Ic Timelines

This is our history as it unfolds on the game, for history prior to opening, please see History Post Rome, it covers the prior century leading up to our start date.

Our Story Unfolds

This will capture our events, both the happenings in, around, and relevant to, Salisburt. Like wise bigger regional and worldly events that may have impact on the characters.

Winter 514

Winter Tourney in Sarum Personal challenges to join Robert in the Grand Melee. Aeryn and Aluksander tie as best amongst these challenges, may fight each other to see who is best. Perin wins the small joust. Glory to the challenges, this was the main event of this tourney.

Assignments by the Earl Three known missions are underway for the young knights.

  • A trip to Lozenap to see why the count there has not sent embassy to Salisbury to coordinate for the grand melee, both counties on the teams representing Logres in the grand melee at the wedding tourney.
  • A trip to Dorset to quell border skirmishes amongst the manors of Salisbury and the manors of Dorset.
  • A trip to Tilshead, Sir Heward did not attend winter tourney is facing problems with bandits in the hills and missing word from one of his distant manors, a contingent of young knights sent to help the banner knight and his city.
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