(514-01-03) Earl Robert Winter Joust
Summary: The jousting part of Earl Robert's Winter Tourney with a surprise announcement at the end!
Date: January 3, 514
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The fanfare announces the start of the joust, Earl Robert and elder knights in the stands. A shield from each knight entered along the lists, waiting to be it down as it's knight if knocked off, until one remains. The first tilt calls for Sir Perin and Sir Aeron. Perin takes the field atop his charger, hood up, helm on, shield raised. He sets his charger on the line as Bren helps heft his lance.

The good natured teasing from her brother brings a smile to Aeryn, an affectionate look is given him, "Mother will live through it. I made my choices, I have zero regrets." As the joust begins, she loops her arm through his, "We should go get our armor on and then we can watch those participating. I am interested in seeing how Sir Aeron fares against.. who did they say? I suppose I never met the opponent."

Aeron sits astride his own charger, the horse a bit antsy, ready to get it's charge on, like most warhorses. He's clad in his own armor, shield on arm, lance being accepted by his squire and offering a slight nod of his head across to his opponent on the list.

Critical Fail!
Perin checked his lance of 15, he rolled 20.
Aeron checked his lance of 10, he rolled 15.
<OOC> Perin says, "broke lance, for me"

Ewin smiles and nods at his sister. "Aye. And you do the family proud." he claps her on the shoulder and starts towards the tents, knowing that his squire Kensit is already setting out the armor and lances. "You're right. Let's go get ready. Best of luck to you sister. Just pray that you don't draw me for a tilt!" He laughs and starts heading off to his tent to prepare.

Deryn stands where other knights are gathered who are already suited up and ready to go once their names are called. The lady knight is without helmet, her gaze intent upon those that ride before her, watching and making note of future opponents.

Perin nods to his friend, when both are ready, he spurs his mount, the beasts charge. His lance splinters and breaks. Poor Bren must carry one across the field to him. He waits, checking straps in his shield, and hand on the reigns. When ready, he looks to Aeron, at the ready for pass two when the other is.

Aeron puts the spurs to his mount as well, charging across the list towards his opponent.. he doesn't however get his lance down quite in time to land a good hit on Perin. He moves his horse about, gives his lance a brief look before nodding his head towards Perin to signal he's ready for another pass.

Perin checked his lance of 15, he rolled 18.
Aeron checked his lance of 10, he rolled 19.

Standing off to the side, Gwion is being tended to by the oldest of his squires. His armor, having been dented in transit is being polished with bees wax to get out the signs of uneven wear, and the shine of the fresh blacksmith attention. The squire's face is beet-red, apparently appalled at his own carelessness. "So very sorry, sir." he says over and over in a hushed whisper. The knight, his attention on the lists, seems non-plussed, though he isn't exactly pleased with the boy.

"To you as well," Aeryn calls to her brother before disappearing inside. Soon though, she comes out with Beth, her squire, her armor on and she watches the current match.

A slight nod of her head is given as Deryn continues to watch, blue eyes sweeping over the passage of one knight as he circles and prepares to head back off on the second pass. Her own squire stands nearby with helmet in hand, her large destrier standing by ready to go.

Perhaps after the shatter of his first lance, he's pulling even more. His majestic steed kicks clods up off the field, making divets and softening the earth. But nothing more than glancing tips at best. His head down, it shakes as Perin turns his mount for the this pass, hoping he can make something happen here, least that lance break be the determining factor in Sir Aerons win.

Aeron seems to be having a similar issue, his mount a little too antsy and his lance breezing past his target, Sir Perin. His helmet hides any sort of reaction he may be having, but he turns his horse about, taking his lance and giving a slight salute to indicate he's ready for the final run down the list!

Perin checked his lance of 15, he rolled 9.
Aeron checked his lance of 10, he rolled 1.
<OOC> Perin says, "highest success wins rolling dmg to check for knockdown"
Perin rolls 6d6 and gets (3 6 3 2 2 3) for a total of: (19)
Critical Success!
Aeron checked his horsemanship of 15, he rolled 15.
<OOC> Perin says, "nice roll .. he stays up, takes 1/2 damage, reinforced chain eats 12 points … no damage"

Josette continues to watch as the jousting continues between Perin and Aeron. Her eyes following Aeron as it continues. Her hands gently clasped together as she watches the final run down.

