(514-01-15) Before the Joust
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Of course he wouldn't miss this, for nearly the world. Save any challenges that come his way as the tourney works its way towards melee and joust. Certainly the night prior, Perin would of expressed tinges of jealousy, lost quickly enough. And now today, she had time to go enjoy the festivities. He was quick to meet her at the Boar's Head, or just outside it. There, he awaited, he'd found some wild flower, mostly from the tradition of drying them, but its in good enough condition. As well, he's found an azure ribbon, and tied it to a small basket with some sweat bryndon (bread). The ribbon to replace hers, the gift the treat of the bread itself.

As they start into the markets, more alive because of the tourney, visitors from as far away as Somerset and Winchester even. The ribbon she gave to him fastened just below his left shoulder, showing he has favor. A smile even to his face. As soon as he saw her, it was more hands on than just in the tavern itself. He respects where she works, though lots try to touch her, but here, a little loss of modesty never hurt anyone. An arm offered to walk though. "How lucky am I, a day with you? The bread is so we have more time to look around, I'm curoius what your eyes may be after?" In this context, a gift should be expected from him, like shopping for something.

They had spent the night together and in doing so Tria had hopefully reassured him of their relationship and how much she enjoyed being intimate with him. The gift had been met with an impulsive kiss, right there on the lips before everyone and God as their witness. As they walk, she remains at his side, her hand slipped into the bend of his arm. "My eyes are after you, Knight. Have you issue with this?" She teases him mercilessly, but her eyes do remain on him.

In the market are Perin and Tria, her day off, him away from the lists for the moment. Maybe getting pride up to issue another challenge. Having just met, he offered her some sweat bryndon laced with a new ribbon, a gift to replace the one he now has as a favor fastend just shy of his left shoulder. Seems they may have hugged or did something unbecoming, but are pulling apart to walk hand in arm. Then he laughs at what she says, "Aye, I do take issue with this. Us here, in the open, if they are after me, I would be caught certainly and …" He stalls in words, turning to walk through the displays, more so with the tourney under way. "Want more. This, fiesty Tria, is the issue certainly."

The flower is tucked into her hair behind her ear and the basket over one arm while her other is tucked into the bend of his arm. "I thought you may take issue, it's why I asked." There's a playful smile and she leans so her shoulder nudges him gently. "Is there something wrong with wanting more?" A challenge lights her green eyes as she turns them to him. "Doesn't everyone?"

Down from the direction of the castle comes Aeron, his squire nowhere in sight for the moment, as he makes his way into the Eagle Market. His path on his way through brings him in short order upon the duo of Perin and Tria, and he flashes a bit of a grin at the couple, "Sir Perin!"

Taking the nudge, then giving it back, cause hip bumps, Perin chuckles at her playfulness. "Nothing at all, I like a little agressiveness." His head turns at the sense of hers, a nod coming in agreement when Aeron announces himself in the markets as well. A beat, a second longer into those greens of hers, then a wide grin up to the voice. "Sir Aeron. A pleasure as always, hopefully the day finds you well enough?"

When he bumps her back, Tria laughs, tossing her head to get her hair back over her shoulder. "Aggressiveness? I don't know about that, but I do know that I can't wait to watch you in the tournament." She notices Aeron then as well and a smile is given to the knight, "Good afternoon, it's a pleasure seeing you again." Her head dips as she curtsies.

"And you as well, Tria." Aeron says with a grin flashed to the woman, his gaze shifting back towards Perin in short order, "I think I've found our mystery She-knight, Sir Perin. Lady Aeryn from Winterbourne-Stoke." He says, cracking a grin, "She's rather good with her sword, isn't she?"

A nod from his own head amongst the greetings of course. Sir Perin scrunches brows at the curiousity of the mystery knight. Then a grin at that revelation. "Ah, yes, she truly is. I haven't been bested so soundly since, well, I was squire and at the hands of my knight. I am curious if it is the one and the same. I may have to walk the tents to see how many other ladies are brandishing swords. Perhaps we should join company, and slowly make our way to the field and the lists?" An offer between the two, the arm holding Tria's hand gives it a squeeze, she mentioned wanting to see some of the spectacle. Its not the joust yet but still.

