(514-01-19) A Day In Sarum
Summary: Several challenges are made among a large grouping.
Date: 01-19-514
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The last few days of the tourney are in swing, building up for some court time with the Earl, hunting for the feast is in swing for those wishing to get out there. Though personal challenges still continue in full swing. The honor of the vangard with Robert in the grand melee at the wedding tourney still a glorious position to gain.
Its a fair day, blue skies, strands of white clouds drifting quickly along not far over head. As if threating to bring cold and snow from the pagan shores. Out in the lists is Perin, who after the honor of the joust has stewed. And despite that honor, he had no personal wins to show for his attempt to make the vanguard. The elders were watching, he had to show his arm was good at least. There he is, in his chain even, hood down, but the padding up over his head. Bren is not far behind, bearing his sword and shield, for whatever is needed. He's pacing on rounds, seeing if others are coming to measure up who is out there, deciding to issua their own challenges.

Out onto the field marches someone already in armor. Are they favoring their right side? Perhaps, but the knight is ready to issue a challenge all the same. Once there, a helmed head bows to Perin and a respectful salute is given. There is no squire in sight. Drawing the blade, it's clear the challenge has been made.

The late arrival of Glaw is now starting to bear fruit. Or rather Glaw has now to pay the price by running himself a little ragged with trying to play catchup on the lists and later trying to manage to get into the hunt as well. Who knew Tourneys would be so much _work_? Ahem. Still, he too would arrive in armor at the place of skrimmage. Er. The ring of combat. Ahem. Cadfen, his squire lagging behind to lug the shield of his around, while he himself abusing the spear as a walking stick of sort. Spotting Perin already waiting, Glaw cannot help but to chuckle to himself. "Sir Perin. Congratulations.", he offers. To what he congratulates him, is anyone's guess. As the challange from the mystery knight comes, however, Glaw draws back out of the circle, to give them space.

The (public) arrival of a Stapleford knight is usually as the first or the last to any gathering. In a great many of these cases they have been here the whole time. Gideon seems to have not enforced the second tradition and is probably not the very last knight to come to Sarum, his arrival on soft steps but few would not notice the slew of rabbits he has draped down one shoulder as he doggedly moves toward his pavilon. "Alec. Prep these." He says to his squire, before turning towards the sight of the personal challenges. Wordlessly he walks towards the site of Perin and his mystery challenger, Gideon content to remain silent and observe the combat.

A turn to the other that greated him as the quiet knight approaches him, Perin nods. "Thank you Sir Glaw, I am curious, does this make me one to target. I've yet to show myself with a sword here." But the other quiet knight is before him. Reaching to pull his hood up, he looks to his squire, "Bren, sword." Perin gives the honor to match the other as he is, sword only. He moves with the other to a circle, checking, "The first to land two strikes is the victor, for but the honor of the win?" If this is the only stakes, he lifts his sword, at the ready, allowing the other to come to the ready before they cross their blades.

Into the gather comes Sir Ewin. He's dressed in his mail, and his squire Kensit is carrying his shield and other accoutrements, but the young knight is moving a bit stiffly. He gives greetings and salutes as she mingles among the other gathered knights, and does a full salute to Perin, his better in the joust. But for now, Ewin settles in to observe the personal challenges.

Glaw chuckles at Perin's question. "The winner of the joust? Of course it makes you a target, though I already knew your skill with the lance would be surpassing even your skill with the sword.". He _did_ call it that day with Tria, did he not? Still, before he can elaborate, the other knight beats him to the punch, and he gives the two space to work out the details of the challange, instead he lets Cadfen catch up, the young boy looking probably a lot more nervous than his knight, it being the first turney he may squire, after all. Quiet, half-whispered words of encouragement and reminders are given to him by Glaw.

The knight before Perin bows once more, agreeing to the terms, adding nothing further to the stakes. Sword drawn, the Knight waits for Perin to show he was ready before lifting the blade and diving right into the challenge with a sideways slash, intent on showing they were there to try and win the challenge.

You check your sword at 15, you rolled 11.

Perin checked his sword of 12, he rolled 8.

Aeryn rolls 3d6 and gets (2 6 2) for a total of: (10)

Gideon inclines his head upwards in fraction towards the other spectators and towards the combatants. His is probably one of the few, perhaps the sole set of arms that has not engaged another. It is almost as if the melee holds no interest to him from any standpoint other than as an academic display. Still his eyes follow every movement, flicking occasionally to study the motions and words of those about him before returning to the combat. "One would think you are a target by your very existence. In a constant race to prove to your neighbors that you are not weak, to your lord that you are reliable, and to yourself you are not priveleged and burdened merely an accident of birth." A slow exhale of breath and a chuckle. "But, then if you were not a target, how would you know you were truly alive?"

Speaking of Tria, there is no ribbon on Perin today, "That you did." Only if there wasn't this challenge at foot, he could talk more with Sir Glaw, a nod to Ewin too, just a chuckle to Gideon's comment before he's full focused on the matching of steel. And, if one where looking, the only thing for him right now is the concentration of sword play. The other comes in quickly and doesn't relent, a blow landed, the sound of the impact on his chain rattling but only loud enough for those nearby to hear and know the strike was true. Taking that strike, he isn't going to let it go completely by way of honor, Sir Aeron was glad to show him that a few days prior. He pull his sword back only to give a beat before he presses the attack this time.

Glaw knows better than to distract the combatants with talk. Well, jeering and insults might be permitted, but deep philosophical talk is just cheating. And so Gideon gains a look, an raised eyebrow, before he starts to push his way through whatever crowd has gathered around the "ring" to watch to step a bit closer to the unknown other knight before he replies. "You make the prey the instigator of the hunt like that. If he is a target then that is by the virtue of the hunger of his hunters, not by his need to prove himself. The doe only _starts_ the hunt on virture of wishing to stay alive and only in reaction of the ill-intend of it's would-be-persuers.", he counters with a tad of amusement in his expression.

Relentless in attack, the Knight hones in on the weakest and most unguarded area and slashes. The blunt side of the sword lands, giving a point for it. One down. Prepared for a counter attack, hopefully, the knight is intent to parry it and counter the attack, becoming the aggressor.

You check your sword at 15, you rolled 4.
Perin checked his sword of 12, he rolled 4.

You check your sword at 15, you rolled 12.

Perin checked his sword of 12, he rolled 16.

Watching the match, Ewin has to smile as he recognizes the combatants in the ring. Arguments in that household will be an interesting affair to be sure. He claps as the points are scored, then turns to Gideon and Glaw. "It sounds as if you disapprove of suchtests of valor and skill, Sir knight. We must constantly strive for excellence within ourselves, bringing honor and glory to each of us, our families, and our liege. It is in this way that we show that we are worthy of the responsibilities given to us in bringing justice and protceting out liege's lands and vassals."

Aeryn rolls 3d6 and gets (1 2 1) for a total of: (4)

The unknown knight. Yes, that pretty much sums up Gideon nicely, with his absence from a great many of the social to dos that characterize his near monastic lifestyle. "For a knight, a bear is a more apt metaphor. Or perhaps a boar. Something certainly more equipped by nature to be of a threat to its pursuers. And perhaps giving infinitely more reason to do so." Still, hunting metaphors are not without their interest, so Gideon gives a lingering glance towards Glaw. "In any case, I merely point out he need not blame his being targeted on being succesful, being a knight is sufficient. That way he can enjoy his proof of skill without regret or concern." Ewin's commentary brings a slight glance and a raise of eyebrow before he laughs and shakes his head. "

The unknown knight. Yes, that pretty much sums up Gideon nicely, with his absence from a great many of the social to dos that characterize his near monastic lifestyle. "For a knight, a bear is a more apt metaphor. Or perhaps a boar. Something certainly more equipped by nature to be of a threat to its pursuers. And perhaps giving infinitely more reason to do so." Still, hunting metaphors are not without their interest, so Gideon gives a lingering glance towards Glaw. "In any case, I merely point out he need not blame his being targeted on being succesful, being a knight is sufficient. That way he can enjoy his proof of skill without regret or concern." Ewin's commentary brings a slight glance and a raise of eyebrow before he laughs and shakes his head. "I do not disapprove at all. I simply find my valor and skill in the slaying of the marauder and of the rampaging beast. This is…practice, and as I give no glory to my squire for doing his chores, so I should not gain glory for practicing my craft."

This time he presses harder certainly, determined not to lose yet again. His sword seems to be failing him, or his attention to duty with the swords has failed him. Perin is matched by the mystery knight, who holds him at bay and eventually turns it back upon him, landing a second blow and securing a victory in this personal challenge. Backing from the other knight, "Well done sir, do I have the honor to know my challenger?" It is asked, no demand. Sword held out, waiting for Bren to take it. Once the squire has it, he lowers his chain hood again. He does pick up some of the nearby conversation, and grins, "I've yet to prove success with the sword on this grounds, nothing yet to enjoy in that regard I fear." Though curiously holds for the mystery knight just the same.