The knights collide this time, Sir Perin hitting close to center, though Aeron is steady on his horse. Turning to judgement at end of run … favor to Perin, he touches the green ribbon laced to his left shoulder, salutes his friend Sir Aeron. The next tilt is called, Sir Aeryn, and Sir Gwion.

Time for her own chance and Aeryn awaits a lance from her squire. Atop her mount, a black destrier, tall and proud looking. She tucks the lance against her and positions herself, ducking her head a little to protect herself. When the round is called and her opponent is ready, she rides…

Ewin exits his tent in time to see the last run between Sir Aeron and Sit Perin. As the result is announced, he claps and cheers for the victor. And when his sister is announced for the next tilt, his applause and cheering increase. Once ther riders are at the ready, Ewin goes to stand next to his courser, Atlas. "Come on, Aeryn," he says in a low tone. "Knock him on his backside."

To Aeron's credit, he barely looks like he was budged in the saddle of his horse when the lance impacts, of course.. Perin gets the cleaner hit on him, and he gives a slight nod of his head to the judges, offering a salute to Perin, and one to the crowd before moving off the list, his squire there to help take his horse, and helps him dismount and such.

Deryn claps a hand against her thigh, the sound of her armor clanging in response to the winner's name called. As the next tilt is called, she glances to her squire and moves back a little, though curiosity has her watching still, especially upon seeing another female knight riding.

Gwion lashes on the polished greave with a grunt to the squire, then pulls on his tournament tabard over the chainmail. Once that is all set, he climbs up into the saddle of his gray horse and hefts the lance in place. With the cheers of his house following him, he moves to his end of the lists and salutes Lord Robert, the Field Marshal, and finally Sir Aeryn. For good measure, he bows his head slightly and crosses himself with his shield hand before affixing it to his arm.

Gwion checked his lance of 15, he rolled 8.
Aeryn checked her lance of 15, she rolled 13.
<OOC> Perin says, "Aeryn wins, droll 6d6"
Aeryn rolls 6d6 and gets (3 1 1 5 4 4) for a total of: (18)
<OOC> Perin says, "Gwion +check dex"
Gwion checked his dex of 10, he rolled 5.

Aeryn rides hard, head slightly down and lance out. As she makes contact, she braces herself to hold on tight. At the end, she turns and positions herself once more, comfortable in the saddle. When her opponent is ready, she nudges her horse into action, and they race on, lance braced for the impact.

Perin goes to his tent to loosen up, comes out middle of the second tilt to observe the riders and see who might be potential competition for the next round of eliminations, eyeing the coat of arms of the riders, standing arms crossed as he watches.

The thunder of hooves and rush of adrenaline is what these knights live for, though few will readily admit it. It's all about duty and honor on the surface, but deep down, it is about besting their opponents. Spurring his horse into action, the pair move swiftly down their side of the lists. The Bull Knight's levee is ill-timed, and his weapon is not in the proper position to strike the other knight. Maybe Gwion misjudged her size, maybe her skill, but the crack of the dulled end of the other's lance will surely be all the punishment he needs. His own lance skitters over the top of Aeryn's shield, and he and it are still in their proper number of pieces after the horses carry them by one another.

Gwion checked his lance of 15, he rolled 16.
Aeryn checked her lance of 15, she rolled 1.
<OOC> Perin says, "aeryn wins, droll 6d6"
Aeryn rolls 6d6 and gets (3 4 4 6 5 3) for a total of: (25)
Gwion checked his horsemanship of 10, he rolled 14.
<OOC> Perin says, "knocked off, eliminated, no damage"

Ewin cheers wildly as his sister unhorses her opponent. "Ha-ha! There ya go!" He claps his mailed gauntlets together before mounting his own horse and getting ready for his tilt. He makes sure to ride by Aeryn on his way and give her a congratulatory clap on the shoulder and a hearty, 'Weel done!"

Deryn pulls on her helmet as her name is called, and with her squire, heads towards the grey and black destrier standing nearby. With help, she is soon upon his back, reigns in one hand, she readies to take to the list. Nodding to Aeryn as she passes in congratulations to the other lady knight as she passes by.

