(514-01-01) A Challenge Accepted
Summary: Aeron and Aeryn have their challenge that had been issued.
Date: 01-514
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Farmer's Quarter:

In the Southern section of Sarum lies the Farmer's Quarter. The prominent feature here is the Black Abbey, its dark stone bell tower rising over the scattering of permanent homes that have cropped up around it. A gentle wind carries up from the south, on good clear days, one can catch scent of the distant ocean waters in that direction, beyond Dorset. With the open space here, more kids go about daily errands and chores for their parents. Breaking from work to play about in the open fields here to the east and west; reserved for festivals and tournaments depending on the time of year. One large wooden building here is an Inn reserved for farmer's that only stay a few days after harvest to hawk their produce.

Aeron had come by Aeryn's tent, not calling on the ladies tent for anything untoward of course, but to meet her for a little round with the swords. A Short time later, finds the two out on the field, Aeron is glad in his gear, tabbard over top, with his squire holding his sword and shield, ready to arm the knight. "So, M'lady, should we make our little contest more interesting then just to feel one another out?"

Out on the field, Aeryn is dressed and ready for the challenge. "More interesting? In what way?" She takes her sword and shield from her squire before looking back at him, interested in what sort of terms he had to offer.

"Hmmn, that's a good question, M'lady." Aeron replies, accting his shield from his squire as well, securing it a bit upon his arm, "Perhaps trade favors, or the loser's squire has to do the other's chores for a day, or something."

"Trade favors," Aeryn muses for only a moment before offering a quick flash of a smile, "I would agree to either one of those. Trading a favor to the winner or the winner gets the use of a squire for a day, winners choice."

"So what sort of favors are you considering? A Token for the tournament, or something else?" Aeron asks, accepting his sword from his squire, "Or perhaps we should just negotiate the specifics of the favor once we determine a winner?" he asks, hmmning softly.

Aeryn does remove her blade from her scabbard, considering him as she turns it so the blunt side will be used instead of the sharp one. "I was thinking a token for the tournament, if you have something else in mind, please do bring it up after you win, should you win. For now, we have the terms of either, winners choice. Are you ready?"

"We have terms." Aeron says with a grin, nodding his head towards the woman, adopting a stance favoring the blunt edge himself, offering a respectful salute to his opponent before raising his shield and adopting a fighting stance.

"Indeed we do." Aeryn smiles and offers a bow of her head in respect, in return. When he takes his stance, she squares her shoulders up, feel apart a little, prepared for the challenge. "May the best Knight win."

Critical Success!
You check your sword at 15, you rolled 15.

Aeron checked his sword of 15, he rolled 18.

Certainly Aeron is not a bad swordsman, and even well trained ones make mistakes, launching an attack at the woman trying to rely on size and physicality to trump the feminine form standing against him. This of course, leaves an opening for the other knight to exploit, no doubt spectacularly!

For once, Aeryn seems to be perfectly balanced, even able to lift her blade to block, should something come her way. When she sees an opening, she doesn't hesitate in taking advantage of it, and she swings her blade so the blunt side of it hits his armor, not wanting to harm him, but definitely wanting to win.

Aeron is hit rather solidly, the clang of chainmail heard from the impact of the sword, and the way he sorta grunts and doubles over a bit, it's almost certain he'll have a bruise to follow from that well placed smack. He grunts a little more, grinning, "Nice blow, m'lady."

Aeryn winces, but she doesn't back down, she waits to make sure he is fine before getting back into it, taking a swing at him when she's certain he was ready and able to either block or miss, and to swing back, should he be able. She's got a one track mind at the moment.

You check your sword at 15, you rolled 9.

Aeron checked his sword of 15, he rolled 18.

Perhaps he's still a bit tilted from the solid blow, but he's certainly not fighting at his best, whatever his reason is. He steps back to a more defensive stance for a few moments to watch the other knight, before moving to engage in another exchange of strikes, overextending himself a bit this time.

It's music, the sounds of the swords clanging against each other, the shields, the dancing together of the knights as they both test their skill against the other. When her blow strikes once more, Aeryn backs off, even sliding her blade into her scabbard, "Well done, Sir. Well done."

As Aeryn backs off, Aeron does too, offering his shield arm out for his squire to come fetch it, and he cracks a bit of a grin. He doesn't seem as winded as most might be, though he is known to be quite the energetic one. "I admit, I underestimated you, M'lady. You're quite good with your sword, I couldn't find an opening to slip mine into either, You've earned my respect, that's for certain."

"And you mine, good Sir." Aeryn offers, also handing off her shield to her squire and unfastening the belt that holds her sword and handing that over also. "There you go, Beth, see to that and make sure the horses are tended." Watching a moment as her squire runs off towards the tents. Looking back at Aeron, she smiles, "It seems I either get your favor or your squire for a day."

Aeron does likewise with his sword and laughs, "I suppose you do, that was the bargain, and I'm a man of my word." he says, "So." He says with a bit of a grin, hands resting upon his hip, "What is it you're going to claim as your prize, M'lady?"

Aeryn smiles in response to his grin and his stance. "I honestly hadn't thought much about it. I was more thinking about winning than the prize at the end. I wonder though, do you even have a favor a lady could carry into competitions? Or should I make liberal use of your squire?"

"Well, I'm not sure what I have that would work, but I'd find something to honor our bargain, certainly." Aeron says, "Should you want the favor. But it's certainly up to you what you want to ask for, M'lady. Shall I walk with you back to your tent while you think about it?"

"Sure, that would be great." Beth has already gone to the tent, but Aeryn leads the way there. "Perhaps I will just make use of your squire for a day, that would probably be the most reasonable request."

Aeron walks along with Aeryn, nodding his head, "The choice is yours to make, and I haven't heard you ask anything unreasonable yet. But if you want his service, I'll certainly have him come to you. First thing in the morning?"

"That would work, tomorrow morning. Beth would be glad of the help." Aeryn arrives at her tent and turns to face him, "Thank you for the challenge, I should get to bed for the night. It was nice to see you again today."

"Well, I hope you have a wonderful knight, Lady Aeryn." Aeron says, bowing his head, cracking a touch of a grin, "I'll leave you to your preparations for the night, and see you soon, I imagine." he adds, offering a slight bow at the waist, favoring the nice smack he got a little more.

Aeryn bids him farewell as well, "Good evening, Sir Aeron. I wish you a good night." When he bows, she returns the gesture, a smile accompanying it. "Be well." With that, she ducks into the tent and disappears inside.

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