(514-01-18) Friendly Conversation
Summary: Aluksander and Deryn head off to get a drink after his challenges are done.
Date: 01-18-514
Related: Comes immediately after Challenges Had.
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With her cousin off and away, Deryn walks off with Aluk towards a pub, listening as he speaks of his bouts with the twins, "Hmm.. perhaps he is not so good with sword as he was with lance then." Ewin, that is. She isn't /too/ happy to hear this, as the man did seem glad that she was up and about earlier in their brief conversation.

"Well, I have not seen him joust, so I could not say, myself. But, I am also somewhat formidable with a sword, so I'd like to take at least a /little/ credit," Aluks says, though he is smiling when he says it. "What about you? Do you have any fancy for the sword?"

"I saw and felt.." Deryn answers, smiling a little at that, though she hmms, "I do, yes. I had been looking forwards to taking part in that competition as well, but the chirugeon suggested that I sit out the rest of the tourney if I wished to heal.." She's not so foolish to go against the Early's own chirugeon either.

"Yes, to finish your tilt was brave, to continue fighting after that round be foolish," Aluksander admonishes. As they walk towards the market and the pub, Aluksander looks a little sheepish for a second, rubbing at the back of his neck. "Sir Deryn, would you be offended if I offered you my arm? I know you're a knight, but you're still a lady.".

"I would finish what I started, if at all possible." Dern states then, blushing just a little, "I'm not so sure that I would say I was brave." Surely bravery is something she would associate with the battlefield, not the tourney field. When he offers to give her his arm, she seems stumped, but then after a moment of reasoning it in her head, she finally says, "I have never been offered such before…" At least, not when out of her skirts which she hardly wears!

Aluksander checked his flirting of 3, he rolled 12.

"Well, you're beautiful, so I don't know why not," Aluk says, bluntly. It takes him a second before he realizes what he said and then he facepalms at himself. "I'm sorry. I want trying to be rude. What I meant was, like I said, although you're a knight, but your still a lady, and thus deserve an escort. .. if you'd like!"

Well, after much debate, Aluksander is finally allowed to escort the female knight on their way to the pub for the proffered drink. And so, when they reach the establishment, Aluksander opens the door for her civilly and allows her to enter first before following, showing very good manners. "Would you prefer a booth, table, or seat by the bar?" he offers, returning to Deryn's side once they've entered.

After a moment of hesitation, Deryn places her hand upon his arm, allowing him to escort her towards the nearby pub. As they step inside, she thanks him quietly when the door is opened for her, gaze to sweep the place within before she glances to him, "I'm good wherever, honestly." Allowing him to make a choice based on his own preference.

Aluksander chuckles and folds his arms across his chest, smirking. "You really aren't used to being treated as a woman, are you? … or are you the type of woman who expects the man to make all the decisions?" he teases lightly.

Deryn blinks, then proceeds to blush at his words, her gaze turning back to him, "I do not expect the man to make all the decisions, no. I've been following my father and making decisions for some time yet." Oh, he's got her in a huff now! So, she looks about, only to proceed forwards, choosing a booth off in the corner to take a seat, gingerly, careful of her ribs.

When his teasing brings that pleasant pink tone back to her cheeks, Aluksander's smirk turns to a grin as he follows her to the booth. "So … you decided … to follow your father? Still seems like that leaves the decisions out of your hands …," he prods just a little more before holding both hands up to stop her from replying. "I jest, truly. I only speak thusly to get a rise out of you, for truly, blushing suits you quite admirably." As they reach their corner destination, Aluk stands to the side to allow Deryn her choice of seating, after which he will take the opposite bench.

Deryn glances back to him as he seems to tease her further, lips pressed together to hold back whatever she migth have been about to say. Instead, she concentrates on sitting down slowly as to not hurt her ribs, "One might say you have done much the same way yourself.. following your father, hmm?" AT least she had a choice, right? "My mother died, there was no one else, so it was only natural that I helped my father and picked up the same skills. If my mother had lived, then I would have likely followed her skill set."

That causes Aluksander to frown as he sits. "I've offended you. My apologies. I did not know about your mother, much as you could not know that my father died before I was even born. You have my sincere apologies. I shall refrain from teasing you in the future," he says quietly.

Now it's Deryn's turn to be chastised, and she shakes her head, "I am sorry as well. I fear that the tonic that the healer gave me along with the pain, has made me a bit grumpy. Please.. I am sorry?" She's rambling now, glancing to the server that appraches them to take their order. A mug of ale is requested by she, and she falls silent until the server is away to get their pints. "I guess the teasing from Ewin didn't help either.." So no, she is not used to such very often.

