(514-01-18) Challenges Had
Summary: Aluksander is on a roll!
Date: 01-18-514
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It is now "the morrow," which had been spoken of, meaning there will be some clashing of steel. Aluksander has come prepared, gilded plate mail already locked into place. He is presently warming up with his sword, working through series of attacks and parries against his own shadow. And most would distinctly recognize that, unlike most knights, Aluksander has neither a second, nor a squire.

Aeryn comes complete with a squire, a comely young woman who has not reached the age to be knighted and without the skill yet to earn her spurs. Her maile is already on, the preferring the chain for such a challenge as she had in those prior. Approaching Aluksander at the designated place, she offers a tip of her head, a nod of sorts, "Good day to you, Sir, a pleasure to see you again." Her young squire dips into a curtsy.

After a good night's rest and a solid meal, Ewin headed over to the field that he, his sister, and Sir Aluksander had agreed to meet at too test each other's skill of arms. He's not far behind Aeryn's arrival, his own squire Kensit tailing behind him carrying Ewin's shield and sword. "Good day to you both," he says with a smile as he arrives. "Good to see you again, indeed, Sir Aluksander.I trust that we're all prepared? May I suggest that Sir Aluksander be given the chance to choose his first opponent?"

When Aeryn arrives, Aluksander holds his sword upright in front of himself, nodding his salute. "Well met, Sir Aeryn. A pleasure, agreed," he responds, smiling. And, seeing Ewin approaching not far off, he also salutes the man. "I am prepared, yes, but if either of you wish to warm up, be my guest. As far as to whom shall be fighting, I leave it to you, who wishes to fight first. Though, I might make the suggestion that the stronger fighter ought to go first, that the weaker may watch and learn."

A return salute is offered to both Aluksander and her brother in turn. "It remains to be seen who the stronger fighter is, my brother and I have not agreed on who that might yet be. Neither would cede to the other." A smile plays over Aeryn's features, "However, I leave it to you and he for the first match, if it is no matter to either, and I will watch. And learn."

Ewin gives the other knights a return salute as he joins them. When the question of which of them is the stronger, Ewin laughs and shakes his head. "My sister is right; neither of us will conceede to each other in the subject of which is the stronger. In all our sparring, we remain at an even tally of victories." The potential impasse is broken when Aeryn states her willingness to observe. Ewin bows to her, nodding. "Then I shall accept your gracious deferment, sister, and face Sir Aluksander first." He turns and bows to Aluksander. "I am ready when you are, having prepared myself earlier this morning."

With a cocky smirk, Aluksander nods as the twins come to their decision. He then moves over to where he had set his helmet, fastening it and closing its facemask. "At your leisure, Sir Ewin," he says, moving to the side and working his sword around in a circle.

"He thinks it is to watch him, I simply like the odds of sparring someone who has already been fighting." Aeryn is likely just playing around there, with her tongue-in-cheek expression. "I wish both of you the best of luck and may the best knight win."

Ewin pulls his Tourney blade and takes a few swings with it for warm-up. "Or I suffer from the false hope that a brilliant display will make her re-think sparring with me. Mind, the tactic has never worked, but hope springs eternal." He steps into the ring with Aluksander, takes a few more swings to prepare before gripping his shield and entering a ready stance. Once Aluksander is ready, Ewin should, "Have at you!" and starts swinging in earnest.

Critical Fail!
Ewin checked his sword of 15, he rolled 20.

Aluksander checked his sword of 15, he rolled 2.

Aluksander rolls 4d6 and gets (2 3 4 6) for a total of: (15)

As Ewin comes in swinging, Aluk parries the blow aside and turns his wrists, shifting the arc of his swing into an attack that clinks against his armor. He then takes a quick step back, readying himself again.

Ewin is a bit too eager, and his swing hits Aluksander's sword as the other knight parries, then quickly ripostes. Aluksander's blow strikes true, the speed of the parry takes Ewin by surprise, causing the jar of the strike to send his sword flying out of his grasp. Flushing scarlet under his helmet, he shakes his head and takes the sword after his squire Kensit retrieves it. "Sure you didn't leave some oil on the grip lad?" he asks with a chuckle. Returning to a ready position, Ewin says. "Point to you, Sir Aluksander. But the match is not over yet." And when the other knight is ready, Ewin attacks again.