"I would rather enjoy watching a few challenges and spars myself, maybe watch some practicing even? I really like watching sword work too, but the joust is my favorite." Tria remains walking at his side, willing to go wherever the two lead.

"Indeed, she's either good, or lucky, or perhaps both, I wonder." Aeron says with a bit of a grin, glancing over towards Perin as he moves to tag along with the two. He turns his gaze next towards Tria, "Have you gotten to see any of the sparring going on yet, Tria? Or have you been too busy in the tavern to get out and enjoy the knights competing?"

"So speaketh she of the red hair," grins Perin, turning to walk towards the fields to the south where the challenges are being played out. "Or some trick up her sleeve, but I would certainly admit, skill and luck, she bested me." And he turns along with the question to Tria, suspecting the answer, but not his place to comment. He'll let her return, but say, "I think today I shall make a challenge, that I do not leave with but one loss."

"This is my first day off for awhile, so I am intending on enjoying every moment of it. I haven't seen any of the sparring so far. I wish I could go to the wedding tournament and watch it, but I'm not too sure I'd be allowed. Or even have a way." An eager nod is given Perin, "Who would you challenge? Sir Aeron?" It's an idea, both had been bested by a woman they had mentioned, maybe it would be an interesting match.

"Well, her armor covered the most obvious excuse for a distraction." Aeron says with a grin towards Perin and a shrug of his shoulders, "Perhaps we wanted to deep down go easy on her because she's a woman. But regardless, she was still skilled with the sword." he turns his attention towards Tria, hmmning faintly, "Well, perhaps between Sir Perin and I we could come up with an excuse to drag you around with us, my dear?" He hmmns faintly, "Perhaps I could invite you along as part of my retinue, that way it wouldn't seem as if Sir Perin were being otherwise motivated to have you along, with his fine reputation and all. I doubt anyone would blink an eye at me if I were to have a pretty tagalong, being an uncultured savage.. or whatever it is they call us these days?" he says with a laugh, "Who would I challenge? Anybody and Everybody!"

Grinning, merry even, Perin is taken with this idea, "Ah, and should you spend time with … Lauryn?" He wasn't sure who the friend was that Tria might introduce Aeron to, not in the moment. Bad with names maybe. "She shall join mine. Or perhaps I could risk my own reputation, keep the lovely Tria closer to my arms." There seems to be a way presented for such travels at least. Aeron thinkning one step ahead of the game it would seem. A laugh at his eager return to Tria. "Ah, in this case, perhaps we should challenge each other, over the honor of redeeming our honor, having it lost as it was?" Issued, no glove to drop of course.

In the market not far from Boar's Beard, Sir Aeron and Sir Perin are in the company of Tria of the Boar's Beard, local face nearly always on duty there, serving ale and such. The three are turning towards the fields to the south were the lists are set up for personal challenges at the moment. Perin has Tria's hand in his arm, she holding a basket of bryndons (sweet breads), its handle with an azure lace.

Tria does look as if she is considering the idea of it, of traveling along with one or the other. "Or you could both make it easier on me and travel together," she wears a smile of pure impish delight. "It would be quite an adventure then!" There's another look between them, "I wouldn't mind seeing a challenge between you both though, to see you matching your skills, if you're serious/"

Josette enter into the market making her way toward the Boar's Beard. Overhearing the conversation her brows raise with curiousity and she makes her way over to Tria "What is this of adventure and a challenge that I do so hear?"

Aeron cracks a grin at Tria, "Well I'd assumed we would be." He says, giving a nod to the woman and a look towards Perin, "My offer stands, of course, the two of you can discuss it later if you'd like!" He adds, "But, I would love to have a contest with you, Sir Perin, shall we retire to get geared up and meet out on the field?"

"Now it is sounding more like an adventure," agrees Perin, then laughing at Aeron's take of the traveling. His eyes turn to seek Tria's eyes in that moment. More time, not just his visits to Sarum, curious indeed. As another voice breaks in, "Ah, the journey to Carlion for the wedding, our traveling companions are shaping up. The challenge is but Sir Aeron and I, a test of our swords. To which, yes, let us retire and meet on the field." A look around, all invited to go to the lists of course, he hopes Tria comes with him at least. Bren can show her what he does to get his knight ready even.