As Edwin speaks up, Glaw gives the man a longer look, then inhales a bit deeper. "That is what the good Sir…", he gestures to Gideon, "…had said before, basically.", he reiterates, now leaning on the spear in his hand, leaving it upright planted firmly on the cobblestones below. Gideon's words, however make him chuckle. "I already dubbed one knight "Wolf". I am not sure Sir Perin would appreciate being likened to a Boar.", he wonders, peering at the two combatants as the shorter knight once more strikes true, even if it is barely a proper connecting. "A bear perhaps. Thought I have yet to hear him roar.". Does he dare to smirk at that. Totally does. As for Gideon's further words, Glaw has to chuckle. "What is Glory but the knowledge of the World of your deeds? You /do/ give your squire praise for his chores if he does them right. And you give him scolding if he does them badly. The world gives us praise if we prove to be practicing our craft and duty. And your fellow knights give you a wary eye as a fellow bear would watching you sharpen your claws against a tree.". As the contest comes to close, Glaw actually does join in. "Let ie be known who bested the Winner of the Joust.", he agrees. Hey, nothing like a bit of peer pressure, right?

The sword play goes on and on, the clashing of steel echoes through the immediate area for the onlookers it proves to be fairly evenly matched. A dodge, a parry, only to be met by the swords clanging together again. Only when the knight is able to press an advantage and strike another clear blow is the contest over and a bow of the helm is given. The request is met in hesitation before the sword is sheathed and two hands move to lift the helm revealing her identity. Tucking it beneath an arm, the chain hood is lowered just after. There is no smile worn but the respect is clear in her expression. "Well fought, Sir." It was not the first time she bested him with the blade.

Perin checked his modest of 13, he rolled 15.
Perin checked his proud of 7, he rolled 19.

With his sister's identity revealed, Ewin laughs and claps in applause for her. "Well done, sister! That's showing him who's going to run the house!" He's grinning from ear to ear, happy that Aeryn is showing everyone what she's mde of. "And with a dent in her side from a challenge yesterday, no less!"

With his sister's identity revealed, Ewin laughs and claps in applause for her. "Well done, sister! That's showing him who's going to run the house!" He's grinning from ear to ear, happy that Aeryn is showing everyone what she's mde of. "And with a dent in her side from a challenge yesterday, no less!" (repose)

"I cannot see why he would not be flattered. The Boar is a cunning, determined beast. Protective of territory and family, and destructive to its enemies, whether it be the farmers field or the pursuing knight." Gideon responds with a bark of laughter, though he does listen quietly and with a great deal of pensiveness visible on his features, a stroke of chin as he considers Glaw's words. "Glory is from defeating the invader or creating works of culture to ward against barbarism. This is merely a prelude." Though the fight was well fought, and he gives a simple slap of one palm into the other. "Well fought indeed. May your passion in love be as great as your passion with the blade….and may the former not always require the latter." Its how Iona lost her second husband. Messy business, that.

A bit of Glaw's conversation is heard when his hood is down, Perin nods a little, turning his way. Pride or not, that furthers some of the attention at least. Then she reveals who she is, a hint of uncertainty in his jawlilne. Then he straightens up, more formal, "And you, well fought .. again." Accepting it towards modesty, Ewin may not help quite so much, she showing him, and injured on top of that. A breath comes in, slowly let out. "It was well fought indeed, I can see I have much to learn. My fortune that you are gifted with the blade." As in he can learn from her. That took a little bit of swallowing the pride away that wanted to rush up, but she is good with a sword. "I don't think we've formally introduced and the stakes of our last challenge have been claimed by others, revealing who each we are. My apologies this has been taken from us." Then he does give her a curious eye, then to the others, "We're taking time here, perhaps others wish to show us their prowess with the blade?"

As Perin is revealed to have been beat up by a girl, Glaw offers a faint smile to that, but he does not gloat, even less so when Ewin reveals who the girl probably is. Nope, for once Glaw is not rubbing salt into that wound. Probably because someone else is doing his work for him. Ahem. "Well done, Lady Knight.", he offers nonetheless. As for Gideon, he offers the man a longer look at his words. "There is worth in prelude, my good Sir Knight. I see your point, that the Glory should be in the culmination, but we do not have the luxury to merely live with backward glance.". He gestures idly to the two would be husband and wife. "They might be destined for greatness, and their children might see this as meaningless chapter of that story because they already know the ending. We can only see a handspan ahead in the fog of time. Their potential deserves recognition, if not for the part they play, then as a token of respect as warriors they shown themselves to be. I — for one — would rather have either of them at my side as brother and sister - in -arms than on the other side of the battle.". And with that he gives both Perin and Aeryn a nod of his head. "And in turn I seek to win the same respect from my fellow knights, no matter if you call it Glory or…practice.". An open-ended sort of mirroring Perin's words. He is up for challanges.

Gideon offers no salt. His own austere if genial philosophy merely is wrapped about himself, it is not intended to be burdened upon others. "It is a paired glance, Sir Knight, at least in my family. The pairing of ones glorious death with ones birth and all the moments between. That whatever Heaven or Damnation you desire is when your Glory is truly given and assigned, that bards and even lords can but help you keep an inventory. But you are right. It is not fair to assign my values to these blessed lovers." At the mentions of others showcasing their skill, he rocks back upon his heels, then looks over his shoulder. "Alec. My spear and shield!" His quiet almost murmuring tones giving way to a formidable call for arms. "Perhaps the young fellow who finds glory in the practice wishes to test his sword? Or perhaps the philosopher and granter of nicknames? I suppose it would reflect poorly upon my family if I did not at least make the token effort at this grand gathering."

Aeryn hears her brother and turns her head to offer him a wry twist of her lips. "Sir Ewin, perhaps you and I should meet with a sword again soon." Though Glaw has offered his preference for a challenge as well and as she considers it, she hesitates long enough to see if there was interest from others first. And there it is, her eyes shift to Gideon when a match is requested, yet neither is to her, the victor. A bow of her head and she looks back to Perin, "Of course," she acquiesces. "Lady Knight Aeryn de Winterbourne Stoke, it is a pleasure to meet you, Sir Perin, formally." Manners hold out as always, yet there is not warmth in her expression, yet not a chill either. Perhaps it could be more classified as neutral.

Aeryn hears her brother and turns her head to offer him a wry twist of her lips. "Sir Ewin, perhaps you and I should meet with a sword again soon." Though Glaw has offered his preference for a challenge as well and as she considers it, she hesitates long enough to see if there was interest from others first. And there it is, her eyes shift to Gideon when a match is requested, yet neither is to her, the victor. A bow of her head and she looks back to Perin, "Of course," she acquiesces. "Lady Knight Aeryn de Winterbourne Stoke, it is a pleasure to meet you, Sir Perin, formally." Manners hold out as always, yet there is not warmth in her expression, yet not a chill either. Perhaps it could be more classified as neutral. (repose)

Unure himself, Perin does turn his ear to Glaw, nodding. "Yes, one will hope someone has the sight to see the good in this." More meaning thsoe children down the line, but not naming the object as children, presumptious at the moment, and yet assumed by families of course. His compliment nets an incline of Perin's head though, "Thank you sir, while bested, I would be remiss if I did not admit it. When it comes to battle, I would be glad to know her sword is on my side. It befits me to assure it is, indeed always on my side. She has proven she is certainly the better." Comfortable at least that Gideon passes no judgement. Turning to Aeryn then, "The honor is mine …. Lord Knight Perin de Steeple Langford." He offers to move out of the circle, let the others in, a hand offered to let her go first. "I don't know if its a good start or not, but I am glad to know you are well versed with the sword." Hopefully Ewin doesn't say something to tease at the situation, he means well, only its just so new all around. Perin gives an eye to him, seeming as he's taking up the next challenge.

After clapping Aeryn on the shoulder in celebration of her victory, Ewin's smile turns to an 'I'm watching you' glare for Perin as introductions are exchanged between the prospective couple. Then, two challenges are made and Ewin starts smiling again. "How could any knight not rise to the occasion?" he asks both Glaw and Gideon. Since Gideon seems to be ready to go, Ewin answers to him first. "And I choose to rise to the challenge of the Questing Kinght. Kensit, my shield…" Ewin's squire brings the shield out as the young knight walks into the ring, swinging and stretching out his arms a bit first. Once he is armed and ready, Ewin bows and salutes to Gideaon. "Sir Ewin de Winterbourne Stoke, good sir. Might I know the name of the knight I face?" He lowers the visor of his helmet once introductions are made, and gets in the ready stance in response to Gideon.