Ewin checked his sword of 15, he rolled 16.
Critical Success!
Aluksander checked his sword of 15, he rolled 15.

Aeryn remains at the side and watches as the two begin their sword play. Watching her brother, she flinches, tilting her head a little as she watches what errors he may have made. Aluksander was certainly talented, but it was also giving her opportunity to gauge his skill.

Aluksander rolls 4d6 and gets (5 3 2 4) for a total of: (14)

This time, as Ewin approaches, Aluksander gets a little flashy, stepping to the side and back a little. Then, as Ewin's blow misses, he spins around the man and slashes at his now exposed back.

Josette hears the sword play and begins to make her way over to it, she stands near Aeryn as she watches, her own eyes beginning to follow the movements of the two knights. A soft gasp escapes her lips as Aluksander slashes at Ewin's back.

Eveer since the joust where he badly hurt Sir Deryn, Ewin has just not been himself when fighting. He comes in high, but over-corrects and misses Sir Aluksander. Worse of all, when Aluksander lands his blow, Ewin feels a pop in his side as his overextended pose pulls something. He snorts in frustration and sighs, but raises his visor and salutes Sir Aluksander. "An excellent spar. I'm afraid that I brought no honor to

Ever since the joust where he badly hurt Sir Deryn, Ewin has just not been himself when fighting. He comes in high, but over-corrects and misses Sir Aluksander. Worse of all, when Aluksander lands his blow, Ewin feels a pop in his side as his overextended pose pulls something. He snorts in frustration and sighs, but raises his visor and salutes Sir Aluksander. "An excellent spar. I'm afraid that I brought no honor to myself or my family with such a poor showing, however." He holds out a hand to clasp Aluksander's in friendship. "I promise that at our next spar, you'll have a more worthy challenge." He's smiling, frustrated with himself, but Aluksander does deserve the congratulations.

Aeryn gasps when Ewin is hit again and she strides out to where her brother is, giving him a pat on the shoulder. "Well fought you two." A look of concern is given to her twin and after a moment, she draws her own blade. "Well fought, Sir Aluksander," a dip of her head, "On your go."

Aluksander raise his visor as he shakes Ewin's hand. "I thought you showed well. Perhaps you still have not fully recovered from the joust," he offers, not wishing to dishonor his fellow knight. "Seek me out again when you are more fully rested, and we shall give it another go." Then, add Aeryn enters the ring and readies herself, Aluksander closes the visor on his helmet once more and offers the woman another salute with his sword. And then he attacks.

Aluksander checked his sword of 15, he rolled 1.

Deryn is up and moving around, though slowly. And with her squire fluttering around like a nervous hen. Scowling at the young boy, she mutters something at him that sends him scurrying off to fetch her something, and give her a few moments alone to breathe. Without armor on today, the lady knight wears tunic and leather pants in Woodford colors, her hair braided down her back. By the way she moves, it's evident she's been wrapped tightly about the chest area, and is still seriously sore from her first and only match a few days prior. Hearing the ring as swords meet, she moves off towards the match to find a place to watch.

You check your sword at 15, you rolled 11.
<OOC> Ewin says, "Point Aeryn. droll 4d6"
Aeryn rolls 4d6 and gets (2 3 5 3) for a total of: (13)

When he attacks, Aeryn studies him, trying to judge from the movement of his feet and shoulders where he would strike and which direction he would step. It pays off and she parries fairly well with her sword, striking immediately after, using the blunted edge.

Josette watches the match intently her eyes watching the sword play. A smile curls her lips as Aeryn parries Aluksander's attack gets a point. Excitement upon her face.

With a grunt of surprise, Aluksander finds himself being poked in the chest with a pointy object. Point Aeryn. With a frown, Aluksander circles a few steps and then lunges in quickly, trying to rush an attack past her guard.

Aluksander checked his sword of 15, he rolled 9.
You check your sword at 15, you rolled 7.