Having arrived fashionably late last night in the Idmiston entourage rather than his father's, Glaw's squire thankfully already had set up his tent, so that the young knight now can enjoy his time in Sarum, moving among the Market and towards the Tourney grounds. Spear in one hand, it doubles as a walking stick currently for the man, uneeded as it may be. The little knot of people, interlinked arms and dangling baskets is slowly approached from behind, since they too seemt to be headed in that direction, but he will likely gain slowly on them, watching them with a faint hint of amusment as pieces of conversation pierce the din of the market towards him.

"Then that would work perfectly for me. With a tournament in town, I'm sure I could get a job temporarily at the tavern there so I could make up for the work I would be missing here. It happens a lot that way." Tria looks to perin and smiles, meeting his gaze, "If you're agreeable, Knight." It seems 'Knight' is a pet name for him she's dubbed him. Hearing Josette, she quickly dips into a curtsy, "A challenge, my lady, between the two Knights here. Would you like to watch as well?'

Josette returns the curtsy with one of her own as she says "I would indeed like to watch, mind if I accompany you there?" Her eyes then looks to Aeron "I look forward to watching the challenge," then her eyes looks to Perin before they fall back upon Tria to hear her response to her question.

Aeron bows his head, "We'll see you out at the challenge grounds, I imagine, M'lady." he says, "I must go and fetch my gear, shall we reconvene shortly then?" he asks, giving a look towards Perin and the two women after that, flashing a brief grin.

"Am I, you have to ask?" Perin says deeply, in a tease back to Tria. He can't move from that gaze, though he does. "Yes, let us reconvene, the loser must care for the others bird while at the castle here." A bit of a stake even, something to play into the planned trip to go hawking. A shake of his head, company not minded at all for Josette to join them. In fact, a little more watching their challenge never hurt anyone. Then he turns, ready to go and indeed get ready himself, should all be agreeable of course.

The knot is starting to disentangle? Glaw cannot help but to chuckle to himself as he finally steps up to the slowly dispersing group, the end of his spear to make a simple 'tock' sound as it is stopped on the cobblestone path. "A challange to witness? Now that is what I call good fortune in arrival.", he claims, giving each of the knights a nod of his head, before they can run off to gether arms and armour, then offers a little bow to the two ladies present in greeting, before adressing the knights once more. "I hope, good sirs, you are not too meek to perform before one more in your audience?", he wonders, lips curving into a grin now, but then waves his free hand in an almot dismissive gesture. "Don't stop on my account, lest the heat in the blood cools because of my stalling. I would be inconsolable if that were to happen.", he claims, urging the other two knights on to forgo any introductions for now.

Tria manages a right proper blush when Josette curtsies, "Oh, no, M'Lady, I'm not.." this hadn't really happened before to her, but she offers a warm and somewhat apologetic smile. "I'm not of noble blood or anything, simple barmaid in the tavern there," motioning back down the street towards the Boar's Beard. "I would rather enjoy the company if you would be so inclined though." Trying to be on her best behavior around the noble woman. Perin brings another smile, "I only wanted to make sure, since you're certain, then I will be too." Taking him at his word. As another voice joins, her eyes fall to the family crest, a certain sign of nobility. Another curtsy is dipped into, lowering her eyes and head demurely. As Aeron heads for his own tent, and Perin mentions collecting his own things, she looks between the remaining two, "Shall we go and find a good position to stand, to watch the challenge?"

Josette nods to Aeron with a betwixted smiling curling her lips before she offers a smile to Tria "I see well I would like your accompaniment to the challenge." As Glaw speaks her gaze looks in his direction offering a kind smile as she asks "Would you like to accompany us to go and watch the challenge then?"

And off Aeron goes, flashing a smile to the pair of women and going to start the process of donning his armor and collecting his various items and sundry for swordplay. Like a shield, and what have you. It's probably a little longer then one might expect before he re-emerges on his way to the tourney field.

Backstepping a moment from Tria, Perin does give a nod to the arrival of another peer. "None at all Sir, your eyes would be most welcome, and any critique of form, or lack there of would be appreciated." About to turn, then to Tria, "See you there, I'll know where to look." Or he'll scan until he sees her. He'll emerge perhaps before Aeron, cause he's longer than expected. Crossing into the lists, pulling his chain hood up as his squire, Bren follows with his sword. Before they claim a cirlce/area for their bout, he does grin to Aeron, "A sample, the real test comes when we get the birds out. Victor to the better arm this day." Then he'll inflict the sign of the cross before moving to his spot of course.