Josette watches Aeryn jousting, hoping that she wins and when she does a bright smile curls her lips. She makes her way over to Ewin and kindly says "Lady Aeryn did wonderfully, Sir Ewin."

Aeryn pulls up on her reins when she gets to the end of the tilt, turning herself around only to gape as she realizes she had unhorsed her opponent. Hearing Ewin, she looks towards him, her helm protecting herself at the moment. "Good luck baby brother." She offers with warmth. Passing by his competitor, she offers a nod in return, "May the best Knight win." Words she'd already said several times in the challenges. Riding off to the side, she remains nearby to watch her brother, her squire already at her side, tending to her needs.

And on his backside he is knocked. Gwion turns his charger at the end of the list and spurs it back down the other. As they get closer, an odd jostle of the horse causes him to hit his lance against his shield, opening up his defense a little and moving his weapon too far to his right. He see it before it happens, and he looks directly into the eyes of the winning knight as the blow is struck. Luckily, most of the impact is absorbed by the armor, and most of the shame by his arse. He hits the ground, rolls a couple of times, and gets back to his feet without further losing his dignity. "Very good, Sir Aeryn." He says as he approaches the lady, leaving his strewn horse and gear for the squires to gather. "Good luck on the rest of the tournament."

The crowds gasp and cheer, any time a rider is unhorsed, there is a risk. Then applause for the victor after Sir Gwion shows he is well. Its not needed, but the marshal announces the winner, Gwions shield removed from the lists. The next two are called, Sir Deryn and Ewin.

Harken seemed to be fashionably late. Because reasons. He smiles watching his sister unhorse her opponent and he'll make his way over to watch the joust

Ewin gives a last smile to Aeryn, then nods to Lady Josette. "Aye, that's my sister for you. I'll almost pity the man that ends up marrying her and has to keep up." He chuckles and lowers his visor, nodding again to Josette and lowering his lance to her as a salute before riding out to the field. Earl Robert and the other officials are saluted in turn, then a final salute given to his opponent, Sir Deryn.

You check your lance at 12, you rolled 14.
Ewin checked his lance of 15, he rolled 1.
<OOC> Perin says, "Ewin hits, droll 6d6"
Ewin rolls 6d6 and gets (5 3 3 1 1 5) for a total of: (18)
Deryn rolls 6d6 and gets (4 4 1 2 6 1) for a total of: (18)
You check your dex at 12, you rolled 1.
<OOC> Perin says, "Ewin wins that pass, Deryn remains seated"

Aeryn waits to make sure that her opponent got to his feet. "Thank you, Sir Gwion. Well fought." Dipping her head, she offers that as a makeshift bow since she's on her horse and in armor.

Aeron makes his way back over to watch the remaining rounds of the joust go by, He's been helped out of much of his outer armor, though the padded undershirt and such still remain.

Deryn takes her place, her squire handing over a lance. Looking down the line, she salutes Ewin after Early Robert and the other officials. With hardly a nudge, she and the destrier are off. Eager and ready is Nebula, the destrier throwing up clumps of dirt as he tears down the line towards the other knight, closing the distance between.

Josette nods at Ewin's words and then back away from the horse as his name is called to joust next. Her eye begin to watch to see who will win this joust.

With the salutes given, Ewin spurs his charger, Atlas, into action. As they gallop down the lane, he levels his lance, making a final adjustment before the collision and giving a bit of an extra angle to his shield positioning. he braces as his lance hits home against Sir Deryn's shield. But the female knight will not be unhorsed so easily it seems. After wheeling around, he gives a nod of respect to her, the readys for another pass.

As lances hit, Deryn is rocked upon her destrier's back, and yet manages to stay seated. Lowering her lance as she reaches the end of the tilt, she turns about, lifting the lance once she gives it a quick check to make sure it's still good. The thrill of the joust warms her beneath the armor, and soon, she's off again, setting herself and her shield in hopes of making a point against Ewin.