As they trade places, Ewin gives his sister a smile and a clasp on the shoulder. When he sees Josette, Ewin bows to her. "M'Lady. It is a pleasure to see you, but I must appologize for the poor spectacle you were forced to watch here." The appearance of Derryn, however, brings a wide smile of relief to Ewin's face. "Sir Deryn! My heart is gladdened by seeing you mobile. I am pleased to see that your constitution is as great as your courage."

Aluksander rolls 4d6 and gets (1 2 4 5) for a total of: (12)

And lunge he does! Aeryn was off her guard when it happens and is unable to block or counter his strike. She finds herself evened up with the knight, taking the hit from his blade. It takes only a moment to square her shoulders and steady herself, trying to not give any indication of where she is going to strike next.. then she swings her blade in a downward arc.

If Deryn is upset to be missing the other bouts of skills, it doesn't show upon her face. It gives her a chance to watch the others, to learn their skills, for next time! Hearing her name, she turns, offering a smile towards Ewin, "A good day to you, Sir Ewin." A soft chuckle escapes, though the slight wince and touch of her ribs is given, "Must remember to not laugh.." She half tells herself before continuing, "The chirugeon in the castle is a good one.."

You check your sword at 15, you rolled 19.
Aluksander checked his sword of 15, he rolled 18.

Critical Success!
Aluksander checked his sword of 15, he rolled 15.
You check your sword at 15, you rolled 5.

Aluksander rolls 4d6 and gets (3 6 5 4) for a total of: (18)

As Aeryn moves in to attack, Aluksander sees through the blow and quickly steps to the side. He allows the attack to slide off of his own sword, only slightly redirecting its trajectory as he the turns his wrists and brings his own blade back across the horizontal plane, cutting at Aeryn's torso.

Aeryn doesn't manage to avoid his blade, when he strikes, it is hard and she takes it in the side, her own blade completely missing the target. "Ah!" She cries out, rather unintentionally, before managing to straighten, holding her side, the point of her blade stuck in the ground as she balances herself. "Well fought, Sir," she dips her head in respect.

Any response Ewin has for Deryn is lst as he hears Aeryn cry out in pain. He starts to head towards the field, but slows as he sees her stand. After a sigh of relief, Ewin nods with his sister's assessment. "Aye, well fought indeed. It is indeed a shame that you missed the Tourney. But perhaps there will be other opportunities for you to display your formidable skills to the Earl." Ewin slowly walks towards Aeryn, ready to help her but just as ready to let her be if she waves him off.

With half an eye upon the match, Deryn winces in sympathy when the sword manages to catch Aeryn offguard in such a way to leave her crying out aloud. Oh yeah, she can sympathize. Shaking her head, she does smile again at Ewin, "Next time, I hope to not be so easy to best…" Always the hope, at least, amongst the knights. With the winner called, she offers a clap, gaze turning to Aluksander to study someone new.

When Aeryn yelps in pain, Aluksander immediately removes his helmet and steps towards the woman, a look of concern plastered on his features. But when she straightens herself out, he does as her twin and lets her right herself. "Many apologies. I was perhaps a little overzealous in my attacks. It was certainly not my intention to actually harm you. I may have misjudged my own strength." Frowning a little as he looks between the twins, he nods to himself and says, "I trust, as the victor, you will let me buy the drinks tonight?"

Aeryn gives Aluksander a reassuring smile, "I will be fine, should probably be seen by someone, but I am fine. You are very talented and I am honored to have crossed blades with you." She does take her brothers offer to lean on him and gives him a smile as well. "I could do with a drink, please."

Deryn nods to Ewin, then watches as Aeryn heads off. It's then her squire returns with a drink for her, handing the cup towards the knight. A sip is taken of the ale within before she looks to see if another bout is to be called or not.

With the fighting called off, Aluksander slides his sword back into its sheath and heads over to the spot where he'd placed a few items. "Allow me to at least remove the heft of my armor, and then let us retire to the pub." It is now that Aluk notices Deryn for the first time, having not seen her arrival, and so he calls out to her as well. "And what say you, m'lady? Will to join us for a drink at the pub?"

Deryn turns as the call is offered to her, and with the question asked, she chuckles, "If you're buying, then count me in." Hah! Even if she's got an ale in hand, she's more than ready to hit the pub with the others, to soak up the conversation about what's been going on since she got laid up after the joust.