Oh, fortune shines on Glaw, or so it seems to say as his eyes light up when both other knights rush off to do the preperations. The offer of crituque draws an eyebrow up from Glaw at Perin, surprised, perhaps, but the faint lifting of his chin might show the man is rather pleased with the implications from the fellow knight and he gives him another silent nod as to not stall further. "I would seem it falls to me to escort the Lady and the young Miss to the field of honor then?", he asks, almost innocently, but then actually frowns, peering at the vertical spear in his hand. "Where is Cadfan when you need him?", he asks himself, rethorically, then gives Tria an appologetic look. "I am afraid I cannot offer both of you my arm, as one is occupied", and he shifts to offer it to the noble born, of course. If she does take it, however, he smiles a touch impishly. "Of course, perhaps the good Lady would offer her free arm to make up for my lacking?", he half-quips, half teases the two women. Tsk. Scandalous, to encourage such mingling with the barmaid. Ahem. Regardless if the Lady agrees or not, he will then start the three on the progress to the cirle to indeed claim a good watching spot for the three of them.

Tria smiles in return to Aeron as he heads off. As for Josette, she offers a nod, "Yes, my lady, I would be honored to accompany you." With a basket over her arm, a flower tucked just behind her ear and a ribbon tied onto the basket of sweet breads she carries, she regards Perin with a warm smile, "Good luck!" Cutting her eyes towards Glaw, her smile hitches up a few degrees, "Thank you, I would accept that offer." Though as it is retracted, her smile and her features hold no ill will, "I don't mind, I just want to get there to watch." Another nod is offered before she hurries over, approaching the field with those that choose to watch, she looks for the ribbon on Perin's armor, a dark green ribbon tied there.

Josette takes Glaw's offered arm daintly and then looks to Tria "Let's head there shall we, also might I ask as to what is in your basket?" is asked as they make there way to the tourney field, excitement echoing in her eyes.

Aeron is conspicuously without his squire, carrying his own shield, and his own sword as he moves out onto the fighting circle and he cracks a slight grin, raising his sword in salute to the two women watching them before offering a similar salute to Perin, "May the best Knight win." He says with a grin over at the man.

It is there, laced into the overlap of the chain hood, that dark green ribbon given him by Tria. All may see, Perin but focuses on Aeron. Grinning the same, the other he would call a friend, and as he expects the other to not withhold, he makes the same intentino. Taking up his shield from Bren, then the sword. He offesr the return Salute to him, turning to the those standing until he finds her. A nod, a bigger smile, but back to the task at hand. "Defend yourself," he says simply enough, moving to a slight crouch. He's all in usually, so without much ado, he doesn't dally. He presses hard for the other, blow pulled but, meaning to make the flat sting if he can connect. Best two of three.

You check your sword at 12, you rolled 11.

Aeron checked his sword of 15, he rolled 3.

Perin rolls 4d6 and gets (6 4 2 1) for a total of: (13)

With his scandalous suggestion ignored by both women, Glaw chuckles, but soon has them both at the ring side, watching the two fellow knights prepare for the round of fun. Now that there is no walking involved, he does glance to Josette. "You enjoy watching a good bout?", he wonders, conversationally, before turning to glance at Tria as well, and the mystery basket, and he too waits for her reply. As for the ribbon on one of the knightS? Well, while he missed who has bestowed it on him, he can guess by the attentive glances and he once more chuckles. "And whom would you both prefer to win?", he asks, oh-so-innocently.

Aeron checked his dex of 10, he rolled 9.

Tria is most definitely there to watch, standing at the sidelines, smiling at the salute offered from Aeron. Then there is Perin, sporting the favor he had requested of her the day before. Catching the smile, the nod, she offers a small nod in response, not wanting to distract him from the coming challenge. A wry look is offered to Glaw as she glances at him and the woman he accompanies. The question has her showing the basket, "Sweet bread, quite good, would you like some?" She holds out the basket so that the Lady could partake if she wished. "It was a gift from Lord Perin," she nods towards him. An amused smile is given to Glaw, "Both, I would consider friends, however with one wearing my favor, I will cheer him on through the challenges and the tournament."

