(514-01-12) An Unusual Favor
Summary: At a local tavern in Sarum knights mingle for a bit of food and drink. The tourney and the various preferences of the knightly disciplines are discussed, an encounter with a mysterious female knight from a few days prior, and… a comely barmaid sees herself confronted with a request of her favor.
Date: January 12th, in the year of our Lord, 514.
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Boar's Beard - Sarum

Lined with dark wood, the atmosphere here generally matches the wood. Smoke filled on some days, this tavern can fill up quickly once night falls. Usually music is provided by some traveling musician or another. The name is echoed in the motif, with several wooly Boar's heads adorning the walls. Namely, a large one above the entrance from the street outside and a matching one over the bar itself. A pair of smaller such heads are over the mantle of the fireplace here. This is the best place to get a few drinks and, some evenings, a decent meal even.

While winter draws nigh, there is certainly activity in Sarum. Knights gather, called to the courts. Talks of the coming year and news from Arthur abound. Perin remains uncertain what he is more interested in, news, or the chances being offered in the small tourney Robert has planned to help prepare for the Wedding Tourney come this spring. In his usual doublet of blue, sleeveless surcoat of dark grey, coat displayed, he winds his way through Eagle Market to the Boar's Beard. From the recent spat of drizzle the prior day, the grounds hold some puddles and mud, thus he enters to stomp his feet. Seeing the marks there from others, he uses the same bit of flooring to add to that mess. At least its not tracked all over. Coming under the head over the door, he lets his eyes adjust to the crowds, deciding if he should make for his own table or may see someone he knows.

Aeron seems to have been present at the Boars Beard for at least a little while, with a small table near the fireplace, and a half empty drink sitting upon the table infront of him. His gaze wanders towards the entrance of the tavern as the new arrival announces his presence with the stomping of feet, and it isn't long before a smile comes to his lips, his hand raising and offering a wave towards the familiar Knight.

The hand easily catches his eye, Perin turns to find the face with it. A smile comes to him, teasing towards a smirk. A hand comes up to return the gesture and his feet carry him to the table. Hailing in close enough to not shout over whatever other crowds are here, he looks at the other, "Sir Aeron, always a pleasure." Taking one hand to a chair, he pulls it out, moving to sit. One leg tossed up and over just a little rather than crouch and scooch into it proper'ish like. "Here with new tales to boast of your family, or perhaps today begins our own?" Its a tease, but meant in good faith at least. He has no room to speak, his family glory is in uncles or his direct lineage and their quick quest to the grave.

"No, Father's been living more of a quiet life since I've earned my spurs, so far, anyway." Gawain replies with a laugh, "But I'm sure there will be tales to be told after the tourney, no doubt!" He exclaims, "And the wedding as well. Can you imagine something so big, and us young unwed knights??" he adds with a big grin, reaching to heft up his mug and raise it before bringing it down to his lips, and taking a gulp from it.

Another shift of working and Tria had been back in the kitchen helping with the midday meal preparations. Walking out from the back area, she is tying a clean apron over her dress and stopping by to speak to the man behind the bar. After a moment of talking, she nods and turns towards the table where the two men are. With a flirtatious smile, she approaches, "Good day to you both, is there anything I could get for you?"

That nets a laugh from Perin as well, more so with the talk of the wedding coming up and their on status. "That may come all too soon," grins the young man, his chair not pushed all the way in. "One more duty, isn't it?" He needs to make up for time lost by his own family in those deaths. "There sure is," he looks up at the voice, his smile growing seeing the face that goes with it, "But maybe later. I'm good for ale and whatever broth is brewing." Stew if its that thick, but warm is the only requirement most likely. "Some company if you're not swamped yet." A pause, to defer to Aeron, see if he is good with even asking that.

Aeron takes a moment to watch Tria's approach, rather unabashed about checking the tavern girl out. He cracks a bit of a grin at Perin's look, and the request, then shrugs his shoulders and gestures towards an empty seat at their table, "By all means, join Sir Perin and I." He says, turning a smile back towards Tria.