Aluksander nods and begins removing the heaviest parts of his armor. "First round is on me, after that, you're on your own," he responds. Lifting the pack that now contained his chain mail and helm over his shoulder. "But first, allow me to introduce myself. I am Aluksander Thane de Pitton, and I am at your service, m'lady," he says, bowing and reaching to take Deryn's hand as if to kiss it. Because he's got no idea that she's a knight with a squire and not a lady with an attendant. Silly Aluksander.

"That is fine by me." Deryn answers, only to blink a few times when he offers to take her hand. There might well be a hint of a blush to touch her cheeks, words stammering out after a brief hesitation, "Sir Deryn de Woodford.." Not used to such attention is the lady knight before him!

Sir …? It takes a few seconds for it to register, but when it does, Aluksander is quick to grimace and drop to his knee in apology. "I beg pardon, Sir Deryn! I … I did not mean offense. I … you … erm … I just assumed yippy were a lady and he your servant. I would not have thought to see a knight without arms during the tourney," he fumbles all over himself, obviously embarrassed at his mistake.

It would seem they finished up the sword fighting part of the tourney, or at least one part of it. With a group gathered preparing to head to the pub, Deryn is standing with her hand in Aluksander, the knight about to kiss it before dropping to his knee in apology. As for she, the lady knight is dressed in leather pants and tunic, out of her armor after her bad show in the joust a few days prior. Wincing a little, her back straight from having her chest wrapped for broken ribs, she shakes her head, still blushin, "It's okay.. I was eliminated hard in the joust, and suffered a few cracked ribs. It's the reason I'm not in my armor.." She's stammering right now, getting the words out, as people turn to peer at the pair now.

Aluksander definitely released the hand as soon as he figured out she wasn't what he thought she was. Straightening back up, he rises and notices the blush on her cheeks. Grimacing again at having obviously embarrassed her, it takes him a second to recognize her explanation. "Oh! So your the one that has been receiving so much attention for your bravery!" he says, smiling at the realization.

The trotting of a destrier can be heard from some distance before the rider becomes apparent. Perhaps Acwel didn't mean to be riding a horse into the Farmer's Quarter, but this leads straight to the western gates, which he needs to pass in order to reach his manor. He seems very focused on the riding and not so much in the environment, though he pulls on the reins of his mount as he passes by what appears to be a group heading out of the tourney. A tourney which he missed, evidently.

Again, Deryn seems surprised by Aluksander's words, though confusion shows upon her face as well, "Bravery? Me?" She asks of him, shaking her head and almost laughing again - she catches herself before she fully laughs, saving the pain in her ribs this time, "Some might say I was foolish to continue the third pass.." After the first two rather good hits, the third was truly foolish. "But no harm but for a few busted ribs.." Hearing the clomp of hooves upon the cobblestones, she looks up, then lifts a hand to hail the knight upon the back of the charger, "Good afternoon, cousin!"

"Aye, bravery, says your opponent. As I am told, Sir Perin won the tourney and the glory, but Sir Deryn won respect. To finish the tilt when already hurt shows one's mettle," Aluksander argues. But then they are joined by a mounted knight, so Aluksander stands by quietly to await introductions.

"Cousin," Acwel returns the greeting with a pleasant smile towards Deryn, though it's slow and very brief. He's quite economical with expressions, after all. He slides off of his horse, holding onto the reins to keep it from straying while he isn't looking to approach her and her companion. "Acwel ap Llewellyn de Woodford, an honor to make your acquaintance, sir." The introduction is made with a knightly salute. "Quite the crowd here. Was there an event?"

Such words to certainly draw the color higher upon Deryn's cheeks, not one to look for such praise at all. Still, there's an element of pride to be found within her expression as well. With her cousin joining them, she seeks to make introductions, "Sir Aluksander Thane de Pitton." A gesture is easily made between the two men, "They just finished a round of the sword fights, and from what I saw, Sir Aluksander was winning them, I do believe.."

The heightened blush doesn't escape Aluk's notice, a faint smirk tugging at the corners of his mouth ever so briefly. He then views to Acwel before gesturing to the fighting ring behind him. "Nay, not an event, just a friendly round. Both myself and the twins de Winterborn Stoke failed to arrive in time to compete in the sword, so we all the had a go at it. I managed to prove victorious against both siblings, though Sir Aeryn did score a hit on me."

