(514-01-15) Uwain Jousts
Summary: A short excerpt of the jousting occasion. Uwain vs. a young knight. Our young pious pagain loses his seat in the second pass. (Others are in this excerpt, but it's mostly just to frame the short bout.)
Date: 514-01-15
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Seeing Sir Glaw hit the dirt that hard, and the way he lays there for a moment or two, Sir Uwain leaves his horse at the entrance to the lists and goes running out to check on the fallen Knight. Helping, along with the man's Squire, to get the man on his feet. "On your feet now, Sir Glaw, that was a mighty exchange!" he booms, his helmet open. "I shall pour you a drink or ten, Sir!" and once he is certain that the man has his senses about him, and the squire has him in hand, he turns and runs back to his own charger. It's always interesting to see big men in heavy armor running around. They look rather enormous, really. He mounts up quickly then, and starts towards the lists once the field is clear.

Cadfan, Glaw's squire woulld soon rush over to help his knight out of the way, naturally, but then Sir Uwain is there, and Glaw accepts the help gladly, soon to laugh, though clenched teeth. "Oh, just pour it through the hole. Right here..", he says, daring to indicate the spot he got stuck, with a groan-wince-laugh, before he is finally out of the way so the next pairing can go. Yep. Now for the healer's tent. Where was it again?

Seriol makes a check for Young Knight Lance at 13, he rolled 19.

You check your lance at 15, you rolled 8.

Uwain rolls 6d6 and gets (3 1 5 4 5 5) for a total of: (23)

The fall of the last knight does something rather difficult for Dillion, given the pain of defeat still radiating through his breast - he cringes, letting out an "ah!" of sympathy as the knight falls to the turf. Defeated but hardly discreditibly, given the calibre of his opposition. He again applauds, for the victor, the defeated, and those helping the defeated off the field. "Educational though my opponent was," he murmurs with a voice somewhat tighter than usual, "I am glad I did not find myself in that young man's shoes."

Seriol makes a check for Young Knight Horsemanship at 10, he rolled 9.

You check your courtesy at 10, you rolled 4.

Setting spurs to chargers, young Sir Uwain and a similarly skilled young man find themselves at opposite ends of the list. The two raise their lances in a salute and ride a quick lap with their lances up with the appropriate salutes and bows and all that various stuff that one does in a tournament. When they get back to their starting positions they exchange a look. The much larger, though he feels less experienced Sir Uwain bows his head and then flips his head down a bit harder to get his visor to clank shut and holds out a hand for a lance.

Spurs go to horse for the burst of speed. The charger knows what to do. They are off suddenly, great clods of dirt flying as the two set their lances and couch cleanly. Sir Uwain's lance hits first and explodes in a shower of small wooden debris, but his opponent stays seated and the two circle again.

Holding out his hand for a fresh lance, Sir Uwain looks down at his squire and says, "A good hit, aye?" and then shrugs and prepares to repeat the process.

Seriol makes a check for Young Knight Lance at 13, he rolled 2.

You check your lance at 15, you rolled 1.

Seriol rolls 6d6 and gets (4 1 4 4 3 6) for a total of: (22)

You check your horsemanship at 10, you rolled 14.

And on their second pass, Sir Uwain takes a good hit, even though his own lance would have been undoubtedly well scored, he hesitates slightly and with a heavy connection of lance to armor he ends up sitting in the dirt. He hops to his feet in short order, and helps offers an appropriate salute to the other young knight before he helps chase down his charger. "Get back here!" he yells at the horse as he catches it and mounts up to lead it from the lists.

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