"One ale and one bowl of stew? It's really good, I just helped make it." A wink is given to Perin. "Anything for you, Sir?" Settling her green eyed gaze on the other knight, a smile still playing over her own feathers. "I will be honored to join you both, just give me a moment to get this order in and I'll be right back." Waiting for his answer before sashaying back towards the bar, deliberately moving her hips enticingly, if you're into that sort of thing.

"In that case, I am sure it is better than good," grins Perin to Tria, watching Aeron the same when she turns her gaze to him. He finally scoots more up to the table, legs going under even. He will definitely look at the sashaying, without shame for the moment. Ah, but then the fire crackles, the wood wet from the recent drizzle, seeped in. That brings him back to his table mate. "You feel like your a shoe in? Gonna make Robert's team for the melee?" Putting an elbow on the table, he breaths in his own breath, "I was hoping, I'm off to a bad start."

"Another mug." Aeron says, lifting his ale up a bit for emphasis, flashing a grin at Tria, and watching the departing show a bit as well before turning back towards Perin, "So, are you and her..?" he asks, giving a bit of another look after Tria before looking back to the other Knight, "And truthfully? I'd rather be raiding." He says, "That said, I think I'm just as likely as any of our peers to make it onto the vanguard!"

"Oh, very good." Tria grins at Perin before heading off to get the order fulfilled for the stew and two ales. While she waits on it, she walks over and greets a few other patrons, making sure they had all they needed, deftly avoiding a grabbing hand along the way.

On the heels of the question, Perin pauses a moment. As if to consider, with a tinge of colors to his cheek. "Something …." Rhetorical question back on are he and her, a beat skipped. "Something like that." Not modest, not boastful, no claims, but intentions indicated it could seem. "A raid could be good, it has seemed quiet of late. Maybe it the calm before this wedding, and the storm shall follow." A nod and grin at Aeron's own modestly in not placing himself above the other fledgling knights. "This is true, then we should toast, each of us as likely, may god place are sword and arm where he will."

Aeron cracks a grin, "Ah, that's a shame." He says with a little shrug, "She looks like she'd have been a lot of fun." He says to the fellow Knight, nodding his head, "Perhaps we could do something before we have to travel to the wedding." He agrees, hmmning, then pauses a moment, "Oh, did you bring your Falcon, Sir Perin? We should go Hawking soon, perhaps find some ladies at court to invite along with us?"

Once the order has been collected, Tria sashays back over to the table and places the two ales, a stew and some bread before the two. For herself, there's a small wooden bowl of grapes. Having a seat, she looks between the two with a warm smile. "How are you both?"

A slight tilt of his head, Perin doesn't agree about the shame there, but isn't going to brag either. Nor speak out of turn for the other party involved. But that nod of his head indicates, a lot of fun indeed. Or its that goofy smile on his face. "That's a great idea, I did bring my favorite bird. I wasn't sure if I'd want to hunt large game, or take the bird out. I was hoping for such. We should see to that." Though his eyes turn to Tria, not carrying on about finding others to join them. "My day has suddenly gotten better. More new faces arriving, or most everyone here?" Asked between them both, he would have seen the tents/pavilions, she'd have a gauge of it by who's coming into the tavern maybe.

"Oh, good as one is in the winter!" Aeron replies to the question from Tria, "I suppose being in Sarum's a nice reprive from being out at the Manor, anyway. I saw the Winterbourne Stoke's just earlier when I was walking the market. I'm sure most who are able to come are about here though, by know.." he gives a slight smile and a look is cast between Tria and Perin before he looks back to Perin, "I'm sure we'll have at last a hunt as well, but I'm far more interested in the Falconry, myself."

"There are so many new faces in town for the tournament. People I remember being squires have now earned their spurs. It's interesting seeing the differences." Tria picks up a grape and pops it into her mouth before turning her attention to Aeron. "Falconry is interesting enough. I've seen it done a lot, not really done much myself. I do go out and practice with my bow as often as I can."