"Hm," Acwel is a bit on the perceptive side and, noticing Deryn's blush, his lips curve into a brief, amused smile as he nods to the gesture Aluksander makes towards the fighting ring. "Sounds entertaining. I was busy with manor affairs or surely I would come to take part as well. Considering my cousin's flushed face, however, was there high praise involved or is there also an ongoing game of courtship?" Given the way he looks to Deryn, it is fairly evident the off-hand remark was meant as teasing.

"Oh.. see.. I got here just at theend of things.." Deryn offers by way of explaining her mistake. "Congrats though.." She offers to Aluksander, attempting to ignore the warmth in her cheeks for the moment. "I understand there is to be a hunt tomorrow…" She continues, though at Acwel's comment, she sighs, daring to roll her eyes as she peers at her cousin, "Not you too.." She wrinkles her nose a little, "I do think it's more important for /you/ to be seeking someone to court than I.."

Aluksander quirks an eyebrow at Acwel and shakes his head. "Nay, I've only just met Sir Deryn. We had only a little confusion at the meeting that gave rise to her humour, not anything dove intentionally," he explains. "And I've only just removed my armor and promised drinks to the beaten and your cousin, but if none have an objection, I could surely redress and try your hand as well?" he offers, looking to Deryn for her response.

"That is true," Acwel aquiesces to Deryn's point on courtship with a rather solemn nod. "It is more important for me to be seeking someone to court, yet… you are the one who is beet red at present!" He teases her again, reaching out to squeeze her shoulder lightly before facing Aluksander, contemplating his words. "Ah, well, she is a lovely lady knight, however. I would understand if there was flirting afoot." A pause, and he is offered to fight. "Perhaps sometime later, as I would be rather remiss in postponing the defeat parties' promised drinks, aye?"

Another glare is given to her cousin, though at his touch to her shoulder, she relents, showing it all in good fun between the cousins. That is, until he points out her cheeks are red! Deryn mutters something beneath her breath at Acwel before giving her head a shake, "No. it's okay.. if you two want to go after it.. I'll just be certain to cheer for Sir Aluksander, of course." That said to her cousin.

"Well, I believe they went to get changed first, anyway. But, really, this late in the afternoon, I'm not sure my stomach would allow me to fight at full capacity again, as it nears dinnertime and I have yet to eat anything. But would you care to join us?" Aluksander offers.

"And here I thought that my observation of your embarrassment would surely win me your favor for the purposes of fighting a tourney in the future," Acwel remarks to Deryn, flashing her a bright grin, now, before turning to speak to Aluksander, "Perhaps soon, I still have some business to tend to. Indeed, let me do one better: I invite you to partake in dinner with us at the Woodford manor, Sir Aluksander."

Deryn is left uncertain how to take her cousin's words, not to mention, his invitation of Aluksander to dinner. Still, polite manners has her nodding her head, perhps in an encouraging way to Aluksander, "The cook is very fine at the manor. Better than cooking for yourlse here.."

Well, that was a surprise. Aluksander's eyebrows shoot up briefly, but at Deryn's reassurance, he shrugs his shoulders and nods. "Well, how could one refuse such hospitality as this? I will hold you to your offer, Sirs, after the tourney and hunt conclude. Unless … is your manor so nearby that your power was for this evening?"

"It is not that far, but it is west. Nevertheless, that seems like an agreeable date so I will send you a missive soon. Expect a messenger bearing our heraldry," Acwel acquiesces with a nod, flashing a smile to Deryn before starting to climb and mount the horse. "Good day, to both of you, Sirs."

As Acwel prepares to head out, Deryn offers her cousin a wave, "Take care, cousin. I'll be by Woodford soon.." A promise offered before she turns back to Aluksander, "I'll still take you up on that drink. So… you fought both Sir Ewin and Sir Aeryn?" Seems interested in hearing about the first match!

"Well met, then Sir Acwel. I shall look forward to attending," Aluksander replies. He offers the man a bow before turning back to Deryn. "Yes, I fought them both. Aeryn actually managed to score a hit on me, but Sir Ewin did not."

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