking himself fitting for a dimplomatic mission. And they seem to have been mostly that kind. As she comments about a little bit of resistance, he has to laugh, slowly picking up the pace agains to lead them towards the market. Or did they go to the Pub? Surely Gwyn is not a complete stanger to the Beltaine traditions of having the women be chased into the woods by the men to honor Cerunnous? Ahem. "Oh? Are you saying you are worried you cannot overcome my resistance?", he wonders now, smirking, teasing her.

Scene fades

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