After clapping Aeryn on the shoulder in celebration of her victory, Ewin's smile turns to an 'I'm watching you' glare for Perin as introductions are exchanged between the prospective couple. Then, two challenges are made and Ewin starts smiling again. "How could any knight not rise to the occasion?" he asks both Glaw and Gideon. Since Gideon seems to be ready to go, Ewin answers to him first. "And I choose to rise to the challenge of the Questing Kinght. Kensit, my shield…" Ewin's squire brings the shield out as the young knight walks into the ring, swinging and stretching out his arms a bit first. Once he is armed and ready, Ewin bows and salutes to Gideaon. "Sir Ewin de Winterbourne Stoke, good sir. Might I know the name of the knight I face?" He lowers the visor of his helmet once introductions are made, and gets in the ready stance in response to Gideon.9REPOSE)
Glaw has partially disconnected.

Glaw is amused. Enough to actually laugh, as Ewin picks Gideon to challange, rather than him. Second time, first the mystery knight beating him to the punch with Perin, now this. Well, if Perin was abnormally big, he would just think they are afrad if him, but truely, he is not that tall, is he? So this time, he steps around Gideon and Ewin as they prepare, and calls out after Perin instead. "Do not think you can just walk away, Sir Perin. I would challange the victor, but the good Lady Knight Aeryn is injured still. Or has the ordeal tired you too much to go after these two?", he wonders, smirking.

Alec looks a bit dumbfounded, mostly because its the greatest number of words Gideon has strung together in the months they have been paired, but the squire does fetch his arms as requested, handing Gideon his tools of the trade. The knight gripping the spear butt towards the middle, the other holding his shield outwards. "Sir Gideon De Stapleford. On what grounds shall one yield?" All the superfluous words seem to have been snipped from his speech as he readies himself for the conflict. For his part he is abormally big, but horizontally rather than vertically.

With the introduction, Ewin nods and salutes Gideon. "Shall we say the first to two blows? That is traditional for the Tourney matches." He hefts his shield and sword, still testing out his flexibility and warming up.

Gideon gives Ewin a fractional nod. In this particulary frame of mind he seems to avoid all but the most economical of motions. Perhaps his mornings hunt has already got him sufficiently warmed up. "Ah." It almost seems curious, surprised in its own manner, perhaps betraying a lack of familiarity with such non….decisive forms of conflict resolution. "At your leisure." He says, if further confirmation were required.

"Well met, Sir Perin." Aeryn offers in response. A look is given her brother but it's brief as Glaw hails Perin. "I am well enough to accept a challenge, I would not allow a bruise to stop me. However, I do honor your choice and would like to watch a match between you and Sir Perin if he is so inclined to accept." As her brother and Gideon begin, she turns her attention there.

Nodding again to Gideon, Ewin gets into ready stance and begins to circle his opponent. Fighting someone armed with a spear is always a tricky proposition becasue of the weapon's reach. Ewin uses his sword to bat at Gideon's spear, testing reflexes and skill before lunghing in with a swing to attack in earnest.

Ewin checked his sword of 15, he rolled 1.
Gideon checked his spear of 15, he rolled 10.

The other two setting the contest and terms, Perin looks between Aeryn and Glaw. "I would gladly accept. If only for a chance to prove myself against another. Should I lose again, I well imagine my chances to join with Earl Robert are diminished. Sir Aeryn may choose to continue or stop your streak of wins afterwhich." Given reason to take a bout with Glaw, but not denying Aeryn the opportunity just the same. Eyes turn back to Aeryn after this is said of course, measuring her, something to be said in her honor at least. The second or third thing he knows about her, swords, she can joust, and the honor. So much more to learn, such a curious beginning. Then he realizes he may have looked to much, and pulls his gaze more towards the two in combat. Watching the use of the spear in the challenge.

Gideon rolls 5d6 and gets (5 3 4 1 4) for a total of: (17)

Ewin checked his Dex of 10, he rolled 5.

Gideon doesn't move for what to him seems like an eternity. It is no belittling of Ewin's skill that he does not seem to acknowledge Ewin's movements, its the limitations of the weapon. He really only has one shot if he's using a tournament spear instead of his traditional pike or his favored battle spear. His spear manages to deflect Ewin's testing strokes before he plants his foot and lunges forward, aiming high on the shoulder with his shield held to block any counterstroke.

Aeryn's words make Glaw grin, as he slowly catches up to the couple. Green eyes alight with a spark of mirth and mischief. "Ah, do not mistake me sparing you, Lady Aeryn for courtesy. When I best you in a fight, I wish there to be no excuse for neither you nor your brother to claim that be the reason.", Glaw dares to tell her, his chin lifting a little. Was it to rile up the red-headed knight? Perhaps. Or perhaps just to get the blood of her furture husband going. Or hell, why pick one? "But if you insist, I think I would like to test myself against you afterwards, as Sir Perin suggests.".

Ewin almost connects with his blow, but Gideon gets the shield up in time. He breaths in frustration under his helm as it seem Fortune is still turning her smile away from him in the contests." Well struck," he concedes to Gideon as he gets back into a ready stance. Again, the young knight advances, probing the spear and trying to work inside Gideon's reach in order to strike.

Ewin checked his sword of 15, he rolled 19.
Critical Fail!
Gideon checked his spear of 15, he rolled 20.

Gideon doesn't say anything. His ears registering, filing away the bits of conversation from Glaw and Aeryn and Perin, but though he manages to counter the stroke of Ewin's sword the blade manages to come down on the haft, severing the practice weapon cleanly, a rain of splinters cascading down. His hand extends for another spear, but apparently Alec is a bit busy fawning over one of the ale wenches. To say that he is mildly put out when the boy fails to bring his weapon is putting it mildly. "Do you wish the win, or to wait?" He inquires of Ewin.

After his flury of blows results in a broken spear, and a missed stike, Ewin steps backwards to let Gideon regain his footing and composure. When the question is asked, Ewin gestures gallantly to his opponent. "There is no honor or glory in taking advantage of a disarmed opponent in Tourney. Re-arm yourself and let us continue." He waits for Gideon to take another weapon, then gets back into a ready stance. "Upon your ready," he offers to Gideon.

"My opponents die. You are a sparring partner." Gideon replies, before Alec finally comes to his senses and realizes that vast tracts of land or no, not being in sync with his knight is probably the far greater worry. A spear is grabbed from the weapon rack and flung towards Gideon, at which point he resumes his ready stance, an exhalation of breath as he once again prepares himself for the melee. He then steps forward with only the bare minimum of probing thrusts, following the movement of sword and shield with his eyes before he tries to place the spear point within the gap of his defenses.

Ewin checked his sword of 15, he rolled 5.
Gideon checked his spear of 15, he rolled 10.
Gideon rolls 5d6 and gets (1 4 1 1 1) for a total of: (8)

"Surely there are still chances for you to challenge, Sir Perin? I would not discount yourself yet, you won the joust, after all." Aeryn quietly relays. As she watches her brother, she listens, proud of his decision to let his opponent rearm himself. Sparing a look at Glaw, she catches Perin's gaze lingering on her and ducks her head slightly with pink rising in her cheeks. "I would offer no excuse for a loss other than my opponent being simply more skilled than I. Taking the field, I am accepting a challenge and declaring myself worthy of it. I do and will accept your challenge, Sir." Bowing her head.

As Gideon begins the sparring anew, Ewin continues trying to get inside the longer reach. He comes cose but is taken by surprise by a shot from the spear that glances off his breastplate and skews to the side. not a solid hit, but still a hit. Ewin sighs in frustration at another loss on the field, but bows and salutes Gideon. "Well done, Sir Gideon. You earned the victory well this day." He holds out his hand to be clasped.

Gideon looks down at the hand for a moment, studying it. "Only by your grace. I failed to kill or bring you to your feet in the first strike and you disarmed me. In real combat we both know whom the victor would have been." Its not helped by the fact that apparently Alec has a serious case of the hormones, but at least there are no wounds that need to be tended. He lifts his helmet, his cold eyes meeting Ewin's. "You will have a good death I think. I look forward to seeing it." Only then does he clasp the Winterbourne knight's hand.

Looking between the two, Perin listens intently. "It seems we have an agreement, and two challenges await you Sir Glaw." Who seems one ready to show himself by the choice of words he has used, namely in not wanting to battle someone injured to find excuse in his win that way alone. And there she is, courtesy and honor, hard to look away. More so curiousity growing, as if should circumstances to meet been otherwise. At least he's not toting around the ribbon anymore. "You have the position to choose your first challenger." The pink is not lost, but he's not one to push that either. And as Gideon lands his second, blow, showing modesty in the win, he looks, "And none to soon to choose. I am ready, as I am sure Sir Aeryn is the same."