Taking in the observations of both about the gathering, Perin nods, "New faces I completely can't pace. I spent little time around them as a squire, I'm having a hard time figuring out who is who now that we're of an age." Grown up, middle aged, he's to proud to admit that at least. "Absolutely, its less the brute force of shoving your spear into it until something happens, as it is about communicating intent with the animal. The combination of the both of you working towards the same end, together and not at odds, nothing bets letting a Falcon sore." His eyes do trail to Tria as he speaks on hunting and birds, curious himself at the choice of words he found coming from him. And those grapes look good, he pulls his bowl closer, reaching for bread, his arm brushing along hers without shame. The bread to break and sop at the stew for the moment.

"I agree, a lot more skill and patience goes into handling, and hunting with a raptor." Aeron nods his head, reaching to break off a chunk of bread himself and dips it into his own stew. He glances over towards Tria, "It's not an easy sport, you have to earn the trust of your bird from a young age, and house them properly, and interact with them daily to mantain that relationship." He gestures towards Perin, "Sir Perin's a rather fine example of a good Falconer."

"My, that's a vivid image. You can rest assured I will be watching the participants of the tournament. I really enjoy the joust most, I think. So exciting." Tria pops another grape into her mouth but slides the bowl more towards the center to share should the others want some. Aeron gets a smile, "Patience isn't something I have a lot of, I admit I have quite a temperament at times."

Turning his head down a little with a grin, Perin shakes it a little, fending off the compliment just a little. "Don't let Sir Aeron fool you none. He's as good or better with a Falcon in the sky. I appreciate his modesty, but he's a fine sense of the field when his birds are adrift." His eyes were on them, she slides them over, Perin reaches for a grape. Its not just arm touch, a finger might brush her hand as he reaches for a succulant fruit. A nod and look to Tria, "I could use some work on my lance." Admitted rightfully. Then a grin, "One might say you're fiesty? Do tell?" The tease is turned to her this time it would seem. He lifts his sopping bread for a bite.

"Oh, it's not modesty, Sir Perin." Aeron replies, "But I'm happy to give others credit where do, we're both fine Falconers!" he adds, looking between the two and letting a laugh escape, "I never liked lance work." He adds, "I'm always more eager to draw my sword and wade in, then turn around for another pass!" he gives a little more of a look over Tria, "It's the pictish hair. Picts are always fiesty bastards. I hope Sir Perin hasn't had too much trouble hitting the target with his lance, though."

The brushing of her fingers isn't missed and Tria lifts her eyes to Perin, albeit briefly, before her own fingers close around one of the plump orbs. The grape tossed unceremoniously into her mouth, she chews it as she considers Aeron, a sort of curious look. "You think it's my hair that gives me a temper?" Amusement dances in her green eyes as they settle on the knight. "I'm pretty sure his lance is right on," waggling her brows and puckering her lips to blow the Aeron a playful kiss.

Perin gives a small nod of the honest admittance by Aeron in the realm of modesty. Then a grin, "There, its settled. And yet not one step closer to getting us out there to snatch some cony out of the fields." A chuckle from him, following to an agreement. His eyes hint at a burn, eager himself. Rather less patient to be in the thick of it, let someone else sort the detaisl out. With an appraising look about hair, he does turn to Tria. "Ah, that explains it. Not that it needs explaination, its right where it needs to be." Lips curl a little more as he regards. Then eyes open a little, his hand makes sure to catch that one, "Have to make sure that doesn't get misplaced, a few would gladly take that kiss from me."

Aeron gives Tria a big grin, "I think if I had a jousting partner as lovely as you I'd be far more interested in lancework myself." He says with a wink given before sopping up more of his stew with the chunk of bread, "And I think it just might be the hair." He adds with a matter of fact nod of his head.