Aluksander hrms, then shakes his head and lightly pounds his fist on the table. "Well, of we aren't careful, they shall say we are the most sorrowful pair to have met, and I refuse to be considered sorrowful for anything, much less the company of a woman. So let us be apologized and forgiven of one another, and let us endeavor to henceforth not have the occasion to again be so put out by I've another," he announces, trying his best to win the point with his nicest smile. Which, as it turns out, is actually very nice.

Deryn check your lustful at 13, you rolled 12.
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Deryn can get behind this, and she pats the table, "I agree.. let us be forgiven and move forwards.." And then he smiles. HE just /had/ to smile at her like that. Gods and goddesses, it hits her low in her belly, causing her to flush for other reasons, and before she even thinks it, she's speaking, "You are amazingly handsome. A wonder some girl hasn't drug you off to the alter.. I know I would." Beat. Oh man, if she can blush any more than she is already, she will be once she realizes just what she said..

Well, Deryn is lucky. Aluksander is a man. So, what she said absolutely doesn't compute at first. Instead, he just looks slightly bewildered fire several seconds as he tries to parse what she said. And fails. "Drug me off … to the altar? I have not even been courting anyone, let alone near marriage. Why would anyone have drug me to the altar?" he asks, scratching his head in genuine confusion.

Deryn sits there, dark as can be, lips parted as he seems confused by her words. Surely she could explain, and just might do so, if not for the return of the server with their pints of ale. Thankful for that, she grabs hers, pulling it in, and downing half of it before you could say anything. Only then does she lower the glass and look to him, "Some girls try and find ways to get a guy to marry them and all.. thus.. dragging one to the alter. Or so I understand." Not her.

There's another frown as Deryn decides to serial half her ale instead of answer his question, so Aluksander takes a pull from his as well, though not nearly as long as Deryn's. "Well, I assure you, none have been interested, nor I so inclined to pursue any sort of relationship with anyone. I had no time for it as a squire, nor were there many available for such things. My knight and I spent the majority of our time travelling, as our lands frequently have incursions on our borders."

One might say that Deryn is so happy for the topic he offers to open there, and jumps upon asking him further, "Incursions? Saxons? How often?" She is curious, and she looks to him as she holds to her cup, finger brushing against the side of it in an idle gesture.

"More frequently than we'd like. Our manor is small and there is a great deal of open territory between ours ans the next closest estate. But no, the incursions are rarely more than bandits raiding for supplies, or more members, or other, more despicable endeavors. So, our lands are constantly patrolled." Aluksander says.

"Hmm…" Deryn seems to ponder over his words before she finally murmurs, once more talking before thinking, "If you would like extra help patroling, I'm certain that the Early wouldn't mind letting me follow you home?" This really doesn't sound good!

Aluksander considers it and then shrugs, offering her another pleasant smile - though not as full and open as the previous one. But, his eyes sure are intense, especially when he looks right at someone. Eyes like his are rare, to be sure. "Well, if I am to sup at your cousins manor, it would be in poor taste for me not to return the invitation, would it not? And I'm certain my mother would welcome the company, as she has always been concerned over my lack of friends. So, if you and your cousin would likewise do me the honor of allowing me to host you, then I'd be happy to provide you a tour of our lands. If all goes well, perhaps we could hire your services for a season to help, as food is more scarce in the winter and thus raids more frequent," Aluk says.

At his agreement, Deryn actually smiles, soon to offer her hand to his, "Deal it is. Even if my cousin cannot make it, I would be happy to accept your invitation, and the work to be had in Pitton." Work during winter is always a good thing, right? Especially for an 'unlanded' knight such as herelf.

Aluksander reaches across and clasps forearms with her. … Which would allow her to feel the tight muscle corded over the bones. "Well, let us not strike a deal, yet. My mother still holds the deed and the rights of our property, so I'll have to run it by her before I can promise anything. But, I will ask her first thing when I return," Aluk explains.

Deryn clasps his forearm, showing a certain strength in her own grip as they 'shake' on this deal, even if it's not a full deal just yet. "No worries. I would understand if she isn't agreeable to it for whatever reason." Like having a pagan knight come to work for them?

Or she may decide Deryn can't work for the people until she knows them better and thus force her to stay on while her single, available and sole heir takes her around the countryside for several days …. "We shall see. But, until then, tell me more of yourself." And then he's smiling at her again.

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