A hint of blush crosses Joesette's cheeks as Glaw asks her of if she enjoys watching a good bout and she bashfully admits "One could say that I like to watch Sir Aeron spar, we have known one another since childhood." A soft giggle escapes her lips as she says "I would prefer for Sir Aeron to win." Her attention then turns to Tria and she says "I would love some Miss, by the way I am Lady Josette, my apologies for not introducing myself earlier, it is quite unbecoming of ones self."

Aeron moves to meet Perin's initial press, a lot of clangs and noises of shields meeting comes out of it, both knights fighting rather well, though Aeron seems to be coming out slightly on edge, having to step back and plant himself against the heavy onslaught of Perin's assault, the action seeming to keep him upon his feet.

Meeting with Aeron, Perin tests himself for the first time so directly against his friend. The edge there, he uses to get his feet through the now trodden grass, a slight scuff now sending up a bit of dirt as he moves in and thenlands a blow. Once he connects he backs up, awaits the other to give a nod, to begin the move towards the next hit, advantage him, but they are rather evenly matched it would seem for the now.

Glaw seems to listen to both of the women, smiling as his little ploy of learning the names of the two knights that way pays off. "I see. Your loyality to your favor-bearer is commendable.", he offers. As Josette introduces herself and chastizes herself for not introducing herself, Glaw cannot help but to laugh however. "Oh, it surely is my blame for interloping and not offering introductions myself. Chance meetings on the road often leave little time for such decorum, my Lady Josette.", he offers simply. "I am Sir Glaw of Newentone.", he finally offers his own introduction. A glance is given to the two knights as Perin connects, and he nods his head quietly.

You check your sword at 12, you rolled 19.

Aeron checked his sword of 15, he rolled 6.

Aeron rolls 4d6 and gets (4 6 6 5) for a total of: (21)

You check your dex at 13, you rolled 14.

Another curtsy is offered, along with the basket of breads for her to choose from, "A pleasure my lady. I'm Tria," that's it, no titles, no surnames, nothing. "No apologies necessary." a playful smile given, "It was quite worth the wait for the introduction." As Aeron and Perin square off, her attention is given to the challenge, the clanking and clashing of steel and shield capture her more fully. The introduction demands a response and she tears her attention away from the fight to dip her head, "Sir Glaw of Newentone, a genuine honor meeting you."

Critical Fail!
Aeron checked his merciful of 10, he rolled 20.

Josette smiles as she picks out one of the sweetbreads and kindly says "These look delicious, thank you Miss Tria." Her attention then looks to the beginning of the square off, smiling as Aeron holds his own. Her attention then looking to Glaw "Tis an honor to meet you Sir Glaw od Newentone" as gentle curtsy following her words. Then her attention returns to Aeron and Perin, eagerly watching.

It's likely worth noting, that Aeron has come up as a Squire under one of those Knights that has a more aggressive, old school mindset.. raiding, pillaging, and a general dislike of the new fad of 'tourneys'. It's probably not too much of a suprise, that Aeron's response, after giving a nod to Perin that he's ready for the next exchange is a more aggressive approach, using a slam of his shield to try and knock aside Perin's shield, and use that opening to land a strike with his sword upon the man. It's probably even less suprising that Aeron seems intent on continuing the attack, trying to capitalize on hi's foes exposed state!

Not only does he get the shield away. When the strike lands upon Perin, the knight reels backwards. Loosing balance and upending, down onto his end. Shield completely down, that hand to catch. At least his sword is up. And with no conditions to only fight standing in thier challenge, he makes on qualm. Instead, he scrabbles. His shield hand used to catch him, he leaves the device there, rolling to escape the press of Aeron to gain his feet at least, hoping the other misses.