It's around midday at the Boar's Beard and there are two knights and Tria, who works here in the tavern. The trio are discussing the tournament, surely, because there's the mention of lances! Grapes in a bowl, a few ales and bowls of stew with bread adorn the table and the fireplace is going strong. It's not too terribly busy and the smells permeate the air of the different foods prepared in the kitchens. "There's never a bad time to practice on your lance work, Sir," she says playfully to Aeron. Cutting her green eyes towards Perin, she winks, "And will you be participating in the varied events, Knight?"

Sitting mostly at the table, one arm on it even, Perin is grinning. Listening between the two of them. Aeron teases towards Tria, he looks faux offended. The grin a give away that he is not, "Hey now, that's a little close for comfort, at least do that behind my back." He puts bread back into his bowl to sop a little more of that warm goodness out of it. "Practically fighting words, maybe we should enter the lists later and see about this." Eyes more towards Tria, "Just after I practice my lance work. I may, but I want to focus on my sword, to try and gain that honor. Not to challenge Sir Jaradan, but to join the vanguard. Do you think I should tilt? I may need some motivation, some inspiration to make up for my neglect of the lance of late." Eyes all towards her of course.

The door to the tavern opens, and a figure enters. Dark short curls frame a face of young yet rather angular features, the man in question a knight, judging from his attire of a lighter maille armor, and the sword that he wears at his belt. But even knights get thirsty, occasionally, and this one seems to be no exception. A few steps take Bryce into the common room where he pauses for a moment, as if to ponder where to go, dark eyes scanning the common room, before he spots the warm fire in the hearth, and the table with knights and a fair maiden. And so the newly arrived knight approaches, greeting those gathered with a confident "Good day, to you." A polite incline of the head offered to the men, and a friendly smile towards the woman. "Tis a thirsty day, for me indeed. I wonder, could I get a good mug of ale in this place?" The question tossed at no one in particular, as his gaze has already found the evidence of ales and food on the table. A smile curls his lips, observing the merry mood at the table, as he offers: "Ah, the lists. It seems you are eager to test your mettle against each other, good sirs?" He is wearing a tabard in black and red with the yellow Bear perhaps a hint at his origin, for those versed in heraldry, a brow lifting in silent question before Bryce takes a vacant seat. "I hope you don't object to a freezing knight joining you at your table, sirs; Miss." A glance shot the young woman's way, all respectful and devoid of any lewd intentions. "I'm Sir Bryce of Baverstock." The introduction offered to the three of them.

Aeron laughs at Perin's response, "Oh, I was just going to inquire if she had any friends willing to help, is all, Sir Perin!" he says with a big grin, though he leaves Tria to any suggestions on Perin's participation in the tilt. He instead turns toward the approaching Bryce, nodding his head, "Of course, Ale, and stew, please, take a seat, Sir Bryce relax if you'd like. I am Sir Aeron, and this is my good friend Sir Perin."

Full lips tilt into a half smile and green eyes look up through lashes as Tria regards Perin at his suggestion. "I think you should tilt, it's my favorite part to watch, I really think you should." Reaching for another grape, she bites it in half, juice squirting over her lower lip. With a soft laugh, she uses her tongue to collect it. "Oh, I have plenty of friends," she turns her attention to Aeron, "Lucinda also works here, she's really lovely." It's then that her attention is captured by the new arrival and she rises to her feet and offers a polite bow of her head while her eyes remain gauging. A smile is offered, "Of course, M'lord. I will fetch you one right away." And off she goes, once more sashaying her way to fulfill the order and leave the knights to deal with their tournament talk.

That nets a laugh from Perin, "Sir, we may end up in no need to walk the courts in search of ladies for our falconry expedition later at this rate." Then he does turn back to Tria the same, maybe she does have a friend after all who wouldn't mind meeting a knight friend. And she does, his smile remains. But lost in those green eyes. "How could I saw now, for Sir Aeron it is the hair, for me, it is the ocean of those eyes. Though, still, perhaps if I had the favor of some mysterious maiden, both of a fiery temper, red of hair and green of eyes, I would do better at the tilt?"
Another comes, he looks up with theothers. "Please, join," he agrees, nodding at the intro on his part by Aeron. "Something like that, test our mettle. Whether its the swords or to take our birds to flight remains to be seen. I'm inclined towards the later for the moment." Again, he watches backside as Tria moves off to get fulfill orders.