No temper that flare, his verbal thrust harmlessly turned aside by the red-headed knight, and Glaw turns eyes back at her, his grin fading into a smile and he gives her a small almost imperceptible nod at her response. "Then, after Sir Perin's bout with me, I will renew it.", he declares, then gives Perin a bit of a wider grin. "Assuming the good Sir leaves me in a shape to hold a spear or sword.", he gives the man that much, soon turning to wave at his own squire to lug his shield his way, so he can affix it to his arm and slip the chain-coif over his head. Well, Glaw is nothing if not confident, to basically accept two challanges back-to-back. Overconfident perhaps? He steps into the ring then, giving his spear a sideway thrust or two to test its flexibility, before he stops opposite of Perin once he is ready. "As before, first to reach two hits?", he inquires.

Gideon's hand is clasped in frinedship, although Ewin looks rather uneasy by the knight's words. "All knights will meet their death with honor," he says as they walk off the field to let the next pairing in. "I prefer to focus on the years leading up to death. To live life with as much nobility and enjoyment as one may have as a celebration of the miraculous gifts given to us by our Lord God and Savior. I accept death, but choose to celebrate life until I meet my Maker."

In Aeryn's opinion, it was no easy feat to best her brother, so when Gideon manages it, there is a look of respect that finds its way to her features. "Well fought." The words issued to both her brother and the victor. Stealing a glance at the man at her side, she wears her curiosity in a very muted capacity except for in her eyes. Who was this man she would call husband? Her gaze does not linger, instead she shifts it to Glaw as he offers the smile. One forms in response, "I look forward to it then, both to watching you test your skill with Sir Perin and with me testing mine against yours." Overhearing the other Knight with her brother, her jaw sets, yet she does not interfere in his response, simply leaving it to the two.

Gideon smiles wanly. "I envy your certainty. And its all a matter of perspective. Mortis metum numquam novit. Death knows no fear. Inevitability is our greatest freedom." The larger knight releases Ewin's hand and stands crisply. "Your technique is excellent, but you should spend some time fighting knights who favor the spear of the axe, or perhaps among the levy. The sword is a noble weapon, but its greatest limitations are on open ground, and even the lance can be stopped by a peasant with a long enough stick. Not honorable perhaps, but as you said you have your whole life to gain Glory." And with that he turns to watch the other prospective melees. "Well, I can say that I participated in this grand tournament. The aunts shall be pleased." Death does not phase him, but mention of the maiden wardens of Stapleford…that _does_ cause him to shudder.

"Well fought," ineeded, Sir Perin agrees as the other two come off the circle they've claimed in the lists. Pulling his hood up once more, he does share that look with Aeryn, the curiousity, and all the unknowns that could of been answered had they met in any other way, than her knocking him on his back to win that first challenge when he arrived early in Sarum for the festivities. He move out to the now dirt circle, the grass trod enough it is worn away from where the personal fights have been taking place. Taking his sword from Bren, he takes his shield this time as well, matching Sir Glaw in this regard for the challenge. His squire helps him with the straps. "The first to land two it is, and the stakes but our honor?" Just to be sure the other is ready. One could say Perin is reckless, and he would certainly live up to that at times. Such as this time, once the stakes are agreed to. He will come at Glaw, pressing the fight, seeing how well the other is with that spear of his.

Perin checked his sword of 12, he rolled 1.
Glaw checked his spear of 15, he rolled 7.

Glaw rolls 4d6 and gets (1 1 2 2) for a total of: (6)

"Well fought," ineeded, Sir Perin agrees as the other two come off the circle they've claimed in the lists. Pulling his hood up once more, he does share that look with Aeryn, the curiousity, and all the unknowns that could of been answered had they met in any other way, than her knocking him on his back to win that first challenge when he arrived early in Sarum for the festivities. He move out to the now dirt circle, the grass trod enough it is worn away from where the personal fights have been taking place. Taking his sword from Bren, he takes his shield this time as well, matching Sir Glaw in this regard for the challenge. His squire helps him with the straps. "The first to land two it is, and the stakes but our honor?" Just to be sure the other is ready. One could say Perin is reckless, and he would certainly live up to that at times. Such as this time, once the stakes are agreed to. He will come at Glaw, pressing the fight, seeing how well the other is with that spear of his. (repose)

Glaw nods his head simply. "Agreed.", to the additional terms of only their honor be at stake. He would not know what he would like Perin to do or take from him instead. In fact, the man might actually be someone Glaw might enjoy the company of, teasing after previous fights none-with-standing.
It might be funny to watch Gideon and Glaw fight with the same weapon back to back, for surely their styles could not be more different. While the former seem to have drilled himself to perfection in a shieldwall, Glaw is well aware — and takes shameless advantage of — that there is nobody on either side of him, and when Perin comes at him, he actually lets him step closer than would be the case in battle introducing a half spin and the spear instead of thrust being used to 'swipe' against the overextended side or back of his opponent. Sure, that is barely able to penetrate the armor in a real fight, but it is a hit. Glaw grins. So perhaps he is a bit of a showoff. Ahem.

Glaw checked his spear of 15, he rolled 8.
Perin checked his sword of 12, he rolled 5.
Glaw rolls 4d6 and gets (3 1 5 1) for a total of: (10)

He had watched the other fight and was trying to determine a course of action base on the other. Perin moves in quickly, taking the bait even, his sword finding shield and nothing more as the other spins in his passing, getting his exposed flank after his arm swing itself away showing the meaty big of flesh right there. Continuing his reckless approach of course, Perin turns enough to see the other and moves again. No wanting to explose that side, he tries not to simply rush this time. Then again, he may be overcompansating in not going too far, and locking his mobility down by nearly planting his feat and the other already showed his agility.

Glaw checked his Proud of 16, he rolled 19.
Glaw checked his modest of 4, he rolled 13.

With his fight with Ewin completed, Gideon watches the battle between Perin and Glaw. The other knight seems to take a completely different tack with the spear, but Gideon is not one to judge, though its easy to tell from his eyes he is dissecting the excess of motion, trying to determine the correlation between theatrics and effectiveness. It is a game however, and thus he holds his tongue, allowing the battle to commence. And Glaw is a fellow spearman, a seemingly rare commodity in the midst of all these sword weilders. Alec takes his practice spear, shield, and helmet, and he sucks in a breath of air. It is a game after all. Practice.

Glaw is indeed light on his feet, compared to most knights, at least, though surely that armor does quite enough to slow him down. Still, the strike done, only to have Perin go stright for the second pass, and Glaw backpedals a step, as if surprised and afraid of the second attack, but then suddenly reverses, threading that spear point between Perin's blade and shield to strike chain, quite a bit harder this time, but clearly not with his full force either. Glaw holds the pose for a moment, before he straightens himself. Oh, he normally would show off now, but the knight before him has only lost by a hair's breadth every time and so the man is moved to temper his boastful nature for once, merely planting his spear by his side. "You are quicker than I thought. You almost got me there.".

From the sidelines, Aeryn watches the contest, her squire approaches with her shield and she accepts it with a nod of acknowledgement. "Beth, stay and watch." The young woman does, remaining standing there in her boots, breeches and tunic with her leather armor on her chest. There is a flinch as the point of the spear meets the chain, but a look is given between the two. It had been close, very close. "Well done." With the match over, she approaches, sword and shield this time in hand.

As the match continues, Ewin moves over to his sister, making applause as necessary. "Well, it seems you're having all the luck with the swords this Tourney," he says with a chuckle. "How's the side feeling? That was a harsh blow you took yesterday. I'm glad to see you're overcoming it."

"Almost had you, but not quick enough," grins Perin, accepting the other as the better, handing gear off to his squire once more. "I think it shows I need to practice more against the spear. Perhaps sometime before the tournament in Carlion, we could meet again, Sir Glaw. That I may better myself against your experience with the spear?" Asked as he moves to be on the side, passing Aeryn as he does, and going silent in passing. Still forming opinions and all, but he does wish her the best regardless. He passes, maybe he should of said something, or is that favoritism. He turns over his shoulder, "Good luck, I'm sure you'll do well." What, that's sounded lame, he turns to the others, trying to forget his words failing him as he goes to spectate. To Ewin, "Your sister does have an arm, I can't deny this."

As Perin moves off, Glaw now moves closer back to Aeryn is standing with her brother, planting the spear next to his foot to half lean into it, though he does not let Cadfan take his shield, even if the boy is hovering nearby. "I suppose I shall renew the challange then, as promised, Sir Aeryn. Weapons of your choice, first to score second hit, for the honor of the win.", he states, tilting his head to watch the redhead to see if she is agreed, before letting her get ready for that. As for Perin showing favoritism to his future wife? Well, Glaw might get nervous if the opposite were true. Ahem. He does not seem to mind in this constellation.