"Tria. The pleasure of meeting both of you, is mine.", Glaw offers, but then the clank and crash once more draws his eyes to the two battling knights, and he lifts a brow at the strength of the blow rattling Perin's armor. Yep, that will leave a mark, and it actually causes Glaw to lick his lips. Or is that because sweet bread is passed back and forth under his nose? Hard to tell. And as Aeron moves to finish off his downed "friend", his spine straightens a little, his words to come in a half murmur, "Well, it seems your champion, Lady Josette, knows how to press an advantage…", he claims. So what if he 'accidentally' calls Aeron her champion although she did not say that earlier? Ahem. It is not reproach in his voice, however, but a hint of surprise and perhaps a certain kind of 'respect' for the other knight. Well, Glaw knows better than to expect niceties from that knight in case they cross blades, right?

"Thank you, Sir," Dipping her head in response to the Knight near the two. When he looks back to the battle, Tria reassures the noble woman with a smile. "You're most welcome, M'lady." As with the others, she looks back towards the fight and her eyes widen as Perin falls and Aeron continues to fight! Her free hand covers her mouth, perhaps a way to keep her thoughts from finding voice.

Josette watches Aeron knock Perin's shield out of the way, her eyes growing wide with excitement as her breathing slightly quickens. She continues to watch but a smile grows brighter on her lips as she responds to Glaw which her cheek pink with blush "I would say that he does indeed yes." The sweetbread remaining in her hand as she continues to watch the duel.

You check your sword at 12, you rolled 4.


Aeron checked his sword of 15, he rolled 14.
Aeron rolls 4d6 and gets (1 6 1 3) for a total of: (11)

Aeron doesn't waste the advantage he created by knocking Perin off of his feet, taking his blunted sword to deliver a bit of a chop towards Perin as the other man tries to regain his footing, mantaining that aggressive, but not overly reckless posture he had taken after their first exchange!

You check your forgiving at 10, you rolled 17.

You check your vengeful at 10, you rolled 17.

Before he can get any footing, the blow lands. The tally for the other now, Perin stops the scramble and turns slowly. Looking up at Aeron, he measures the other a moment, weighing the thoughts on this moment. With a conclusion, "Well played Sir." Before moving to try to gain his feet, not holding up a hand to see if the other helps. Not denying an offer if its made. "That'll leave a mark," he'll touch at his side where that first wollop of a blow landed.

Glaw watches as Aeron goes for the "kill" and he chuckles softly, peering from Josette with the baited breath to Tria. Consolation for the vanquished first, right? "He fought well, your Sir Perin. But I do not think the sword is his first choice.", he offers to Tria. "You should watch him during the joust. I have an inklink he might fare better there.", he states then chuckles at Josette. "To, Sir Aeron, the Wolf, hm?", he dares to try to coin a nickname, and actually loud enough that it might carry to bystanders and perhaps into the "ring" as well.

Tria checked her prudent of 4, she rolled 6.

Tria checked her reckless of 16, she rolled 2.

Critical Fail!
Tria checked her forgiving of 10, she rolled 20.

Tria checked her vengeful of 10, she rolled 7.

He hadn't even given Perin a chance to find his feet! Tria's expression says it all, there's an accusatory look given to Aeron but for only a moment, as she drops the basket and rushes out there where Perin is, dropping to her knees beside him. It's then she finds herself unable to hold her thoughts, to hold her tongue any longer, poor Perin, a champion he hadn't counted on. "That wasn't nice at -all-!" Her eyes flashing fire as she glares up at him. "It was a challenge in good sport and you acted badly!" Much like the barmaid is doing now! "It was not so knightly of you." Looking back at Perin, she coos softly, "Are you hurt?"

Josette smiles brightly as Aeron wins, gently fanning herself at her excitment. "Sir Perin, I agree with Glaw you did fight well." Her gaze then looks to Glaw with curiousity upon it as she says "Sir Aeron, the Wolf? That one is new, where did you hear that? Also shall we join them?" As Tria tends to Perin she goes to approach Aeron "Sir Aeron, I might need you to teach me how to sword fight sometime. If you have the time of course that is."

Aeron shifts his sword to his shield hand, grasping it loosely, on account of it being a little akward to hold a shield and a sword in the same hand. "You should see what Lady Aeryn did to be, Sir Perin!" He exclaims, laughing out a bit. He's reaching to offer Perin a hand up, when Tria shows up there, on her knees in the mud and scolding him. He tilts his head just a bit and laughs once more, "C'mon, Tria. We like to play rough, even money Sir Perin would have done the same to me. We have to train how we would fight, it's as simple as that." He turns back to offer his hand out to Perin, "And when we do scuff one another up, that's just more scars for us to show off when we've taken to the cups and are bragging about our exploits!" He adds with a grin. Once Perin is up, or the offer waved off he turns his attention towards Josette, "Oh, you think you can handle a Longsword, Lady Josette?" he asks, brow quirking up a bit, "It takes a lot of strength and practice to wield one of these effectively, put perhaps we can find some time to indulge your fancy."