The merriment displayed in Sir Bryce's features is a rather temperate one. "Pleased to make your acquiantance, Sir Aeron," he replies politely to the introduction. "And thank you," this added to the invitation to join them. Dark eyes shift to Tria, an incline of his head given, in reaction to her nod. "Fine." Eyes lingering on her as she moves off, briefly, before his attention returns to the two knights at the table. "So… is that your preferred contest to demonstrate your prowess, sirs? The tilt?", Bryce inquires casually, interest flashing in his gaze as he looks from Aeron to Perin. "Sir Perin." He studies the knight for a moment, when the answer to his question is already given, at least on Perin's part. "Ah, I see. Swords and falcons." No judgement there in his tone nor in the polite smile he offers the knight. "I daresay I'm most proficient with the lance, closely followed by the sword. As for the hunt… I prefer a bow to the use of avians." The appreciative stare of Perin and his remark to Tria are not going unnoticed, but either Bryce does not have own intentions in regards to teh barmaid, nor does he seem to mind. "Such favor," he remarks, "will make you the champion of beauty." A polite remark, administered with the ghost of a smile, as Bryce de Baverstock leans back in his seat, his eyes going distant for a moment as if in thoughts.

"I imagine a lot do have the preference of more traditional hunting." Aeron says, waving a hand slightly, as he settles back, "Regarding the tourney, I'm not entirely convinced that the jousting will catch on, myself. It's good for training your squires, and on the field of battle, but we all know you go to your sword more frequently then the lance when warring."

The question in regards to a favor effectively catches Tria's attention and she hesitates long enough to look back and wink. "I'm sure I can find something to give you. It would be an honor." While she waits for the ale, she checks on a few more patrons, making sure they had everything they needed. After collecting the mug from the bar, she turns and walks back, her steps light and graceful. The mug is delivered to the newly arrived knight before Tria retakes her seat.

Smirking in the way that isn't mean or unjust, but impish really, Perin returns himself to the conversation proper. Agreeing with Aeron, his nod that is. "I'm expecting more to be in the wood with spears come the hunt, but I do prefer feathers. I know I could stand to ride more with a lance to better myself, but yes, I've favored the sword. Its reliable, its not likely to break." Then half a laugh at least, "Then again, the other day, it seemed want to jump from my hand. Not sure who the lady knight was I squared against, but she's not spared herself any training."

"True enough," Bryce states to Aeron's remark on lances being less used in times of war. "Yet… I've found it does not fail to impress the ladies. As the fair…" Not aware of Tria's name, his hand lifts in a gesture to indicate her, "has already noted… the lists are frequented by many knights, and it is a spectacle quite popular with both the common folk and the nobles. Dark eyes shifts to Tria as she returns. "Thank you," Bryce intones as he accepts the mug of ale from her hand. Attention then shifting to Perin, the Lord of Baverstock allows a smile to appear on his features. "True. And I believe, should the Saxons ever dare to attack us again… A sword would be of more use than a lance. As you said… they tend to break occasionally." Bryce falls silent then, content to listen to the remark about a female knight. Even though he shoots Perin an inquisitive glance.

"You'll have to introduce me to this Lucinda later!" Aeron says as Tria sits back down, giving her a bit of a grin before looking back towards the two knights, "There can't be many lady knights about, I'm sure we'll track down who it was you were sparring with sooner rather then later, Sir Perin." He adds with a nod, "And The Saxons, the Picts, perhaps others raiding across the channel, I can't imagine we'll be absent opportunity to spill blood."