"I hope it can continue," Aeryn tells her brother with a wan smile and a glance to Glaw. "I am about to meet a good match, I believe." A tap to her side, a gentle tap, and she nods reassuringly, "Much better." As Perin passes, she gives a hesitant nod at the passing, but his silence is accepted and reciprocated. As he turns and wishes her good luck, she gives a bit of an awkward nod to him, "Thank you, Sir." Her focus once more returns to her opponent. "On your attack, Sir." Preparing her own stance, shoulders squared, feet parted so she has better movement, shield and sword at the ready.

Amidst all of this talk of practice and arms, Gideon is content to play the part of the silent observer. His arms folded as he turns his head towards what breeze might exist, His hands resting at his sides as he looks over at Perin. "You fought well. I think it is unfortunate more knights do not spend more time with the spear or pike on foot in training or in opposition. Reach is a powerful advantage in an open space like this. The sword and the lance are well and good, but a peasant with a long enough pointy stick can halt even the mightiest charge if he stands firm, so a knight trained for such is all the more capable." But such is mere opinion, and he gives a shrug as if to suggest it is merely opinion. He seems quite content to avoid much of the pageantry and mock combat, he has already played enough for the day.

Glaw checked his spear of 15, he rolled 7.
You check your sword at 15, you rolled 6.

Ewin claps for his sister, smiling as she walks into the ring fearlessly. And then Perin talks about Aeryn to him. Ewin looks at Perin with a measured eye; not quite approving and being very protective of his sister. "Aye," he agrees and nods, still looking at Perin warily. "And her two brothers have good arms, as well." Well, when one of them can land a blow…

Glaw rolls 4d6 and gets (3 5 4 5) for a total of: (17)

Glaw steps back, letting her prepare, and on her word, he does move, once more changing up the game a little, this time not waiting defensively for the overextend of his opponent, but goes for the attack instead, perhaps learning his lesson from watching her with Perin to not give the red-head the advantage of initiative and attack.

*THWACK* The blow is resounding when it hits her and Aeryn does not manage to get her shield or blade in time to block the sturdy hit as it comes across and to her shoulder, sending a solid shaft of pain through her arm. It is her shield arm at least and she only takes a moment to brace herself before going into the next, sword swinging in a side arc.

Ewin winces in pain as Aeryn is hit solidly. He knows that her earlier wounds won't stop her, but he still hopes she'll come to her senses before lasting injury is done. He keeps a sharp eye on both Aeryn and her squire Beth, making sure the girl isn't as distracted as Gideon's squire was.

Listening at first to Gideon, Perin folds arms, eyes on the contest. "Ah, you might be right, simply to understand its use. Couldn't hurt to train with a spear. I admit I simply never considered the use of such a weapon." He's more modern, his family line has forgotten any Roman ancestors more than likely. "Then, I may not be comfortable simply fighting armed peasants. But if they were to raise some resistance …" He shrugs his shoulder at the idea. If they take a weapon and stand in the way, surely an enemy. One hand comes to his chin, he turns next to Ewin, "Ah, something to bear in mind. This speaks highly of your sister and your family, I mean to make well by her and all of you."

You check your sword at 15, you rolled 6.
Glaw checked his spear of 15, he rolled 8.

Glaw rolls 4d6 and gets (3 6 1 4) for a total of: (14)

You check your dex at 15, you rolled 8.

With the first strike going to him, Glaw draws back to let Aeryn recover, before he strikes his shield twice with his glove to prompt her attack this time. *CLANK CLANK*. Once more the two half-circle each other and it seems they are quite evenly matched with sword batting spear point away, only for shield to intercept her swings. Only after several passes does he finally manage to sidestep and once more strike true on teh red-headed knight. 2-0 twice in a row? Glaw's modesty knows its tiny bounds, he grins, lifting his spear overhead in victory.

It was anyone's point, at first she believes it to be so as Aeryn manages to block with both shield and sword, her boots dancing in the worn area from the challenges before. all too soon, she finds her sword meeting the spear but the sword is unable to hold and her opponent presses in the advantage and the point is his. Chest rising and falling beneath her armor, her visor is lifted and there is a smile in the eyes showing there. "Well done," taking no offense to his celebratory action. "Very well done."

Somewhere's in the crowd near those that are watching is Gwynaelle, the young Lady with a handmaiden at her side. Blue eyes dance upon Glaw as he circles the other knight, and once he is victorious, she cheers for him once others do.

Glaw grins, holding out his shield-arm for Cadfen to undo the straps and take the shield, before he shifts the spear to his left hand to offer his right arm to be clasped by the female knight. "You made me work for it.", he admits, a little quieter. "I'd hate to see how quickly you move when your side is not hurting.". So now /he/ gives her the excuse of the injury after decrying she might use it to justify her loss? Tsk. Bad Glaw. "I am certain you will be asked to Camilard.", he declares. With that, he lets her go, then, starting to move from the circle of trampled grass, grinning at the cheers and clapping that might be heard, again using the spear as a walking stick of sort, completely without need.

Ewin claps politely after the end of the match, despite Aeryn's loss. As Glaw starts his victory walk, Ewin appraches him, smliing. "Well done, Sir Glaw. Perhaps, if you're not tired from your victories, you would accept a challenge from myself? After the defeat of both my sister and her intended at your spear, I would welcome the chance to cross weapons with you."

When Glaw is making his victory lap and getting his congratulations from those who watched, Gwynaelle steps forwards to offer her own, offering him a smile, "Very good, Sir Glaw.." But with Ewin's approach and offer of a challenge, she is certain to step back, to watch and see how such is answered. Intrigued is the young lady of Idmiston.

The offered excuse is given an amused look from the Winterbourne Stoke knight, the fairer of the two present anyway. Aeryn's arm is given over for he clasp and a smile graces her features, softening them considerable from her usually more stern appearance. "If so," she muses in regards to Camilard, "I look forward to meeting you there." A return at the compliment. As her brother approaches, she releases Glaw and walks over to the side to stand near her squire who happened to be standing nearby Perin. "Good luck, Sirs." Offering to both Glaw and Ewin.

There is a group of younger knights all around one circle amongst the lists for the challenges. As the current match is complete and they make well in their exchange, Perin is outside the circle as Ewin moves in. Bren is happy, no more swords to hand out, or shields to attach. He might be looking at a particular other squire, if one observed. "Definitely something to learn," the spear, more for Gideon and Glaw to hear. He does turn to Aeryn as she finishes, "Very close, I'm impressed." Then he pauses, "Not saying its hard to do that. Or to be condescending." Those words aren't working out as well either, he puts a hand to his head, rubs his temples, straightens his thoughts. "I just mean, you do very well, I enjoyed watching you." Beat, didn't sound right, "Fight, watching you fight."

Acwel couldn't help but overhear an excited peasant about fighting in the Farmer's Quarter. Thus, the Woodford knight is compelled to join, clad in armor and a tabard bearing the dragons vert, d'or and argent of his house and duly armed with his knightly sword. He approaches Gideon, reaching out to clasp the Stapleford knight's shoulder. "Cousin, hello. What's going on here?"

That Ewin is approaching him might be a mercy for Perin and Aeryn, for now Glaw is out of earshot of that merchant-cart wreck. Ahem. Th challange issued, Glaw grins. "Well, let me grab a cup of water or wine, and I shall be with you, then.". Hey, he could get the whole set of the (future) family! "Same terms as with your sister, good knight?", he wonders. As for Gwynaelle's congratulations, he offers her a smile and half bow. "Why, thank you M'Lady. I was not aware you were watching, otherwise I would have tried even harder, of course.", he claims, smirking lightly at his foster-sister.

Gwynaelle laughs softly, dipping her head to Glaw as he bows to her. "I do not think that is needed though…" A glance is given to Ewin, then back to him, "You might want to try a little harder this time.." As if suggesting that he might not have as easy a win against the newest challenger! While his squire fetches him a drink, she does step closer, offering him a handkerchief, one brow raised slightly, "Perhaps a bit of luck… just in case?"

Ewn nods to Glaw's request, gesturing for him to take his time. "Of course. I shall be ready when you find yourself able to continue, Sir Knight.

With the poor Squire now rushing around to get him his shiled back (I just got it off!) and to grab one of the cups of questionable liquid (Don't spill, don't spill) Glaw's squire is rather busy. So oddly enough it might be more his thankful eyes directed at Gwynaelle as she offers the hankerchief that buy him a bit of reprieve. Glaw on the other hand, is surprised, but lowers the point of the spear for her to tie her handkerchief to it. "I would be very pleased with your wellwishes and belssings on my…weapon.", Glaw comments, before he glances back to Ewin, before donning the chaincoif once more, and begins to step back into the ring of trampled hopes…err. grass.