Critical Success!
Ewin checked his lance of 15, he rolled 15.
You check your lance at 12, you rolled 17.
<OOC> Perin says, "roll 6d6 …"
Ewin rolls 6d6 and gets (6 3 1 6 6 1) for a total of: (23)
<OOC> Perin says, "Deryn check horsemanship"
You check your horsemanship at 14, you rolled 8.
<OOC> Perin says, "that's nice, its 7 damage, will need firstaid …"
You check your valorous at 15, you rolled 14.
<OOC> Ewin says, "can I make an awareness check to see if i notice she was hurt on that pass?"
<OOC> Deryn thinks she'd stick it out. One more pass. Can't quit!
<OOC> Perin says, "there you go, pose results, and prepping for third tilt, we press on"
<OOC> Perin says, "sure Ewin"
Ewin checked his awareness of 10, he rolled 19.

Again, Ewin spurs Atlas to charge down the lane. His heart is pounding, fully engrossed in the thrill of the competition. Ewin lines up, steadying his lance. And once again, Ewin's lance hits home with a solid 'CLANG' that reverberates throught the field. Sir Deryn's lance again slides off his shield. Smiling under his helmet, it's 2 points in his favor, and Ewin turns Atlas around for the thrid and final charge. He gives Deryn a final salute before racing to meet her again once she's ready.

Deryn is hit, and solidly so. While she manages to stay upon her destrier's back, it's a good thing her helmet hides the expression of pain that surely sits upon her face now. As she reaches the end of the tilt, she switches out her lance for a nother, giving herself a moment to catch her breath, but only briefly. Sitting up as straight as possible once the exchange is made, she nudges Nebula forwards, and together, knight and destrier take off for the last pass, the lance soon lowered and aimed towards Ewin.

Ewin checked his lance of 15, he rolled 10.
You check your lance at 12, you rolled 14.
<OOC> Perin says, "Ewin, 6d6 …"
Ewin rolls 6d6 and gets (5 4 5 5 6 6) for a total of: (31)
You check your horsemanship at 14, you rolled 19.
<OOC> Perin says, "Deryn is knocked off … Haha, me too …"
<OOC> Perin says, "this is against 15 …"
Perin rolls 1d20 and gets (19) for a total of: (19)
<OOC> Perin says, "they theltake you to the castle Deryn …"

On the sidelines, Aeryn cheers on her brother, but she's still astride her horse since there will be another round as soon as possible. She flinches when Deryn is hit so hard, mixed feelings, knowing how it felt, but she continues to watch, looking between the two.

Things seem to slow down for Ewin with the final pass, his adreanline pumping through his body. This time, his lance is placed just right, his speed is just right, and his bracing is just right to deliver a massive strike to Deryn. He doesn't need to look back as he feels the lance knock her off her steed to land on the field. Ewin is all ready to accept the glory of the victory as he turns around, but his eyes fall on the figure of Sir Deryn lying prone. And not moving. Suddenly the thrill of victory tastes like ashes as he brings Atlas off to the side and away to watch attendants go to Sir Deryn.

Set for the third pass is Deryn, intent is she in finishing off this tilt even knowing that she's already hurt. But by the time Nebula starts, the pain catches her by surprise, and by the time the two knights meet, her shield has unknowingly dropped, leaving her WIDE open for the far too solid hit of Ewin's lance. The sound of it rings out, followed by that of a knight being unhorsed. Down she goes into the dirt, and unlike Gwion, she doesn't move. Her squire and officials run out, but soon others arrive with a stretcher to roll her onto so she can be carried off the field, bypassing the field tent, and heading towards the castle proper. At least the signs are that she's still alive!

The third tilt up ends Deryn, the damage seen then from the second tilt. An official comes out to help, but she's stuck in her armor, pulling it causes more pain. She is unconscious, but they call to have two carry her to get real medical attention. The crowds silent until she is being taken to get aid, her shield then comes off the lists. Ewin announced the winner. The second bout of eliminations under way. First passes … Aeryn and Perin. Followed by Ewin and Harken.

Watching the events, Perin gets ready, mounts up and makes for the field. He waits in his end for Sir Aeryn, saluting her when she is ready, then spurring his mount.

Aeryn sits up straighter and looks towards the departing hurt knight. A frown mars her brow beneath her helm and she waits on the side before the announcement is made. She rides out with her lance, readying herself, focusing, tucking her lance close as she spurs on her horse, head down slightly, concentrating on aiming that lance..

Perin checked his lance of 15, he rolled 14.
Aeryn checked her lance of 15, she rolled 14.