Once Bryce has taken the drink, Tria offers him a warm smile, settling into her chair she had vacated. Reaching for the bowl of grapes, she takes one again and offers to the others, "Feel free to have some fruit, they are ripe, plump and delicious." As if to prove her point, she pops it into her mouth and savors the taste. Looking towards Aeron, her lips curve again, her smile widening, "I think Lucinda would like you, I would be glad to introduce you to her." At the talk and debate over the lance and the sword, she listens, genuinely interested.

As Tria is back, Perin finds his eyes drifting yet again, "Afterwhich, we could see what this is you find that shall help steady my hand upon my horse." That favor. Taking his bread from stew, he holds it, it drips lightly just a little. "It seemed a bit quiet this year, at least along the Wylye. Makes you think their out there, in the woods, planning something." A brow raises even, curious time for a wedding for the 'wilds' to be so quiet would be the implication there. Then again, he's not long been a knight, who's he to speak. Better to keep my sword in practice." He takes a bite, puts what little is left of the bread next to his bowl, his fingers waggle to let the crumbs fall nearby on that table. Swallow, to Tria, "So, I should improve with the lance, chance to win more in your favor? This is a thing?" Bryce said it, the ladies like, it, why not affirm.

The remark of Aeron towards Tria about yet another serving girl working at the Boar's Beard elicits a faint smirk on the angular features of the Baverstock knight, even so he lowers his gaze, not meaning any offense. At least for a moment. "Indeed," he agrees with Aeron, shooting him a sideways glance as he raises his mug of ale in a toast. "Saxons… Picts… best company when they are dead and rotting in their graves…" At which he lowers the mug and lifts it to his lips, downing it in one single generous swig. Bryce is thirsty. At least he was. The mug is returned to the table, a grape accepted from the bowl Tria offered, the lord leaning back in his chair, munching on the grape and falling silent then. He glances towards Perin, taking in his remark. From now on content to observe, as it seems, while occasionally offering a nod here and a faint shake of the head there, in silent comment to the conversation as it continues, when he is not distracted with his own thoughts.

Aeron lifts his mug along with Bryce at the little toast, taking a healthy drink from his own ale before leaning back in his seat. "So! Any big plans for the winter months once we've feasted and tourney'd here in Sarum?"

"Of course." Actually, Tria has an idea and she moves her hands to the lacing of her dress in front and starts slowly unwinding the green ribbon there, a playful smile gracing her features. "I have just the thing." Once it's free of the fabric, she uses a hand to hold the fabric together over her breasts and offers the ribbon to Perin, "A favor for you, I do hope it brings you the best of luck in your challenges." Once more, she rises, "Would you like another ale, M'lords?" Glancing between the three, fully intending to go get a replacement ribbon from her room first.

A brow lifts in the corner where Bryce de Baverstock observes in silence, arms crossed before him. The favor… slightly unusual, to put it mildly.

Unusual perhaps and yet Perin gladly moves his hand to accept the ribbon. "Well, my lady," he makes it more officious that way, "I would be honored to prove my amor for you by taking your favor with me to the lists and winning glory for you at the tilts." That or get knocked off his horse on the first pass and be done. But he's hopeful. "I'm good with mine, company preferred." Though he knows she has to get up regularly to keep her tavern rounds. He reaches for one of the fruits this time. "There is a troublesome wall. I swear, it was shorn up a year ago. Fine all summer, but just before the first floods … a draft in it. And yes, tapestry over it is not helping. If I want to enjoy the hearth of my home, I think I should spend some time looking into patching it for now, deciding what needs to happen come spring."

Aeron gets one of those mischevious looks on his face as Tria offers up her favor, and he starts sorta pushing the empty mugs and such over towards the edge of the table, "Might as well take the empty dishes back with you when you go!" He says in one of those playful, perhaps joking tones, and he nods his head a bit as Perin explains manorly woes. "I imagine that would be something to get fixed." He agrees. "I need to get a new cat, for ours, I think. Keep the mice at bay and all. Perhaps I can find one here, or one of the other lords just had a fresh litter or somesuch."

Odd it might be, but Tria owns so few things that it is what it is. There's a slight smile as she glances back, the whole empty dishes bit not escaping her attention. "I'll send someone over for them," she laughs playfully. A mischievous look is given before she heads up the stairs to her room for the moment.