As Perin speaks to her, Aeryn attempts to remain as graceful as she had been trained, Beth is, of course, stealing glances at Bren again, but for now her knight ignores it. Aeryn considers Perin a moment, "Thank you," she tells him, more to put him out of his misery than anything else. "Your challenge was good as well. I think I should learn the spear." Her attention shifts to the circle, the gesture from the lady not lost and she gives a speculative look between the duo.

Gwynaelle offers Glaw's squire a bit of a smile, likely understanding the poor young man is being run ragged at the moment. When offered the spear to tie her handkerchief to, she moves closer, to lightly touch the weapon as she ties the bit of black and green fabric in a knot just beneath the metal tip, letting it flutter in the wind. "May luck follow you yet again in the ring, Sir Glaw." Once tied into place, she steps back to join the other watchers, her handmaiden standing at her side.

Whilst Glaw is securing Gwynalle's favor and taking drinks, Ewin is pacing the circle, taking more practice swings with his sword and making sure any kinks in his side are properly stretched out. His squire, Kensit, has laid out additional weapons to quickly give to his master in case of another loose sword flying away. When Glaw walks back into the ring, Ewin bows and salutes to him, saying, "Upon your ready, sir…" before closing his visor and getting in a ready stance.

Aeron has arrived at the tourney grounds amongst the farmer's quarter, making his way towards the gathering watching the challenges start to play out, casting a glance between the two knights preparing their challenge.

Indeed the reason Bren isn't spot on is nearby, her name Beth. He would talk to her, but he's on duty, is that allowable. He could do better than Perin to Aeryn, he's sure of it. Instead he gives a glance over, grins wide and raises a brow before rolling his eyes. Half, aren't our knight pretentious, the other half, that will be us in a few years.
Perin himself nods to Aeryn, "I think Sir Glaw may stand until he may be bested. We should take stakes on how long he will stay in the circle." A pause,that's near friendly talk, he sighs a little. But nods, keeping to it, its been said. "And we .. should train with the spear?" An invitation, something to consider. Not like he can talk, be nice, flirt, but they do have that in common weapons. He is going easy to, Ewin is out of the circle and nearby, don't want to upset the family any time soon.

A last tug to make sure the favor remains where it is supposed to be. Of course with Idmiston's collors of verte and sable so similar to his own, the careless observer might just think he used his own. Ahem. Closing the helmet as well, Glaw soon once more uses the glove of his hand to strike the shield with the spear in it. *clank clank*. Signalling he is ready, and soon beginning to circle his next opponent. No further words come for now.

Glaw checked his spear of 15, he rolled 17.
Ewin checked his sword of 15, he rolled 11.
Ewin rolls 4d6 and gets (3 2 2 5) for a total of: (12)

As soon as Glaw signals ready, Ewin starts to circle him. Again, the strategy is to work at probing the spear and moving inside the reach. After facing off against Gideon, Ewin seems to have taken lessons learned to heart and turns inside the thrust from Glaw to answer with his own swing that connects with the spear-wielding knight for a solid hit. "Good round," Ewin says, smiling under his visor. He retreats back and gets in ready, waiting again for Glaw to advance.

Oh, not a good start, and Glaw might actually be heard grumbling under his breath at the hit. A brief glance is given towards the spectator circle, before he turns his attention back on Ewin, taking a deep breath. "Good riposte.", he finally, grudgingly admits. Another strike of his shield with his glove and the spear-wielding knight approaches a bit more cautious.

Glaw checked his spear of 15, he rolled 18.
Ewin checked his sword of 15, he rolled 11.
Ewin rolls 4d6 and gets (4 2 6 6) for a total of: (18)
Glaw checked his DEX of 12, he rolled 19.

And again, Ewin keeps the same strategy, but at a more measured pace. Parrying the spear thrusts, Ewin lunges forward with a shield check to unbalance Glaw, while sweeping down behind the leg to trip him up. Feeling vindicated, Ewin raises his shield momentarily in celebration and hands his sword off to Kensit before reaching down to offer Glaw a hand up. "Well fought, Sir Glaw. It seems that Fortune favored me this round."

Perin is ignored bey Aeryn who focused on the battle of her brother there. So, he decides he aught to do the same. That's cordial, take interest in what she is interested in. He does just that, commenting though, "Perhaps I spoke too soon of said stakes." And how much longer Glaw would stay there undefeated. Speaking up, "Good challenge, I admit to agree with the decision to use this moment to seek our betters. I'm sure we will have the advantage come the grand melee in Carlion." Said in general, not to interrupt others, but only an observation.
Within the lists is a circle of younger knights, eager for personal challenges as the request from the Earl that they would be watched. While the main circle is indeed younger knights, others might notice some of the elders on the field do turn to look towards the newely knighted. They are watching to see who's coming up, and who should be joining with them.

Well, someone must have distrubed Glaw's concentration there, right? Ahem. Or perhaps taking three fights back-to-back finally made him pay the price for his overconfidence. Twice the Ewin managed to get under his guard, and even past his shield, and the while quick on his feet, Glaw zigged where he should have zagged and instead of evading the swing with a half spin he ends up spinning right into the blow. His chest takes the impact nicely, but his feet need a few moments to get the message that the rest of the body stopped and are taken right out under him, the spear-knight hitting the ground hard. For a moment he just lays there peering up, before the hand is offered and Glaw indeed undoes the straps of his shield so he can more easily be lifted. "Nonesense. You beat me soundly twice.", he says, lips pursed thinly against each other. No, the knight is not happy about that. "I…hope I will give you a fight more fitting to both you and my skill next time.". Cadfan soon rushes over to take the shield, and helmet, before Glaw clenches his jaw, starting to make his way back over towards Gwanelle with the spear in hand.

Ewin nods to Glaw, still smiling after helping the other night to his feet. "I look forwards to a rematch. Perhaps before the trip to Camelin?" He then heads back to where Aeryn and Perin are, smiling rather cozily at them. Kensit brings Ewin a jug of water, and the knight takes a long draught of it. "Well…I hope the two of you were taking notes," he jests with a wink and a chuckle.

Great (or at least big) Sir Cyndeyrn comes along, unarmored as of yet but traveling in the company of his squire, who leads a pair of horses behind him, one loaded with the various arms and trappings of his station. Likely it is no accident they come upon the large gathering, although even with all those lingering about and the action in the center of the field, he makes no show of boisterous challenge of his own. Rather, he and his squire find an empty place not far some some of the others and there he goes about methodically preparing, the young lad bringing first a padded tunic and helping slip it over his master's shoulders, and then again with some of the extra lacing to secure it.
When the first piece is secured, he glances around again, but his only interruption to any of the proceedings is to raise his hand in some quick, quiet greeting to a familiar face beside the lists. Then it is back to his own silent dressing.

Gwynaelle watches, her breath surely held as Glaw is hit not once, but twice, then laid upon his back in the trampled grass. Eyes widen, the 'O' of her mouth hidden behind her hand, the poor young lady is blushing by the time the knight is helped back to his feet by Ewin. Maybe she should duck out now!

Having heard from one of her brothers of the festivities in the field, where the lists are and of the knights competing, Seren makes her way there with handmaid in tow, the two speaking with each other like old friends. Her steps are light, she moves with grace and her expression holds an unfettered curiosity. Noticing a few familiar faces, it is Perin she approaches, dipping into a proper curtsy. "Good day to you, Sir," ducking her head demurely, though when she lifts her head a playful smile is dancing in her expression. "Have you had the opportunity to try your sword in the circle?"

Glaw gives a nod to Ewin, though he offers no words. Nope, this defeat he did not take well, despite apparently not harboring any ill wishes to Ewin for delivering it to him. Walking over to Gwynaelle, he soon shakes his head, reaching out with his hand to take hers, if she lets him, before pushing the spear that now wears the dusty favor of hers into said hand, lightly. "Perhaps you find one more worthy to wield this than me.", he offers to her then, before he frowns and leaving the weapon with her, moves to push through the crows to get some…air.

Kamron is armed and armored, with an axe at his hip in place of the usual sword, but he carries his helmet under his left arm rather than wearing it. This allows the brightening of his features to be seen when he spots Cyndeyrn (honestly, it's not difficult), and he moves quickly over in that direction, "Coz!" Laughter is rich in his voice as he holds up a hand in greeting, glancing over to the circle nearby as he moves to greet his kinsman. "You came to the party without being dressed for it. I'm afraid your dear sister will be terribly wroth with you over that."