Once Deryn is taken off the field, Ewin returns to his tent, tightlipped and offering silent prayers not only for the well-being of his opponent, but also of his sister as she starts her next set of passes.

Unsure of his opponent, he takes no change after his first personal challenge at the tourney. Perin sets in, meaning to knock her off. The collide, rattled, but both still seated, she is good. He turns about, to spur his mount at soon as she turns, nearly getting a jump, hints of recklessness.

Still seated, Aeryn turns at the end and looks to see the state of her opponent. Seeing him still in place, she prepares for another pass, the lance tucked close against her. Spurring on her horse, she rides hard towards the unknown knight, aiming to unhorse him if she is able.

Perin checked his lance of 15, he rolled 14.
Aeryn checked her lance of 15, she rolled 16.
Perin rolls 6d6 and gets (2 4 4 1 5 4) for a total of: (20)
Aeryn checked her horsemanship of 15, she rolled 2.

Perin gazes with feirce determination, wanting to orove himself this tourney somehow. With a lean to the inside, he centers his lance on Aeryn. A solid hit, he feels confident it is over, turning to look back as he rides only to see she is still seated. Alas, another tilt, he rounds his horse, waits a moment, offers a final salut, then charges one last time.

Aeryn almost strikes but she lifts a little too soon and misses him getting hit hard in the process. At the end, she turns once more, able to remain in her saddle by the grace of God. The salute is returned, she rides hard for him, lance against her and her head tilted downwards, focusing hard on where she is aiming the lance.

Perin checked his lance of 15, he rolled 12.
Aeryn checked her lance of 15, she rolled 6.
Perin rolls 6d6 and gets (3 2 2 1 5 6) for a total of: (19)
Aeryn checked her dex of 12, she rolled 3.

Josette makes her way over to Aeron as she watch Aeryn doing her passes against Perin. Once she gets to him her smile grows brighter "Sir Aeron I think you did well. How are you feeling?" Then her attention returns to Aeryn and Perin's joust, watching to see what happens.

Aeron glances over, "Oh, I'm doing fine, Lady Josette." he replies, glancing back at the matches, "I managed to stay in my horse, and not bust my head, so I consider it a good showing at the very least. Are you enjoying the joust?"

This time he connects solidly, but less steady then before, Perin rides his line to the end before slowing and looking. He removes his helm, and salutes Aeryn then turns to see the decision to him. Her shield removed from the lists. The call the next two to the tilt. Brothers Sir Harken and Sir Ewin.

Harken lifts his brow as his name was called. He glances around for his squire "Lance!" he rolls his shoulders and heads off towards his horse, knowing it would be the next one lined up in the lists

Even though Aeryn lost, Ewin claps for the victor. As the next pairing is announced, he takes a deep breath to steel himself. Again, he monts Atlas and takes a lance from his squire. And again, he passes by Aeryn, smiling to her and nodding. "You rode well, sister. And either Harken or I will get the chance for some payback." Closing his visor, Ewin rides out onto the field, again saluting Earl Robert and the Tourney officials. As he arrives at his end of the lane, he salutes his brother, then prepares to charge again once Harken is ready.

Critical Fail!
Ewin checked his lance of 15, he rolled 20.
<OOC> Perin says, "broken lance, squire can fetch another"
Harken checked his lance of 13, he rolled 9.
Harken rolls 6d6 and gets (4 2 1 5 6 4) for a total of: (22)
Ewin checked his horsemanship of 15, he rolled 14.
<OOC> Perin says, "prefect, Harken hits, Ewin stays mounted pose for another pass"

Aeryn doesn't manage to make it past this pass and when she is defeated, she bows her head in response to the mystery knight. Now she only moves to the sidelines to watch the others pass, cheering on her brother.

Josette listens to Aeron's words and responds sweetly "Yes you managed to stay upon it rather masterfully and I am enjoying the joust. It is very pleasing to watch." Her hands clapping for Perin as he is the victor.