Perin gets a little brow lift at the play between the two, hints of slight jealousy, needless as it may be, or not. "Careful, you'll ger her all riled up." A thought, he rescends the rest of that thought, yes, get her riled up, his grin says he might like her more fiesty. But he can't help but watch her head for the stairs. Darn those curves. "A cat," bring shim back to the table, his stew pushed aside, but he'll nibble the fruit until its gone. "Not a bad idea. I'm sure you could find one here, but I think they all have a temper. A fiesty woman is one thing, but the bite of a fiesty cat is far from pleasurable." A scrunch of his cheeks, he can just imagine a feral cat, probably one he saw wants. Fur problems, flea problems, hissing problems. Almost shudder-worthy.

Aeron reaches over to pat Perin on the shoulder, laughing, "Well, if she gets all riled up you'll have to go unrile her, I imagine, Sir Perin!" He says, leaning back in his seat again with a big grin, "Something you're quite up to, I'd think. And I'd rather have a fiesty cat then mice! That's for sure! I've yet to meet a fiesty woman who can hunt down the mice with as much gusto as a cat!"

A grin hits him, notes of a chuckle to go with the other's laugh. Perin nods about that. "True enough. Something to look forward to, and to help should the weather drop any during our stay here." Figuring he's done munching even too, he turns half over towards the fire and its leaping flames. "Ah, this is the measure, if the woman is more fiesty than a cat and can hunt down the mice, she's one to keep." A shake of his head at that elbow down on table, face to fire, eyes to Aeron, "Not convinced on the lance. I still think its a tactic to bulk up squires, find more gear for them to carry. I'm stuck with a blundering cousin to carry mine, favor for an uncle."

"Indeed. Perhaps she's off looking for some mice right now to put in our porrige??" Aeron says with a laugh, "And who knows, the strategy is sound enough, but you don't keep fighting with your lance, or spear, after the first charge!" he says, casting an absent glance towards the stairs before looking back towards Perin as he lounges a bit.

That get's a laugh from Perin again, "If so, its only cause you kept on her about the dishes. And if not today, it'll be mine alone tomorrow." He looks over at his bowl, "Could use a bit more meat though yes." Giving a glance down to his boots, where what bit of mud was there is dried to a light tan cake, he nods. "Exactly, in the end, you'll always need your sword, just the way it is." With Aeron looking for the stairs, it does make him curious at how long until she returns. "You don't think the 'I'll send someone over' was a hint, she's off duty and I should be bounding up after for that practice?"

"You'd know her wiles better then I, Sir Perin." Aeron says, shrugging his shoulders, "It's not like the Tavern keeper would chastise you if you were to keep her occupied for a few minutes upstairs. And, you can hardly fault me for trying to get her to pick up our dishes…" He adds with a grin and a shrug of his shoulders.

"I'm certain she's coming back," Perin nods on his return, though a curiousity in his eyes. Maybe seeing her playfulness towards Aeron. His spirits remain high just the same. "Besides, how else will I get what news I miss at Steeple Langford if I don't sit hear with an ear to the gossip. My luck if I go anywhere, I'll miss all the happenings and the rest of the stay here will be quiet. Or mostly quiet at least."

"You're probably right at that, I'd say." Aeron agrees with a nod of his head, "And I imagine you have more traffick through Steeple Langford then we do up at Berwick!" He adds, "Not that I terribly mind it, of course, trouble can often come on the back of travelers."

"Ah, I should put my ear to the stone," not that they have Roman paved roads with which to go and listen to the travellers. Perin takes more from his ale, finally getting to finish that one that Tria had brough his way earlier. "You know, once I've squared away for winter and the weather starts to turn, we should see about sharing some company. I'd be curious how you've managed your rookery, could always do with a few more tips in that regard."