Gwynaelle chews her bottom lip a little as Glaw walks in her direction, though she takes the offered spear when it's pushed into her hand. She's quiet, staring off after the knight when he walks away, leaving her with favored spear. Surprise appears upon her face, and with a brief look to his squire who's likely confused, she makes to follow after Glaw, her own handmaiden trailing behind. "Sir Glaw.. wait!"

Another foice calls to him though, or comes from nearby, Perin moves towards the lady there cordial as he is sometimes. Giving a nod, "I have, but to no avail. I think I am best suited for the horse, and not my own too feet." Of course, he replies to Seren, but turns to look at Aeryn as he does so. Maybe careful how he respons to the other. "Have you come to pick a favorite?" He looks for Bren, "Take my sword and shield back to our pavilioin. I'll be along shortly." Then he turns back to Seren of course, seeing how her day is finding her, half turning one towards Glaw who seems upset, and the other towards the man with the axe.

Perhaps she called out too late, and Glaw did not hear. Or the man is too stubborn to stop now that he is in motion. Either or, squire, handmaiden and Lady might have to play some catchup as Glaw moves off in the direction of where his family have set up camp and tent.

Aeryn had not been ignoring Perin, only now he is busy in conversation and her brother had just won a challenge. She offers a brief nod towards Ewin, "Well fought."

"Mm, well, I'd not heard about the gathering and was about some other business. But fortunately I am well-prepared for such things," Cyndeyrn will answer his cousin as Kamron joins him. "I think my sister would be more wroth if I went about for warfare at all hours, and made people think we were uncivilized. In either case I will be shortly dressed." Indeed, with the undercoat ready on him, he now allows his squire to lift the heavier mail shirt and drape it down over his broad chest. Dressing the large knight is a challenge all of its own, and one might wonder if he didn't have to reject some potential squires merely for lacking the tall backs to dress him without a stool.
"Have you had any challenges?" he will then wonder, and looks around, noting faces more and less familiar. "With the two of us, Dinton is well represented here."

Perin would stay and talk with Seren of course, but Bren is ahead of the game and ready for him, to remove the chain at least. "Good day to you," he says to her, then moves, but first towards Aeryn, "And you, Sir Aeryn …" He might go on with a my lady even. But unsure footing in that regard. He gives a nod to any others in the area, including her sibling(s) and leaves to be out of the armor.

Ewin nods to Aeryn and laughs. "Luck seemed to have been at my side that match. But it is important to be graceous in both victory and defeat. At the same time, I think we both need to work on our spear techniques." He nods thoughtfully for a bit.

Kamron laughs easily at Cyndryn's rejoinder, "You may have a point." The significantly-smaller cousin steps around to the front of his larger kinsman, helping the squire adjust the fall of the metal rings without apparent shame. "Careful there," these words are for the squire, "Don't fall over. He already towers over the rest of us far enough without looking up at him from the ground." Cyndeyrn's query causes him to shake his head, "I've not yet. I thought to come by and watch for a while before seeing if anyone would take the bait and offer up a challenge for me. You're welcome to go first of course, if you have someone in mind."

"You, Sir de Dinton. The taller one, that is." Acwel makes sure to add that in the end so it is clear he's addressing Cyndeyrn, evidently. "We shall fight, you and I, how about it? For old times' sake, and to even that score. Was it three to two last time?" He shrugs, flashes a grin at the taller Dinton and heads over to the pit, drawing his blade.

Aeryn watches her brother as he approaches, more serious than he for the most part. "It was indeed well fought, Ewin." Watching as Glaw heads off, the lady following him, a speculative look on her features, an arched brow. Turning her attention back to her brother, she nods, "I agree, we should put time in learning the spear. It would probably also benefit my squire should I do so and pass the training on to her."

It is then Seren notices her brother walking out to the tall…. tall knight, approaching him. Her eyes widen slightly and he issues a challenge. Moving from where Perin was, she circles to where Acwel had been standing from before he stepped into the circle. Remaining silent, she watches with an intent expression, though if there is a touch of worry, she is trying to hide it from him while silently cheering him on.

"I'm rare one to pick a fight," Cynderyn will state in his typical stoic manner, yet no sooner has he answered his cousin thus, he hears Sir Acwel calling from the other side. "But I am ever one to finish one. It does seem I have a taker." With that, he turns to receive the last of his gear from his squire, shield and sword alike and then last his helm, whereupon looks across toward the knight in question. "Sir Acwel. Good to see you about. I hope all is well in Woodford." And then, rather than answer immediately in word he simply starts his way out forward, not saying more before he is well out on the field. "I do not keep count of scores with those who are not my foes, but I am happy as ever to cross with you for the sake of keeping ourselves sharp."

Kamron looks over at the call for de Dinton, his brows raising sharply in question. And then the other man clarifies, and Kamron chuckles, stepping aside to clap Cyndryn on the shoulder, "Well, go and finish this one, Coz." He steps back, slipping his thumbs behind the belt holding his surcoat about his waist as he settles in to watch. His eyes sweep the circle, and a smile lights his features as he bows his head to the lovely woman in blue across the circle from him.

"Indeed, thank you for inquiring Sir Cyndeyrn. I hope all is likewise well in Dinton." Acwel angles his head to Sir Cyndeyrn, lifting the blade as he shifts into a neutral, readied stance. "Indeed," he concedes the point, regarding keeping scores, "the only reason why I keep tally is that." Saluting the fellow knight before their upcoming spar, he inquires, after a few moments, "Shall we?"

"Aye, well enough." That seems reply enough for Cyndeyrn on the familial small-talk, and with the final question from his would-be opponent, he seems happy (or willing, he rarely seems too outwardly jovial) to proceed. A hand raises to push down the front of his helm, and he then raises his sword in a quick salute before giving it a couple bangs on his shield and pressing forward, the latter held up as a wall between him and his would-be foe.

And while Cyndeyrn advances in such a way as to act like a veritable human wall, Acwel attempts to circle around the other knight, seeking to fight an opening. The sword is lowered deceptively as the shield is raised, his body sideways so that the additional piece of armor might protect it from a greater array of blows from the front and the flanks. And, it seems, he will not leave the first strike to the much taller man, surging forward to slash quickly at the Dinton knight.

Acwel checked his sword of 15, he rolled 6.
Cyndeyrn checked its sword of 15, it rolled 16.

Acwel rolls 4d6 and gets (6 3 4 6) for a total of: (19)

It seems Acwel's evasion fares well, as while Cyndeyrn puts a great deal of weight behind that initial charge, his foe is about to pivot about him as their shields impact, diverting the larger man's momentum quite effectively. Needless to say, it's equally hard for him to slow down, and he goes right past the other knight who easily strikes him once his shield has passed, once lightly with his weapon (no doubt simply to score a hit) and then more roughly with his shield, that sends the bigger youth tumbling forward like the proverbial falling tree. Timber.

"Up, Sir Cyndeyrn," Acwel gestures with his shield-hand, slipping back into his guard once the man is back on his feet and ready to fight once again. This time he changes the stance slightly, keeping the shield at the side while the sword serves both as his main defense as well as his offense.

Kamron winces a little as Cyndeyrn takes a hit and stumbles, nodding just a little as Acwel urges his cousin back to his feet. Letting out a little breath, he clashes a mailed fist to his surcoat's breast, setting up a soft chiming of links from his hauberk, "Well struck, Sir Acwel," he listens, you see, "Come on, Coz."

There is some appropriate grunting as the large man picks himself up out of the dirt. Cyndeyrn spends a moment gathering himself (the bigger they are, indeed, it's quite a landing when he falls) and then turns about, tilting his head side to side to straighten everything out. Despite the tumble, he does not seem injured, at least, and takes up a similar stance as his first approach, although this time, with a more measured pace to the actual advance, cautious of his quick-footed foe.

Critical Success!
Acwel checked his sword of 15, he rolled 15.

Acwel rolls 4d6 and gets (4 2 1 5) for a total of: (12)

Acwel rolls 8d6 and gets (1 1 3 4 5 4 4 3) for a total of: (25)
Cyndeyrn checked its dex of 9, it rolled 10.

As before, Acwel acts with the acuity necessary to strike before opening himself up to a powerful blow by a much taller foe. This time, it seems to strike right-on, though the hit is replaced by only a light scrape against armor and a decisively powerful shield bash to render the Dinton Giant off-balance and thrown onto the floor. He stands up, afterward, sheathing the sword and nodding once to Cyndeyrn, content to not make any remarks in the aftermath of the match.

Landing with another heavy crash, Cyndeyrn lays there a little longer this time. It may give onlookers a momentary pause to worry of some injury, but only until he gives another grunt and pushes himself upright, taking less hurry in resuming his feet now that he knows he has been bested. "Well fought, Sir Acwel. I shall have to be wary and learn to watch your feet more in the future. I will leave this ground to you, if there's any other that should like to try and claim it." All this said and done, he resheathes his sword and wanders back toward the spot where his squire and cousin have looked on. "Not my best showing, but I suppose it is good to knock the dust and rust off before the Earl's tourney proper."