Harken was known for his preference for getting into sword's reach instead. He rolls his shoulder at the moment of Ewin's impact, letting the lance glance off his shield, while his own connects solidly. He tosses away his broken lance and scoops up another from his waiting squire, rounding about for another pass

Perhaps the injuries Sir Deryn suffered is on his mind. Or perhaps it's just that the younger brother still has a bit of awe for the elder. Regardless, Ewin doesn't have his lance set properly when he and Harken meet in the middle. Even worse, his lance shatters against Harken's shield. Despite a solid hit from Harken, Ewin manages to stay on his horse and wheels Atlas around, heading towards his squire who is already bringing a new lance for Ewin. Rearmed, Ewin gets back in the lane and saultes Harken again before sending Atlas into a gallop.

Aeron offers out a cheer as the jouster's contact, giving a grin over towards Josette, "I'm mostly looking to get added to the vanguard for the wedding tourney." he says, "The jousting can be rather fun though, sometimes."

Harken checked his lance of 13, he rolled 1.
Ewin checked his lance of 15, he rolled 2.
<OOC> Perin says, "ewin wins pass, droll 6d6"
Ewin rolls 6d6 and gets (1 2 4 5 6 4) for a total of: (22)
<OOC> Perin says, "+check dex Harken"
Harken checked his horsemanship of 15, he rolled 15.

Josette cheers as Ewin gets contact and then smiles to Aeron says than admits "I wish you luck and being added to the vanguard Sir Aeron. I would like to see that myself." Her attention then returns to the match at hand.

Harken rolls himself behind his shield at the last moment, Ewin's lance shattering upon it's surface. He glances up at the tip of his unbroken lance and frowns beneath his helmet. He nods and circles around his horse for the last pass, lifting his lance in salute

This pass, Ewin's lance finds it's mark, slamming into Harken's shield. And Ewin manages to tilt his body slightly to avoid Harken's lance hitting him in the arm. Atlas is brought around again, and Ewin can't help but smile under his helmet as he gives Harken another salute before spurring his charger inot the thrid and final pass.

Critical Success!
Ewin checked his lance of 15, he rolled 15.
Harken checked his lance of 13, he rolled 3.
<OOC> Perin says, "droll 6d6 … full damage"
Ewin rolls 6d6 and gets (3 1 2 6 4 4) for a total of: (20)
<OOC> Perin says, "4 points , a week or two maybe … +check horsemanship"
Critical Fail!
Harken checked his horsemanship of 15, he rolled 20.

The third pass really determines the winner, instyle with with the elder Winter Stoke being up ended. Perhaps literally. The marshall removes Harken from the lists, leaving the current two to joust. Ewin vs Perin.

Having seen the other do some damage, literally, Perin steadies himself with a prayer to God, or his god at least. Then he rides out ready for this final tilt. A salute to Ewin, and a pause, not reckless as he usually is, but spurs dig in and he barrels down the line when the other is ready.

After Harken is unhorsed, Ewin has a moment where his heart skips a beat or two. But seeing Harken rise to his feet sends a wave of relief over him. Ewin rides towards Harken, fully raising his lance in saulte to him. "A good run, brother. It could have gone either way." And now, Ewin takes a fresh lance from Kensit, and turns Atlas to ride past the stands for the thrird time. After all the salutes, Ewin salutes Perin and signals his ready.

Perin checked his lance of 15, he rolled 11.
Ewin checked his lance of 15, he rolled 4.
Perin rolls 6d6 and gets (4 5 3 4 4 4) for a total of: (24)
Ewin checked his horsemanship of 15, he rolled 16.
<OOC> Perin says, "12 … from lance, armor eats it, 1d6 from fall, no harm … the 1d6 matters in rrealmcombat cause if younakready have a minor wound more damage can aggrevate it inbelieve"

The crowds watch the first pass, Ewin built up a rep with early tilts. It leaves some tension in the air, which nearly abates when on the first pass, Perin removes the rider from his horse, the crowd pauses, them applauds. Perin rides before those standing, taken the honors, pulling the dark grin ribbon tied at his shoulder and clutching it to his chest. Looking throught the faces to perhaps see the one it belongs too before going tomthe marshall and the Earl,for conclusions.

And apparently, Ewin's good fortune has run it's course. Perrin's lance hits him at an angle that Ewin can't counter. For a moment, he ballances precariously on Atlas as the horse gallops towards the end of the lane, but then Ewin overcomensates and falls, landing with a solid thud. Sighing before getting up, he applauds the victor and bows his head in salute to Perrin before leaving the field.