Certainly she does! Tria comes back down but the ribbon lacing her dress is a lighter green than the previous one. She stops by to get the two of them a refill on the ale before walking back and handing them over. Collecting the other dishes, she walks them back to the bar before returning yet again. "Did I miss anything?" Asked as she retakes her seat.

"Ah, welcome back!" Aeron says as Tria comes and parks her bottom at their table, grinning a bit, "I see you found a replacement ribbon. You didn't miss anything important though, no." He says, waving a hand a little dismissively, "We were just talking about arranging a visit over the winter months." He explains, "Showing Perin my rookery and the like."

And like that, the spirits liven just a little at the table. "A replacement so easy … yet I shall imagine the one I have is not so easily replaced." Not like there is a draw up there full of ribbons she gives to all the knights that pass through, Perin chuckles at that, one hand still holding said token. "Serious business, these rookeries. A good excuse to be up and out of the home for a short stay. He's not too far, so feasible to travel even on a horrid winter day. Not that I mind the snow, just the walking through it part." At least on the road, mud no thanks.

A finger lifts and toys with the ribbon and she lifts a playful look to Aeron, "So glad you noticed," the barmaid tells him in a tongue-in-cheek manner. "Oh, not so easily replaced, this one doesn't match as well," Tria tells him, turning her gaze to him then. "I only have a few ribbons."

"Well, you've done such a fine job taking care of us, I figured it was my duty to do the same for you." Aeron says with a nod of his head, "We wouldn't want your blouse falling open." He chuckles, lounging back in his seat a bit. "And, it's who you get the favor from that's important, Sir Perin, not how hard the item is to replace!"

"I couldn't notice, I was too bothered by the affection from the one I received," grins Perin, he should of made the comment sooner, Aeron beat him to that punch for certain. But he catches the gaze all the same, and only a few ribbons, his smile softens, gets warm even. "Ah, and this one, has no replacement for me." The ribbon he has at least. Serious in the moment, until Aeron jokes about the blouse opening up and he joins the chuckle. "Well … not yet at least. And he is right, I shall offer an apology, that it is from you is all the worth in the world to me."

"Why thank you," Tria offers warmly to Aeron. "Oh, we definitely don't want that," she teases in return, checking her new ribbon replacement is secure. "Perhaps you, Sir, will get a favor as well from a lady." Not that Tria is a lady. Green eyes rest on Perin with amusement, "You owe me no apology. You've not offended me. I do have to get to work now though, in the kitchens. I have to help prepare the evening meal. One of the cooks is down with a fever so I cook instead of the tables."

Tria adds, "I am Tria," to Aeron, since they'd not been introduced.

"We shouldn't keep you then, if you've chores about the tavern. We wouldn't want you scolded too much on our account!" Aeron says, giving a polite nod to Tria, "It was nice making your acquaintence, Tria. I've no doubt we'll run into one another again, for certain." He says with a grin, then nods toward Perin, "Perhaps you could keep your eye open for any ribbons for sale when we are off to Cameliard for the wedding?" he hmmns, "I bet there will be all manner of textiles and such."

Moving to stand when she goes this time, Perin grins, and nods, "Ah, ribbons are other curiousities. I have earned her favor, it would be less of me not to return in kind." Brilliant indeed, he comes back with a monkey from exotic North Africa, to live in the city and run wild, until the snows. "I shall come in search of you later, most lovely Tria. I think after these dishes, you may need to let go some agression perhaps. We shall find a way to remedy this." His hand will go for her, a hug, a bit of a squeeze, more open as its in the tavern, not in some court. Then a nod to Aeron the same, "I'm going to enter the lists see if I can find another challenger. Earn a win at least, if I fail again, I'll be satisfied hawking and making chase in the city, awaiting the joust at least." Favor held up.

"It was indeed an honor to meet you, M'Lord." Not catching his name still, Tria turns to Perin and returns the hug, a sultry sort of look in her eyes as she lifts them to him. "Yes, come see me tonight, if you can. I will be here." She briefly brushes her lips over his jaw before separating herself from him and heading for the kitchen.

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