On the sidelines, Seren continues to watch the current challenge, her brother one half of the unit there matching blades. As the taller of the two has his feet swept out from under him, she looks concerned, wincing. When her brother emerges the victor, she does a bit of a bounce on her feet, a soft sigh of relief escaping her. She cannot help but to notice the nearby knight who calls the taller man cousin. "A good match indeed, between your cousin and my brother."

"Had you gotten the drop on me, Sir, I would have been rendered to dust." And considering that Cyndeyrn is indeed a tall, strong fellow, the Woodford knight might be correct in his assessment. He nods once to Kamron in regards to the compliment, removing his helm in a humble nod of thanks before setting it back on. "Sister," Acwel calls out, with a grin. "This is Sir Cyndeyrn. Sir Cyndeyrn, the lovely lady with the gold-red locks over there is my sister, Lady Seren." He waits, then, to see if there are any more challengers.

Kamron leans in as Cyndeyrn falls again, shaking his head and beginning to chuckle, for all that the amusement stills as the large man remains down for an extended period. Starting forward, he lets out his breath and nods as Cyndeyrn rises, clapping his cousin on the shoulder in commiseration as he looks back to Seren, bowing his head once more, "Quite, M'Lady. Good to see them both come out unharmed. Your brother is quite brilliant in his swordwork, although his skill still pales before your beauty." It's a bit of a stilted line, and Kamron's lips twist up into a slightly crooked grin to acknowledge the point.

Cyndeyrn makes no more remark on the outcome of the match, apparent as it is to all watching. Once on the sidelines again, his squire reaches to take a removed helm, and to at least place his shield somewhere out of the way (and indeed, check if it is damaged and in need of repair or replacement, as is always a concern) while the knight keeps his sword on his belt for now, and does not rush to remove his mail. Once introductions are made, he bobs his head in an echo of his cousin, although there is no repetition of the line or similar, the two evidently unalike in that regard. "A pleasure, my lady," he offers more formally, instead.

A curtsy is offered the two as her brother's opponent approaches, a demure duck of her head, though as she straightens, she smiles in response to the words of Kamron, "It has always been a rare occasion that I could see all of his practice put into play on the field, I admit it has been good watching him. A blush rises in her cheeks, though she dips her head once more to acknowledge the compliment while playing it off by not focusing on it. "Lady Seren de Woodford. A pleasure making your acquaintance." A bob of her head, "And yours as well, Sir Cyndeyrn."

Kamron spreads a hand across the red breast of his surcoat, "Sir Kamron de Dinton, Lady Seren, cousin to the redoubtable Sir Cyndeyrn the Silent." Evidently, he is quite the opposite of silent, offering up another laughing smile as he steps back to give his towering cousin at least equal footing in the conversation, "Tales of your beauty have reached even Dinton, but the reality has stilled the tongue of my cousin, and set mine to gallop."

"Seren," Acwel calls out with familiarity as he approaches the two Dintons and his dear sister. He flashes her a pleasant smile and allows his squire to remove his shield, arms and armor once he stands beside them."

Though not quite silent as his cousin would dub him, Cyndeyrn is surely /closer/ to the word by far. Of course, Kamron goes as far as putting words, or at least opinions about Seren into his own mouth, which leaves it difficult for him to say nothing at all. "Ah, yes, we have heard…" Though here Acwel's arrival proves something of a blessing, "…mention of you from your brother of course. Often. And you are, ah, yes lovely as-" Well probably her brother wasn't calling her that! "-erm, some have said." Clearly, the silver tongue went to the cadet branch of this particular family!

"Sir Kamron," Seren echoes, a smile playing over her features, amusement rather obvious in her eyes despite the desire she has to tamp it down. "You are quite teasing me, I realize that," she tells Kamron with an almost tongue-in-cheek expression. Indeed her brother is a welcome distraction from talking about herself. Instead, she attempts to turn it onto him. "You did well out there, Acwel, rather impressive." Her attention is brought back to Cyndeyrn when he addresses her, "My brother sometimes speaks too often of me, I think. Still, it is lovely to meet the both of you."

Kamron shakes his head, "I should hate to disagree, Lady Seren, but if anything, I am teasing my cousin." His blue-gray eyes twinkle with merriment, but he bows his head, "But it would be unkind of me to disagree with such a modest lady, so I will merely tell your knightly brother that it is good that his sword is so quick. Sir Acwel." A page comes darting from the direction of the castle, bobbing his head in a quick bow to the knights and lady and tugging on Kamron's sleeve to get his attention.

"Sir Kamron," Acwel returns the greeting with a nod, before flashing Seren a smile. "Of course, Sister. But I would say I was fortunate my first attack struck to begin with. I could have lost that dispute horribly had I made a misstep or my guard was off by a hair's length. Sir Cyndeyrn is unstoppable once he gets going. He once carried a man about as heavy as a man all the way through a forest." A pause. "I speak too much of you, you say? Well, as the knight of the house I do care for and look after my only siblings. It is only natural that I'd mention you when I am out in the field."

"Ah yes, but I do think it is natural for a brother to do so, as your own Sir Acwel says," Cyndeyrn will say now with perhaps some sign of relief that the conversation turns a little more normal, or at least offers him some options that do not involve either following, or even worse disputing his cousin's flattering lead. "In fact, it is the case that I have a sister of about your own age as well, my lady. Lysanor. I think your brother has had the chance to meet her on an occasion or two, though if you have not yourselves had the opportunity, it would be good that you would meet, I think." Ladies must be interested in lady things, right? "She is here awaiting the tournament as most, so I am sure you will have some chance."

Seren gives her brother a rather affectionate smile, perhaps a touch of hero worship there, "Oh, you do, I would never question your loyalty to family, not ever." Turning her gaze back to Kamron, she laughs softly, "Thank you for the ego boosts, I fear my head would expand should I remain in your presence for too long." She sounds lame, she knows she does and she gives a self-depreciating smile before tilting her head back to look at the much taller knight. "You do?" There is a definite spark of interest, "I would adore meeting her, Sir, if she would be interested? I have my duties assisting in running the house while Acwel is out, and the additional profession of being a scribe, but I do have free time when I accompany my brother to the tournaments."

Kamron leans down a touch to listen to what the page has to say, although he really does not have to lean down too far, since the page is a tall young man and Kamron is… strictly average at best. He nods more soberly before he looks up to the other nobles, bowing his head in response to Seren's words, "I am sure that your modesty would prevent such a thing, Lady Seren." The page hops from one foot to another, and Kamron looks over to the young man with a wry grin, then shrugs helplessly, "If you will excuse me, Sir Acwel, Lady Seren, Coz, it seems that I am needed. I hope to see you both at the tourney, if not before." Bowing a little more formally, he claps Cyndeyrn on the shoulder again, then turns to follow the hopping, skipping page who obviously wants to hurry back to the castle.

"Indeed, I have met the lovely Lysanor," Acwel inclines his head to Cyndeyrn before telling Seren, "She would be a most proper company for you, I do believe, and you would get along splendidly. Perhaps I might arrange a dinner, in Spring and invite the good sir here and his sister. What do you think? About time us Woodfords started to get closer to our siblings in faith from the other river."

"She does much of the same, I am sure your interests are similar," Cyndeyrn will answer Seren, although his certainty may be as much vested in the simple notion that most women enjoy the same sorts of hobbies than an actual certainty of the ones his sister prefers and their commonality with Seren's. So, naturally enough, he seems accepting of his friend's suggestion. "Once the weather is improved and the roads more clear, I would happily enjoy such a trip and the opportunity to see your home again. Though for the time being, you must pardon me, like my cousin, I am afraid I may have other business lingering and I will need some time to prepare after dusting around here." Which of course signals the squire to help him with his armor and such before he is off to whatever business.

Kamron is bid a friendly goodbye, a curtsy at his departure, "Be well, Sir Kamron." Her attention is taken by her brother at the suggestion, "I agree, an invite in the spring to our manor house would be quite fun. I look forward to it." A smile blossoms across her features as the agreement is made. "I look forward to meeting her then," tilting her head forward, Seren bids him farewell as well. "Good day to you, Sir Cyndeyrn." Reaching out a hand to take her brothers arm for a brief moment, she speaks softly to him, "I should be going for now as well, I have a few things to do. I will have my handmaid with me."

"Of course, dear sister." Acwel squeezes Seren's hand with his own, smiling brightly to her as he nods to her words. "Should you need anything, let me know by courier. I will come to aid you. Until later then, Seren."

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