Aeryn does applaud for the winner, but she pays little attention to him, she worries over her brothers, approaching them, checking on them, not even paying attention to the ending of it so much. "Harken, Ewin, are you both okay?"

Ewin chuckles as Aeryn approaches and starts to mother hen the brothers. "Only thing that's hurt is my pride, Aeryn. I wish I could have made it at least two passes. But, that's how it goes sometimes." He sighs, loosing a bit of his jovality. "I'm hoping that Sir Deryn is fine. That was a harsh blow she took on that thrid pass."

Perin stays with the officials for a time, then when he's done his uncle Galwaine greats him and they talk for a bit. Perin goes from happy to uncertain. The uncle walks with him towards the Wintetbourne Stoke clan. There he coughs, for attention. Addressing them and those in the stands, "Fortuitous events, this seems a fitting time to announce I've reached an agreement with Lord Winterbourne Stoke, we are proud to announce the betrothal of my nephew to the lady, Sir Aeryn. May our houses prosper." Perin blinks, he won the joust, but she beat him with a sword. The dark green ribbon still sitting in his hand from Tria …

As the surprise announcement is made, Ewin's eyes go big and he blinks a few times. Then, he starts laughing and applauding with the rest of the attendees. "Huh," he says with a smirk. "What do you know. I don't feel pity for the guy at all…"

It takes a moment to register that, since Aeryn was worried about her brothers. It is when Ewin widens his eyes that she finally realizes what was said. Sans armor now, she turns to face the others, namely her father, the traitor. Her hands clench at her side, but like the good and loyal daughter she is, she only offers a respectful bow of her head. "Yes, Father." Who was Sir Perin anyway? Looking towards the winner, her eyes widen much like her brothers had, and she takes a step back. "You." The word is only soft spoken before her eyes fall to the ribbon in his hand with an arched brow, fairly adept at hiding her emotions from people she did not know. Instead, she turns to face Ewin and sure, he could probably read the storm clouds gathering in her eyes. Still, she says nothing more.

Not quit the look she had, Perin is more looking as if in search of curves in that knightly demure that is Aeryn after jousting. He recollects himself, eyes up to hers, then to his uncles. "if this is best," he returns, giving his agreement as well. Then to Aeron, as if hoping for some miracle, it doesn't come. Somback to the clan, "Forgive me if I must oart, I do look forward to getting to know you. Though I wish to be out of my armor and muzt attend … other matters.". He still has the ribbon, tuening nit quit towards his pavilion, as he takes his leave.

Aeron gives an almost apologetic look to Perin, and a sorta shrug as he heads off, nodding his head to the man as he heads off, then looks to the Stoke folks, "Congratulations are in order, I suppose!"

Bethrothed! The word echoes in her head over and over. A look goes to Ewin and she shakes her head, not even really wanting to accept it was true. As Perin takes his leave, she frowns a little, but shrugs and turns away from him, "Beth!" Calling her squire, Elisabeth, her voice more terse than she had intended. As Beth scurries over, she waits for her, "Come to the tent and help me with my armor." Turning on her heel she strides off without another word.

The frivolity now gone from his eyes, Ewin gives Aeryn a look of sympathy. He knows this is something she does not want. At all. He starts walking with her to the tent. "Look, I'll talk with father," he says reassuringly. "There's got to be a reason he's doing this. And springing it only like this without warning…it's not fair at all." Before she enters her ten, Ewin smiles at his sister. "It'll be fine. We'll get this all worked out. You'll see." And then he departs for his own tent to change out of his armor.

Josette gasps softly at the announcement and looks between Perin and Aeryn. Her attention turning to Perin as Aeron congratulates him and adds on "Yes congratulations Sir Perin." A look of realization comes across her face for a moment before she looks to Aeron once more smiling.

"It always seems a big suprise when it comes up." Aeron says, nodding his head slightly towards Josette, "Hopefully they can be happy with one another, or at least learn to be!" He hmmns, "I'd find it wierd, marrying a lady knight myself, though."

Aeryn stops just outside the tent where her brother is and turns to face him. After a moment, she throws herself into his arms, ready or not… "I will not challenge father, he knows best. I do not have to like it."

Scene fades.

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