Its not waved off, but there is a Tria in front of im just the same. "The biggest wound is my pride." Offered to Glaw and Josette, a nod for Aeron even. His attention to Tria more, and her defense of him. In his stance, nothing show for the bruise he has, not listing when he walks for certain. But he does take a hand of Tria, to keep her more focused on him for the moment, "Would I have done the same, I cannot say in this moment, as we've resolved the challenge. I would think not, but then, in that moment, I am uncertain." More softly, "Thank you, I only have the shame of not proving myself worthy of your affection. I do hurt, just a little." He lifts a hand to point at his cheek, "Right about here." Leaning it towards her just slightly as his hand falls away from that injury that doesn't look so injured at all.

"Heard it? I just _saw_ it.", Glaw answers Josette easily enough. "He runs his quarry down, and if it stumbles, he goes for the throat.", he explains. "A hunter at heart, your Sir Aeron.". It is meant as praise. Or perhaps as a cautionary tale for those who would underestimate the fellow knight. It matters little, one is often the same in their caste, after all. As she asks to join them, he nods, only to watch Tria drop the basket and run off, the scathing remarks to lift both eyebrows at the barwench, then he just bends to pick up the basket, though whatever sweatbread fell out is left where it is, then he nods to Josette, as he begins to walk towards the ring. He deviates for a moment to offer the basket to Tria, green eyes to peer down at the doting woman over her fallen champion. No words are given, instead he nods to Perin in recognizion and to Aeron's words. To the latter he offers a smile. "Well fought.". As he lectures about the sword, however, he has to chuckle. "Well, I am sure Lady Josette was not planning to swing your lump of steel but a sword made to fit her figure.", he comments, a tad amused. The ploy to earn a kiss from the barmaid does draw his eyes back to Perin, and this time there is clear amusmenent and surprise from Glaw at Perin. And another nod of recognition, wordlessly.

"I will take you back to my room at the tavern and take care of your wounds." Tria offers to Perin only after assuring herself he was fine, truly fine. As he leans on her, she tries to offer all of the support she can. Slightly contrite, she shifts a glance to Aeron, bowing her head, "I beg your forgiveness, M'lord. My temper, sometimes it gets the best of me. It is not an excuse, I have none, but I do offer my most sincere apologies." A sheepish smile is given to Glaw, "Thank you," she murmurs, accepting the basket.

Josette lets a faint blush cross her cheeks as Aeron questions her about wanting to learn a long sword "I would at least like to try and I would adore if we could find the time to indulge in my fancy." Her gaze looks to Glaw and she nods "That is the idea yes." Then her eyes fall upon Perin and a giggle escapes her lips as he tries to get a kiss upon his cheek and then she offers to take him to her toom to tend to his wounds. Her attention then reutrning to Aeron "Do you have any other plans this afternoon Sir Aeron?"

With Tria, Perin nods, "Ah, yes, not an excuse to have lost, but I cannot wait to have my wounds tended to." The grin showing just how wounded he is. He offers a nod to Sir Aeron, its his call if he forgives Tria himself, he might hope, but he doesn't use words to say the other in any such direction. "My forgiveness sir, I should retire from the field, to suffer my defeat. A pleasure to meet you," an look to Josette "And you my lady. Sir Perin de Steeple Langeford." By way of greeting. He'll begin to move, to his squire, then later to the Boar's Beard.

Aeron nods his head at Tria's words, "No doubt, your temper will get you into trouble if it runs too free." He says. "We can discuss what happened later, and I am certain Sir Perin will likely also have a conversation with you about it as well." He says, pausing for a moment, "But, you should see to Sir Perin first, let me know if it's too bad, though." He says to Tria, giving a side grin towards Perin, "We'll have a drink later!" He adds to the retreating knight before turning his attention to the remaining two.

Logger fades …

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